Kim Davis Is Still The Absolute Dumbest

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The state is looking for volunteers to review cases of children placed in foster care in 35 counties. [H-L]

College students this past fall likely borrowed the least amount for higher education in five years, federal data show, amid declining overall enrollment and a drop in lending to students at for-profit schools. [HuffPo]

Louisville leaders have spent decades preaching about the need for a better-trained workforce to strengthen the local economy and improve prospects for workers facing increasingly complex and technologically advanced workplaces. [C-J/AKN]

Hillary Clinton’s break with President Obama on Arctic drilling this week represented a public shift left for the Democrat, a move greens say could be the start of a push to shore up support among environmentalists ahead of primary season. [The Hill]

Maintaining a healthy heart or testing for those who are suffering from heart-related illness became a lot closer and simpler for Richmond residents Tuesday after the opening of KentuckyOne Health’s Heart and Vascular Imaging Clinic. [Richmond Register]

“The Wire” creator and former Baltimore Sun reporter talks about a historic public housing fight, race and what makes white people go “batshit, batshit crazy.” [ProPublica]

A “Stand Fast Kim” banner attached to a plane rippled across the sky above thousands of roaring religious freedom advocates at the state Capitol. [Ashland Independent]

Every year, 40 percent of the food grown in the United States ends up in the garbage. A lot of that waste happens at the consumer level — according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), about 25 percent of the food that Americans buy is thrown away. [ThinkProgress]

Kentucky Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul visited Corbin Friday where he had a chance to meet with local citizens. [Times-Tribune]

Donald Trump on Saturday sought to give Jeb Bush a black eye over a black hand. Trump wailed on the former Florida governor for a Photoshopped picture in a campaign leaflet sent out by a pro-Bush super PAC that shows him with a black left hand, and his body apparently super-imposed on a picture of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. [Politico]

As required by state law, the Rowan County Board of Education has scheduled a public hearing in the board’s meeting room on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 6 p.m. [The Morehead News]

The US government is launching a $5m (£3.2m) initiative to combat the use and trafficking of heroin, with a focus on prioritising treatment rather than punishment. [BBC]

But they can still access every other horrible site on earth. A website that helps married people have affairs is now off limits to Kentucky state employees on their state-issued computers and phones. [H-L]

If you are running for office as a Republican today, you have to mention your reverence for the Constitution at least as much as you mention your love for Ronald Reagan. But Republican politicians have a few glaring blind spots when it comes to the Constitution. One of those is the 14th Amendment, a pillar of our inclusive democracy, a key component of which Republican presidential candidates are now asking us to ignore or change. [HuffPo]

Kim Davis Is Still The Absolute Worst

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In the early 1880s, James M. Bond walked from Barbourville to Berea, leading a young steer that he sold to pay for tuition. Bond, who was born into slavery, graduated from Berea and later from Oberlin College with a divinity degree. [H-L]

For more than 20 years, conservative Christians have been building the case that laws protecting gay people and legalizing same-sex marriage place an unconstitutional burden on the rights of religious people who believe homosexuality is a sin. [HuffPo]

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he still supports the idea of a caucus for Kentucky Republicans to choose their presidential nominee despite Sen. Rand Paul’s stalled campaign. [C-J/AKN]

The poor are treated like human ATM machines, and our politicians are actively encouraging their exploitation. In the 1960s, the Lyndon Johnson administration launched an official War on Poverty. Needless to say, poverty has emerged victorious. [Salon]

The attorney for Freddie Travis, who has sued Glasgow Independent Schools’ Board of Education claiming it violated Kentucky’s open meetings law, has filed a response to the board’s counterclaim against Travis. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is promising to level the playing field for the middle class in a new campaign ad released on Tuesday. [The Hill]

Big Run Landfill will begin cutting back rail-borne garbage from New York and New Jersey almost immediately and will eliminate it completely by the end of 2016, parent company EnviroSolutions announced Tuesday. [Ashland Independent]

Americans broadly support providing federal funding for free women’s health exams, screenings and contraception services, a Reuters/Ipsos poll has found, suggesting that Republicans could be in risky territory if they continue criticizing Planned Parenthood as a key part of 2016 campaigns. [Reuters]

Eastern Kentucky University President Michel Benson reminded faculty and staff at the University’s annual fall convocation Tuesday, “We can control our own destiny.” [Richmond Register]

Donald Trump clashed with Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday night over the part of his immigration plan that would take away citizenship from the children who were born in the United States but whose parents came to the country illegally. [Politico]

An old distillery in Kentucky soon will start spirits production again. In May 2014, Peristyle LLC announced plans to restore and reopen the historic Old Taylor Distillery in Woodford County. Work has been taking place at the facility since. [Business First]

Donald Trump regularly boasts that he was opposed to the Iraq War. [Mother Jones]

A Lexington council meeting to discuss raising the minimum wage will be postponed from Thursday until Sept. 10. [H-L]

Discussions of economic issues in policy circles often suffer from a “which way is up?” dilemma; it’s not clear what the problem is that needs to be solved. The massive fretting over China’s devaluation of its currency last week is one such example. [HuffPo]

Way To Go, State Board Of Education

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Rand Paul has transferred $250,000 to the Republican Party of Kentucky as a down payment on the presidential caucuses he has asked the party to conduct next March, Paul told members of the state party’s central committee Monday in an email. [H-L]

The U.S. Department of Defense is sending a team to military installations in Kansas and South Carolina to investigate the possibility of relocating some Guantanamo Bay prisoners to U.S. soil, media outlets reported on Saturday. [HuffPo]

Changes are in the works to make the 2015 Kentucky State Fair, which opens Thursday, a bigger draw by offering new promotions, discounts and a strong concert lineup. [C-J/AKN]

The National Security Agency’s ability to spy on vast quantities of Internet traffic passing through the United States has relied on its extraordinary, decades-long partnership with a single company: the telecom giant AT&T. [NY Times]

The Barren County Board of Education will consider up to a 4 percent increase in the county property tax rate after voting unanimously against a motion to maintain the current tax revenue rate during Thursday’s regular meeting. [Glasgow Daily Times]

This past week saw a lot of changes in the world markets, with China’s currency devaluation and approval of another Greek bailout. [NPR]

A former Silver Creek Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization treasurer was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday. [Richmond Register]

Less than a month after one of the University of Cincinnati’s police officers shot and killed an unarmed driver who was not a student during a traffic stop, the school said on Friday it would resume off-campus patrols. [Reuters]

A woman who lived in Kentucky is facing felony abuse charges in Michigan after police found her disabled sister living in filthy conditions while locked in a closet. [WKYT]

After a ProPublica investigation of USA Discounters’ lending practices last summer, a barrage of lawsuits, regulatory inquiries and changes to Defense Department policies followed. [ProPublica]

The Kentucky Board of Education violated the state’s open meeting law earlier this year in its quest to find a firm to assist in searching for a new education commissioner. [WDRB]

Former Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush had an awkward conversation about Common Core education standards this week, calling the initiative’s name “poisonous” while attempting to appeal to conservatives who oppose the program — even though he supports it. [ThinkProgress]

Mitch McConnell said Monday that he hopes Congress can override a veto of a resolution that disapproves of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranians, but he acknowledged that the president has “still got a great likelihood of success.” [H-L]

This will freak Ken Ham out… Apes may be much closer to human speech than we realized. [HuffPo]

Kentucky Bigots Flying Hate Flag High

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This summer, Zachary Schwarzkopf spent five weeks at Morehead State University in the prestigious Governor’s Scholars Program. In addition to enrichment classes in civics, economics and leadership, the program provides a huge perk: a $40,000 Presidential Scholarship to the University of Kentucky, provided you have a 28 ACT score and a grade-point average of 3.3. [H-L]

Famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson says that most medical research can be conducted without using fetal tissue, which has been in the news recently after a series of secretly taped but edited videos showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing how to legally provide aborted tissue to researchers. [HuffPo]

Pushing a toxic mixture of natural gas liquids through an aging pipeline near Mammoth Cave National Park threatens the world-famous cave’s unique and fragile ecological systems, the National Park Service is warning. [C-J/AKN]

Way to go, Kentucky bigots, way to go. Betsy Layne High School in rural Kentucky this year had a two-page yearbook spread that featured all of the seniors on the boys basketball team. Except, one senior was left out of the tribute: Dalton Maldonado, the team’s starting point guard who came out publicly as gay a couple months ago. [Out Sports]

The stupid is still thick with Kim Davis. She employs Nathan Davis just like her mother employed her — nepotism runs in the family. A Kentucky clerk’s office turned away a gay couple seeking a marriage license on Thursday, defying a federal judge’s order that dismissed her argument involving religious freedom. [AP]

On July 24, Turkey launched a massive military campaign that included sweeping attacks against Kurdish forces as well as minor strikes on Islamic State positions south of its border. Just five days later, the Turkish government inked a contract to hire a team of prominent lobbyists to add to its already formidable army of influence peddlers in Washington. [The Intercept]

A classic Barry Manilow song inspired state employees to dig deep for the kickoff of the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign Tuesday. [WHAS11]

In a new partnership with Yelp, ProPublica has been given unprecedented access to the rating site’s 1.3 million reviews of healthcare providers. One dental chain attracted 3,000 reviews, the vast majority bad. [ProPublica]

This is political patronage at its finest. A governor’s order that triggered a leadership shakeup at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville drew criticism and bewilderment Tuesday from members of the committee that oversees the 41-year-old event. [WFPL]

It appears that New Zealand is finally ready to throw their domestic coal habit into Mount Doom — by 2018, the country will cease to use coal as a source of domestic energy production. [ThinkProgress]

We’ve finally updated the massive document covering what really happened in Montgomery County. [Page One]

Rand Paul’s (R-Hopeless) campaign on Wednesday released a video highlighting fellow 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s past praise of Democrats. [The Hill]

Members of a Vermont legislative committee are going to be asking why Kentucky State Police weren’t informed in a timely manner about the death of a Vermont inmate who had been serving time in a private Kentucky prison. [H-L]

From the Department of Things Ken Ham Wouldn’t Understand… In deep water off the coast of Sicily, scientists have found a large and very mysterious monolith that is believed to have been hewn from rock some 10,000 years ago. [HuffPo]

Edelen Merely Talks A Good Game

Some notes before we begin…

Jesse Benton should be held accountable for whatever he did — and if he didn’t do anything, then everyone can go on with their lives. You’d have to be stupid to suggest otherwise. We certainly haven’t. But Adam Edelen/some of his folks have taken it upon themselves to privately suggest we return Harmon’s meager ad buy because of some butthurt or something. As if a tiny ad buy would sway anyone. As if running a campaign ad for a short period of time is the end of the world.

Nice break from them claiming this site is irrelevant, though. “You’re irrelevant! But please take down our opponent’s ad.”

Since they want to try everyone they can into Rand/Ron Paul’s shenanigans, it’s time for a story about Democratic Party infighting that I’ve been sitting on for years. Part one of the story, anyway.

Adam Edelen is the best candidate for the job this year but let’s get a couple things out in the open.

Here’s what he said about his opponent, Mike Harmon, and Harmon’s former consultant, Benton:

Edelen noted in a press release that the allegations against Benton were well-known when Harmon hired Benton.

“Voters ought to question the judgment of a candidate for state Auditor who ignored these allegations and allowed Jesse Benton to run a campaign that was based solely on personally attacking me and smearing my track record,” Edelen’s statement said.

Personally attacking and smearing his track record. Talking a good game.

Because that’s exactly what Edelen and his state government employees have attempted to (rightly) do to Jack Conway since at least 2013.

Edelen has referred more than 80 cases to Conway (and other enforcement agencies) and he and his staff allege they’ve been ignored or otherwise swept under the rug. They refuse to go on-the-record about it and panic when there’s the chance anyone might suggest he’s afraid to call Jack Conway out (he’s afraid). Because Kentucky Democrats aren’t allowed to criticize other Democrats. That’s 80+ cases involving more than $3,730,000.

His people shopped around a list containing more than 70 of those referrals in December. In march, I asked if an updated list existed and was provided a copy within a matter of minutes. Last week, Edelen’s staff provided an even more up-to-date version of the list — current as of July 23, 2015 — but potentially not all-inclusive.

Goes like this: Audit, Release Date/Referral Date, Other Information:

  • Butler STS 2009 — December 27, 2011/January 5, 2012$13,728 deficit due to undeposited receipts. Refer to AG Foster
  • Butler STS & FES 2010 — December 29, 2011/January 5, 2012 — Repeat finding of $13,728 deficit in tax account, and $3,570 deficit in fee account, due to undeposited receipts. Refer to AG Foster.
  • Fulton FES 2009 & 2010 — March 2, 2012/February 28, 2012$1,431 deficit in 09 fee, and $5,722 deficit in 10 fee, due to lack of documentation and disallowed expenses, due to fiscal court as excess fees. Refer to AG Foster.
  • Fulton STS 2010 — March 2, 2012/February 28, 2012$3,821 deficit in 10 tax a/c, with $113 as undeposited receipts and $3,708 in penalties assessed by KDR for late tax payments. Refer to AG Foster.
  • Leslie FES 2010 — March 5, 2012/March 5, 2012 — Sheriff owes $9,893 in excess fees to fiscal court. Refer to Co. Atty., citing KRS 64.820. Audit done by CPA firm Morgan-Franklin.
  • Perry FEC 2010 — March 16, 2012/March 20, 2012 — Clerk Haven King owes County a minimum of $30,860 in excess fees from prior and current audits (2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010). Refer to Co. Atty. for action per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Foster
  • Magoffin FES 2010 — March 26, 2012/March 23, 2012 — Former Sheriff Randall Jordan owed County $37,248 in excess fees from prior year audits (2004, 2005, 2006), and owes the Magoffin County School District $12,140 in taxes. Refer to Co. Atty. for action per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Foster
  • Leslie STS 2010 — March 26, 2012/March 26, 2012 — Sheriff has $5,786 deficit in tax account. Refer to AG Foster (CPA Morgan-Franklin did the audit)
  • Kentucky Department of AgricultureApril 30, 2012/April 30, 2012 — Special Exam of Former Ag. Commissioner Richie Farmer’s KDA administration found misuse of Ag resources and personnel, gifts to Farmer unreported by him, use of state funds for private benefit, and other questionable spending. Referred to AG Foster, Ag. Dev. Bd. Thomas, KDFW Gassett, US Dept. of Interior OIG T. Hardy, EBEC Steffen, Ky. Personnel Bd. Sipek, IRS Blazier, and KDR Kinney.
  • Lincoln FES 2010 — May 11, 2012/May 10, 2012 — Sheriff Curt Folger has $22,918 deficit in fee account, and from this amount owes county $17,283 in excess fees. Refer to Co. Atty. for action per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Foster.
  • Owsley FEC 2010 — June 25, 2012/June 25, 2012 — Clerk Sid Gabbard has $61,398 deficit ($59,536 in undeposited receipts); 687 in disallowed expenses; $43,400 in unidentified cash deposited after year end; $57,391 owed but not paid in tax and retirement withholdings; and $22,268 in delinquent taxes received but not paid to taxing districts. Referred to AG Wilding, IRS Blazier, KDR Saunders, KRS Jones, and Co. Atty. McIntosh. Clerk Gabbard indicted on 1/23/13 in Franklin Circuit Court on 2 counts of Theft and 2 counts of state Tax Evasion.
  • Carlisle FES 2010 — July 10, 2012/July 9, 2012 — Former Sheriff Steve McChristian had $5,851 in disallowed expenses and owes this amount to the county as excess fees. Refer to Co. Atty. Hogancamp for collection per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Badaracco.
  • Whitley OSTS 2010 — July 30, 2012/July 25, 2012 — Last audit of former Sheriff Lawrence Hodge’s tenure as Sheriff, referred to FBI – London office as an FYI, since our previous audits had been referred to them, which led to Hodge’s conviction in federal court for theft.
  • Carlisle FEC 2012 — August 24, 2012/August 24, 2012 — Former Clerk Theresa Owens had $10,760 in disallowed expenses and owes this amount to the county as excess fees. Refer to Co. Atty. Hogancamp for collection per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Badaracco.
  • Jefferson FEC 2011 — October 3, 2012/October 3, 2012 — Clerk Barbara Holsclaw is operating a non-profit corporation out of her Clerk’s public office, and administering a charitable fund out of her office without sufficient documentation or proper accountability. Refer to Co. Atty. and Lou. Metro Ethics Comm.
  • Jefferson FES 2011 — October 22, 2012/October 22, 2012 — Sheriff John Aubrey had vehicle maintenance work done by a special deputy he appointed, creating a related party transaction. Refer to Lou. Metro Ethics Comm.
  • Mason County School DistrictOctober 24, 2012/October 24, 2012 — School District failed to timely report to the IRS fringe benefits received by several District management staff. Refer to IRS, with copy to KDR.
  • Rockcastle FEC 2011 — November 1, 2012/November 1, 2012$3,926 in undeposited receipts. Refer to KSP Trooper Baker.
  • Carlisle FES 2011 — November 19, 2012/November 19, 2012 — Carlisle Sheriff Steve Perry owes $1,686 in excess fees to the fiscal court. Refer to Co. Atty. Hogancamp for collection per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG Badaracco.
  • McCreary FC 2011 — November 26, 2012/November 26, 2012 — County treasurer is failing to perform statutory duties, and is delegating duties to a person not an employee of the county who is not bonded or authorized. Refer to DLG and Co. Atty.
  • Hickman FES 2011 — November 26, 2012/November 26, 2012 — Hickman Sheriff Mark Green owes $531 in excess fees to the fiscal court. Refer to Co. Atty. Morris for collection per KRS 64.820, with copy to AG. By letter to Sheriff dated 12/5/12, Co. Atty. demanded payment from Sheriff by 12/31/12.
  • Martin FEC 2011 — November 27, 2012/November 27, 2012$16,576 in undeposited receipts (money missing) and $5,512 in payments made to contract labor without documentation. Refer to KSP Det. Jason Dials.
  • Spencer FEC 2011 — January 22, 2013/January 22, 2013$4,655 in fees not recorded or deposited for CY 2011 (plus $23,573 for CY 2010 and $26,030 for CY 2009); personal checks cashed from fee account; $35,962 deficit in 2010 fee account; and W-2 amounts not reconciled to amounts actually paid to deputies. Refer to KSP Det. Steve Bryan and to the IRS and KDR.
  • Harlan FES 2011 — January 22, 2013/January 22, 2013$37,668 in drug-buy monies in the Sheriff’s office not accounted for. Refer to KSP Major Terry, Special Enforcement. Also, ethics issue referred to Co. Atty.
  • Russell STS 2011 — February 25, 2013/February 25, 2013$1,711 deficit in tax account due to undeposited receipts. Refer to AG Wilding.
  • Jackson FES 2011 — February 28, 2013/February 27, 2013$112,889 deficit in 2011 fee account, incl. $65,275 in payroll liabilities owed to fiscal court. Refer to Co. Atty. Hays, copy to AG.
  • Dayton Independent School District Examination — March 7, 2013/March 11, 2013 — Nearly $224,000 in benefits and payments over an 8 yr. period to former Supt. not authorized by School Board. Referred to FBI, KTRS, KDR, and SCSDA. Fmr. Supt., Gary Rye, pled guilty in federal court to embezzlement in Dec. 2013, to serve from 18 – 24 mos. in prison, plus pay $473,000 in restitution to school district.
  • Magoffin FC 2011 — March 11, 2013/March 11, 2013$39,030 paid to former county community center director not supported by payroll records, and $82,738 paid to her while on leave during 2010. Referred to KRS Jones, AG Wilding, Labor Cab. Dixon (Mike Donta), and Co. Atty. Allen.
  • Leslie STS 2011 — May 2, 2013/May 2, 2013$16,909 deficit in Sheriff’s tax accounts for 06 thru 11, some of which is due to cash shortages. Refer to AG Wilding.
  • Leslie FES 2011 — May 2, 2013/May 2, 2013$5,282 excess in gross pay to deputies for work not supported by activity logs showing when deputies actually worked – refer to AG Wilding; $1,335 in excess cell phone charges, and $1,025 in excess fees owed to county – refer to Co. Atty. Lewis.
  • Edmonson FEC 2011 — May 2, 2013/May 2, 2013$6,026 deficit in Clerk’s fee account, and $17,676 in questioned legal fees due to litigation with county. Refer to Co. Atty. Vincent.
  • Letcher FES 2011 — May 3, 2013/May 3, 2013$23,009 deficit in fee account, $10,422 of which is excess fees owed to the county. Refer to Co. Atty. Hatton, with cc to AG Wilding.
  • Owsley FEC 2011 — July 2, 2013/July 2, 2013$132,305 known deficit, $36,600 in unidentified cash deposited after year end, $48,101 owed but not paid in tax and retirement withholdings, and $73,328 in delinquent taxes received but not paid to taxing districts – refer to AG Wilder, IRS Blazier, KDR Saunders, KRS Jones, and Co. Atty. McIntosh. Clerk Sid Gabbard pled guilty 7/5/13 in Franklin Circuit Court to theft and abuse of public office, made $61,118 in restitution, and removed from office.
  • Kentucky Emergency ManagementAugust 6, 2013/August 6, 2013 — KYEM employees intimidated, threatened, documents altered, public funds purchased alcohol, entertainment, and door prizes, and conflict of interest involving the KYEM director – refer to US Dept. of Homeland Security – Nutt, AG Badaracco, and EBEC Steffen.
  • Boyle STS 2011 — August 12, 2013/August 12, 2013 — Undeposited receipts and tax overpayments not refunded to taxpayers – refer to KSP Terry.
  • Bell FEC 2011 — September 3, 2013/September 3, 2013 — Clerk did not cooperate with auditors; $1,263 in cash receipts not recorded or deposited; improper handling of documentation and fees re: repossessed vehicles and release of liens; irregular entry of info into AVIS resulting in overpayments to Clerk’s office – refer to AG Badaracco, KDR Gonzalez, KYTC Wilson, and Co. Atty. Clerk Rebecca Blevins charged with theft, criminal possession of a forged instrument, and official misconduct. On 3/28/14, Blevins resigned from office, and charges were dismissed.
  • Carter FC 2012 — August 20, 2013/September 5, 2013 — Irregularities in the purchase and sale of e-cigarettes at the County Detention Center – refer to AG Badaracco and KSP Terry.
  • Clinton FES 2012 — September 13, 2013/September 13, 2013$1,654 deficit in fee account due to issue receipts or deposit vehicle inspection fees – refer to AG Badaracco
  • Lewis FEC 2012 — September 13, 2013/September 13, 2013 — Improper payment of overtime by the Clerk – refer to KDOL Donta.
  • Martin County School District Special Examination — October 22, 2013/October 23, 2013 — Apparent noncompliance in the use of grant funds. Refer to KDE Desai.
  • Letcher FES 2012 — November 6, 2013/November 15, 2013$25,801 in excess fees owed to the county. Refer to Co. Atty.
  • Boyle STS 2012 — November 15, 2013/November 15, 2013 — Sheriff received tax payments that were not deposited, and $20,328 in tax overpayments were not refunded to taxpayers. Refer to KSP.
  • Montgomery County School District Examination Letter — December 17, 2013/December 17, 2013 — Issues related to the hiring of Superintendent’s spouse. Refer to LRC’s OEA Timmel-Hatzell.
  • City of Barbourville Examination — January 7, 2014/January 10, 2014 — (a) Timesheet and payroll irregularities, and contractor payments questioned: refer to AG Badaracco; (b) inaccurate timesheets and payment discrepancies: refer to CHFS/OIG Payne; (c) failure to file sales tax returns: refer to KDOR Haven; and (d) payments to Mayor’s spouse: refer to City Council for further referral to Cumberland Valley Regional Ethics Board.
  • Powell FES 2012 — January 24, 2014/January 24, 2014$12,635 deficit in fee account primarily due to expenditures exceeding receipts. Refer to AG Badaracco.
  • Edmonson FEC 2012 — January 24, 2014/January 24, 2014$10,312 in questioned costs for legal fees; $4,668 in excess fees from prior years owed to county; $6.026 deficit in fee account due to expenditures exceeding receipts. Refer to Co. Atty. Vincent.
  • City of Covington Examination — February 13, 2014/Verbal Referral Only$793,000 apparently stolen from the City by the former finance director, Bob Due. Verbal referral made to Kenton Com. Atty. Rob Sanders. On 3/13/14, Due pled guilty to Abuse of Public Trust >$100,000, Theft by Deception >$10,000, Unlawful Access to a Computer, and 12 counts of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument, with recommended 15/yr. prison sentence by Com. Atty. Sanders. Sentencing set for 4/17/14.
  • Martin FEC 2012 — February 17, 2014/February 17, 2014$16.576 in undeposited receipts, and $2,682 paid to contract laborers w/o documentation. Refer to KSP Det. Dials (Pikeville)
  • Casey STS 2012 — February 27, 2014/February 27, 2014$2,575 discrepancy between cash collected and cash deposited. Refer to KSP Det. Snawder (Bowling Green)
  • Bluegrass ADD Examination — March 4, 2014/March 6, 2014 — Referral of various findings to DLG Wilder, AG Badaracco, KSP Brewer, KDWI Brinly, OIG-USDOL Dahl, OIG-CHFS Payne, Aging-CHFS Anderson, OIG-USDHHS Levinson, and FBI Kidd.
  • Owsley FEC 2012 & 2013 — April 15, 2014/April 16, 2014$307,768 in known cumulative deficit at the conclusion of Clerk Sid Gabbard’s tenure. Thousands owed to IRS, KRS, and taxing districts. Refer to AG Badaracco, IRS Blazier, KDR Saunders, KRS Jones, and Co. Atty. McIntosh.
  • Wolfe FC 2013 — June 17, 2014/June 17, 2014$48,422 of restricted CDBG funds used by County for purposes other than those related to the CDBG grant. Refer to DLG Russell. Also, $22,734 of KBEMS grant funds should be reimbursed by the County to the Ky. Board of Emerg. Med. Svcs. Refer to KBEMS Poynter.
  • Greenup FC 2013 — August 4, 2014/August 8, 2014$21,670 received by Co. Jailer in drug forfeiture assets. Refer to ODCP Ingram and DOCJT Todd to determine eligibility of Co. Jailer to receive drug forfeiture assets.
  • Kentucky Department of Agriculture Special Review — August 11, 2014/August 11, 2014 — Possible misuse of state resources by KDA personnel. Refer to EBEC Steffen.
  • Bell FEC 2012 — August 14, 2014/August 14, 2014 — Former Clerk did not provide auditors with docs needed to complete the audit; improprieties found in Clerk’s handling of paperwork & fees related to repossessed vehicles and the release of liens. Refer to AG Badaracco.
  • City of Taylorsville Examination Letter — August 18, 2014/September 4, 2014 — Report referred to KSP Propes at his request; no findings relating to possible criminal conduct.
  • CVG Examination — August 19, 2014/September 23, 2014 — Upon request of Co. Atty., matters related to the Kenton J/E’s appointment authority were referred to the Kenton Co. Ethics Commission.
  • Leslie STS 2012 & 2013 Reports of Various Taxes — October 1, 2014/October 1, 2014$8,640 deficit in 2012 Sheriff’s taxes, plus $16,909 in deficits in 2006 thru 2011 taxes, some of which are due to cash deposit shortages; refer to AG Badaracco.
  • Shelby County School District Examination — October 9, 2014/October 8, 2014$593,180 in apparently fraudulent activity. Refer to Com. Atty. Donnell, 53rd Judicial District, and to KSP Propes, as former payroll manager has been indicted for theft.
  • Leslie FES 2012 — October 20, 2014/October 22, 2014 — Deficits totaling almost $22,000 in fee accounts from 2006 – 2012; also, overtime paid but possibly not worked. Refer to AG Badaracco.
  • Jackson FES & STS 2012 — November 13, 2014/November 13, 2014 — Fee: $112,889 deficit in 2011 fee account has not been rectified; Tax: $5,217 deficit in 2012 tax account. Referred to AG Badaracco. Also, Fee audit shows $27,312 in excess fees owed to the county. Referred to Co. Atty. Hays
  • Powell FES 2013 — November 17, 2014/November 19, 2014$12,635 deficit in 2012 fee account. Refer to AG Badaracco.
  • McCracken FC 2013 — November 17, 2014/November 19, 2014 — Possible violation of county ethics code involving county employee also contracting business with the county. Refer to Co. Atty. Murphy to investigate & determine whether referral to county ethics board is appropriate.
  • Laurel FC 2013 — December 4, 2014/December 5, 2014 — Contract process issues with home incarceration fees paid by the county to GPMS service provider. Refer to AG Badaracco and AOC Dudgeon.
  • Floyd FC 2013 — December 11, 2014/December 15, 2014 — Fiscal irregularities related to the Co. J/E involving vendor invoicing and county funds expended w/o proper authorization. This is a CPA audit the APA is referring to the AG Badaracco.
  • Southeast Bullitt Fire Protection District Examination — January 15, 2015/January 15, 2015 — District appears to be a SPGE and has not registered as such. Refer to DLG Wilder
  • LaRue STS 2011 & 2012, LaRue FES 2012 & 2013 — January 20, 2015/January 15, 2015 — Four audits of former Sheriff showing: (1) $24,542 unidentified deposit made to, and $5,542 deficit in, 2011 tax account; (2) $6,051 deposit made to 2012 tax account of unidentified receipts; (3) $7,470 deficit in 2012 fee account, a $30,400 payroll expenditure questioned, a $9590 debt owed by former Sheriff to PAC, $14,273 in undocumented drut forfeiture account expenditures; and (4) $500 not deposited to drug account. Refer to AG Badaracco. Also, $15,597 excess fees owed to Fiscal Court from 2013 fee account – refer to Co. Attorney Morris.
  • Harlan FES 2012 & 2013 — February 26, 2015/March 2, 2015$9,400 in drug buy moneys unaccounted for – refer to KSP Withers; vehicles not properly registered – refer to KYTC Snyder.
  • Magoffin FES 2013 — March 11, 2015/March 16, 2015 — Sheriff withheld payments from employee payroll checks for FICA, Retirement, and Federal & State taxes, but did not remit these funds to the proper agencies: $31,096 to the IRS for FICA, $16,373 to fiscal court for CERS, and $640 for payroll tax withholdings. Refer to IRS, KDR, KRS, and OAG.
  • Martin FEC 2013 — March 18, 2015/March 23, 2015$1,500 deficit in Clerk’s fee account due to undeposited receipts. Refer to AG Badaracco.
  • Simpson FES 2013 & STS 2013 — March 31, 2015/April 2, 2015$1,120 total from both audits of undeposited receipts. Refer to KSP Snawder.
  • Edmonson FEC 2013 — May 12, 2015/May 15, 2015 — Former Clerk’s office changed social security numbers in the AVIS vehicle registration system to avoid delinquent tax payments. Refer to AG Badaracco, KYTC Goodman, and KDR Saunders. Also, $6,026 deficit referred to AG. Also, excess fees findings referred to Co. Atty. Hines.
  • Fairview Independent School District Exam — June 29, 2015/July 7, 2015 — Referred entire exam to AG Badaracco, and to the EPSB Brown.
  • Letcher FES 2013 — July 16, 2015/July 20, 2015$23,009 deficit from 2011 still outstanding. Sheriff owed funds to his office’s 2012 fee account, and excess fees to the County. Refer to AG Badaracco and Co. Atty. Hatton.

You can see that several of those cases Conway not only didn’t act on, the feds had to get involved. One of the key talking points Edelen and company used when they were still flirting with a gubernatorial bid.

Here’s what it looks like on a map:


It’s a list that grew exponentially over time. Really eye-opening to see what Conway hasn’t acted on. Even more eye-opening that Edelen is afraid to call him out on it — using it to smear his track record behind the scenes and with media — but afraid to stand up in public for the people who desperately need him across the Commonwealth.

Forget everything we’ve uncovered in Montgomery County that Edelen’s staff refuse to act on, saying they’re not digging in any deeper because Conway won’t act. Forget all that. Look at everything else on the list. Dozens of scandals. Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars unaccounted for or otherwise called into question. Almost never any action taken.

What was that, again, about accountability? Judgment? Standing up for what’s right?

The only thing more hypocritical is Edelen (his people) shopping around a nearly 400-page report from the Louisville Metro Police Department regarding Jack Conway and his brother. But you won’t hear him mention that publicly either.

Film Tax Credit Should Be Expanded

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Nonprofit co-ops, the health care law’s public-spirited alternative to mega-insurers, are awash in red ink and many have fallen short of sign-up goals, a government audit has found. [H-L]

Few aspects of policing attract more scrutiny than an officer’s use of force. And as people around the nation continue to voice concerns about the sometimes contentious relationship between citizens and law enforcement, it’s become clear that police and the policed often have drastically different interpretations of the same incidents. [HuffPo]

Every year, the politicians trot out their best one liners at the Fancy Farm Picnic, where they are more likely to mock their opponents for past flubs than they are to talk about serious policy matters. [C-J/AKN]

Donald Trump is staking his run for U.S. president in part on a vow to protect American jobs. But this month, one of his companies, the elite Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Florida, applied to import 70 foreign workers to serve as cooks, wait staff and cleaners. A Reuters analysis of U.S. government data reveals that this is business as usual in the New York property magnate’s empire. [Reuters]

Native walleye have returned to the Kentucky River after a decades-long absence. Fisheries employees with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources stocked more than 25,000 native southern strain walleye in the three forks of the Kentucky River above Lock and Dam 14 near Beattyville. The walleye, measuring 2-3 inches, went into the river last month. [Richmond Register]

Juan Emmanuel Razo, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was arrested last week on murder charges for allegedly shooting and wounding a woman in Ohio. [ThinkProgress]

Hollywood is spending its money in the Bluegrass and the Oldham County city of La Grange is already feeling the impact of a new investment in the film industry recently passed by Kentucky lawmakers. [WAVE3]

Republicans might as well face it. They’re addicted to Trump. [Politico]

Adam Edelen, current Kentucky Auditor who’s running for re-election, on Saturday faced off against Republican opponent Mike Harmon, who said Edelen’s low name recognition throughout the state could be damaging in this race, and perhaps beyond. [Ashland Independent]

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President Barack Obama just finalized his plan to fight climate change. The EPA’s new rules will crack down on emissions from coal-fired power plants. [Mother Jones]

Just what Eastern Kentucky needs. Another prison. Hal Rogers says an environmental impact study has suggested a site in Letcher County for a new federal prison. [H-L]

The union representing a white police officer charged with murdering a black man during a traffic stop wants to help him get his job back. [HuffPo]

This All Helps Rand Win Re-Election

It’s a rare Sunday session for senators, and on the agenda are efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law and reviving the federal Export-Import Bank. [H-L]

Someone has taken up Justice Stephen Breyer’s invitation to challenge the constitutionality of the death penalty. [HuffPo]

It wasn’t until after Sarah Norris dropped out of high school that she found an educational program that worked for her. [C-J/AKN]

Has he stalled? It doesn’t matter. This is a push to raise his U.S. Senate profile and it’s worked. A year ago, Rand Paul, the libertarian-minded senator from Kentucky, was among the leading potential candidates in the GOP presidential race, topping at least three national polls in spring and early summer. [The Hill]

Officials from Eastern Kentucky University’s aviation degree program flew into the Ashland Regional Airport Thursday to greet students interested in earning a college degree while spending as much time in an airplane cockpit as in a college classroom. [Ashland Independent]

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz ripped into his party’s establishment on Friday, calling Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell a liar during an unusual public attack on the floor of the Senate. [Reuters]

Matt Bevin, the Republican nominee for governor, acknowledged Thursday for the first time that switching from Kentucky’s state health exchange to a federal exchange won’t in itself affect the state’s expansion of Medicaid. [Ronnie Ellis]

Twenty-five years ago this weekend, the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law, officially outlawing discrimination against disabled people in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and government services. [Mother Jones]

Western Kentucky school boards are the absolute worst. Glasgow Independent Schools plans to appeal an opinion from the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General that said its board of education violated the state’s open meetings law in March. [Glasgow Daily Times]

The H-2 visa program invites foreign workers to do some of the most menial labor in America. Then it leaves them at the mercy of their employers. Thousands of these workers have been abused — deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, raped, and threatened with deportation if they dare complain. And the government says it can do little to help. [BuzzFeed]

Citizens and emergency responders were only hours away from what could have been a very serious situation when last week’s storms knocked out power at the radio repeater site on Tower Road off Dry Creek Road. [The Morehead News]

You should check out these photos of Dubya and Unka Dick from September 11, 2011. Seriously, not joking, check them out. [Flickr]

A bunch of fat, racist, white guys played dress-up on Friday and showed their true colors. Kentucky’s state government should not turn its back on Confederate symbols, including the “stars and bars” battle flag and Jefferson Davis, speakers told more than a hundred people at a “Southern pride” rally outside the Capitol Friday. [John Cheves]

Mitch McConnell fast-tracked a bill to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday because of an undercover video of a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the donation of fetal tissue after abortions. But McConnell was one of many Republicans who voted to lift a ban on fetal tissue donations after abortions in 1993 — the very move that legalized Planned Parenthood’s actions. [HuffPo]