Tuesday Update Dept of Buy Us a MacBook Pro, 15″, Glossy, 4gigs of RAM OR ELSE!!!

David Boswell and Brett Guthrie are in a virtual dead heat according to the latest SurveyUSA polling data. Boswell leads Guthrie 47-44 with a 4.3% margin of error. Only 9% of likely voters say they’re undecided. The two are tied among males but females prefer Boswell, the Democrat, 48-42. [Mark Hebert]

A British invasion? The Jakals (from southern England) will be performing tonight in Louisville at the Rudyard Kipling at 8:00 P.M. Their first appearance was in our fancy pants hometown in middle of nowhere West Liberty, deep in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Turns out they’re actually using a company in West Liberty (!!) to distribute their CD here in the U.S. and A. [Jakals, Rudyard Kipling]

There’s still no word on whether or not Mitch McConnell plans to hire anyone from Kentucky to work on his campaign. If you missed it, his treasurer lives in Indiana, none of the contacts on his campaign’s Statement of Organization are in Kentucky and only one of the three banks his campaign uses is located in the Bluegrass State. [Page One]

Do you have AB positive or AB negative blood? Get your ass to the Chestnut Street Red Cross in Louisville ASAP. There is an emergency need for that particular type of plasma. Please specify that your donation is for C. Thomas Bennett at Baptist East. [Just Do It]

Editors at Bloomberg noted on Friday that U.S. stock declines were the worst since June… of 1930! The Great Depression! Yeah, little economic mix-up, my formerly fat ass! Basically, the world is effed and we’re all gonna die of the poverty. [Bloomberg]

Thanks to rising gas prices, the Kentucky State Police is cutting back on patrols. So this basically means you’re less safe as a direct result of the economy. But the free market will fix that, right? I can’t remember which right-wing spin is appropriate in this instance. And this isn’t just happening with the KSP. It’s across the board. [C-J]

Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Hides Again Edition

Guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns. Mitch McConnell. Global Warming. Global Warming. Global Warming. Global Warming. War. Everybody hates Al Gore! Global Warming. War war war war war. [C-J]

Did you know liberals are responsible for high gas prices? It’s true. And conservation is also to blame. And the “environmental lobby” is the root of all evil. So give Mitch McConnell all of your money and he’ll save the world from us heathen fruitcake tree huggers. Meanwhile, Larry Craig and David Vitter have foot-tapping diaper rendezvous all across the land. [Some Concern Troll]

Northern Kentucky is in for the fight of a lifetime over a pending smoking ban. Get ready for all kinds of ‘smoking is good for babies’ rhetoric. Just look to the events that have gone down in Louisville and Lexington over the past few years and you’ll be able to get a good indicator of what you’re in for. [Pat Crowley]

McConnell admits Republicans won’t be the Senate majority next year. [CNN]

All kinds of legislators are saying Paul Patton left a legacy of bold leadership. For real. Both sides of the aisle. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell and John McCain raised $2 million dollars in Louisville on Saturday. The funds will be split between the McCain camp, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Kentucky. [H-L]

The mainstream media, naturally, ignored protesters at the event. So. You’ll just have to read about them, view photographs (omg the obesity) and watch video provided by Jim Pence. Also, Elaine Chao sure knows how to spend gubmint money when getting her nails done. Two SUVs and six security folks. Don’t miss the video of McConnell and McCain supporters getting all nervous and uncomfortable. The gum chewing lady with a perm (a perm!) is our favorite. The po-leece mens being directed by the Secret Service to hide protesters from Mitch McConnell is our second favorite. Like Bill Londrigan is a threat to Mitch’s safety– ha! [Hillbilly Report]

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Saturday Update For Lazy Bums Everywhere

Another Knott County Judge-Executive could be going to prison for vote buying! Second in a row! The best part is the dude could actually remain Judge-Executive WHILE IN PRISON so long as he is appealing. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell cast the deciding vote against legislation that would have prevented major Medicare cuts and reimbursement rates to physicians. Now everyone is going to die and it’s all McConnell’s fault. Not surprising, really, since he’s voted against Medicare funding at least 16 times and has taken more than $800,000 in contributions from the mega-insurance industry. So much for that $190 million Kentucky will lose in the first year alone. [DSCC]

The pig pit is stinky. And you know how Republicans love love love love pork. Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers are all up on it and will never give pork up. So it looks like Boss Hog is going to be at odds with McCain for a while. Since it’s the weekend and you obviously have nothing better to do, you can search through the 2008 McConnell-Rogers earmarks database. [PolWatchers, Earmarks Database]

In case you missed it, Rasmussen says McConnell is ahead of Lunsford by 7 points. With a margin of error of 4.5 percent, we’re pretty sure it’s saying the same thing all the other polls are showing– this is a real race. And McConnell is STILL under 50. [The Arena]

Morgan Wilkins was at one point Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World for her racist and bigoted behavior at the University of Michigan. That was while she was leaving her kid behind, of course. Now she says she’s using her military sign-on bonus to start a satirical newspaper or whatever instead of taking care of her kid with it. Anyway, we’ll never forget the photo of Morgan holding a sign that reads, “Isn’t the front of the front of the bus enough??” [Racist Photo]

TGIF Updates – Ready For the Reveal???

Maybe Adam Edelen will have a strong grasp on what needs to change in the governor’s office. Namely, oh, not writing bloggers completely off. That’d be a good move. Because the more we write stories like this the less that approval rating inches back up. That’s not good for Uncle Steve and isn’t good for the Commonwealth. [Ben Ray]

During a campaign stop in Murray, U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford pointed out Mitch McConnell’s ties to George W. Bush. “Mitch has probably done more to obstruct progress in the Senate than any other senator. He has used his power much more to stop things than he has to make things happen.” [Murray Ledger & Times]

Seriously. It’s your last chance to win $25 to Palermo Viejo in Louisville. That’s enough for dinner for two. Just name the well-known political reporter. Hurry. You’ve got like two hours left. We’re revealing the journalist at 9:30 on our teevee show and here on the internets. [WIN WIN WIN]

Mitch McConnell is facing increasing pressure from the far right and he’s taking it out on Democrats any way he can. Oh, and in the story about his harassment, we once again get to read about Mitch referring to 2008 as the “toughest reelection campaign of his career.” Oh, it’s mostly the gay-haters giving McConnell crap. [The Hill]

Courtesy of Pat Crowley, we’re reminded of this fancy cat fight between Damon Thayer and Ed Whitfield’s wife over doping in horse racing. The Herald-Leader wants to castrate him over and over and all we can do is replay the hilarious encounter between Whitfield and Thayer. It was priceless. Go find it on the local teevee site of your choice. [H-L]

Thursday Update Dept of Fancy Ostrich Racing

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is launching a program at Morehead State University as part of its mission to train and retain physicians in rural Kentucky. Ten students will be selected for the program and will work in partnershiph with St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead for hands-on training. [Business First]

OMG. The right wing gay-haters are foaming at the mouth over Steve Beshear’s decision to prevent gay hate from persisting throughout state government. They’re screaming, “SPECIAL RIGHTS! SPECIAL RIGHTS!” instead of, you know, equality. Equal isn’t special, closet cases. We’re especially excited by the fact that these nutbags think “Christians” are being persecuted by the gays. Love it. [Nut Cases]

Louisville’s Metro Government has failed to spend about $20 million in federal grants that could have been used to aid people who are seriously suffering during this budget crunch and economic crisis. Everybody and their mom is outraged and metro gubmint is doing jack to reassure that they have any clue how to sail the ship. Gags all around. [C-J]

An Eastern Kentucky veterans cemetery has been announced. It’ll be located in Greenup County near I-64 on property owned by Addington Land Company. The first phase of development is set to include 25,000 grave sites for veterans and their eligible family members. [Heber]

Mitch McConnell suggests that Bruce Lunsford should race ostriches instead of horses in more retarded and hypocritical campaign material. The McConnell camp continues to pretend that Lunsford is already an elected U.S. Senator by claiming he should have to answer for the damages for which Mitch McConnell is responsible. We aren’t sure where the campaign gets that Bruce Lunsford refuses to support expanded oil production in the U.S. but we’re pretty sure they’re making shit up as they go along, pretending to be the savior of Kentuckians. [Team Mitch]

The American Family Fauxsociation says the gays are coming to get you! This time they’re so serious that they’ve produced a DVD to scare the bejeezus out of every yokel with a DVD player. Ho-mo-sexual-controlled city councils all over the country are going to ruin your lives by allowing homo gift registries and by offering up ways to hate Jesus. Our former homophobic Foods Editor at ‘Ville Voice Eats is probably cowering in fear as we speak. Someone PLEASE give us a copy. [AFA Online]

Wednesday. Everyone Buy Us New Laptops Edition.

Governor Steve Beshear called for a special session on pension reform to begin June 23. Beshear says reform legislation could save $500 million per year. [PolWatchers]

Congressman John Yarmuth attacked Anne Northup’s position on big oil in a release: “Anne Northup needs to come clean on her energy position. Today, she announced that she will continue to support the Bush policies that got us in this mess in the first place,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “She has over a half a million dollars in gas, oil and energy company stocks and continues to make a fortune off the high gas prices Louisville families are paying at the pump. She has funded her campaigns with over $300,000 from big oil. I answer only to the people of Louisville, and I will continue to put the needs of our families first. We have already enacted the most comprehensive energy reform policy in 30 years, and we will continue to advance innovative legislation that combats high energy costs and shifts to a more energy efficient economy.”

Thankfully, even Jim Bunning recognizes that Dr. James Holsinger’s chances at being the next U.S. Surgeon General are zero. Everyone thank jeebus or whatever! It’s over. No more Holsinger sexism and homophobia. [H-L]

That Mark Nickolas settlement with the state? Yeah, his attorneys got $10,000 out of it. We seem to remember all of this was being done for free since it was Public Citizen representing him. $10,000. For that. Outraged yet? And no, David Adams, the case against the state wasn’t “lost” – recall a few months ago when the ban was lifted. The suit was rendered useless at that point. Oh, guess who was in charge of giving Nickolas the $10K. [C-J, Settlement Document]

Mainstream media is on the Cauley-Edelen thing. Hebert’s got the story and it’s not so positive for Steve Beshear. It’s short, but you’ve gotta read it. [Mark Hebert]