It’s Tuesday. The State Fair Is Still Hopping.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance will be visiting Jewish Hospital locations in Brandenburg and Shepherdsville today. Need help? Here’s your chance. [Business First]

Grandpa John McCain says his Vietnamese captors were sadistic homos. For real! We’re not making this up. [Gawker & Wonkette]

Polls about Bill Nighbert and Leonard Lawson? What? Talk about strange. [PolWatchers]

More on Lexington sucking worse than Monica Lewinski. Exciting, we know. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Pat Crowley went to the Guidugli Family Picnic and had a lot of fun. [Crowley’s Blog]

The State Fair + freebies = we are SO on that. FREE FUDGE? Ugh. The carbs. We’re on that. Who wants to go with us? [C-J]

Bill Nighbert personally benefited from Transportation Cabinet repairs? What? Surely you jest! [H-L]

Otis Hensley was arrested for having sex with a minor or for providing them with drugs. He’s 52. The minor was younger than 16. We’re left wondering if he lured them in with the bull or his fancy limo. [H-L]

Oh Snap Monday! Waking Up Early Stuff

Union-bashing is definitely disguised as concern for workers. You bet your booties it’s a McConnell ploy. [H-L]

The McConnell campaign sure likes to lose its shiz when the Lunsford campaign complains about anything. So it’s funny to watch the McConnell camp squirm over Lunsford’s latest campaign ad. [McConnell’s “Blog”]

WTVQ in Lexington has killed it’s 5:00 P.M. newscast. And people wonder why Lexington is losing its best and brightest by the truckload. [H-L]

The United States no longer bans entry to the country if you’re HIV positive. It only took until 2008 for us to lift the ban. [CBS News]

John Cheves has a great profile of Crit Luallen and the office of State Auditor that’s a must-read. She needs to run for governor in 2011. [H-L]

Jim Bunning’s staff is continuing to jump ship. Is this a sign that he won’t run in 2011? [C-J]

Right to Life Racist? We’re Just Wondering

Have you seen the latest Right to Life ad? Has that organization turned into racist central? It’s hard not to think so after seeing the latest ad the org is pushing.

Here’s the script for those of you who can’t watch the YouTubez at your “job” or whatever:

The commercial opens with an African American woman getting out of her late 80s/early 90s car.

Actor: “No one needs to tell me about my rights. I’m reminded of them every day. And no one needs to tell me that I should make my own choices. My people had choices made for them for hundreds of years.

“But when I hear someone say that I have the choice and the right to end the life of an unborn child, that doesn’t square with me.

“I think I know about rights and no one has that right.”

It’s Thursday And We Miss The Office on TV

There was a crazy hot mess at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport last night. White powder (OH NOES!) and wires were coming from a bag in the cargo area of a plane so the entire world shut down for like three hundred hours. Turns out it was a portable dental kit that was dusty. FEAR. [Enquirer]

Steve Beshear told the Louisville Forum that he still supports raising the cigarette tax. And he continued to push for a public vote on casino gambling. [C-J]

Bill Nighbert is also the target of a Transportation Cabinet investigation. One of the people charged with investigating him is a man Nighbert once fired. This should be interesting. [H-L]

Do you know Lilly Ledbetter? Do you support fair and equal pay for women? Or do you support Mitch Mcconnell? You may want to educate yourself. [KY Women]

Democrat Doug Mullins dropped out of the 51st District State House race yesterday. This guarantees that Republican John Carney will win the seat. This means that only 30 of the 100 State House seats are being contested. Way to go, KDP! [PolWatchers]

Turns out Russia launched a coordinated cyber attack on Georgia before and during their physical attack on the country. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. [NY Times by way of Barefoot & Progressive]

A few things from Politicker:

OMG. Sonny Landham to host a voter registration rally in Louisville’s West End? OMG. We can’t take it.  Will anyone ask him just how racist he is? [Trey Pollard]

Trey Grayson was selected to be a part of the RNC’s platform committee team. He’ll serve as co-chairman of the Guaranteeing Energy Independence and a Cleaner Environment subcommittee. [Trey Pollard]

And in other news, Politicker is definitely Republican. [Some Other Dude With An Ego Bigger Than Ours]

We’re Half-Way to Friday, Boys & Girls

Mitch McConnell visited Morehead on Thursday as the guest speaker at the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce luncheon. He gave a bunch of non-answers about the health care crisis and used Great Britain’s system to scare country folks. One woman compared him to Al Gore and we’re totally blown away. For real. [The Morehead News]

Politicians really do love coal money. And that’s fine by us. They just need to be honest about the influence King Coal has on them. [Green KY]

WHAS11 touts the latest SurveyUSA data but neglects to mention the massive under sampling of Democrats by the polling firm. Proper sampling would yield VASTLY different results that are much more in line with reality. But can’t let the facts get in the way of the news. [WHAS11]

Former senate candidate Greg Fischer announced yesterday in Frankfort that he will be signing on as David Boswell’s volunteer finance chairman. We find that quite interesting since, you know, Fischer promised long ago to help Bruce Lunsford oust Mitch McConnell. [PolWatchers]

Nancy Pelosi will be one of the featured speakers on Monday night at the DNC. Along with Michelle Obama, Claire McCaskill and Craig Robinson. We’re going to be flooded with boring DNC news for like years, kids, so get used to it. [Pat Crowley]

And more from PolWatchers: Ed Martin, who filed papers as a Libertarian to run against Anne Northup and John Yarmuth in Louisville’s 3rd District U.S. House race is apparently a registered Republican. Uh, kind of hard to run as a Lib if you’re a Pub, dudes. Just saying. [PolWatchers]

Volunteers of America are honoring University of Louisville president Jim Ramsey on September 10. The organization is throwing ‘an evening of tribute’ for Ramsey because he’s allegedly focusing on improving the standard of living in Louisville. No mention of his remarks that complaints against Robert Felner were “crap.” [VOAKY]

Abstinence-Only Programs Failing in Kentucky?

The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) recently released a report about abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in Kentucky and it’s a doozy.

25 other states have rejected Title V abstinence-only funds– but not Kentucky. The Commonwealth received more than $3 million last year alone, the majority of funds going to crisis pregnancy centers.

This sort of thing is obviously not working, since the teen birth rate in Kentucky rose 6.6% from 2005-2006 while the national rate only rose 3%.

Check the report out here and then get an eye-opening look at how health indicators are failing in Kentucky here.

Statewide media: Where are you on this issue? It’s time for you to wake up.