Reality Check – Mitch McConnell’s Latest B.S.

Mitch McConnell’s latest ad attacking Bruce Lunsford may not be– get this– truthful. What, Mitch McConnell lie? I know, right?

So the ad that attacks Valor Health Care? We’re not gonna rehash it, you can watch it HERE. But turns out that ad is bunk.

We want to clear up a couple things in the supporting documentation the McConnell campaign sent out that allegedly proves their ad as solid. You may view it by clicking here (PDF Link).

Some facts… The documentation provided by Mitch McConnell’s campaign states that Valor saved taxpayers more than $500,000.

All of those Arkansas Dem-Gazette articles Justin cites? All of them plainly state that there was NO EVIDENCE supporting those alleged complaints.

And Valor received a gold seal from the VA.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson apparently never visited the clinic in question. No one from her staff visited. (Sidenote: If you’re a U.S. Senator, why wouldn’t you take care of things yourself instead of going through the VA? Maybe just so you could get a letter for your buddy Mitch?)

We’re beginning to think this whole thing was carefully crafted by the McConnell crew in order to make fancy commercials about Bruce. Take this from Ryan Alessi’s story, for example:

Moore, a 62-year-old Vietnam War veteran who was awarded the Silver Star and a Purple Heart, told the Herald-Leader that he was contacted four months ago by an investigator for a public relations firm working for McConnell’s campaign. “I don’t care about McConnell’s campaign or about any Democrat or Republican. I just care about this clinic here,” said Moore, who said he received no compensation for appearing in the ad.

You get that? The veterans weren’t out there doing anything and raising concern until after Mitch McConnell’s campaign pushed them.

Did McConnell’s camp create this? Did they get these people fired up? Did Mitch request that his good buddy Kay do him a favor? Sure seems like it.

TGIF. Where All The White Women At?

Speaker Jody Richards and Brent Yonts are sponsoring a bill to cancel Bobby Sherman’s 8 billion dollar pay raise. Or $62,160 pay raise, to be exact. Because that shit is crazy and a total scam. Sources are now telling us Sherman agreed to a contract that would keep his pension exactly the same as if he’d retired now.  But we’ve seen no evidence. [PolWatchers]

Wonder why like 66% of Americans have more confidence in Barry than Gramps when it comes to the economy? Maybe it’s because Gramps said he didn’t know much about it? Or maybe it’s because Gramps’ running mate is a complete embarrassment? [Mark Hebert]

David Boswell was lying about not having seen the DCCC ad. I received an email from a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer who was coordinating with Boswell’s people on the response to Guthrie’s reaction. I KNOW he’d seen the ad when he said he hadn’t. [PolWatchers]

First Lady Jane Beshear is hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Event tonight. At Turfway Park in Florence. 6:30 P.M. Horses and Hope Breast Cancer Awareness. [Press Release]

Thursday Night Deep Thoughts with a known homosexual and Joe Sonka. Joe asks, “Isn’t it amazing how Sarah Palin makes any hack reporter who interviews her look like Mike Wallace?” And the homo said, “She should make an appearance on The View with those mean bitches. That would be priceless.” [Barefoot & Progressive]

Bruce Lunsford unveiled his Bill of Rights for women. The event was an inspiring success. According to those in attendance, Bruce didn’t stick to his script at all… and everyone at the event left impressed. Great move on the Lunsford camp’s part. Guess who didn’t show her face: Jennifer Moore. Hypocrite. [Kentucky Women]

Our Intrepid Reporter brings you Sarah Silverman in the Great Schlep. Fly your Jewish butt to Florida to talk nanna into voting for Barack Obama. Also, this is not safe for work and it is absolutely hilarious. Jews Vote. [The Great Schlep]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Have Power Now?

Like we reported many days ago, Joe Biden will be in Louisville on Wednesday. You can go see him if you have $1,000 to spare. So, Kentuckians, don’t get your hopes up. You’re not likely to ever see Barack Obama or John McCain in the Commonwealth again. Probably ever. [Mark Hebert]

More from Hebert: “McConnell has received $3,679,725 in political contributions from the banking, insurance and financial services industries since 1989. Part of that sum includes $691,880 from commercial banks, $1,112,732 from the insurance industry and $1,484,912 from the securities and investments industry.” [Mark Hebert]

Pray for Sarah Palin. HAHAHAHA. This is pretty dang funny. For serious. [Barefoot & Progressive]

As apparently whack as the Shark Lady is, this is pretty serious. Employees and volunteers for health care entities could be allowed to refuse to aid in providing any treatment they object to. That includes abortion, providing HIV tests, providing emergency treatment to someone who is non-white or maybe perceived to be gay. Total Bush Misadministration terror. [BGR]

Mitch McConnell is beginning to queen out over Bruce Lunsford everywhere he goes. Check this: “He is desperate and he is nasty. Anybody that has the kind of unseemingly business background he does to be calling other people names requires a lot of brass frankly,” says Senator McConnell. How hilarious is THAT? Almost as hilarious as some random hillbilly suggesting McConnell has “a lot of family values.” We’re wondering why he doesn’t have all of those alleged family values. Is it because he married a foreign or whatever? [WYMT]

Are people voting for Bruce Lunsford or against Mitch McConnell? Does it really matter either way? Both achieve the same goal and the media probably shouldn’t care either way. Because everyone wants to get rid of Mitch McConnell. [PolWatchers]

Organized labor is coming out big for Bruce Lunsford. The worker-to-worker leafletting program is set to organize some 300,000 voters who will turn out against Mitch McConnell, a man who wants to make it impossible for workers to unionize. Because everyone knows Mitch McConnell is such a hard worker and has always had to worry about putting food on his family’s table. Such a family man with real-world experience. [C-J]

Sorry, Barack Obama is just not going to do well in eastern Kentucky. No way, no way, not gonna happen. There are still thousands of people in Appalachia who have never met a non-white in their entire lives. [Ronnie Ellis]

What were several Lexington and Frankfort reporters doing for the extra hour they waited for the Lunsford-Clinton event to start (when they weren’t complaining about being given a free story)? They sat around reading books and killing time. Instead of working the crowd for a good story. If Ryan Alessi can do it, everyone else should be out working to get a great story. Jesus. [Photograph]

We’re Going to Throw Up…

If we get another mass email, robocall or text message about Hillary Clinton coming to Kentucky on Saturday.

And some other things that annoy us:

Has everyone forgotten what it was like when abortion was illegal? The graphic and caption is so awful and hilarious. At the same time. [FireDogLake]

Did you know this woman is still trying to choke Greg Stumbo? Jeeeez. [WTF]

Can you tell we’re ready for electricity to be restored 100%?

It’s National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

September 8th through the 12th is National Cervical Cancer Awareness week. The focus is to raise awareness about the disease thousands of women face each year.

Today, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo and the Kentucky Commission on Women, with Executive Director Eleanor Jordan, visited hospitals and health departments across the Commonwealth in an attempt to promote greater understanding of cervical cancer and to kick off the week dedicated to fighting back.

Here’s their schedule:

  • 8:30-9:00 a.m. ET: Pikeville Medical Center Atrium – Pikeville
  • 10:30-11:00 a.m. ET: Northern Kentucky Health Department – Edgewood
  • 12:05-1:00 p.m. ET: Lexington-Fayette County Health Department – Lexington
  • 2:30-3:00 p.m. ET: Hardin Memorial Hospital – Elizabethtown
  • 3:40-4:10 p.m. CST: Mitchell Cancer Center – Owensboro
  • 5:00-5:30 p.m. CST: Lourdes Hospital – Paducah

Click here for more information on cervical cancer and the importance of awareness.

It’s Wednesday. Everyone is Super-Fat in KY.

Awww. Harry from Harry and the Hendersons didn’t come back. These nutbags need to quit with their hoaxes. [Inquisitr]

Former Director of the Division of Emergency Management Max Bailey resigned for drinking in his office and accessing pornography on a state computer. Seriously. The man was a retired three-star Air Force general. [C-J]

Politicker continues to let some anonymous hack from New Jersey continue to trash Kentucky. Wonder when they’ll get a clue and hire more folks like Trey Pollard? Yeah, don’t hold your breath. [Some weird rant, More on this person]

Is it fine for a Republican Party of Kentucky staffer to compare Barack Obama to Ahmadinejad? How much kool-aid is required to think such a thing? [BGRS]

Which is more ignorant? The jacket thing or this crap? Continuing to claim Obama is a Muslim and using a ridiculous photograph of him. [Marcus Carey, More Marcus Carey]

Did you know that everyone in Kentucky is fat? Fat, fat, fat. More than 40% of Kentucky adults are overweight– the highest in the United States. Keep eating, folks. [C-J]

Pepper spray for Denver? We can only hope! And it’s jacked up that $110 million in corporate donations have rolled in for the DNC and RNC. [LEO]