Thursday. Presidential Update Dept. Almost Over.

Bill Clinton is in Louisville (Butler High School @3:30), Bardstown and John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown today. [Press Release]

Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, State Rep. Dennis Keene and unknown Owen County Administrator Bill O’Bannon will hold a conference call to discuss Barack Obama’s rural leadership plan for Kentucky. [Press Release]

And in Bowling Green, Admiral John B. Nathan and Brigadier General James Smith will hold a discussion with veterans and military families at the Shake Rag Restaurant at 12:30 Central Time. [Press Release]

From the Captain Obvious Department of Duh we learn that Kentuckians favor higher cigarette taxes. Actually, 55% favor taxes of $0.70 to $1.00 per pack. Only 34% oppose. Imagine that. Both the governor and the retarded ass legislature out-of-touch. Can you imagine? [PolWatchers]

Mitch McConnell caused a Senate meltdown yesterday by dumping the Republican version of a G.I. bill into an unrelated floor debate on union rights of firefighters and police officers. Thankfully, the Senate voted 55-42 to table the Republican amendment and the Democratic bill will be attached to the Iraq bill next week. [Politico]

Speaking of McConnell, he has an opponent in the Republican primary named Daniel Essek, a Whitley County truck driver who couldn’t get off work in order to attend the KET debate on Monday. He’d only spent $824 in the first month of his campaign. Is anyone holding their breath on this? Not even sarcastically? [C-J]

In case you were wondering why Kentucky has been flushed down the toilet for, like, ever? The state spends over $400,000 (OF TAX DOLLARS!) a year to promote the coal industry. We just give coal companies this cash to promote their industry. Choice quote, “The environmentalists throw out a lot of negative stuff, like kids who are suffering from asthma because they breathe particulate matter from living near a coal-fired power plant, or deaths caused on the roads by big coal trucks,” Caylor said. “We’re trying to counteract that.” [H-L]

U.S. Senate Debate Highlights

It’s true, folks. There was a debate last night while Barry Obama was taking over the world. It included Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer along with about 25 other white dudes with huge ego problems.

Greg Fischer got flustered when Bruce Lunsford asked him why he didn’t contribute to Jack Conway and John Yarmuth in their runs against Anne Northup. He said his record should be vetted and you know we’ll comply with that request. And he got a little mixed up/nervous when Tom Loftus challenged him on his ‘let’s get out of Iraq, but leave it up to the generals’ bit. Loftus made him look like a bit of a fool and then gave Lunsford a chance to hit the Iraq issue home.

David Wylie is a speed signer! The translators couldn’t keep up with him.

And poor David L. Williams (not because of the voice, but because of the crazy). Oh man. He said he was in Iraq in like 1953 in the Navy or something and something about some ships being blown up. We couldn’t understand a thing the man said and that’s unfair to his crazy butt.

Kenneth Stepp said he ran for congress and got 32,000 votes. Becuase you know that has a lot to do with getting us out of Iraq.

Michael Cassaro said lots about “sniff tests” and nothing about the crazy junk going down in his campaign office.

James Rice is totally reminding us of Jim Gooch. Denying global warming and the same deer-in-headlights look.

So. Here are the more interesting bits of the night. The rest was mind-numbing.

Part One:

View Part 2 along with non-YouTube versions after the jump…

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Tuesday Updates. Day After Obama Edition.

We were poisoned by Terry McBrayer or whatever so posting may be a little light today. We have contracted some sort of ebola-like (okay, just a serious headcold and sinus infection) disease that is forcing us to fall asleep every five seconds. Word of advice: make sure you stockpile sugar-free Ricola the next time you get the crud. They’re magical little things.

Don’t miss our Obama live blogging from last night along with the photos we took. [Page One, Page One again]

McConnell’s job-approval rating remains below 50 percent but he’d still beat both Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer (by more than Lunsford, even) by double digits in the fall. Should be noted that it’s just 12-13 percent, even with an unknown, so that should send chills up Mitch’s spine. He’s officially quite vulnerable. Especially after having spent $6 million on the race so far and having such a terrible job-approval rating. [PolWatchers]

Note: Even the liberal media says McConnell is vulnerable.

The senate debate last night was apparently an unpleasant sight to behold. We’ll have more on that later today, along with video highlights and such. In the meantime, however, check out Deborah Yetter’s story on last night’s shenanigans. Along with a photo gallery from the debate. [C-J, C-J Photos]

Andy Barr of The Hill wrote that Greg Fischer has found his niche as the candidate of progressives and the liberal blogosphere. So. We have to ask: what liberal blogosphere? Only BlueGrassRoots has been all-out for Fischer and it’s just a couple people who occasionally post there who post on sites like Swing State Project and DailyKos, so it’s not like it’s widespread. We suggest national press types actually pay attention to the blogosphere before publishing information that is, you know, woah inaccurate. [The Hill]

Mark Hebert has the story on Republicans who are upset at Steve Beshear. Apparently they’re all pissed because Beshear said Dick Cheney should take Dubya on a hunting trip. And then Brett Hall gets all self-righteous, claiming that the Secret Service has even called Beshear’s office to investigate– which we hear isn’t true, after making some calls of our own. [Hebert, Brett Hall]

Oh Snap Monday! Obama’s in Kentucky Edition

One in five Kentuckians are insane and should be committed. According to the Herald-Leader/WKYT poll, one in five say, essentially, they won’t vote for Obama because he’s black. But 56% interviewed said race wasn’t a factor. Thank goodness the entire state isn’t beaten regularly with the stupid stick. Except this idiot, Bill Donovan of Inez, who thinks Obama is a Muslim. Why even do a poll in KENTUCKY about race and gender? The H-L also told us at 11PM that Hillary is leading the presidential primary in Kentucky. Wasted money much? [PolWatchers]

In case you’ve forgotten, general Barack Obama will be in Kentucky this evening so people like Olivia Morris Fuchs can protest outside of the Kentucky International Convention Center! Errr, actually it’s so Obama’s camp can rally the troops for his eventual loss in Kentucky on May 20 and the eventual national nomination when Hillary finally gives up. 7:00 P.M. tonight. Thousands expected, he’ll be McCain-focused and will mostly ignore Clinton. [Page One]

Danny Briscoe says Greg Fischer’s ads have been so bad that he should sue the people who made them. Oh, and that they have no effect because no one knows who Greg Fischer is. We’re talking Danny Briscoe, a man aligned with every Lunsford-hating entity on the east coast. [The Morehead News]

Many Republican bloggers are trying to ignore this. The Executive Branch Ethics Commission reprimanded Robert H. Wilson, Jr., a former Fletcher personnel official, for taking part in hirings and firings based on politics instead of merit. The Ethics Commission has five more related cases to handle: Dan Druen, Darrell Brock, Basil Turbyfill, James Adams and Dick Murgatroyd. [C-J]

Speaking of Republicans, some enjoy obfuscation so much that they refuse to admit that Great Britain has been as racist as could be for a loooong time. Oh, no, gotta blame liberals for racism. Because “liberal” is a dirty word. FYI: “liberal” doesn’t mean the same thing every where you go unless you’re a Republican. [BGRS]

How does poverty affect health care in Kentucky? Here’s your chance to examine it on a county-by-county level. [Stephen Shepard]

In an interview with the Herald-Leader, Michael Cassaro still thought he could win the senate primary. And he said he had no political baggage. We guess that means he’s paid his campaign staff, didn’t try to cover up harrassment allegations and didn’t have his attorney try to keep former staffers quiet. [H-L]

In addition to what’s in the Cassaro story above, here’s some info on the also-rans in the U.S. Senate race. [C-J]

Give Back Saturday if You’re in Louisville

We may seem like heartless critics of politicians and media types, but we do like to contribute something of value to our world. So we’re jumping at the chance to promote something that does some good.

Especially when the beneficiary is a cancer research organization, given that our families have been touched in many ways by cancer. So tomorrow, May 10, the good folks at Java Brewing Company on Frankfort Avenue (where many Page One/Ville Voice rants originate) in Louisville will host a yard sale, with the proceeds to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer – Pediatric Cancer Research. Java will also donate 10% of its sales to the foundation.

You might remember the horse Afleet Alex, who finished third in the 2005 Derby before winning the Preakness and Belmont, and the news that was generated when its owners donated a portion of the horse’s winnings to the cause. The organization was even allowed to set up a stand at Churchill Downs.

Other businesses on Frankfort Avenue are encouraged to participate by donating a portion of their proceeds on Saturday to the foundation, which has raised more than $18 million.

Come by to help out a good cause.

More of Fischer’s Open Book: Big Pharma

In a May 5, 2008 letter to the Courier-Journal, Dr. Garrett & Mrs. Lane Adams wrote:

In conversation, Greg looks you straight in the eye, and listens. He wants to be a true representative of and for the people of Kentucky, not corporate power. He will not accept Big Oil, Big Pharma, or health insurance company contributions to his campaign. He can beat McConnell in November. He has the intellect, the stamina, the fire and the campaign. He will stand toe to toe with McConnell, win the debates and the general election.

That’s right. Two of Greg Fischer’s biggest supporters say he won’t accept contributions from Big Pharma. Puppies and rainbows, right? Well, sure, until you remember that Fischer has several large and direct investments in giant pharmaceutical companies:

  • Eli Lilly & Co $50,001 – $100,000
  • Pfizer Inc $15,001 – $50,000
  • Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc $15,001 – $50,000

That’s a direct and personal investment of up to $200,000 in Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Bradmer. Not to mention the income in the form of dividends and capital gains Fischer received last year that totaled up to $7,700– half of what many Kentuckians make in a year. Check Fischer’s personal financial disclosure for reference.

Call us crazy, but we’d argue that $200,000 of direct investments are far more than the average man who claims to fight the good fight against Big Pharma and for those who pay outrageous health care costs would have.

Again, we’re just scratching the surface. This scab can be picked for two more weeks but we hope it doesn’t come to that. Because, let’s get real here: we’re tired of writing about this retarded ass race.

KY Women: Fischer Campaign a Slap in the Face…

to anyone in Kentucky who cares about women’s health.

Diane Brumback of Kentucky Women is taking Greg Fischer to task on women’s issues:

Greg Fischer has yet to tell the good people of the Commonwealth what he stands for and how he will address the numerous problems facing Kentuckians if elected to the U.S. Senate.

Greg Fischer has yet to tell the voters something meaningful about where he stands on women’s health issues.
So, Mr. Fischer, what are you going to do?

It is now abundantly clear that you have no answers.

Oh snap.