Daniel Mongiardo Headed To Santa Fe

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo is on his way to the Milbank Memorial Fund Health Care Policy Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tomorrow he’ll deliver remarks on the local, state and national importance of looking for new and realistic means by which to meet health care needs. He’ll focus on developments in Kentucky.

“Kentucky is leading the way in many innovations in health care technologies and practices, and I am honored to have the opportunity to share with other health care leaders about our developments here in the Commonwealth,” said Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo.

Wonder if his remarks will be based in reality? Will he discuss the increased burden on Medicaid in Kentucky? The return of the HIV/AIDS drug waiting list? Maybe the abysmal health of Kentuckians?

We could talk about hand transplants all day. Or that dude who had his weener, you know, removed during a surgery mistake. But what’s really going on that’s significant in Kentucky? How are these innovations changing things for the better today? We really want to know and look forward to hearing what the Lt. Governor has to say.

Tuesday. Snow Didn’t Stick. Creationists Sad.

What? The United States of America is in a recession? And it has been for, oh, a year? Why, it was just a few days ago that people like David Adams were trying to spin otherwise. Imagine that. [Huffington Post & Yahoo! News]

Speaking of the economy, THIS is what American businesses are supposed to do. Not ruin the entire world with corrupt business practices. [MSNBC]

We hear House Democrats probably won’t press to have Mike Weaver seated. Because having an additional member doesn’t help them in the least. [Mark Hebert]

The Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program is gearing up for the return of its drug waiting list. Yay economy! More people are going to die. [Bluegrass Politics]

Tom Riner has gotten the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security sued over his desire to push his religious beliefs on everyone. Now his army of 800,000 children are going to try to take over the world from his gerrymandered House district. Just like they and his wife screw up their legislative district every four years. [Bluegrass Politics]

Meanwhile, Tom is probably crying over the Creation Musuem. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Thanksgiving Eve Afternoon Time Wasting

Oh, haha, so, funny story… Today just might have been a slower news day than yesterday.

Anyone else surprised that the State Parks didn’t put out a press release about Thanksgiving meals at the parks early this week? Weird. Yes, it’s so slow that we’re thinking about that.

So seriously – which one of our rich sugar daddies/mommas is gonna buy us a new television? All these Black Friday deals are gonna make it highly affordable for you. Especially if you want us to, you know, spin stories your way for the next few months.

Enjoy Thanksgiving. We’re going to spend all day watching rented movies from iTunes. The Great Escape and Swiss Family Robinson!

Did you live or work within 3.5 miles of the Bullitt County train derailment in January 2007? Time to join up on the lawsuit so you can bank your $10,000 or whatever. [Settlement Info]

Remember that awful lady who caused a girl to kill herself over MySpace? She was just convicted on misdemeanor charges. Three charges of accessing a computer without authorization. Each count punishable by up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. [Huffington Post]

Haha. Some nutbag couple is pushing the Supreme Court to hear their case challenging Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. [First Read]

From the Department of Nah, You Don’t Say. The Herald-Leader editorial board says that Blue Grass Airport’s spending deserves scrutiny. Giving Michael Gobb a blank check because he’s doing a good job is hardly the right thing to do and it’s a total waste of money. [H-L]

Aww, lookit. Dubya pardons his last turkey. And it wasn’t even a member of his administration. [YouTube]

December 1st is World Aids Day. So now’s a good time to read up on information and statistics related to HIV/AIDS in Kentucky. [KDPH PDF]

Today Is Slower Than That Slow-Motion Nightmare We Have Where Jim Gooch Is Trampling Us As He Chases Ruth Ann Palumbo Down As She Runs Away With His Coconut Cake

Our old school 19″ teevee died today. Guess this means someone needs to buy us a fancy LCD of some sort ASAP! You’ve been notified.

We just spent eleventy hundred thousand hours prepping for taxes and it is official: we hate them. Ugh. Thank goodness NOTHING is happening in the news today.

We also spent most of the day listening to this new song on repeat. Apparently we have been suckered into liking a “pop” song by some gentleman’s group called “The Fray.” Is that bad? Does this mean we’ve sold out and become a follower (like having an iPhone and new MBP don’t already prove we’re elitists or something)?

Ran into our buddy William today – I forgot to ask him which episodes of Lost he’ll be in this season. Needless to say, we’ll remember next time.

In other news, we hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving or al Qaeda turkeys or whatever it is you do on Thursday. If you have the time, go work in your local shelter while you’re off work. We’re fans of Wayside Christian Mission. Not familiar with shelters around the state, so, post links and junk in the comments if you wish.

Guess it’s time for us to get back to watching this video of a cat chasing its leash over and over as we count our millions of dollars from Bruce Lunsford while writing poetry about the awesome sounds of partial-birth abortions.

Dubya came to Ft. Campbell. The American people are safer but broke. The end. [C-J Political Blog]

In case you were wondering? This is what’s wrong with America. [Wonkette & AIG]

Known urine-injecter Ann Coulter has had her mouth wired shut. For reals. [Huffington Post]

ALERT! Humana is GAY! Humana has become a sponsor of DOLLYWOOD. Dollywood, people. Dollywood! [Business First]

Last night, the nation’s fifth hand transplant took place at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. The patient, Jan “Erik” Hondusky, is in stable condition. The surgery took nine hours (the amount of time it takes us to count our millions funneled in from Trey Grayson and Jonathan Hurst). Hondusky is a 43-year-old production worker who injured his right hand in a furnace accident in 2006. Kind of exciting for this to happen in our beautiful Commonwealth. [Press Release]

Old Fat Naked Women For Peace. The jury is out on whether or not we’re supposed to be afraid of this. [Righteous Mothers Video]

Since it’s the holidays and all that, this is for all the homosexuals, latent homosexuals and ladies. [Clicky Clicky]

Mukasey Had The Old People Vapors

Yes, it’s true, Michael Mukasey merely suffered from a touch of the old people vapors.

He just had what a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice called “a fainting spell,” which is Republican code for “collapse due to oldness.”

And, since we’re sick, sick you-know-whats, let’s watch fancy video footage of that old people spell. Pay close attention to the lady screaming, “OH GAWD!!!!!”