Oh Snap Monday. 75 Degrees Already Edition.

Ben Chandler pretends to be a steward of good economic policy by protecting Americans from credit card company greed. Totally ignoring the fact that he’s the reason credit card companies are now more powerful than ever. Cause you know Americans really benefited from that fancy bankruptcy bill he helped along. [News-Graphic]

Rep. Reginald Meeks (D-Louisville) seems bitter at mountainfolk and complains about the Stumbo-brokered budget deal with David Williams. Someone should probably tell Meeks that if the House had any backbone– if leadership wasn’t incompetent– that maybe we’d have a budget that wasn’t broken and embarrassing. [C-J]

Speaking of leadership, Greg Stumbo is showing it and everyone is taking notice. “Stumbo, down there, has really shown some leadership,” said GOP state Sen. Brandon Smith of Hazard. “He stepped up and tried to get everybody together” over the budget. [H-L]

The General Assembly, in a move that proves complete incompetence and lack of leadership, has raided Kentucky’s boards and commissions. Instead of policing corrupt doctors, lawyers and such the butt cramps who run Frankfort have decided licensing fees should flow into the general fund. [C-J]

Diane Brumback, of Kentucky Women, is shifting her gears with her website in an effort to raise awareness about the life-saving benefits of early breast cancer detection. Diane, recently diagnosed, has chosen to make her personal battle public in an attempt to save lives. [Kentucky Women]

Jeff Poole attacks John Yarmuth by claiming he supports racism by serving as a director of Planned Parenthood of Kentucky. The local organization doesn’t provide abortions, but that doesn’t stop Poole from leading readers to believe that Yarmuth stands up for killing babies. And he claims Yarmuth is responsible for Planned Parenthood donors being able to designate which race their charitible contribution may benefit. Hrm. Long shot much? [BGRS]

Wednesday Updates. Clinton Fever Breaks.

C.J. Parrish, in a letter to the C-J, shakes blowhard legislators to their core by shedding light on the reality that it, you know, actually takes a man to create a baby… so men should be held responsible. That sound you hear is the tiny lipstick mafia (nod to the former Bitch Caucus) in Frankfort cheering as people like Jody Richards cower in fear. [C-J]

Speaking of blowhards. If you missed the comment wars on Page One last night, don’t forget to check both of them out today. Hilarious. Absolute hilarity. Did you know we went into Iraq to kill Saddam, not to allegedly go after al Qaeda? That’s the new talking point. [Here, Here]

Someone named April saw Bill Clinton in Paris. Photos, personal freaking out over him. A great read about what it’s like for a non-politico to attend one of our crazy politico functions. [April’s Website]

Who in their right mind believes that Steve Beshear will be able to lure Volkswagen to open a manufacturing plant in Kentucky? Really, who? Or are we just Negative Nancies? [C-J]

Speaking of people who aren’t in their right mind. Is anyone paying attention to this weird phallic building the Webb family wants to bulldoze an entire block in Lexington to erect? Barefoot & Progressive’s Joe Sonka has been leading the fight to wake people up. Check it all out. [H-L, B&P]

TGIF Update Dept. Great Flood Edition.

From mayor of Lexington to substitute teacher: Teresa Isaac whips the kiddies into shape in various Fayette County schools. That’s gotta be more fun than listening to a bunch of old codgers fight over crap 24/7. [H-L]

George Clooney’s new movie – Leatherheads – is premiering at the Washington Opera House in Maysville. (Yeah, we know.) Those expected to be in attendance include Gubnuh Steve & Jane along with Heather French Henry and her husband, disgraced former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry. No mention of whether or not Steve will be paying for his ticket with illegal senate campaign fund dollars or misused non-profit funds. [Maysville Ledger Independent]

Giant idiot Jim Gooch is dicking around with his position in the legislature, queening out over the fact that his stupid corruption doesn’t get a leg-up from every committee under the sun. Apparently the committee system is broken because everyone hates his fat ass. Also, Greg Stumbo is gonna pounce on his big, fat ass like ASAP. He’s all fired up. Ugh. When is the mainstream media gonna tear that idiot to bits? What an embarrassment for Kentuckians everywhere. [PolWatchers]

Gay hating, Barack Obama is black! OMG!, scary internets, and David Williams gets scared of some children after the jump…

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Homosexualization of America Continues

Frank Simon cowers in fear! Everyone hide your children! The gays are coming for your first born.

In a 9-6 vote, the House Health and Welfare Committee loudly and clearly rejected Senate Bill 112 (sponsored by insecure Vernie McGaha) – which would have made it illegal for all universities and state agencies to offer domestic partner benefits to employees.

Quite a change from two months ago when the Senate voted 30-5 in favor of the backwater and discriminatory ban, eh?

Cancer Stick Tax Hike on the Horizon

The State House budget committee voted to increase the cigarette tax by 25-cents-per-pack, for a total of 55-cents-per-pack. Good move, but embarrassing that we as a state can’t get with the program the rest of the country is on and increase the tax by 70-cents.

Yay, Frankfort! We love the way you do business!

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The House budget committee voted 20-9 this morning to approve a revenue measure that includes a 25-cent-per-pack cigarette tax increase.

Will the House approve the legislation?

Should we hold our breath? Probably not. Especially since Kentucky is, well, pretty jacked up when it comes to smoking the devil sticks.

See for yourself:

Kentucky ranks second highest in the nation for smoking among pregnant women and has the highest overall smoking rate in the country. Yet the state ranks 44th in the amount of money it spends to try to help people stop smoking, according to a recent survey by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Pillheads Rush to Move to Louisville

Did you know? Millions and millions of tons of scary, nasty, poisonous prescription drugs are in the Louisville water supply and we’re all going to die!

For real (kinda):

Trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are lurking in Louisville’s drinking water, including one used to treat people with bipolar disorder and alcohol withdrawal, and another prescribed to combat seizures.

The findings came as no surprise to Judy Petersen, executive director of the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, a group that lobbies for cleaner rivers and lakes.

“There is a drug cocktail, if you will, in our nation’s waters,” Petersen said, adding that there’s little known about how those drugs might be affecting people or the environment. “We’re kind of flying in the dark.”

Louisville Water Co. officials acknowledged an increased concern of the potential health effects of trace amounts of drugs in drinking water, even as they noted there are no national standards for pharmaceutical chemicals in the water supply.

And this part should make you even happier:

How do the drugs get into the water?

People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down toilets.

Oh Snap Monday. Snow’s Melting Edition.

Democrats and Republicans across Kentucky are scrambling to become delegates at national party conventions this year. We won’t go on and on about how screwed up the national election process is in this country. But. It’s screwed up. [H-L]

The Rural Democrat closes the doors. We think he’ll be back, though, once it becomes apparent that the only way to stop the corruption in Frankfort is to air dirty laundry on a daily basis. [The Rural Democrat]

Mark Hebert says Steve Beshear is following in Ernie Fletcher’s footsteps. From socking his friends to abushing them with proposals, Mark lays it out. “What he (Beshear) has had, so far, is the ability to place himself on a deserted political island, all by himself. And it’s a lonely place. Just ask Ernie Fletcher.” [Hebert]

Wanting all Kentuckians to die of lung cancer is truly bipartisan in Frankfort these days. No one but our flip-flopping governor supports a cancer stick tax increase higher than 25 cents. Yay. More cancer for everyone. [Enquirer]

Will huge embarrassment Jim Gooch kill Stream Saver legislation? Who wants to take bets? If you’re someone who thinks for yourself, well, it may be a good idea for you to flood your elected representative with telephone calls today. A vote is expected tomorrow. [BGR, KFTC]

These are interesting times, kids. It’s fun to watch Republicans (okay, and Democrats in Kentucky) try to grasp the concept of global warming. [Cyberhillbilly]