It’s the Weekend Before a Dead News Week

Man, we thought the weekend before the holidays would be boring. Definitely not the case!

Something to keep under your hat for a while: There’s a state legislator (a Democrat) that often embarrasses Kentucky. They’ve kept a pretty major scandal under wraps the past few years. We’re gonna figure out a way to tell that story shortly after the holidays. It won’t surprise any Frankfort regulars, who already know the story, but it may surprise a few readers. It’s by no means an exclusive, but it’s definitely time we start talking about it. Because it’s a story of nasty, nasty hypocrisy.

Really, has Tom Burch gone crazy the past few years or what? A lady he dated has been given a $63,000 job in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Burch is chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, and he recommended her for the job. It’s beginning to get as crazy as can be. If all of these messes allegedly involving Burch turn out to be true, he needs to step aside for new political blood to take over. [Bluegrass Politics]

Ten Reasons For National Health Care. [Daily Puke]

More from the H-L folks: Who really thinks this slots at racetracks bill of of Greg Stumbo’s will actually get anywhere? We definitely enjoy the thought of eliminating vehicle property taxes. But let’s get real– that’ll never happen in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Bluegrass Politics]

Whattya know? Ben Carter is passing the reigns of the website he stole from Joe Sonka. Louisvillians will probably get familiar with him the poorer they become, as he’s an attorney at Legal Aid. Unfortunately, though, he still owes Joe Sonka a good deal of money and we won’t be forgetting that any time soon. [BlueGrassRoots]

Could someone please (seriously) point us in the direction of finding out exactly what Hal Rogers has done for eastern Kentuckians lately? We’re not being jerks, here, just legitimately asking. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

Massive Economic Failure Update Dept

No cancer stick tax increase? Layoffs galore coming. Get ready for it. And an FYI to “blevins” – axing Coldiron wouldn’t save the state any money. [Bluegrass Politics]

Do southern senators really want to start a new war between the states? Kentucky gets back $1.45 for every dollar paid in federal taxes but Michigan loses $0.31 per dollar paid. Mitch McConnell should probably think twice about his vindictive mission. [Huffington Post]

More on the 8664 snafu with the state transportation cabinet. We’ll have more on this a bit later. [C-J]

Even Toyota supports a bailout for the big three. [CNN]

Aww snap. David Schankula lays out a fancy argument for why Daniel Mongiardo should leave the Democratic Party.  Something about being a fancy homophobe. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Occasionally we check out what sort of ignorance the Bluegrass “Institute” is spewing out. Now it’s some sort of tripe about the cigarette tax being a bad idea because bootleggers exist. Seriously. [Ignorant Spin]

Jim Carroll got to attend a White House dinner for media types last night and he’s written all about it. [Jim Carroll]

Thursday Afternoon Republican Homosexualization

Are you excited that Louisville gas prices rose a 25-cents OVERNIGHT? Yeah, so much for that fancy gas price gouging shindig the gubnuh and AG threw. We realize oil price fluctuations are involved, but, whatever. [C-J]

And more from the Courier-Journal, go check out this dude’s hypocritical complaint about the racist confederate flag. “We don’t want it to be used for racist purposes but we want it to represent the Confederacy.” Well, uh, the Confederacy was all up on some slavery, so, dude, we’re not sure what you’re smoking? [C-J]

Daniel Mongiardo got eleventy billion dollars for like 400 weather radios in Frankfort. True story or something. [Press Release]

Remember the disappearance the other day of three big dogs from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services? Sandra Brock, Jackie Strader and Angeleta Hendrickson were fired by the Beshear Administration. Cabinet spokeswoman Gwenda Bond says the agency has no comment but the administration will be replacing the three employees. So. What gives? Poor performance? Republican? Got friends who need jobs? Someone needs to speak up. [H-L]

Love it or hate it, is Mitch McConnell finally showing leadership on the auto bailout? Or is he just posturing? [Talking Points Memo]

HAHAHA! Priceless. This is the first line of a recent press release from the governor’s office: “Gov. Steve Beshear joined community leaders today in Madisonville for a ceremonial groundbreaking for the South Main Interceptor Sewer Project.” That’s right – a press release about the governor attending a groundbreaking ceremony for a sewer. Oh, gosh, we love end-of-the-week press releases. [Press Release]

Jefferson Poole literally cannot breathe without trying to figure out a way to kill equality forever. He loves loves loves talking about “gay rights” or whatever. More than me, even. [Homosexualization]

Wednesday Dept of Sinking Approval Ratings

That’s right. We’re not calling in gay today. Though, we have eleventy billion different meetings, so we’re gonna be slow. Does that count?

More people disapprove of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning than approve. Imagine that. McConnell has a 47% approval rating, 49% disapproval. Bunning has a 43% approval rating, 44% disapproval. 4.1% MOE. Maybe Mitch’s would suck less if he actually showed leadership on this terrible bailout issue? [WLEX]

Because this isn’t really what we’d call leadership. [Wall Street Journal]

Oh, the magic. So effing magical. Go read all these fancy excerpts from the Blagojevich indictment. OMG. We are in heaven. A children’s treasury, indeed. [Wonkette]

Is T. Boone Pickens’ wind energy plan a ponzi scheme? [Alternet]

Has the state cut SAFE Patrol programs? According to the Beshear Administration, they can neither confirm nor deny.  Or refuse to, rather. WTF? What’s there to hide? [Republicans]

And three Health and Family Services ombudsmen have disappeared. No one is talking. [Bluegrass Politics]

We’re always going to wonder why the Commonwealth won’t make state workers who have take-home vehicles pay a monthly fee. But we’re even more puzzled about why the City of Louisville provides the director of the Louisville Zoo with a car. [Mark Hebert]

Really? He still doesn’t know if he’ll propose a raise in the state’s ridiculously low cigarette tax? And meeting with legislators (can’t quite call Larry Clark and Harry Moberly “leaders”) without discussing what he plans to do about the budget shortfall? Wow. It’s almost like Steve Beshear has absolutely no one on helping him on the public relations front. [Tom Loftus]

Just because, go read this story about AIG giving managers millions in bonuses. The bailout is awesome. [Bloomberg]

Daniel Mongiardo at this Weekend’s RAM Clinic

From this weekend’s RAM Clinic in eastern Kentucky:

“As a practicing physician in neighboring Perry County, I see day in and day out the health struggles of those in our rural Kentucky communities. This is not only due to lack of access but the increasing cost of healthcare, which has risen exponentially in recent years,” said Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo. “The RAM Clinic offers an invaluable resource for so many in the region who otherwise would have limited options for both prevention and treatment of illness.”

Now, if only we could make this a more regular occurrence in eastern Kentucky. Maybe the mainstream will pick it up? I know, I know… wishful thinking.

TGIF! You’re All Freezing & Starving.

Could humans have existed 276,000 years ago? We could be 80,000 years older than previously thought. Oh, of course not. We were totally created like 5,000 years ago by some dude, on a whim, right? We know this is fact. Because we’re Kentucky. And we have a museum that totally proves humans could ride dinosaurs, with saddles, and all kinds of other fancy stuff. [National Geographic]

Go read Byron Crawford’s final column as we watch the Courier-Journal fall apart. Maybe the paper will cut jobs that don’t matter some day, like Angie Fenton’s? [C-J]

Kathy Groob is quitting politics. Groob, who once spent hours upon hours each day at Hemmer Companies commenting on sites like this one, says she’s becoming a business consultant and is partnering with her husband’s political consulting firm. My, how the times have changed. [Enquirer]

Some heathen scientists did their study voodoo and debunked the myth of “post-abortion syndrome.” [Barefoot & Progressive]

We’re experiencing what people like Rush Limbaugh refuse to admit is a recession/beginnings of a depression. So what do we do in Kentucky? Cut education first. And then the Department of Veterans Affairs. Will we ever see a day in the Commonwealth when we cut actual, wasted crap before we cut essential services like education and veteran care? [Stephenie Steitzer]

Free Health Care In Knott County Sat & Sun

The Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM) will be in Leburn (Knott County) this weekend.

RAM will offer free medical, dental and vision services to hundreds (thousands?) of people in eastern Kentucky who have gone without for whatever reason. And it has the potential to literally change lives. So if you’ve suffered or have gone without, head to the Knott County Sports Complex at 450 Kenny Champion Loop this Saturday and Sunday

According to a press release, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo will be there on Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00.