Ah, the Tasty Smell of Sweet Kentucky Corruption

Planting pansies at the sites of homophobic abuse is a good idea. [The Pansy Project]

Reminder for the weekend: Sustain his hosting its grand re-opening this Saturday. All day. Tons of free seminars and educational sessions. A happy hour with tasty treats and booze. Free screening of Gill Holland’s excellent film Flow. Activities for kids. And contests for thousands of dollars worth of awesome merchandise. [Details – Page One]

The death of Martin Cothran’s imaginary playmate. Here’s a hint: It’s the imaginary KERA-dragon. [Prichard Blog]

Governor Steve Beshear will kick off “Cover the Uninsured Week” at the University of Louisville on Monday. 2:30 P.M. with Dr. Adewale Troutman, Metro Health Dept director, Dr. Larry Cook, EVP for health affairs at UofL, Rep. Darryl Owens, JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman and William Wagner, ED of Family Health Centers. The event is a project with Passport Health Plan. Anyone plan to attend? [Press Release]

Attorney General Jack Conway said this morning that… “[t]here’s a good chance I’ll run for the Senate. I’ve been saying all along I owe Kentucky voters my best effort at attorney general … so I’m going to get through the (legislative) session. And I’ll say something in the coming weeks.” He goes on to say that he speaks regularly to strategize with both Crit Luallen and Ben Chandler. Guess the Crit and Ben rumors are official dead. [Pat Crowley]

Four of the eight Clay Countians charged for all kinds of election-related shenanigans have been arraigned. Douglas C. Adams, Freddy W. Thompson, Paul E. Bishop and William B. Morris pleaded not guilty and were released on bond. Judge Robert Wier set a trial date of May 19th. [Bluegrass Politics]

Joe the Plumber wants to make love to Washington? Uh, AWKWARD. [Washington Post]

Who’s taking us to see Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries from the Petrie Museum which opens this Sunday at The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky? Runs March 22 through June 14, 2009. Admission is $10 for the general public ($8 for senior citizens). All students and UK faculty/staff/alum get in for free. The exhibit is open for free on Friday nights from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. [H-L, More H-L & Art Museum]

Is Thursday Morning Always This Rainy?

What? You mean Republicans could have stopped those AIG bonuses? [DCCC]

Let’s just keep our heads in the sand, Kentucky. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Part of the Kentucky Retirement System? Your date of birth, social security number and health insurance claim numbers could have been recklessly handled by Walgreens Health Initiative. That’s if you’re one of the 28,000 people impacted by their silly mistake. [Stephenie Steitzer]

The mainstream is ignoring the Bush Treasury’s role in the AIG bailout bonus controversy. Mitch McConnell’s a chief obfuscatologist, conveniently ignoring that he, himself, voted for the 2008 Bush bailout that led to it all. [Media Matters]

Oh, and Mitch? It’s convenient how you’re neglecting to mention that the Fed failed to tell President Barack Obama about the AIG bonsues for months and months. [Washington Post]

Really, what is it with Jerry Abramson and Cordish Companies? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Colin Powell’s former chief of staff says Dick Cheney is evil and that his fearmongering is assisting al Qaeda. Yeah, we’re on a national news kick this morning. [Think Progress]

Some day this country may have a health care system that works. Maybe that day will be soon? [C-J]

Wednesday Afternoon Dept of These Trying Times

The U.S. Department for Health and Human Services today announced that people who eat more traditional Mediterranean foods seem to be more likely to hold onto their thinking and remembering abilities as they age. Researchers found indications of that when they checked for mild cognitive impairment, which is a stage between normal thinking abilities and dementia. [HHS Health Beat]

Vice President Joe Biden today announced that $1,356,017 in Recover Act funding has been released to provide meals to low-income seniors in Kentucky. The funding is expected to provide nearly 14 million meals nationwide. “Across the country, older Americans depend on senior centers and home delivery programs for regular, healthy meals. Today, more senior citizens are in need, but the programs they depend on are on the brink of reducing their services or closing down,” said Vice President Biden. “The Recovery Act will help ensure older Americans are not forced to choose between paying bills and buying food.” [White House Release, Details]

The top 10 “Green Team” videos are on their way to celebrity judges. Winners will be announced in April. A winner in each of three categories will receive a $1,000 prize. Our money is on Gill Holland’s entry. [Green Team & The Videos]

If you missed the AIG testimony today, check out Wonkette’s liveblog. It’s way better than reality. [Wonkette]

Blind item: Rumors are floating all over Frankfort about an anti-abortion legislator who recently lost a pregnant loved one to suicide– because she was allegedly afraid to embarrass her grandparent. We hope this isn’t the case.  What a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with that legislator who has always been nasty toward us. (Before you complain, note that we’re not naming names. We have some dignity.) [Blind Item Rumor]

Even the mainstream media noticed Steve Beshear’s stimulus website contains little– if any– information. Thanks for the hat tip! [Stephenie Steitzer]

And maybe Beshear and Stumbo could address the fact that most of the road fund really is being given to David Williams? We broke that news over a week ago and five days ago the Courier-Journal ran this piece. It’s worth a flashback because no one in the Beshear Administration has yet to address it. [C-J]

Tea bagging the White House? Really? All right for Faux News. Check the 1:58 mark. [YouTube]

Working for the Courier-Journal and wondering why your bosses received nearly $2 million? While you’ve been forced to accept an unpaid furlough? Yeah, us too. [Huffington Post]

Tuesday Dept of the Annual Head Ebola

Woah – all right for temperature changes and related head ebola! Barely functional this morning. For the first time ever, I had to turn down a media appearance. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? My ego is so confused right now.

Big time ruh ro for Bristol Bar and Grille in Louisville. First discrimination against a differently abled young man. Now this. [Mark Hebert]

The Mine Safety and Health Administration warned five Kentucky coal mines that they could be subject to tougher enforcement because they show potential patterns of repeated serious safety violations. Meanwhile, Frankfort continues to legislate against mine safety. Go figure. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao now fly Southwest. Guess Elaine has gotten more comfortable with flying into BWI, rather than National, now that the government isn’t paying for her direct flights from Louisville. [Politico]

Did guards at the Fayette County jail beat an inmate who died? A lawsuit says the man had six broken ribs. And the Lexington Jail Fiasco goes on. This is maybe the only thing David Adams has been right about lately and it deserves all the attention in the world. [H-L]

An increase in state and federal taxes is scaring cigarette smokers and prices are jumping. Is this good for public health or just bad for people who smoke cancer sticks? [C-J]

And even more from the Courier:  a special investigation. Officer Absent: Case Dismissed. [C-J]

Daniel Mongiardo– three months later– finally has a website. He’s recorded a video about why he’s running for the U.S. Senate. The video, which is 95% about health care (we get that he’s a doctor, but why would it make him a good senator?), has a mention of coal toward the end. So, I suppose we’re left to assume he supports health care and coal. Anyone else care to take a moment to analyze the video?

Seance With Your Fetus Bill Comes Back to Life

By now you all know that Senate Bill 79 sponsored by Elizabeth Tori, Jack Westwood, Katie Stine, Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp and Damon Thayer was killed in committee on Tuesday, thanks to Tom Burch. Mainly because no one could figure out why on earth it was appropriate to force a seance with your fetus.

But last night Elizabeth Tori attached the contents of SB 79 to House Bill 241, legislation covering things like Botox and tattoos.

Why is this problematic? Because HB 241 goes back to the House today for agreement/concurrence and a full House vote. That means that if Greg Stumbo calls it for a vote, the bill will pass with the fetal seance amendment attached.

Frank Simon has called out his fellow bigots to get it passed:

This is at least a “minor” miracle! Senate Bill 79 – The Ultrasound Bill – was killed in Rep. Tom Burch’s House Health & Welfare Committee on Tuesday morning with an 8-8 tie vote. Last night, courageous senators attached the essence of SB 79 to House bill 241 that had cleared the House and was in the Senate. Today, it will be sent back to the House for “concurrence” (agreement) by a full House vote. If House Leadership let’s the House vote, it will pass!

This is major!!! Kentucky is already one of the nation’s leading pro-life states; this will help the nation as we offer more leadership to the pro-life faithful across the country.

So. If you think Simon is whack, aren’t keen on forcing a woman to have a seance with her fetus and think Elizabeth Tori is a first-rate hack for being so deceptive, get in touch with Greg Stumbo and let him know there’s no way this should be approved by the House.

Wednesday Morning Dept of Tropical Weather Ends

Did you know and love WHAS11’s Chuck Olmstead? Then give to the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky in his honor. [BIAK]

Jim Gooch got a fancy airport runway for Webster County in House Bill 433, otherwise known as the Leadership Vote Payback Bill. [HB 433]

The Lexington Urban County Council thinks creating an “oath” for boards and commission members to sign when they take office will keep them on the up and up. Will someone clue them in that they need to stop wasting their time? Just going after the crooks is the only way to stop their problem. Puppies and rainbows won’t make it go away. [Bluegrass Politics]

Hopefully this Miss America won’t end up like her idol? [Kokomo Tribune]

The University of Kentucky has implemented a 75-cent-per-semester Environmental Stewardship fee. The $35K raised each year will be administered by a Student Sustainability Council. Taylor Shelton can be thanked for this great progress. [UK News via Joe Sonka]

What? Bigoted Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp attempted to blackmail State Rep. Reginald Meeks over the seance with your fetus bill? [Mark Hebert]

State revenue is still sliding in the black abyss of hell. General Fund receipts fell 9.3% in February, a decrease of about $54.3 million. [H-L]

Tom Burch is a terrible, terrible social terra-ist for siding with the known ho-mo-sexuals. [C-J]

Tuesday Afternoon Dept of Remembering Chuck Olmstead

Jim Bunning refuses to share his internal polling with reporters. How hilarious is this? “That means it’s none of your g–d— business,” Bunning said, who then followed up with a laugh. “If you paid the 20 grand for the poll, you can get some information out of it.” Can’t stop laughing. [Jim Carroll]

Did the media sleep while Wall Street melted down? [Open Left]

The abortion bill got killed in the House Health & Welfare Committee. So much for all of Frank Simon’s rambling and foaming. Good on Reginald Meeks for not caving. [Bluegrass Politics & Stephenie Steitzer]

Hebert offers a touching goodbye message to his pal Chuck Olmstead. Go read it and remember Chuck. [Mark Hebert]

Which 283 major companies are at risk of default? You’d be surprised. The Huffington Post compiles all the data. [HuffPo]

Herald-Leader jobs on the line? McClatchy is slashing 1,600 jobs. [More HuffPo]

Attorney General Jack Conway announced a plea deal with two adult caregivers who were arrested last year on charges related to the abuse and death of a patient at Community Presence, Inc. Matthew Bortles pled guilty to Manslaughter II, Tampering with Physical Evidence and Knowing Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult and will serve eight years in the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Branden Starostka pled guilty to Tampering with Physical Evidence and Wanton Abuse and Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult and will serve five years. [Press Release]

Everyone loved Chuck. [Terri Whitehouse]

What’s your take on this new child support mess? Allowing a social worker to set child support limits outside of the court? Really? [US Justice Watch]

The lighter side of Chuck Olmstead. Check these old videos out. The early 90s were scary but Chuck made the horrible clothing and colors worthwhile. [WHAS11]