More KDP Embarrassment, Failed Leadership

Seriously, when will this embarrassing reign of, well, disgraceful bullshiz end?

The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is hosting a forum on the presidential health care plans.

Who: UK College of Medicine
What: 2008 US Presidential Election Health Care Forum
When: Thursday, Oct 9 at Noon ET
Where: University of Kentucky, Location TBD

The Republican Party of Kentucky is sending Dr. Mike MacFarlane. A highly educated Louisville physician and experienced public speaker.

Who is the Kentucky Democratic Party sending? Allison Lundergan Grimes.

Won’t she be a bit out of her league? Couldn’t the KDP send, oh, Michael Kelley or another ACTUAL PHYSICIAN?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Moore continues to tell people the Governor wants her to stick around post-November (not true, according to everyone on earth) and that she will run for Secretary of State. Just so happens we know someone with a fancy new political action committee with some fancy new money. They’ve promised to keep an eye on Miss Moore, who has yet to publicly apologize to Jeff Noble and Democrats everywhere for her threats, gross mismanagement and abysmal performance.

Valor Healthcare Responds Today

A dedicated Valor employee and decorated U.S. Veteran is speaking out proudly on behalf of Valor.

Purple Heart Veteran Jim Wheeler, who serves as Vice President and Regional Director for Veterans Outreach for Valor, will speak out for the company and answer questions during a 3:00 P.M. (Central Time) press conference.

Take a look at the supporting material just released by Valor:

Valor Healthcare Statement

  • We are disappointed that our company has been mischaracterized in the midst of a political campaign.
  • Our organization is deeply dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare possible to veterans of the United States armed forces. In fact, we care for more than 57,000 veterans in more than 15 locations across the country.
  • We are extremely proud of this track record and of the positive difference we have made in thousands of veterans’ lives across the United States.
  • However, by providing more than 100,000 clinic visits per year, we also know that unfavorable patient experiences do occur from time to time. This is true for every medical provider. We take each one seriously and respond to each one to ensure that our patients’ needs are being met.
  • In no way does this advertisement reflect the quality of care that we provide veterans. Valor Healthcare is in good standing with the Veterans Administration.
  • We are proud of our company and our accomplishments in serving America’s best.

Slow News Update Dept Of Dead Economies

First Lady Jane Beshear today recognized October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At an event in the Rose Garden at the State Capitol, no less. Is it just us or is Jane Beshear becoming a First Lady that everyone likes? [Press Release]

That librul Lexington Herald-Leader is so mean to poor Bill Nighbert. Calling him out for not disclosing his interest in property near a construction project on I-75. [H-L]

Hey, ladies, what was that about the fancy bailout saving everyone? Oh, right, yeah, didn’t happen. The global financial markets have all gone to pot and everyone is destitute. The end. Game over. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! [WaPo]

Mitch McConnell Is A Fraidy Cat. It’s official. Though everyone is a wuss and afraid to go on record to discuss it, Centre College just confirmed that Mitch McConnell pulled out of a scheduled debate at the school with Bruce Lunsford. [Sources at Centre College]

Anti-union bullshit artists, Republicans and Brett Hall afficianodos are STILL trying to slime Bruce Lunsford. They’ll never learn to give it up and will never realize that Kentucky is a state filled with labor supporters. Without labor, those fat hacks will would have sunk this abysmal economy even deeper into the hole. [B.S. Artists]

Mitch McConnell didn’t fight for Whitley County. Even though the county is eligible to receive federal funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission. Mitch stood in the way and blocked 31 bills, including the bill that would have funded economic in southeastern Kentucky. [Times Tribune]

McConnell Slime Machine Strikes Again

Seen the latest manure from Mitch McConnell’s spin machine? Never mind that Valor Healthcare was repeatedly praised for providing high-quality health care by veterans, the VA, public officials and others. Or that Valor received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval from the VA.

Get a load of this mess:

All of these complaints were filed in the spring of this year. Long after Bruce Lunsford hired a new CEO and long after he stepped down as Chairman to run for the United States Senate.

Lunsford is, indeed, on the Board of Directors at Valor. But using the logic of calling them “Lunsford’s Clinics” when he’s merely a director and small shareholder– holding him responsible for any upset patient… well, using that logic, the Lunsford campaign needs to start going after Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao. Using that same logic, she’s responsible for any patient complaint at a Vencor facility during the years of 1997-2001.

Can you imagine? Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, goddaughter of a Red Chinese dictator or whatever, being railed on by some patient upset over “Chao’s nursing homes.”

Such hypocrisy.

It’s time for the Lunsford campaign to take both guns out of their holsters.

All-out blood bath, folks. It’s on its way.

Reality Check – Mitch McConnell’s Latest B.S.

Mitch McConnell’s latest ad attacking Bruce Lunsford may not be– get this– truthful. What, Mitch McConnell lie? I know, right?

So the ad that attacks Valor Health Care? We’re not gonna rehash it, you can watch it HERE. But turns out that ad is bunk.

We want to clear up a couple things in the supporting documentation the McConnell campaign sent out that allegedly proves their ad as solid. You may view it by clicking here (PDF Link).

Some facts… The documentation provided by Mitch McConnell’s campaign states that Valor saved taxpayers more than $500,000.

All of those Arkansas Dem-Gazette articles Justin cites? All of them plainly state that there was NO EVIDENCE supporting those alleged complaints.

And Valor received a gold seal from the VA.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson apparently never visited the clinic in question. No one from her staff visited. (Sidenote: If you’re a U.S. Senator, why wouldn’t you take care of things yourself instead of going through the VA? Maybe just so you could get a letter for your buddy Mitch?)

We’re beginning to think this whole thing was carefully crafted by the McConnell crew in order to make fancy commercials about Bruce. Take this from Ryan Alessi’s story, for example:

Moore, a 62-year-old Vietnam War veteran who was awarded the Silver Star and a Purple Heart, told the Herald-Leader that he was contacted four months ago by an investigator for a public relations firm working for McConnell’s campaign. “I don’t care about McConnell’s campaign or about any Democrat or Republican. I just care about this clinic here,” said Moore, who said he received no compensation for appearing in the ad.

You get that? The veterans weren’t out there doing anything and raising concern until after Mitch McConnell’s campaign pushed them.

Did McConnell’s camp create this? Did they get these people fired up? Did Mitch request that his good buddy Kay do him a favor? Sure seems like it.