Why Does Mitch Want Granny to Die?

We have no idear, but we hope she leaves us all of her money before she kicks the bucket:

Yes, indeed, folks, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has an excellent plan to pump more money into the pockets of rich folk: let old people die. You see, the less old people there are, then the less those nasty entitlement programs like “Medicare” are needed. So, when all the non-rich grandma’s in the U.S. are dead, we can take the savings and give even bigger tax cuts to rich Americans, whose patriotism is to their bank accounts and who can then buy homes number seven and eight like Sen. Old Fart who’s running for president on the Republican side.

Barry O also gave us his two cents about letting granny die via press release:

“Today, the U.S. Senate took a major step forward in addressing the needs of seniors and military families all across this nation. At a time when doctors are facing double digit increases in the costs of providing care, I am proud to have joined with my colleagues to stop a devastating cut in physician reimbursement that would have caused them to shut the door to many Medicare and Tricare beneficiaries. John McCain has said that he would have opposed this bill, demonstrating yet again that he’s more than willing to put the interests of the health insurance industry over our nation’s 44 million seniors and 9 million uniformed service members,” said Senator Barack Obama.

Thursday Update Dept of Getting Caffeinated

Robert Felner round-up of the day:

And the rest:

All right, can anyone tell me where Bruce Lunsford said he was for higher taxes, no drilling for oil and heavier restrictions on coal? What? You can’t? Didn’t think so. [KY Politics]

OMG. The Cincinnati City Beat just said: “Landham says his experience on such action films as Predator and porn films as Slippery When Wet have given him the necessary experience to attack foreign nations with the ferocity of 1980s stereotypes while simultaneously jerking off Washington insiders.” and we are forever in love with that publication! [City Beat]

Boone County has a new Republican Party Executive Committee. [Pat Crowley]

Oh, and Northern Kentucky is about to eat itself alive over a proposed smoking ban that the general public supports. [More Crowley]

Partial Fancy Farm lineup. Includes Rocky Adkins, Steve Beshear, Dan Mongiardo, Jim Bunning, Bruce Lunsford, Ed Whitfield, Heather Ryan, Crit Luallen, Ken Winters, Carroll Hubbard, Fred Nesler, Trey Grayson. Not yet confirmed list includes: Mitch McConnell, Todd “Frank Simon Jr” Hollenbach, Steven Rudy, Mike Lawrence. Jack Conway and Richie Farmer won’t be there. Okay– should we bother going this year? Yes? No? [Larry Dale Keeling]

Fundie Wingnut Roundup! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Trey Pollard, an up and coming journalist for Politicker, has the story of Bruce Lunsford pumping a million bucks into his campaign on the day the SCOTUS struck down the Millionaires’ Amendment. [PolitickerKY]

Rural Health Care Is Suffering Hardcore

The Office of Kentucky Homeplace is being closed in Morgan County.

We’re wholly infuriated and can’t do much more than post a letter to the editor published in The Morehead News:

On July 1 the Morgan County Office of Kentucky Homeplace is scheduled to be closed in our region. This important program works together with Christian Social Services in Morehead and our outreach center in Elliott County by providing long-term medicine and health supplies (eye glasses, etc.) for our clients. Like CSS, they serve families on fixed incomes that rely on this long-term service to balance their monthly budgets.

I cannot stress enough what closing this office will do. Their staff has been our partner for several years. They make home visits to families in our county and professionally and compassionately care for them.

Our families and friends will suffer during this financial crisis without this valuable service.

Way to screw eastern Kentucky! Let Lee Todd and other over-paid folks on the state teat keep their bonuses while jobs are lost, services are cut and communities suffer.

Great job.

This is what’s wrong with Kentucky. Everybody reading this should be ashamed.

Tuesday Afternoon Stormy Update Dept

Diane Brumback is going to basically beat Mitch McConnell up on women’s issues this year. [Kentucky Women]

Frank Simon and his gay-hating friends have decided that America’s fat farm– McDonald’s — is horrible, horrible, horrible because of the gays. Some dude sits on some homo board or whatever and now McDonald’s has to be boycotted. [Barefoot & Progressive]

That’s right. Only two or three people on earth approve of the United States Congress. Could this mean Republicans are in trouble? [Pat Crowley]

Some Democrats held a press conference before some Republicans over some funny-looking electric cars and everyone is all upset or whatever. Also, some dude was late for his own press conference, we hear. [Mark Hebert]

Common knowledge these days? State Senator Ernesto Scorsone (D-Head Gay) is going to be Chief Circuit Judge in the Seventh Division and State Rep. Kathy Stein (D-Frank Simon’s Worst Enemy) is going to take his place. [PolSmo… er… PolWatchers]

Tuesday. Candidates Gone Wild Dept of Crazy.

OMG. You’ve gotta watch this. Jefferson County judicial candidate (District Judge) Katie King went crazy on her ex-boyfriend and he called 911. OMG. You’ve gotta watch this story. OMG OMG OMG. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF! FRANCENE! You’ve gotta talk about this! It’s so amazing! OMG! Hands down, this is the best story to hit the teevee in weeks. [WATCH IT!]

Don McNay was named treasurer of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Hooray Don! Also, if you win a bazillion dollars, Don is the guy to talk to. Everyone congratulate him! [Don McNay]

Now the Democrats are all up on three-wheel electric cars. We’re a little confused, really, since it was Republicans who were all up on them first. What’s going on, here, kids? Is this bipartisanship? [PolWatchers]

Jim Bunning and Robert Byrd– the two oldest dudes on earth or whatever– are going to fight each other like that dancing woman on Steel Magnolias. Two pigs fighting under a blanket. You know how it is. [C-J]

Speaking of old people. Mitch McConnell wants all medicare-aged old people to die of the starvation, the poverty and the sickness of whatever. He just wants them to die and will vote against them no matter what. [The Hill]

Georgetown Supernanny Dad Commits Suicide

James Scott Terrill, the Georgetown man who appeared on the ABC program Supernanny, allegedly committed suicide on July 4. Terrill was a struggling single father who appeared on the January 23 episode of the program.

From the Georgetown News-Graphic:

Graveside services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 9, 2008, at Georgetown Cemetery with Pastor Dwayne Russell officiating. Honorary pallbearers will be his brothers. Visitation will be Tuesday, July 8, 2008, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Tucker, Yocum & Wilson Funeral Home.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Safe Harbor Baptist Fellowship, Building Fund, 131 N. Broadway St. Georgetown, KY 40324.

This may seem inconsequential to some, but it’s a serious subject. If you or someone you know is suicidal, help is within reach. Please call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK. Or CLICK HERE to find a local number.

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Hates Mitch Edition

Gay-hater and world renowned bigot Jesse Helms finally died. After 86 years of ruining the lives of everyone he could. He hated the homos, Martin Luther King, Jr. Naturally, king of the Republican hate mongers Mitch McConnell released a statement praising Helms as “a leading voice and courageous champion for the many causes he believed in” and “Senator Helms certainly was no bigot. He was a man, however, not into subtlety.” Nice. [ABC News and Houston Chronicle]

Mitch McConnell hates everybody with AIDS and wants them all to die. Especially if they’re in Africa. George W. Bush loves everybody with AIDS and wants to give them all kinds of money. [C-J]

According to Mitch McConnell, people in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas think oil rigs are pretty. He actually said that. In public. At the Commerce Lexington Public Affairs Luncheon on Tuesday. Like “pretty” has jack to do with expanded off-shore drilling in the United States. [PolitickerKY]

Lowell Reese, editor of the Kentucky Gazette, told Southern Political Report that he doesn’t know anybody who would consider Bruce Lunsford a liberal. Contrary to everything the McConnell campaign is spewing 24/7. Imagine that. [Southern Political Report]

The Courier-Journal editorial board must hate Mitch McConnell and David Williams. Check what the paper had to say about following the money while watching our state’s disadvantaged and disabled suffer neglect. “Real people are getting hurt, thanks to the no-new-tax marching orders that Sen. Mitch McConnell gave the General Assembly’s Republican majority when it took power, and that Senate President David Williams has followed.” [C-J]

Joe Roche wrote a nice, right-wing op-ed for the Herald-Leader about Eye-rack and how swimmingly swell things are going in that godforsaken country. Of course, he had to praise Mitch McConnell for “being central to our success” and for preventing Democrats from pulling out of Iraq 40 times. 40 separate instances of obstruction on Iraq! Roche says, “Were it not for McConnell, I’m not sure how Bush would have been able to maintain our success.” [H-L]

Remember Frank Simon confidant and right-winger who wants to abolish public education Jim Waters? Apparently he’s now an expert on free trade, Columbia and all things John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. [Georgetown News Graphic]

Remember when Mitch McConnell blamed Bruce Lunsford for the negative (and true) attack ad the Sierra Club is running against him (McConnell)? Listen to the ad and then check out Trey Pollard’s well-researched debunking of everything the McConnell camp is spinning. He uses something called facts, apparently. [PolitickerKY]