Wednesdays Aren’t Normally This Icy, Right?

We are convinced that this ice storm was caused by Aretha Franklin’s awful hat. Did you all die of the no electricity, in the ice tsunami, maybe? What a mess. Power flickering all night, eight feet of ice, trees falling. Hope everybody’s home survived.

One for the record books: Mitch McConnell referred to Democrats as the: Democratic Party. He’s totally in the tank. Hell has frozen over. [Talking Points Memo]

Ah, Mitch McConnell’s real role in the banking bailout is becoming more clear by the minute. Bailout recipients hosted a conference call to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act and urged clients to donate heavily to Republican Senate campaigns. [Huffington Post]

Terri Whitehouse is all over the stimulus package and lack of family planning funding. Check it out. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Whaaaaat? Something about Kentuckians against homophobia, mountaintop removal and Dan Mongiardo. [Facebook]

Robert Felner-related question: How many meetings has University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey held with people who feel they were aggrieved/wronged/whatever since he made a statement to the Courier-Journal indicated that he would meet with every last one of them? We can’t find anyone who has met with him – even those who have tried – and no one at the University can tell us that he’s met with anybody. [Just Wondering]

Yesterday Congress sent the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to the President. John Yarmuth sponsored the bill and voted for final approval of the bill that will begin to close the gender pay gap in this country by reversing a SCOTUS decision that’s kept women from pursuing pay discrimination claims. Yarmuth said, “At a time when too many workers are seeing their jobs and wages slashed, we must ensure that all Americans are paid fairly for their hard work.” And we couldn’t agree more. [Press Release]

Aww, now we’re a “venom blog” and Jack Conway should distance himself from us. Maybe Daniel Mongiardo should distance himself from people who resort to discriminatory personal attacks and those who just make shit up? We love it when people who can’t properly master anything remotely close to English grammar (even McConnell is capable of that, as referenced above) attempt to “debunk” things like the fact that Governor Steve Beshear isn’t supporting and hasn’t endorsed Mongiardo. He hasn’t. And when they spread ignorance, homophobia and resort to personal attacks. [Humorous]

Could Jim Bunning appear any more disconnected if he tried? He ditched a luncheon with President Barack Obama and other Republican Senators because he had “other meetings to attend.” Is this scripted? Is Warshington just making this up? Couldn’t be more awesome, in any way, ever. [Mark Hebert]

Tuesday Dept of You Got Snowed In

Folks in the Paducah area tell us transformers are exploding left and right. So. It appears Kentucky is getting its snow day. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

It appears Daniel Mongiardo may have jumped the gun. One of Rick’s sources inside Mongiardo’s campaign says that the Governor will come out with a strong endorsement for him as payback for his agreement to run as Lt. Governor in 2007. Meanwhile, our sources within the Governor’s office and the Party say that couldn’t be further from the truth and expect the Governor to support Jack Conway. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Aretha Newberry! We can’t separate our sex life from our politics. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Oh, look who is making negative comments about us on his own website (he told the woman operating Kentucky Women to do it and also told her how to inflate her traffic statistics, so it’s no surprise) again by disguising things as being from someone else. He also goes by the penname of “NOT JAKE” and is fond of repeating something we told only to him (that fairness groups/”equality lobby” and the Human Rights Campaign would stand against Mongiardo.)  Who, for a second, believes he isn’t the only person leaving salacious comments? Subtle homophobia at its finest from the guy who calls himself Daniel Mongiardo’s “best friend.” We’re sure Mongiardo approves of his personal attacks. [Free Publicity]

Speaking of Kentucky Women, it doesn’t look like they’ll be supporting the sponsor of the anti-gay legislation of 2004. [Kentucky Women]

Ha, woops. Kim Geveden told Joe Gerth that Mongiardo wasn’t available for interviews yesterday because he schedules surgeries on Monday… despite having tons of time to appear on WHAS Radio with Terry Meiners. [C-J]

Help Angela Cox get through medical treatment. She’s in a coma, was rescued from a fire last month in Lexington. Make checks payable to Angela Cox’s mother, Peggy Cox, and in the memo line write “Angela Cox.” Mail the checks to the following address: Bank of Hindman, Attn: Marcia Stamper, P.O. Box 786, Hindman, KY 41822. She hasn’t had medical insurance since she lost her job. [H-L]

Jim Bunning once again declares that he is running for re-election. Despite dwindling fundraising numbers and being older than Methuselah. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell continues trying to figure out a way to ship him off to a state nursing home where he won’t be cared for and will be neglected by family. [Politico]

Are you surprised? Mitch McConnell wants to give the wealthiest 1% of Americans additional tax cuts with 40% of the $825 billion stimulus. Where did the Bush tax cuts get us, again? How did that work out? Yeah. [C-J]

Like we said yesterday, Kentucky agencies are in for even deeper budget cuts. 6.7%. Basically, you’re all gonna die of the poverty and starvation. [Bluegrass Politics]

Monday Afternoon Dept of Blizzard Eve Fear!

First, how hilarious is it that Daniel Mongiardo announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate today but wouldn’t make himself available for television interviews?

The Hill thinks Crit Luallen is a man. It’s almost like they don’t know how to use the Google machine. And they obviously don’t know how to check their own archives for interviews that clearly state she’s a female. Nice job. [The Hill]

The Kentucky Folklife Program is collecting documentation of inaugural celebrations. It, along with the American Folklife Center, would like to receive a copy of recordings made between January 16 and January 25 to include in their collection of President Barack Obama’s inauguration records. Visit this site for required forms and mailing regulations to be submitted by February 26. Or for further assistance, contact KHS folklife program director Bob Gates at 502-564-1792 x 4481 or by email at [Press Release]

Governor Beshear is asking all state agencies for a 6.7% budget cut. This is getting nightmarish. [Mark Hebert]

The Kentucky Club for Growth links to our story about J. Marshall Hughes and says he’ll hold the line on taxes. Unfortunately, KCG neglects to mention that Hughes has a major problem paying his own taxes and has had several government liens placed against him.  Isn’t it boldly hypocritical to link to the story and avoid mentioning the content of the story itself? [KCG]

Joe Sonka was able to sum up Daniel Mongiardo’s campaign of homophobia and love of mountaintop removal in under 100 words. And it is, indeed, great news that Kim Geveden is running the show. [Barefoot & Progressive]

And the dirty librul media barons at LEO are reminding readers of Daniel Mongiardo and his past foibles. [LEO’s FatLip]

Can we put this rumor to rest? Andrew Horne is not running for the U.S. Senate. [BlueGrassRoots]

Governor Steve Beshear and the University of Louisville today announced a gift to create a renewable energy research center at the University. $20 million from Henry and Rebecca Conn. Henry Conn is a “senior executive advisor for corporations” and previously worked with A.T. Kearney, Tarkenton Conn & Co and TRW, Inc. [Stephenie Steitzer & C-J]

It’s ten years later and the first hand transplant still works. Rick has all the details from today’s press conference at Jewish Hospital. [The ‘Ville Voice]

OMG. Watch the Blagojevich clip from The View today if you get a chance. Joy Behar roughed him up and then messed up his hair! She tried to get him to do an impression of Richard Nixon. “I am not a crook!”  I knew I watched these hateful ladies for a reason.  That reason is today. [Huffington Post]

A large group of citizens in Lexington are urging Lexington Vice Mayor to run for Mayor in 2010. Join the Facebook group. [Jim Gray in 2010]

Kentucky Ranks Highest in Smoking Deaths

The CDC just released a report ranking Kentucky the state with the highest rate of smoking-related deaths. That’s 371 per 100,000 or 7,848 people per year. The national median was 263 per 100k.

“It’s no surprise,” said Irene Centers, program manager for tobacco prevention and cessation for the state. “Kentucky has the highest percentage of lung cancer deaths. We have the highest rate of adult smoking in the nation.”

A 2007 federal survey showed that 28.2 percent of Kentucky adults smoked, and Kentucky also has some of the nation’s highest smoking rates among youths and pregnant women. The CDC estimates that the total annual cost of smoking in Kentucky is more than $3.6 billion.

Centers said she supports the governor’s efforts to raise the cigarette tax and communities’ efforts to pass smoke-free policies. “Until we make some major changes,” she said, “nothing is going to change.”

Guess it comes as no surprise that we also have the highest adult smoking rate in the nation and the highest rate of pregnant women who smoke.

Meanwhile, some overweight slobs in Frankfort who are controlled by the tobacco lobby refuse to do anything that would remotely ease us away from this epidemic.

TGIF! Cold Will Return Way Too Soon

The weekend is finally here and we couldn’t be happier. We’ll be in meetings for most of the morning, so enjoy the few posts we’ve got scheduled.

In other news, Jennifer Moore attacked poor old Jim Bunning for attending the very Bluegrass Ball she attended. Quite the hypocrisy, really, considering she told people she only wanted to stick around as the now-disgraced KDP chair long enough to attend the balls herself. It’s too bad the Beshear Administration can’t find anyone to wants to be the new, non-disgraced chair. Otherwise she’d already have moved back to full-time ambulance chasing.

Deep thoughts on gambling in the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Greg Stumbo spent his time before the Licensing & Occupations Committee talking about being a Southern Baptist and how all the Southern Baptists are saying his video slot machine/racino bill really isn’t expanding gambling. We’d sure like to hear what some actual Southern Baptists think about that. Maybe a seminary student or two? [Just Wondering]

John Mark Toby, president of the state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention, certainly objects to Stumbo’s false claim that Southern Baptists are standing up in support of expanded gambling. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell is still terrified of organized labor and now Code Pink. [Politico]

It’s time for you to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana to help them find mentors for kids in need. So bowl for kids’ sake February 11th or 25th. [Clicky Clicky]

Yesterday Daniel Mongiardo filmed a Public Service Announcement about his experience with colon cancer at the VA Hospital in Louisville. Mongiardo discussed the importance of early detection, risk assessment testing and the need for widespread attentiveness to this often overlooked disease. We can’t help but wonder if he discussed colorectal cancer with the Hooters gals from yesterday. [Colon Cancer Prevention]

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Ralph Long is Back!

Long live Ralph Long! Thank goodness he’s back.

Excerpts of his latest:

Through a Glass Darkly

Kentucky’s new OpenDoor – Kentucky’s Portal to eTransparency is really more of a look at something in the distance on a foggy morning than a transparent window.

The site give totals, big annual totals, but no detail, and the devil is in the detail.

For example:

In 2007 the Health & Family Services Cabinet, Department for Community Based Services, spent $1,637,352.02 for supplies with a state procurement card. Procurement cards are credit cards used by state agencies.

But what did they spend the money for? If you don’t think this is important look at the guys at the Blue Grass Airport.


Focus People

Anyone that has read any of my postings regarding smoking or big tobacco knows that I will be very happy when tobacco companies go out of business.

So take a moment and focus here. Let me give you a metaphor, we need to drain the swamp, but we keep forgetting to drain the swamp because we are fighting off the crocodiles.

Here’s one crocodile. David Williams, out of the blue, is in favor of an unenforceable statewide ban on smoking in public places. As the Herald-Leader points out, that dog don’t hunt.


It is now official eleventy degrees below zero. The end. We are all gonna die of not just the poor, but the cold cold cold.

Daniel Mongiardo is ratcheting up the U.S. Senate talk with the Herald-Leader. He tells the paper he’s heard of polls that show him with a double-digit lead over Jim Bunning. What Daniel doesn’t tell the paper is that he is flat-out lying. We’ve seen the poll. Mongiardo had about a 9-point lead over Bunning with a 4-point margin of error. Conway had about a 15-point lead. And Crit Luallen was three points down. We believe a crowded Democratic primary would be a good thing. But we don’t think it’s likely Mongiardo could win the librulz he’d need. Even less likely that he could beat Jack Conway in the golden triangle. Because, let’s face it: Crit and the governor will back Jack. Oh, need we remind you that Mongiardo’s ENTIRE STAFF bailed on him? Yeah. [Bluegrass Politics]

Mo Rocca was in Frankfort yesterday to praise Kentucky and Lincoln with CBS News Sunday Morning. His segment will air on February 15th. [LexGo]

It’s fancy how the gays can now be in the military redecorating your tanks and such. Fine and dandy. We’d like to remind the Courier-Journal’s editorial board that Bill Clinton had no balls when it came to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell sixteen years ago. He promised the world he wouldn’t promote discrimination– it was a campaign platform– and he decided at the last minute to throw people under the bus, including his main gay David Mixner. [C-J]

Barack Obama’s official portrait is the first ever presidential portrait taken with a digital camera. It was taken on January 13, 2009 at 5:38 P.M. with no flash with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. []

Conservative members of the GOP– including fake conservative Mitch McConnell– are singing the praises of treasury nominee Timothy Geithner. [WaPo]

We’re going to throw up if people don’t stop using “Joe the INSERT THINGY HERE” meme for whatever pet cause is hip at the moment. Really, Joe the Smoker? Barf. Makes sense, though, that the only people against a smoking ban are those who believe Sarah Palin could be a truly visionary president and leader of the free world. [C-J]

OMG! Dahahahaha. Scott Jennings just started Twittering and had this hilarious update last night: