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Greg Stumbo has no regrets as he leaves office. Has a lot to say about Ernie Fletcher’s indictment, his campaign with Bruce Lunsford, the seat he’s taking from Brandon Spencer. Says it’d be “premature” to speculate on a House leadership position. We’re speculating, so, guess we’re premature speculators. [H-L]

Greg Stumbo’s also the Democratic nominee for the 95th district house seat to replace Spencer. 19,474 weighted votes for Stumbo compared to Chuck Meade’s 1,107. Republicans still have no viable candidate. Look for Stumbo to walk handily to victory. [H-L]

Ralph Long on Steve Beshear and the budget crunch: In other words we have the standard, predictable entrance of a new administration cooking the books on the backs of state employees. [Ralph Long]

John Yarmuth (D-KY3) donates his entire congressional salary to charity in Louisville. PolWatchers does a story on it. Commenters go crazy calling him a silver spoon liberal and a left-wing lunatic. We’d like to see Mitch McConnell or Ron Lewis donate their salaries to charity but we know that’s not going to happen. [PolWatchers]

Brian Smith penned a great good-bye about the Iraq Summer campaign and its successes. The group, as many haters of perceived libruls will recall, heightened awareness of Mitch McConnell’s role in the never-ending Iraqi quagmire. [BGR]

Getting upset that the Courier-Journal’s parent company, Gannett Co. Inc., is worth billions of dollars? Upset because they call McConnell out? What? This doesn’t even make sense. When will people stop with the “librul” crap? Interesting that so many people dismiss the truth as “dirty librulism” when it doesn’t mesh with their views. [Heffalumps]

Greg Fischer Already Breaking Campaign Law?

He says he hasn’t made up his mind about running for the United States Senate but an email Greg Fischer sent to tons of people on December 24, 2007 suggests otherwise. In the message, sent from Fischer’s Dant Clayton corporate email account, he sends a plea for finance staff. Young, old, experienced, inexperienced, it doesn’t matter to him. We won’t waste time pointing out to Fischer that an experienced finance team is crucial.

What we will point out, though, is that conducting campaign business via a corporate email account on corporate equipment is a violation of campaign finance law. That sort of activity? It’s considered a corporate contribution and doesn’t fly with the FEC.

In his email he attaches a job description and requests that resumes be sent to an employee of his corporation at a corporate email address (csadler@dantclayton.com). Not exactly a great way to get a campaign off the ground, is it? Being a wealthy, Republican-light self-funder trying his level best to alienate the core of the Democratic Party just doesn’t seem to be enough for Fischer.

Peep the email and job description document after the jump…

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Rumor: Greg Fischer in the Race

We’ve heard from two sources who attended Owsley & Christy-backed Greg Fischer’s Christmas party that he announced he’ll run for U.S. Senate and drop several million of his own dollars. Guess he didn’t realize dropping that kind of news at a Christmas party would generate gossip. Or maybe he did.

One thing is certain: having a hundred in-the-know politicos and elected officials tell Fischer he shouldn’t run did nothing to bring his ego down to earth.

So. Two guys wasting untold millions in a Democratic primary for senate. First Bruce and now Greg? Couldn’t make it any more fun if we tried. Mitch McConnell is probably eating this crap up. Literally licking his chops.

What’s unfortunate for both Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer, though, is that Andrew Horne is already pulling in endorsements and has been elevated by organizations like ActBlue and national veterans groups. With Lunsford and Fischer inches away, labor will jump on the Horne boat quite soon. And the dirt will begin to fly.

Fischer told us why he shouldn’t run

Greg Fischer spoke to Ted Shlechter— the only person who appears to care about him– last Wednesday at the Metro Democratic Club in Louisville.

While speaking to Ted in generalities, Fischer said people shouldn’t be allowed to buy elected office in Washington.

Here’s an excerpt:


So… the obviously question should be… what on earth makes Greg Fischer think anyone would be cool with him (an absolute unknown) using his money to buy an election?

Fischer, Cassaro, Hollenbach – All in One Room

A muckraker’s dream come true! Even without alcohol.

Joe Sonka at BlueGrassRoots has the skinny on last night’s event:

I spoke with Greg Fischer briefly. I asked him about Iraq, and he started giving an answer about how he’d like to see us leave as soon as possible. It kind of ended abruptly when Schlechter pulled a recorder out. He didn’t seem too fond of expanding on policy on tape… I was going to ask him why he donated to Anne Northrup and how many other Republicans he’s donated to. But I already know the answer to that and had no bourbon, so I didn’t bother.

I spoke with Dr. Michael Cassaro as well. He kind of begged me to ask him questions, so I obliged. He was against the Iraq War, and I was about to ask him why he gave money to Republican campaigns, when one of my friends came over to introduce herself. She looked into his eyes and gave a VERY honest opinion about how he doesn’t have a chance and we need to avoid a nasty primary. She said that we don’t need to waste five months fighting each other, we need to start focusing on Mitch right now. It lasted about 10 minutes (or at least it seemed like it). And honestly, I looked at Cassaro, and….. I wouldn’t say he was crying, per se, but he was definitely welling up. He was kind of speechless. I was, frankly, in awe. It was rather stunning to see a citizen make a Senate candidate have that reaction. I’m thinking that $20 million in McConnell attacks ad would be slightly worse. You do the math.

And I also ran into one Todd Hollenbach (who I’ve heard refers to me as his “nemesis”). Jake got a hold of him first, and tried explaining to him how he really needs to publicly renounce Frank Simon, not just because it is the right thing to do, but that it would come back to haunt him politically. Todd continued to change the subject and refused to renounce Simon. I bit my tongue for the most part, but finally told him that it’s never wise to associate yourself with crazy bigots. That pretty much ended the conversation, and he was outta there.

Our thoughts after the jump…

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Senate 08 Hopefuls & Awkward Commentary

Ryan Alessi has a great story today about potential senate contenders. A good read for a quick what-for in Democratic senatorial politics today. But we have to take issue with some of it.

Fischer didn’t return a call to his office, but his friend Matthew Barzun, a Louisville businessman and Democratic activist, said Fischer “is lining up support for a run.” He will make a formal announcement soon, Barzun added.

If the Browns of Louisville, who in the past have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for George Bush, think their Republican-lite friend Greg Fischer will be a good candidate purely because he has their financial backing, they’ll be squarely rejected. The Browns and other big name raisers need to think outside of their elite circle for a change. An honest change. Big business is not the answer.

Democratic leaders are insisting that the party isn’t panicking to find someone to take on McConnell, the U.S. Senate Republican leader who has shown some vulnerability in recent polling.

This is true. Democrats aren’t panicking to find a candidate because Democrats aren’t doing anything. Nothing at all. Aside from holding a fundraiser or two.

“There’s no question the Democratic Party will have a strong candidate in the race,” said U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, who took himself out of the party’s Senate sweepstakes weeks ago. “Who runs, I don’t think, is nearly as much of an issue as the political atmosphere and climate that exists.”

Ben Chandler is off his rocker if he doesn’t think the candidate we select matters. Greg Fischer, who has contributed to Republicans and never been active politically? Charlie Owen, a good man who absolutely couldn’t win or even hope to be a solid candidate because he’s never had the support necessary? Please. It matters. If we don’t run our strongest candidate– with no baggage– we have absolutely no hope of defeating Mitch McConnell.

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