In The Holiday Spirit

Everyone likes a bargain, especially during the Holiday Season. In that spirit, Full Signal Media is offering a once-per-year opportunity for your business or cause to join the ranks of online advertisers. It’s the best way to reach the smart, informed consumers who are spending a lot of time online this holiday season. And we want to give our readers the first shot at the opportunity.

From now until the end of the year, we’ll provide a custom ad on both Page One and The ‘Ville Voice for just $100 – less than you’ll pay for that new GPS device – and get your message in front of thousands of online news consumers. That’s more than 75% off our regular rates.

Hurry, we’ve only got room for 10 sponsors at this rate. First come, first served. If you act today we’ll run your ad on Billy Reed Says at no additional cost and give you preferential placement for advertising on our new food & dining site that’s launching in January.

See our statistics along with contact information after the jump and you’ll know this is a great deal.

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Need a hot date? Here’s your chance!

Tonight Lexington’s Fraternal Order of Firefighters will host the 7th annual bachelor auction. That’s right, ladies, the firemenz can be yours if you’re the highest bidder. And it’s for a good cause.

All proceeds go to benefit the Firefighters Toy Program.

Blue Moon
815 Euclid Ave
Lexington 40502

Doors open @ 7

New toy or cash contribution required for admission.

Preview your potential dates by clicking here.

Turning the Page

It’s fitting that on a day when so many Kentucky children are heading back to school, Page One publishes its first post. We’re starting something totally new, and we think you’re going to like it.

If you’re passionate about politics, Page One promises a daily dose of it at a time when we need it most here in Kentucky. Our state’s thickening plot includes an ever-widening cast of characters opening up the throttle as the governor’s race heads for home in November. Between our own quirky opinions and those of the experts we’re going to call on to contribute to Page One, we promise to make it worth every bit of your computer’s bookmark to come see what’s on Page One every day.


This is an entrepreneurial venture, so we’ll be coming up with ways to make an unobtrusive profit. But what we really want to do is wedge our way into the conversation about politics in Kentucky, providing an alternative to the mainstream media and all those bloggers you see listed in our links to the right. And that’s where you come in.

The site is designed to not only inform, but to be an open forum. Have a take? Share it with the blogosphere right here. Video? We’ll take it. A great picture? We’ll publish it. Spot an elected official doing something unscrupulous? We want to talk about it. Want to rake the Guv over the coals on the coal plant? Think the $500 million Beshear’s promising from gaming is a long shot? This is the place to say so.

So here it is… Let’s get it started. Register and get involved.