Weekend Update… on Monday

Greg Stumbo has no regrets as he leaves office. Has a lot to say about Ernie Fletcher’s indictment, his campaign with Bruce Lunsford, the seat he’s taking from Brandon Spencer. Says it’d be “premature” to speculate on a House leadership position. We’re speculating, so, guess we’re premature speculators. [H-L]

Greg Stumbo’s also the Democratic nominee for the 95th district house seat to replace Spencer. 19,474 weighted votes for Stumbo compared to Chuck Meade’s 1,107. Republicans still have no viable candidate. Look for Stumbo to walk handily to victory. [H-L]

Ralph Long on Steve Beshear and the budget crunch: In other words we have the standard, predictable entrance of a new administration cooking the books on the backs of state employees. [Ralph Long]

John Yarmuth (D-KY3) donates his entire congressional salary to charity in Louisville. PolWatchers does a story on it. Commenters go crazy calling him a silver spoon liberal and a left-wing lunatic. We’d like to see Mitch McConnell or Ron Lewis donate their salaries to charity but we know that’s not going to happen. [PolWatchers]

Brian Smith penned a great good-bye about the Iraq Summer campaign and its successes. The group, as many haters of perceived libruls will recall, heightened awareness of Mitch McConnell’s role in the never-ending Iraqi quagmire. [BGR]

Getting upset that the Courier-Journal’s parent company, Gannett Co. Inc., is worth billions of dollars? Upset because they call McConnell out? What? This doesn’t even make sense. When will people stop with the “librul” crap? Interesting that so many people dismiss the truth as “dirty librulism” when it doesn’t mesh with their views. [Heffalumps]

Attention Kentucky Media

Tired of outdated and nonsensical non-compete clauses with your station/outlet/publication?

Interested in putting an end to them once and for all?

Contact Jake to express your concern, share your story or to get involved. Confidentiality assured.

Our goal is to push legislation nixing the non-coms once and for all. Allowing station managers and human resources departments to force good people to leave their beloved career or the state (in order to work) needs to come to an end.

We know someone out there is ready to help. Several have expressed interest. So pony up. We’re willing to help you on the political front.

Butcher Burbridge: Your Chance to Win

You’ve seen the ad on our site for weeks. History and Political Buffs: now’s your chance. Full Signal Media Group, LLC (the parent company of Page One) and the author of Butcher Burbridge, Bryan S. Bush, are giving away an autographed copy of the book to readers of our site.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or have parental permission)
  • Leave a comment on this page with a valid email address at which we may contact you. You may use any screenname you like but a valid email address is required.
  • On Thursday, January 31, 2008 we’ll randomly select a commenter as winner of the book.
  • No strings attached. But it’d be nice if the winner could write a review for the author.

About the book:

Butcher Burbridge: Union General Stephen Burbridge and His Reign of Terror Over Kentucky

One of the most vilified and hated men during the Civil War in Kentucky had to be Kentucky born Union (brevet) Major General Stephen Gano Burbridge, but why have Kentuckian historians continued to cast him negatively?

More after the jump…

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How should KDP spend its cash?

Thanks to Governor Steve Beshear the Kentucky Democratic Party has more than $700,000 in the bank. Funds that could be used to serve the KDP better than it’s ever been served before. A mountain of money that could finally dig us out of the dark ages.

Beyond shelling out for various candidates, what should Chairwoman Jennifer Moore do with all that cash?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pay for the Kentucky Young Democrats to host their annual convention instead of forcing them to scramble for survival. Provide a budget for outreach. Lure young people in like the Republican Party of Kentucky does quite well.
  • Teach Communications Director Allison Haley how to include bloggers who receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each month on her press list. Something Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Moore, Vicki Glass and Jeremy Horton all promised would happen months ago.
  • Educate the everyman Democrat about the secretive, mind-boggling process of delegate selection. Jeff Noble is the only person in the state fighting to educate the masses and when he hosts a session the KDP can’t even find it within itself to send a representative.
  • Start immediately returning telephone calls of potential candidates when they reach out to headquarters. Every potential senate candidate we have spoken with has expressed frustration at the lack of support and communication from the Party.

What are your suggestions?

Democrats: Eat, Drink, Cause Trouble

Join the Metro Democratic Club and Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party tonight for our annual “Holiday” gathering. Free food, door prizes, mingling, gossip, cash bar. Tasty.

  • When: Tonight, 6:00 P.M.
  • Where: UAW Hall, 3000 Fern Valley Road, 40213

Join us for some fun. Be seen. You know you want to see an elected official or two downing a bit too much gin.

P.S. No haters allowed. Unless you buy us drinks and dish the political dirt.

UPDATE: There was no cash bar. Ah, the disappointment! Exciting crowd, though. If you didn’t show up you certainly missed out.

Jennifer Moore truly gives all Kentuckians something to be excited for. You can expect great things from this young rising star.

In The Holiday Spirit

Everyone likes a bargain, especially during the Holiday Season. In that spirit, Full Signal Media is offering a once-per-year opportunity for your business or cause to join the ranks of online advertisers. It’s the best way to reach the smart, informed consumers who are spending a lot of time online this holiday season. And we want to give our readers the first shot at the opportunity.

From now until the end of the year, we’ll provide a custom ad on both Page One and The ‘Ville Voice for just $100 – less than you’ll pay for that new GPS device – and get your message in front of thousands of online news consumers. That’s more than 75% off our regular rates.

Hurry, we’ve only got room for 10 sponsors at this rate. First come, first served. If you act today we’ll run your ad on Billy Reed Says at no additional cost and give you preferential placement for advertising on our new food & dining site that’s launching in January.

See our statistics along with contact information after the jump and you’ll know this is a great deal.

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Need a hot date? Here’s your chance!

Tonight Lexington’s Fraternal Order of Firefighters will host the 7th annual bachelor auction. That’s right, ladies, the firemenz can be yours if you’re the highest bidder. And it’s for a good cause.

All proceeds go to benefit the Firefighters Toy Program.

Blue Moon
815 Euclid Ave
Lexington 40502

Doors open @ 7

New toy or cash contribution required for admission.

Preview your potential dates by clicking here.