Avenue Q: We Love You

Last evening we had the opportunity to see Avenue Q at The Louisville Palace and we’ve gotta say: GO SEE IT. Click here to buy tickets for as little as $25. There are five shows remaining through Sunday, April 27. If you enjoy our inappropriate crap here at Page One the least little bit, you’ll flip over this PNC Broadway presentation. It’s vulgar, inappropriate and we loved every minute of it. Very rarely do old ladies get uncomfortable– but they certainly did last night.

From the website:

AVENUE Q is Broadway’s smash-hit 2004 Tony Award® winner for BEST MUSICAL, BEST SCORE and BEST BOOK. A hilarious show full of heart and hummable tunes, AVENUE Q is about trying to make it in NYC with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Called “one of the funniest shows you’re ever likely to see” by Entertainment Weekly, AVENUE Q features a cast of people and puppets who tell the story in a smart, risque and downright entertaining way. The New Yorker calls it “SUBVERSIVE and UPROARIOUS!” Recommended for ages 13 and up.

I can’t say much about it without ruining things. But. Uh. Drop all plans to see it. Do it. Here’s a better summary: hilarity, adult Sesame Street, occasional foul language, Gary Coleman, puppet nudity, Mrs. Thistletwat, hilarity, hilarity, hilarity, schadenfreude. Go. See. It.

Special thanks to our theater-loving Republican friend for suggesting we see the show.

McConnell, Chandler Deserve Praise

Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Ben Chandler have both written letters to Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff urging him to review the case of Lino Nakwa.

See for yourself:

In a news release, Chandler, D-6th District, said: “The outpouring of support for Mr. Nakwa has been extraordinary. Knowing what this young man has been through, Senator McConnell and I are doing all we can to ensure that he is treated fairly and that his personal safety remains a top priority.”

McConnell, a Republican said, “Many throughout Kentucky have been touched by the story of Lino Nakwa.”

Please call Sen. McConnell and Rep. Chandler expressing your thanks.

ALERT: Trapped in Frankfort, Send Help!

It’s the final night of the session.

Please send massive amounts of Woodford Reserve and Kit-Kats to the good government types in Frankfort. They’re being held hostage by all the tired, old hacks who use cheap orange hair dye.

Don’t worry about lobbying or ethics or anything– the ethics bill is dead.

Diminished Capacity Premier for Alzheimer’s Association

From Rick:

My grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years before she died, used to crack me up with the crazy things she’d say after the disease took hold. She also brought profound sadness to our faces when she couldn’t remember the basic events of her full and happy life.

Pauline in her final years was the first image that came to mind as I watched Alan Alda’s amazing performance as Uncle Rollie in the Hart-Lunsford movie, “Diminished Capacity” at a special premier at the Kentucky Center last night. The movie was selected for this year’s Sundance Festival, and was screened here as a fund-raiser for the local Alzheimer’s organization.

Anyone who’s known someone with Alzheimer’s will chuckle at the movie’s comic moments. Sherwood Kiraly, who wrote the novel upon which the movie is based, told the handful of folks who stuck around after the film ended that Rollie was based on his real-life experiences with his own father.

Tons more along with photos and commentary from Jake after the jump…

Read moreDiminished Capacity Premier for Alzheimer’s Association

Reminder: Enter Our Contest to Win

Just a reminder to enter our fancy First Lady Coloring & Caption Contest. It’s your chance to make a few hilarious political jokes while winning tickets to two uniquely Kentuckian tourist traps in the western part of our beautiful Commonwealth.

Color & caption pictures of Barbara Pierce Bush, whom we picked because she is so mean and wrote that book about her dog Millie. And Laura Welch Bush, whom we selected because she’s way more intelligent than her husband and is often spotted in public with Visible Panty Line (VPL). You’ll be entered to win tickets to Dinosaur World or the underground boat tour at Lost River Cave & Valley.

Entries accepted until April 18th.

ALERT: Everyone loves a contest & Free Stuff

Especially when there are tickets for two to Dinosaur World and an underground boat tour of historic Lost River Cave & Valley involved. So, if you’re interested in some cheesy western Kentucky tourism fun, here’s your chance.

We’re hosting a cheesy and juvenile First Lady Coloring & Caption Contest. We’ve picked images of our favorite first ladies and it’s up to you to impress us. Color your favorite (or both, if you want to win both sets of tickets) and come up with some clever, humorous captions. Scan & email them to us and you’ll be entered to win tickets.

Don’t laugh at our First Lady selections. They’re awesome. We picked Barbara Pierce Bush because she is so mean and wrote that book about her dog Millie. And Laura Welch Bush because she’s way more intelligent than her husband and is often spotted in public with Visible Panty Line (VPL).

We want to see some amazing artwork, folks. Get busy! Photoshopped entries are welcome.

To Recap:

  • Color & Caption Barbara and/or Laura
  • Win 2 tickets to Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky or 2 tickets to Lost River Cave & Valley’s underground boat tour in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Both neat little tourist traps that are perfect for a family outing or an interesting day with your sweetie/sugar daddy.
  • Email your masterpieces to Jake at the address on our contact form.
  • Entries accepted through Friday, April 18th. Winners will be selected the following weekend and announced on Monday, April 21st.

All joking aside, we love Kentucky and want you to see it all. This is our opportunity to give a small bit back to our readers… with a little bit of quirk, of course.