Still high on the Kentucky win?

Do they matter? Running mates aren’t really a factor in the race for governor. But Mongiardo’s more popular and has more positives than Rudolph. [H-L]

They want to vote. Some 82% of Kentuckians want the chance to to vote on (against) casino gaming. Ernie’s strategy of ‘casinos = the gays will eat your children’ has sorely backfired. [PolWatchers]

In case you missed it. Kentucky is the talk of the Nation. Namely, everyone’s drive to rid Mitch McConnell of his elected position. The piece about bluegrass grassroots activism opens with the story of Carol Trainer (an activist friend of ours in Louisville) being arrested on Memorial day for protesting the war. We still think Democratic Sheriff John Aubrey owes her an apology for that one. [Nation]

(Lex) VA fails on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Only VA medical center in the country to fail on four points. Things could be changing for the better in 2007. It’s about time the VA and military begin to recognize PTSD and treat it. Better late than never. [H-L]

Rep. John Yarmuth afraid of strippers. Or porn stars. For real– we would be, too! 21C hosted an event with Annie Sprinkle a week ago. She moved her breasts in time to classical music while wearing black opera gloves and folks could get into bed with her. John didn’t attend. [C-J]

Is Jim Bunning delusional? Kentuckians aren’t opposed to the Iraq war? Is he for real? He says very little communication from constituents is about Iraq. We’re beginning to believe the insanity rumors. [Enquirer]

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Warning: You’re the victim of Right-Wing Tripe

More on the Fletcher Ad in St. Louis

St. Louis is paying attention. The city is beginning to talk about Mark Andrews’ past as a social conservative who doesn’t let silly things like facts get in his way.

Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch chimes in on the matter and links St. Louis readers to Fletcher’s latest commercial.

Ever been to St. Louis? It’s hardly the bastion of criminality and corruption that Andrews and Fletcher try to blame on gambling. It’s always been a crime-ridden city. Casinos sure didn’t cause it– even if they’re not cleaning things up. And whose fault is that? Possibly that of legislators and government officials in Missouri and D.C. who cut law enforcement budgets left and right.

From a prominent St. Louis resident: “That building where the commercial was filmed, well, it’s about a block away from a thriving area of downtown St. Louis called Laclede’s Landing or just “The Landing.” For quite a while they’ve been expanding the restaurants, bars and stores there. It’s bustling and a far cry from the ghetto.”

In the commercial you’ll see a sign for Lewis Street. Where’s Lewis Street in proximity to the most happening part of Old St. Louis? Take a look for yourself.

Lewis Street in St. Louis

Here’s a satellite view of the riverboat and the area of The Landing nearest the river:

Literally a block away from The Landing. A block away from the ever-expanding hustle and bustle of St. Louis that’s devouring the rundown buildings in the former industrial neighborhood in order to turn them into the hottest spots of the Midwest.

Sound familiar? Much like the ongoing regeneration of downtown Louisville.

If the maps weren’t enough, let’s go a step further. We’re taking you on a video tour of the area Ernie visited. You’ll see our photographer drive from one end of Lewis Street to the other (which is just a couple blocks) and eventually get out of the vehicle to walk around. It’s a little choppy, we apologize. But it’s worth watching for proof that Ernie’s latest commercial is absolutely a joke.

Look like the ghetto to you? No? Maybe an up-and-coming vibrant area that’s alive even in the morning hours?

Welcome to the reality-based community.

Fletcher’s Fourth

Yes. Ad #4:

Features a guy named Mark Andrews from St. Louis. Here’s his alleged story:

Mark Andrews, a retired printing company executive, is chairman of an organization called Casino Watch. Their mission is “exposing the dark side of gambling” and they proudly display Ernie’s commercials on their front page. Joe Gerth seems to be the only person so far to mention Andrews’ ties to the anti-gambling side of things. Google is your friend.

Way to be objective, Ernest Lee! We think it’d be easier to scare people into voting for you if you trotted out some scary gay people. Maybe tell Kentuckians that gay tax dollars– gasp– may be paying for their children’s education right now. Oh noes!

UPDATE – 2:35 P.M.

St. Louis is paying attention. The city is about to start talking about Mark Andrews’s past as a social conservative who doesn’t let silly things like facts get in his way.

Instead of watching Osama tapes, how bout some news?

A woman? What?! Who needs progress? Myra Tobin will face Fletcher crony Steve Branscum to become the first female chair of the University of Kentucky’s Board of Trustees. She should be elected if for no other reason than to, you know, flipping diversify the board’s leadership history [H-L]

Lisabeth makes two. State appeals court judge Lisabeth Abramson of Louisville has been appointed to replace Justice McAnulty’s vacant seat on the Kentucky Supreme Court. Fletcher’s appointment Seems to be receiving praise from all over. [C-J]

The surge is working! Say it enough and you’ll eventually believe it. Sen. Jim Bunning wants us to stay in Iraq, approves of the deaths of countless thousands. Gotta kill all those innocent Iraqis there so we don’t have to kill them here, right? [WBKO]

Dan Druen is ready to air the truth. Demands that the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission hear his case— publicly– before the November 6 general election. Also throws in that the Commission may not be as impartial as they should be since they were all, you know, appointed by Ernest Lee. [H-L]

Gays, guns & God! John David Dyche seems to be all about Ernie using hateful bullshit to win. And term limits. Term limits will save us all! P.S. John David: there are plenty of Democrats who aren’t so hot on casino gambling– just ask organized labor. [C-J]

Oh, Rep. Melvin Henley of Murray and Rep. Milward Dedman of Harrodsburg will switch their party registrations to Democratic. More Republicans jumping ship. Diane Brumback reported this weeks ago. [Hebert]

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Oh Snap Monday

Selling the GOP. Kentucky’s own Republican insider, Mike Duncan, is the latest Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Turns out he’s having a tough time developing a high profile even though he’s buds with Mitch McConnell. And Larry Forgy doesn’t like him. [H-L]

Try, try, try. Roger Alford tells the world about the downfall of Ernest Lee and his campaign to rid of the world of casinos. Steve Beshear makes an appearance but it’s not substantive. [AP]

More incorrect tripe. Malia Rulon still thinks Insight won’t be airing the anti-McConnell ads. She says she’s a Washington insider. Maybe someone should tell her? [Enquirer]

Remember Jim Bunning? The guy who freaks his shit anytime he hears the name “Osama”? The guy who said Daniel Mongiardo was a limp-wristed homosexualizer? Yeah? Joe Gerth remembers him and tells us all about how him not rushing to judge Wide Stance Larry Craig. Wonder if Jim could get any crazier? [C-J]

Ugh. MORE gamling. Apparently the horse racing industry is luring people away from Kentucky because the rewards are greater– thanks to casino gambling. We’ll be glad when this horse race is over so we don’t have to hear about it again. [KY Kurmudgeon]

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