Fletcher’s Second Ad

Ernie Fletcher has launched his second commercial.

Are one gambling addict’s criminal past actions enough to keep expanded gaming out of Kentucky? Will it scare granny and pop-pop into voting Republican?


Take a look at the rest of Fletcher’s “interview” with Norma Brandt. Note that even she doesn’t say that Beshear shouldn’t bring casinos to Kentucky– just that he should “take a look” at things and listen to her.

Oh Snap. It’s Monday again.

Readying money. The frequently discussed 527 Bluegrass Freedom Fund has launched its website. Alessi has the story and discusses the $86K it had raised by the end of June. Bruce Lunsford’s former campaign manager, Achim Bergmann, is the organization’s strategic consultant. [H-L]

Faith in humanity restored. Lexington and Kentucky really pulled together during and after the tragedy of Comair flight 5191. An open letter from the NTSB’s Debbie Hersman to Kentucky hits it home. [H-L]

The Boston Globe makes the case that casinos and gambling are part of the American way. [Boston Globe]

From the Steve Henry Dept of Playing Fast & Loose with Other Peoples’ Money. One-time Bush Labor Secretary nominee and just one of many of the nation’s employers of illegal immigrants raises gajillions of dollars through her PACs and keeps the money for herself, which should surprise exactly no one. Is this even news? [WP]

Fancy lettuce talking “Barry Hussein Obama” (heh) made a campaign stop in Lexington last night. If you were there and have photos or stories to share, get in touch. [H-L]

Tug-o-War with himself. Larry Dale Keeling says political ineptitude and inconsistency are Fletcher trademarks. He offers a litany of examples. [KY Kurmudgeon]

Rumors in the oh snap box

Snap. McConnell swings, misses and attacks the messenger. Again. [Our Future]

The liberal, Jewish, gay, vegan media lies about our GOP-donor heroes. Katie Halper shares her open letter to corrupt mine operator Robert Murray. They must be feeding us lies! Because Murray is “one of them” just like noble, God-like Rudy Giuliani was “one of them” at Ground Zero. [Huffington Post]

From the Not Surprising Anyone Dept. Markos Moulitsas says Jim Bunning will probably retire in 2010. But says if he doesn’t, Ben Chandler will run against him. [dKos]

Biting him in the butt? As we reported, the Baze death penalty issue not over. Fletcher has apparently created a flap. Turns out some people *do* believe this is politically motivated. Are they making a mountain out of a mole hill? [H-L]

Mad as hell. The town Ernie filmed his first commercial in is pissed. Aurora, IL residents and elected officials sound off. [H-L]

Irony of ironies. Jim Bunning urged Ernie to put gambling on the ballot. Guess we know how that went. [WLKY]

Missing Free Media: Beshear? Fletcher?

FACT: A key plank of the Beshear-Mongiardo campaign is to quit the economic incentive giveaway game (aka corporate welfare) for out-of-state business. From Beshear’s Web site:

“It is time we shift our economic development approach away from luring out-of-state businesses and industries that don’t need help with the promise of tax reductions, abatements and direct grants, and instead grow our economy from within, putting Kentucky businesses first.”

So why is Beshear staying silent while the Special Session plays out in Frankfort, while Fletcher dominates the free media with his economic incentive plan for Peabody Coal? Why isn’t Beshear cozying up to the environmentalists and the few legislators who oppose the incentives?

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Ernie Fletcher’s First Commercial

You’ve seen Steve Beshear’s first. Now watch Ernie Fletcher’s first commercial of the general election campaign, set to air tomorrow.

Starts out with ominous footage of a couple rundown casinos and sad-looking elderly individuals at slot machines. Is this pandering or the beginning of a real fight?

Would be interesting to know where this footage was taken. Fill us in if you know.

Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things

Billy’s Earworm. On his new StraigtnFlush web site, journalist Billy Reed hammers the Fletcher Administration for its “hell bent determination to throw money at Peabody.” A month ago, even Dems agreed that attracting the Peabody plant would be good for the state. But as Billy points out, it ain’t so good for the environment, and its not the economic windfall some envisioned. And he brings up the $62 million gift to e.On US that the state is providing to move some equipment across the street to make way for the flawed Louisville Arena project. [StraightNFlush]

Death by Meeting? Looks like the H-L’s John Stamper and Jack Brammer were the only media members hanging with lawmakers in Frankfort for a five and a half hour meeting – its result – plans for another meeting. Despite lawmakers’ comments afterward, the two sides are quibbling over something. Could it be that the Supreme Ruler of Kentucky, desperate to bring a social issue (a la the marriage amendment) to the table in a special session, is holding out because he wants Dems to talk about his silly domestic partner proposal? Is it coincidence that the anti-gay kooks lined up chairs in the Capitol Annex and tried to get in the meeting? Does everything Fletcher attempts reek of desperation? [H-L/PolWatchers]

Correction: Al Mayo of WHAS Radio informs us that several others were present, including: Mr. Mayo, Tony McVeigh, Tom Loftus, Joe Biesk. Our apologies.

Lesson #1 for the Kentucky Board of Education: Do what Jefferson County did and actually hire a head honcho who is qualified and capable. Is it possible to compare Sheldon Berman with Barbara Erwin? We won’t even attempt it. The state Board may learn a lot about leadership and education by reading Berman’s letter. [C-J]

From the WTF Dept: Jerry, Esq. What did the King of All Things Mayoral say is his greatest challenge? Get ready for it: “Absorbing the diversity of immigrants coming in from all over the world.” For real. [The Ville Voice]