The Ultimate Yin-Yang Crisis For Jake In A Photo

It’s Friday and we need a bunch of filler content that doesn’t cause brains to melt. The three-day weekend is almost here and there’s no sense in having complex thoughts.

This may be the most important photograph of Steve Beshear — ever:


He’s looking at cantaloupe, peaches and canary melon!

CANTALOUPE! And Steve Beshear. Our favorite and least favorite things in life.

This Louisville Scandal Impacts The Entire State

This story is so important that we’re using our most valuable time slots of the week to bring awareness.

Fair warning: your stomach will churn, you’ll get angry and if you have any compassion at all for life (I’m speaking directly to you, pro-lifers!) and responsibility, you’ll take it to heart.

This impacts everyone in the Commonwealth and it’s something I’ve been covering with dedication for nearly eight years. Having worked hard to oust quite a few people from this government agency through the years, I personally hope you’ll take the time to consider it. It means a lot. While this story is just one of thousands like it, it’s illustrative of the problem and the coverup that progressive Democrats (yes, I said it) are directly responsible for.

I write about and dig into these things not because I hate this state but because I love it. I want things to change so more people have the opportunity to appreciate what we’ve been blessed with. Kentucky (and Louisville) is intoxicating and it’s home. We, as Kentuckians, are responsible for seeing future generations live and thrive here. We cannot sit on our hands or make excuses for problems like this any longer. You deserve better. Kentucky deserves better. We all deserve better.

I grew up in a rural, countrified, salt of the earth part of the state that instilled in me the belief that you’re only as good as the way you treat those less fortunate, the elderly and your animals. When you turn to government-sanctioned cruelty, neglect and indifference? You prove the true worth of your character.

Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you to the thousands of thoughtful Kentuckians who step up every day to make a difference.


The LMAS Official-Turned-Fischer-Staffer Scandal Gets Real: Proof Margaret Brosko & Other Metro Officials Are Corrupt & Lack Any Compassion

In February 2013, Louisville Metro Animal Services received a young and beautiful Pitbull named Sadie. She was friendly, likable and loving but had what amounted to a dangling leg from an injury that needed to be amputated. Her owner attempted to claim her in March and received a violation notice of her injuries. When a vet notice is issued, owners are required to provide vet care within 48 hours or they wind up in court. The owner didn’t bother getting her care and didn’t bother showing up for court. Nothing happened. No bench warrant was issued. There was no follow-up from LMAS.

In late August, the owner finally surrendered Sadie to LMAS and she was set to be euthanized.

A big deal, sure, but not something LMAS couldn’t handle and not something that is rare. But Sadie’s story doesn’t end like you think it should.


You’ll absolutely want to read the rest by CLICKING HERE

Hal Heiner Loves Trying To Buy Public Office

As a child, James Sutherland wanted to become a soccer player or a golfer. He loved life, was full of energy, adored his family and loved going to church. But as a teenager, things got more complicated, his mother, Elly Sutherland, recalled. [H-L]

First ladies typically avoid getting into public scraps, but Michelle Obama has jumped into perhaps her biggest battle yet. She’s fighting a House Republican effort to soften a central part of her prized anti-childhood obesity campaign and she says she’s ready “to fight until the bitter end.” [HuffPo]

Nearly 40 percent of the $1 million contributed to the Kentucky General Assembly’s political caucus funds in the last 18 months came from political action committees of groups that lobby state lawmakers. [C-J/AKN]

The coal industry is poised to score a rare victory over the Obama administration in the fight over the Export-Import Bank. Both of the working proposals in the House and Senate to renew the bank’s charter would reverse Ex-Im guidelines that prevent financing for overseas power plants that decline to adopt greener technology. [The Hill]

History and the present merge on downtown Richmond’s West Main Street. Gone are the days when horse-drawn street cars transported visitors from the old train depot to the now closed Glyndon Hotel on the corner of Third and Main Street. [Richmond Register]

A U.S. House of Representatives panel said on Friday it should not have to comply with a federal regulator’s demand for documents sought for an insider-trading probe involving the staff director of a subcommittee and a lobbyist. [Reuters]

Randall (Randy) Combs has been named CFO of Louisville-based KentuckyOne Health Inc. KentuckyOne operates Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington and several other facilities across the state. [Business First]

When the latest sign of a troubled economy emerged last week, Congress had a ready response: Nothing. [Politico]

The HSUS can’t stem the trend toward no-kill, so it’s help shelters mollify critics. [Nathan Winograd]

Col. Samuel Whitehurst had been consumed with work in the last days of his brigade’s nine-month deployment in eastern Afghanistan when alarming news about his former battleground in northern Iraq began to reach him. [WaPo]

What, Hal Heiner is trying to buy the governor’s mansion? Surely not! Surely he hasn’t tried to do something similar in the past that you have read about here and on The ‘Ville Voice. [CN|2]

It took 24 years for Democrats to end the last period of Republican presidential advantage, in which issues and the makeup of the Electoral College helped Republicans win five of six elections, and to start their own behind Bill Clinton. [NY Times]

Long story short: The Democrats are shitting their pants this year. [Sam Youngman]

An obscure, chicken-sized bird best known for its mating dance could help determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the U.S. Senate in November. [HuffPo]

Jake’s Laptop Is Dead: Lame Begging Begins

Okay. Feed me crow. Officially begging for he first time for something that will directly benefit me on a personal and professional level. This isn’t for an intern, not to pay attorneys for the new project, nothing like that. It’s directly for me and my work.

This couldn’t happen at a worse time. The day before the election!

After six years, my MacBook Pro has bitten the dust. It is no more. There’s no option but to buy a new Mac– thousands in software, hardware & such that only work with Apple, so stuck in this ecosystem. New Mac = cheaper than repairs.

So I’m officially begging readers for help. As you know, we’ve been slowly moving away from an ad-supported model and are in the process of doing so. That means your help is needed.

Like what we do here? Hate it but rely on it? Visit & on the regular? Want to see it continue? Then please consider helping me get a new laptop so I can continue doing this work.

Contribute via PayPal here:

If we can raise enough to get a new computer, I’ll give a year of free advertising to the charity (charities?) of readers’ choice.

I’ve got the largest trove of McConnell data in private hands. Conway records that will blow minds (a couple people can back me up on this one). Edelen files. Lundergan documents. And, of course, gigs of information from Montgomery County that I’m slowly reporting. Specifically, I have data that will probably rock Montgomery County’s world and I’m sure there are people who will chime in to back me up on that front. Issues that will shake Terry Holliday, Jack Conway and the entire board of education there.

In Louisville, we’re digging through data that could make life hell for Jim King and a few of his friends.

I’m sure there’ll be quite a few people cheering over this mess, happy to see me out of commission for a while. They’re the very reason I need your help. Everyone who reads this — and you know it’s not a small number of people, specifically in Frankfort and DC — knows my work ethic and what that means.

So. Want to see it continue? Please help me make it happen. Yep, me, begging, time to step up if you can. Embarrassing? Of course. Egotistical? Even worse. But I want to get the information I collect into the hands of people who can use it. You, electeds, press, et al.

Note that things will be slow here until I can figure this out. There are a few stories waiting to be published over the next few days that have already been written. But no complaining after that, folks, because it’s going to take a few weeks at the very least to be back in action.

Regarding Montgomery Co Schools & Corruption

Remember back in the fall/winter when we ran stories about an iPad from Montgomery County Schools being turned over to the Office of the Attorney General for investigation?

It was because the iPad contained text messages sent from a school official to a strange man. Messages that contained photographs of a child in the care of that school official. The photographs were not pornographic in nature but unbelievably troubling. Because who on earth sends photos of a school child to random men?! Sickening. Unsettling. Disturbing. Heart breaking.

I (Jake) did something in that instance that I rarely do. I refused to allow any specifics to be shared in our coverage and instead connected the whistleblower/staffer who discovered the messages with Jack Conway’s office. With the individual’s permission and upon their request, I revealed their identity to OAG investigators under the agreement that they would be protected and supported in order to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Whattya know? State troopers — who coincidentally are relatives of those involved — attempted to retaliate by intimidating the staffer/whistleblower. Unfortunately for them, they did so via text message and voicemail. Which means everything is documented and verifiable. And also means I have those messages in my possession.

The trooper is allegedly (according to his text messages) the uncle of the child who was photographed. Turns out? His daughter got hired by Montgomery County Schools working under the official who sent the photograph(s). Hired shortly after the photo(s) was sent and the investigation began. Bizarre coincidence.


Rodney Brewer — is this common practice in your shop? I am personally disappointed, as your office has previously been nothing but forthcoming and professional when dealing with anything I’ve ever covered.


Unreal. Just unfuckingbelievable.

Animal Care Atrocities Revealed In Shelby County


When you hear “Shelby County Animal Control/No Kill Mission” you automatically think warm fuzzies, right? Because you assume animals are adequately cared for, well-fed and not euthanized. Because that’s what any sane person would do.

Unfortunately, the folks there — because they want to live up to being no-kill — are STARVING ANIMALS TO DEATH.

It’s not a secret, so save any b.s. backlash about this merely being conjecture.

The fat and happy shots were taken between July and September 2013. The others? Taken December 2013. In an instance or two, you’ll see the dogs after they’ve been rescued and fed.










Starving animals to death so they don’t have to euthanize them.

Keeping them in terrible conditions.





Several local organizations have saved some of the worst case animals but they can’t do everything. And if volunteers speak up, they’re immediately ostracized.

It’s worse than Louisville Metro Animal Services.

If anyone has additional information, photographs, videos, audio recordings, emails and such? Feel free to get in touch.