Do You Still Have A Sad For Lil Rand?

You can thank Kentucky Democrats for allowing this informed consent nonsense to happen. Way to go, Democrats! Who you gonna attack and defame now that you’ve alienated everybody? [H-L]

Rand Paul (R-Cookie Tree) is suspending his presidential campaign, Politico and CNN reported Wednesday. “It’s been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the White House. Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of Liberty,” the senator said in a statement on Wednesday, following his fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [HuffPo]

Louisville had the sharpest increase of any U.S. city in terms of residents age 65 or older who are scrapping by to pay their rent, according to findings released Monday by a national affordable housing group. [C-J/AKN]

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Gina McCarthy said Michigan state officials misled her agency in the run-up to Flint’s lead contamination crisis. [The Hill]

Allie Secor, manager of the Community Recycling Center, said she plans to retire in June. In a recent meeting of the recycling center board, one idea that was mentioned was for her replacement to be an employee of the city, which would mean adding a benefits package in order to attract qualified candidates. [The Morehead News]

The lawyers who enable an abusive business model for collecting consumer debts are now on the hook for their clients’ screwups. [ThinkProgress]

The 2014 tax audit for Metcalfe County Sheriff Rondal Shirley was released Monday by state auditor Mike Harmon. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-Cookie Tree) has dropped out of the race for US president after a disappointing fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [BBC]

Peoples Bancorp Foundation, a non-profit corporation formed to make donations in Peoples Bank market areas, recently awarded $3,000 to Russell Independent Schools Endowment Foundation, Inc. [Ashland Independent]

The U.S. House of Representatives has subpoenaed the former Midwest chief of the Environmental Protection Agency over the Flint, Michigan, drinking water crisis, Representative Jason Chaffetz said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Main Street and High Street in downtown Hazard were closed to traffic on the morning of Jan. 28, as a Kentucky State Police dog sniffed through the area in search of possible explosives. [Hazard Herald]

The United States is still lagging the world in the rollout of broadband. Look at the map and you’ll hate people like Brett Guthrie, Jim Waters and anyone associated with them even more than you already do. You’ll rage against just about any telecom-tied lobbyist you can think of after seeing it. Disgusting. [The Register]

When Benjamin Harrison moved from Indianapolis to Washington in 1889 to become the nation’s 23rd president, the White House kitchen steward hired a French chef to prepare meals for the new president and his guests. [Tom Eblen]

Jared Fox, 28, knows first-hand about the perils of intolerance. Just two years ago, when Fox was visiting his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, from New York, he was brutally attacked by a group of teenagers. They beat him, stole his belongings and called him anti-gay slurs. He suffered bruises all over his body. [HuffPo]

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Hey, Shelby Co, Justice Is Coming

Before you read this, please know that I’m not the least bit objective when it comes to issues animal care or elder abuse. What you see is what you get. Track record speaks for itself. Like a dog on a bone, so to speak.

Almost every year around February 2, something big on the animal care front happens. Example: In 2011, it was me forcing out yet another Louisville Metro Animal Services shyster and Greg Fischer holding a press conference to talk about The ‘Ville Voice. It’s bizarre but happens so frequently I felt it worth a mention.


And here we are again on Groundhog Day.

Recall, if you will, a brief mention I made about atrocities at the Shelby County animal care facility in 2014:

When you hear “Shelby County Animal Control/No Kill Mission” you automatically think warm fuzzies, right? Because you assume animals are adequately cared for, well-fed and not euthanized. Because that’s what any sane person would do.

Unfortunately, the folks there — because they want to live up to being no-kill — are STARVING ANIMALS TO DEATH.

Note: Do not click the link if you cannot handle graphic images or the reality of what passes for acceptable animal care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The level of abuse and torture blew my mind then and it’s blown again just seeing the photos.

I promised justice at the time but only after giving officials in Shelby County the opportunity to do the right thing. Whattya know? They didn’t do the right thing. Didn’t even try.

Now those bad actors find themselves staring down the barrel of a lawsuit:


Filed by Dan Canon, fresh off a Supreme Court victory, and Ted Walton.

Some of the facts:

  • In late 2013, Ms. Moore and several other local residents became aware of disturbing conditions at the Shelter. Many of the dogs in the care of the Shelter were noticeably undernourished, their ribcages plainly visible. Crates were not cleaned regularly, and canine waste was permitted to collect for days at a time. When cleaning was attempted, disinfectant was sprayed into cages with the dogs still present causing chemical burns, bleeding paws, and skin conditions. Dogs were not permitted any exercise, and their living spaces were not adequately protected from the weather.
  • Shelby County Animal Care Coalition was organized in early 2014 in response to the appalling conditions at the Shelter.
  • Shelby County Animal Care Coalition worked closely with County officials and the Shelter management, including Defendant Federle, throughout 2014, providing volunteers, guidance, and support in the hopes that animals would receive more humane treatment. These efforts were unsuccessful, and animals continued to be subjected to unacceptable conditions at the Shelter.
  • The relationship between Shelby County Animal Care Coalition and Mr. Federle became increasingly adversarial, and Mr. Federle ultimately barred Coalition members from access to the Shelter so they could not help care for animals or monitor the conditions in which the animals were kept.
  • Mr. Federle agreed to meet Ms. Moore to transfer the Surveillance Videos on May 21, 2015. Mr. Federle cancelled the appointment on May 21, shortly before the scheduled meeting.
  • Ms. Moore and Mr. Federle rescheduled the appointment for May 28, 2015. Mr. Federle again cancelled on the day of the appointment – one hour prior to the appointment time – and rescheduled for the following week.
  • On June 5, 2015, Ms. Moore and Mr. Pendleton were finally able to meet with Mr. Federle at the Shelter and were allowed access to the electronic storage of the Surveillance Videos. However, at that time, Ms. Moore and Mr. Pendleton discovered that all stored footage of the Surveillance Videos had been deleted on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 1:53 a.m.
  • Mr. Pendleton, an experienced technology professional, expressed the belief that “there are too many steps that must be taken” to erase the hard drive such that it could not have been accomplished accidentally.

On top of all that, here’s an October opinion from the Office of the Attorney General telling the animal shysters they were in the wrong:


That’s some extreme cover-up activity that went down.

This is why we can’t have nice things in Kentucky.

Kentucky: Sometimes It’s The Worst

Lately, it seems like it’s most of the time. This latest situation? Sickening.

The Commonwealth placed a trans woman in a Dismas-run halfway house filled with 60-80 men and she was assaulted.

Dan Canon to the rescue! Because Kentucky always gets everything wrong, he had to file suit on her behalf.

Here’s the initial complaint:


No private room, no security measures, nothing. She was on her own because, you know, Kentucky is a disaster.

This makes, what, the millionth assault or otherwise awful incident involving Dismas?

This is merely an allegation, blah blah blah, journalism. I’ll spare you the flowery language.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Examining Records After An Athlete’s Death Is Difficult, Frustrating, Sad

On Thursday, August 13, Hopkinsville High School football player Jayvon Quarles died in what can only be considered a freak accident while moving equipment.

From USA Today:

Jayvon Corey Quarles, a 17-year-old at Hopkinsville High School, was reportedly helping move a “large, heavy piece of metal football equipment,” at Hopkinsville Middle School, which serves as the high school football team’s practice facility. The equipment fell and struck Quarles in the head, killing him with blunt force trauma.

The accident occurred before practice, at some point earlier than 4 p.m. Thursday, with Quarles rushed to Jennie Stuart Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

“The equipment fell on his head,” Christian County coroner Dorris Lamb told The Leaf-Chronicle, a Gannett partner. “He was dead on arrival at Jennie Stuart Medical Center.”


Clarksville (Tenn). Fox affiliate WZTV reported that Hopkinsville police have launched an investigation into the incident, though there has been no indication thus far that there is any reason to believe an element of foul play was involved.

From WDRB:

Hopkinsville Police say Jayvon Corey Quarles was helping move a large, heavy piece of football equipment at the Hopkinsville Middle School practice field, when it fell and hit him in the head.

Quarles was taken to Jennie Stuart Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 4:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

A tragedy no matter how you look at it.

In situations like this, particularly in light of 2009’s House Bill 383 (Warning: External PDF Link) – which was enacted to require athletics coaches to pass mandatory safety courses, it only makes sense to determine whether or not Hopkinsville High School coaches had undergone required training. Note: The Kentucky High School Athletics Association spells out (Warning: External PDF Link) training requirements a bit better than the legislation.

On August 14 we filed an open records request with Christian County Schools and Hopkinsville High School:

All certificates or confirmation (electronic or hardcopy) that football coaches, assistant coaches and anyone affiliated with football at Hopkinsville High School have received required safety training as required by HB 383 of 2009.

While the district didn’t respond within the three-day window required by state law, we’re not going to complain about receiving a response a day late. Still worth noting.

Jack Lackey of Deatherage, Myers & Lackey finally got back to us this morning and here’s what we’ve learned…

Head football coach Marc Clark and other individuals affiliated with athletics had Adult First Aid/CPR/AED training on August 26, 2014:

But did not undergo the same training until the day after we filed our request and two days after the accident:

Clark’s required KMA/KHSAA Sports Safety Course and Medical Symposium Certification expired on July 3, 2015:

More than a month prior to the death of Quarles.

And he didn’t receive updated training or a certificate until August 16, 2015, two days after we requested his records and three days after the death:

While maybe not an intentional lapse, it’s still concerning because the safety of young athletes is at stake and lives are in the hands of coaches. A lack of timely certification could also indicate there’s a pattern of ignoring safety of student athletes within that school district.

Neither the district nor its law firm have responded to requests for comment so we can only speculate at this point.

According to sources well-acquainted with athletics in Kentucky and the KHSAA, there are currently dozens of head football couches around the state. Troubling when realizing the first football matches of the season begin this Friday.

CLICK HERE to contribute to a GoFundMe account going to the family of Quarles.


We got a response from the district’s law firm:

Coach Clark completed the last of the required training on August 13, 2015 at approximately 3:30 pm, which was prior to your request and prior to the incident likely giving rise to your request.

Unfortunately, that’s not what anyone literate would call accurate, as you can see on the documents above. August 15 would be the date training was completed with the Red Cross. August 16th with KHSAA. Not on August 13. Not completed and received prior to the incident. Not prior to our inquiry.

Hugely disappointing that the school district, via its attorneys, would be spinning in such a manner after this tragedy.

For the sake of documentation — you may click here to access a 480K zip file containing the three PDF documents obtained via open records request. They’ve been manually redacted as a courtesy to remove direct email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Update On A Dog Thief & Her Homophobic Mother’s Coverup: Yep, More Kim Davis Crap


In light of all the attention on homophobic Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis? Thought it’d be a good idea to offer an update on Charlie Brown.

Remember Charlie Brown?


He’s the dog Kim’s daughter apparently stole (not allegedly, she did it).


Kim was running for election at the time — a campaign she ultimately won, replacing her mother as County Clerk. Despite barely squeaking by in the Democratic primary.

The situation was all kinds of crazy. Her daughter sent Ross Madden, Charlie’s person, messages like these:


But small town law enforcement turned a blind eye. They were afraid of Kim and the good old boy Democratic machine that thrives in rural Eastern Kentucky. For outsiders: the Dems in Kentucky are about 100x more conservative than Republicans in D.C. and 1,000x more corrupt.

The County Attorney (Hey, Cecil!) refused to get involved because he was afraid of backlash. A County Attorney in a nearby town ultimately got interested in the case late last fall but lost his campaign for re-election. Since then, nothing’s happened.

There are several witnesses, security camera footage, all those text messages and Facebook threats, interactions with law enforcement, Kim retaliating against Madden for outing her daughter as the culprit. And nothing.

I spoke with Ross Madden via chat this morning to see if he had anything to update. Here’s part of what he shared, unedited:

Hi Jake, hope your doing good. But nothing ever came from it, Patrick started to show some interest but did not get re-elected. That train was stopped in its tracks. I’ve tried to contact Ally a of times but she continues to demand I don’t contact her any more or she is pressing charges.


Kims rug sweeping party convinced the locals by word that I’m just crazy and went looney because my dog ran away. I know for a fact Ally took Charlie as Kim knew as well. I had more than enough proof and witnesses I thought.

I spoke at length about the dognapping and the current storm in which Kim currently finds herself swirling. Ross says he’s still asked about Charlie as he travels around the region. You can imagine that few have anything kind to offer about Kim Davis. Especially at this point in time.

He also shared a story about recently having business to conduct in the Clerk’s office. During the time he was there, Kim didn’t make eye contact or acknowledge him. But when it was time for him to leave? She yelled, “BYE ROSS!”, waving, smirk plastered across her thrice-divorced face. Which, well, seems to line up with everything the public has seen of her behavior.

One can’t help but feel for Ross. His frustration permeates everything he says and it’s clear to even casual observers that he’s been left to fend for himself.

Kim isn’t responsible for her adult daughter’s actions, no. But she knew about them. She could have influenced her daughter or coaxed her into returning the dog. She could have been a compassionate Christian when dealing with Ross. She wasn’t helpful, she wasn’t compassionate. She dug her heels in, helped her daughter cover things up, used her small town connections to sweep this under the rug. That’s the kind of person she is.

For people wondering why I’m still on this Charlie Brown thing? I grew up in Morehead and the nearby town of West Liberty. I know these people. I know the Davis Family. Most people in Eastern Kentucky are kind, loving, accepting, generous. As are most members of the Davis Family I know. But not Kim. This is her. Entitled, hypocritical, bigoted, homophobic, greedy. She feels deep in her gut that she’s owed something and that she should be permitted to force her dark, personal fears on everyone around her. She’s determined to get what’s hers, to cover her family’s messes up, everyone else be damned.

That’s the Kim Davis the entire world now knows. Apologies for the digression/tangent. Back to Ross and Charlie Brown.

It’s unlikely that the dog will ever be found. Though, in the off chance someone in the national audience (Kentucky? Ohio? Surrounding region?) knows something? You can find contact information for Ross here.

He deserves answers.

The Ultimate Yin-Yang Crisis For Jake In A Photo

It’s Friday and we need a bunch of filler content that doesn’t cause brains to melt. The three-day weekend is almost here and there’s no sense in having complex thoughts.

This may be the most important photograph of Steve Beshear — ever:


He’s looking at cantaloupe, peaches and canary melon!

CANTALOUPE! And Steve Beshear. Our favorite and least favorite things in life.

This Louisville Scandal Impacts The Entire State

This story is so important that we’re using our most valuable time slots of the week to bring awareness.

Fair warning: your stomach will churn, you’ll get angry and if you have any compassion at all for life (I’m speaking directly to you, pro-lifers!) and responsibility, you’ll take it to heart.

This impacts everyone in the Commonwealth and it’s something I’ve been covering with dedication for nearly eight years. Having worked hard to oust quite a few people from this government agency through the years, I personally hope you’ll take the time to consider it. It means a lot. While this story is just one of thousands like it, it’s illustrative of the problem and the coverup that progressive Democrats (yes, I said it) are directly responsible for.

I write about and dig into these things not because I hate this state but because I love it. I want things to change so more people have the opportunity to appreciate what we’ve been blessed with. Kentucky (and Louisville) is intoxicating and it’s home. We, as Kentuckians, are responsible for seeing future generations live and thrive here. We cannot sit on our hands or make excuses for problems like this any longer. You deserve better. Kentucky deserves better. We all deserve better.

I grew up in a rural, countrified, salt of the earth part of the state that instilled in me the belief that you’re only as good as the way you treat those less fortunate, the elderly and your animals. When you turn to government-sanctioned cruelty, neglect and indifference? You prove the true worth of your character.

Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you to the thousands of thoughtful Kentuckians who step up every day to make a difference.


The LMAS Official-Turned-Fischer-Staffer Scandal Gets Real: Proof Margaret Brosko & Other Metro Officials Are Corrupt & Lack Any Compassion

In February 2013, Louisville Metro Animal Services received a young and beautiful Pitbull named Sadie. She was friendly, likable and loving but had what amounted to a dangling leg from an injury that needed to be amputated. Her owner attempted to claim her in March and received a violation notice of her injuries. When a vet notice is issued, owners are required to provide vet care within 48 hours or they wind up in court. The owner didn’t bother getting her care and didn’t bother showing up for court. Nothing happened. No bench warrant was issued. There was no follow-up from LMAS.

In late August, the owner finally surrendered Sadie to LMAS and she was set to be euthanized.

A big deal, sure, but not something LMAS couldn’t handle and not something that is rare. But Sadie’s story doesn’t end like you think it should.


You’ll absolutely want to read the rest by CLICKING HERE