Oh Snap Monday! Fancy Updates for Fancy Elitists

With the U.S. Senate race so close (literally within the margin of error), does this mean Mitch McConnell will be spending this summer and fall in Kentucky rather than traveling the country to help his dozen or so Republican colleagues who are facing a tough re-election? [The Nation via Yahoo!]

Some crazy nutbag named Michelle Ferguson perpetuates the right-wing meme of blaming the Democrats. Yeah, that really accomplishes everything we need to accomplish as a country. [H-L]

Insight into the man who is Barack Obama’s elusive campaign manager, David Plouffe. Who knew nerdy types could be so powerful and important? Gives us hope! [Wall Street Journal]

Okay. Oakwood is just a big damn disaster. When will it end? We’ve heard accounts from several legislators the past couple weeks and they all want to pop a cap in somebody. When are we gonna stop dicking around and actually make a change? [H-L]

Does Barry have an Ernie Fletcher problem in Kentucky? Ronnie Ellis seems to think so. Something about ethics and promises or whatever. The Lunsford-McConnell race is real. And Fancy Farm is going to be craaaazy on August second. For sure. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo and Allison Patrick got married on Saturday in Northern Kentucky. How fancy is that? He’s 47, she’s 22. The two married at Covington’s Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. They pretended that the location and details of the wedding were under wraps, but regular readers of this site know that’s not true. A commenter tipped us off that the wedding would take place in Northern Kentucky. Also, we love that Mongiardo referred to Patrick as an “asset.” [PolWatchers]

Ralph Long has an interesting take on Adam Edelen’s rise to political power. And his future in Kentucky politics, to say the least. [Ralph Long]

What was that about the Iraq debacle not being about oil? 36 years after Iraq’s oil program was nationalized, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total, BP and Chevron will return to Iraq for no-bid contracts to service Iraq’s oil fields. The contracts are unusual and prevailed over others by more than 40 other companies. While more oil is obviously good for the U.S., it doesn’t change that the right-wing rhetoric turned out to be a fraud. There’s no denying it was about oil. [NY Times]

Northup Playing Both Sides With Big Oil

Former Congresswoman Anne Northup is playing both sides on the matter of high gas prices. She owns between between $500,002 and $1,050,000 in big oil stock and has taken more than $312,000 from the oil and gas industry during her years in the U.S. House. (Research that yourself here)

Refresher: In 2005 she voted for $85 billion worth of subsidies and tax breaks those industries [HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05] and in 2004 she voted against an amendment to the energy and water funding bill to increase renewable energy funding by $30 million [HR 4614, Vote #321, 6/25/2004].

And now Northup is attempting to paint herself as a leader for lowering gas prices in Louisville. Her campaign has launched a site called Lower Gas Louisville in which she asks supportrs to sign a petition (so she can harvest your contact info).


She can’t have her cake and eat it, too. Wouldn’t Northup be taken a lot more seriously if she cut her mega-ties to big oil? Wouldn’t Democrats and everyday Louisvillians and Kentuckians (which she needs to win) take her more seriously if she divested of her millions in big oil stock? We know, don’t hold our breath, yadda yadda.

Commence to foaming in the comments, concern trolls.

Update: Preston Really Is Replacing Edelen

We told you earlier that Tom Preston was set to replace Adam Edelen.

We hear through the pinko traitor rumor grapevine that Tom Preston, current Senior Advisor for the Governor’s Office, could be appointed to replace Adam Edelen as the Director of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.

Spot-on, according the 84WHAS radio:

Beshear’s senior advisor for military affairs Thomas L. Preston will take over the job being vacated by Adam Edelen, who will become the Governor’s Chief-Of-Staff in mid-July.

Preston will maintain his Capitol office and also work out of OHS headquarters in Frankfort. Preston founded Preston Global, company that focused on corporate crisis management. He also served in the adminstration of former Governor Wendell Ford.

UPDATE: From the Governor’s press release. (No, they still don’t take anybody but newspapers seriously. So we’re obviously not on the press list.)

“Because of Tom’s lengthy public/private career in anti-terrorism as well as violent crisis prevention and response he’s a natural to step up, especially during this difficult fiscal period” Gov. Beshear noted.

He receives no additional compensation despite the additional duties and time required, the Governor said.

“I’m just a loyal utility infielder willing to do whatever helps my long time friend as well as the entire commonwealth. This transition should move quickly because of Adam’s fine work at OHS,” Preston stressed.

From thwarting Soviet assassination teams in Turkey, to overcoming sabotage in the U.S. Preston has engaged a wide variety of aggressively defiant situations.

He helped quell interruptions by terrorist sympathizers against former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while visiting this country. Diffusing a death threat against a high profile CEO and his family, he located and guided law enforcement to an international terrorist group in Brooklyn, NY.

In the mid-80s he developed PURGE, a vulnerability assessment and countermeasure paradigm against terrorism and workplace violence.

A national magazine labeled one of his companies, “Among the 12 top strategic counseling firms in America.”

LEO Interviews Traitor and Known America-Hater

New York Times Bestselling author David Sirota just did an interview with LEO about his new book– THE UPRISING. (Which we told you about here)

Sirota will be in Cincinnati on June 24 to discuss his pinko commie ways and will spread the treason show to Louisville the following day. Details of his visit are available here.

Or if you’re too lazy to clicky clicky, here’s the skinny: Cincinnati on June 24 – 7:00 P.M. @ Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Aaaaaand Louisville on June 25 – 7:00 P.M. @ Carmichael’s on Frankfort Ave.

From LEO:

LEO: Why are Americans so pissed off?

David Sirota: Well I think they’re pissed off because they see a direct connection between the policies of the government and the current crises we’re living through — health care, energy, national security. People no longer see government as playing a passive role, but they actually see the government contributing to and creating the crises we’re now facing. On all these issues there is public consensus for what people want to happen. There’s a public consensus for people who want a public health care system. There’s public consensus for what people want out of Iraq. There is public consensus that people want the government to crack down on the energy companies and deal with the energy crisis. We can make a list on all these issues. On every major issue the government is doing the exact opposite of what the public consensus is and so as these crises have intensified people have gotten more and more angry.

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

It’s Official: Cauley Out, Edelen In

Turns out that we were right to trust our sources. Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff Jim Cauley is leaving the administration and will be replaced by Adam Edelen, current Executive Director of Homeland Security.

Good move on the governor’s part.

Just one thing: Who thinks Steve Beshear won for any reason other than anti-Fletcher sentiment? Anyway…

Here’s the release:

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Office of the Governor

Dick Brown

Chief of Staff Jim Cauley Announces Decision to Leave Post in Beshear Administration

Governor appoints Adam Edelen to succeed Cauley

FRANKFORT, KY (June 18, 2008) – Governor Steve Beshear today announced the decision of Chief of Staff James Cauley to resign in order to pursue his own political consulting business.

“With his political acumen, strategic mind and never-failing good humor, Jimmy has been an integral part of my team and will be sorely missed,” Governor Beshear said, emphasizing that Cauley would continue to be a valuable advisor to him. “Jane and I and the entire staff were lucky to bring this Kentucky boy back home for my political campaign. Without him, I would never have been elected. We know this was a tough decision for Jimmy, but we understand that this is the right time in this talented young man’s career to move on to other opportunities.”

Read the rest after the jump…

Read moreIt’s Official: Cauley Out, Edelen In

Breaking: Nickolas’ Censorship Suit Settled

Public Citizen just announced that the blog ban/censorship case against the Commonwealth has been settled:

WASHINGTON, DC – June 17 – The Commonwealth of Kentucky has settled a lawsuit with a political blogger whose critical comments of then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher resulted in the state “blacklisting” all blogs on state-owned computers.

Public Citizen’s client Mark Nickolas, author of the blog BluegrassReport.org, agreed Tuesday to dismiss the suit in the U.S. District Court in Frankfort, Ky. after Kentucky officials approved the settlement agreement. Louisville attorney Jennifer Moore also represented Nickolas.

Under the settlement, Kentucky officials agreed to no longer single out websites just because they are considered blogs. State officials reserve the right to block sites they consider inappropriate but agree to use a “viewpoint-neutral” standard that applies equally to all Web sites.

This announcement doesn’t carry the weight it normally would, since the governor and crew announced months ago that the ban would be lifted.

Cauley Story Picked Up By Mainstreamers

We told you on Friday that Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff Jim Cauley was moving on to allegedly head a 527.

Now the mainstream media has jumped on the story, getting a confirmation from the governor himself:

Cauley may be leaving Beshear administration

Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday that he has been talking to Jim Cauley, his chief of staff, “about his future and may have something to say about that in the next day or two.”

Beshear’s comment was in response to a question during a news conference in his Capitol office about whether Cauley soon will be leaving the administration.

We hear that a high-profile member of Beshear’s administration will replace Cauley. Somebody new to state government who has a great reputation for working well with everyone. Let’s just say he’s related to, well… his name starts with A and he works in homeland security.  But, this is all rumor…  so…  you know how it goes.  It could be anybody.