UofL President Reveals More on Felner

University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey reveals more information about the federal investigation at UofL involving former education dean Robert Felner.

“Uh, I really cain’t comment other than to say that when we were made aware that there, uh, might be some irregularities, we started (an) investigation and turned it over to the, uh, U.S. Attorney.”  — UofL President Jim Ramsey

So there was no internal audit. UofL administrators were merely made aware of potential problems and then called in the feds. That puts that story to bed.

Here’s a clip from WHAS11:

UofL Could Be Hurt Financially By Felner

That’s right. WHAS11’s Adam Walser has finally put the story we’ve been digging through for weeks on the teevee. And through him we discover that Felner never produced final accounting for two huge Carnegie Corporation grants worth more than $1.5 million. That forever prevents the College of Education at the University of Louisville from receiving Carnegie funds. UPDATE: Carnegie tells us that it’s URI that is impacted, not UofL. We were merely repeating what Adam Walser reported in his story. But we wanted to get this corrected.

After re-watching his attorney’s comments about being one of the most well-regarded people in his field, we can’t help but shake our head. The past week has certainly made that statement seem less than solid. We actually feel sympathy for Felner’s attorney at this point.

There’s a bunch more.

Just watch the video after the jump…

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Guess Who is Back… Dun Dun Dun…

Guess who says he’s going to be writing about Kentucky politics again from Montana? Yup. Mark Nickolas.

And he says he’s got some full-time writer who is really plugged into Kentucky politics who will also be writing. But he won’t be revealing who it is until Monday.

Is it too little too late for Nickolas? And who would align with him after such a controversial departure from Kentucky who is actually in-the-know?

Tuesday. Candidates Gone Wild Dept of Crazy.

OMG. You’ve gotta watch this. Jefferson County judicial candidate (District Judge) Katie King went crazy on her ex-boyfriend and he called 911. OMG. You’ve gotta watch this story. OMG OMG OMG. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF! FRANCENE! You’ve gotta talk about this! It’s so amazing! OMG! Hands down, this is the best story to hit the teevee in weeks. [WATCH IT!]

Don McNay was named treasurer of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Hooray Don! Also, if you win a bazillion dollars, Don is the guy to talk to. Everyone congratulate him! [Don McNay]

Now the Democrats are all up on three-wheel electric cars. We’re a little confused, really, since it was Republicans who were all up on them first. What’s going on, here, kids? Is this bipartisanship? [PolWatchers]

Jim Bunning and Robert Byrd– the two oldest dudes on earth or whatever– are going to fight each other like that dancing woman on Steel Magnolias. Two pigs fighting under a blanket. You know how it is. [C-J]

Speaking of old people. Mitch McConnell wants all medicare-aged old people to die of the starvation, the poverty and the sickness of whatever. He just wants them to die and will vote against them no matter what. [The Hill]

Monday Afternoon Update Dept & Such

Aww, Mitch is on the Facebook and Joe hearts him. Lookit.

The KDP’s Jeremy Horton is afraid of Joe and some Shark Lady has the Fayette Co Democratic Party Chair believing he’s not a Democrat. Fancy.

Bruce Lunsford walked the parade route in Murray while Mitch McConnell rode around in a car. Even fancier. Lookit the video.

The Associated Press hearts John McCain and wants to strangle John Kerry really hard. A lot.

Remember when Ernie Fletcher tried to reign in state vehicle use and abuse? Remember when his crew directed cabinet secretaries and others to turn in their vehicles? No? FLASHBACK to 2005.

Even the foreigners are all up on McConnell’s comments about dead hatemonger Jesse Helms. For reals.