Breaking: Nickolas’ Censorship Suit Settled

Public Citizen just announced that the blog ban/censorship case against the Commonwealth has been settled:

WASHINGTON, DC – June 17 – The Commonwealth of Kentucky has settled a lawsuit with a political blogger whose critical comments of then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher resulted in the state “blacklisting” all blogs on state-owned computers.

Public Citizen’s client Mark Nickolas, author of the blog, agreed Tuesday to dismiss the suit in the U.S. District Court in Frankfort, Ky. after Kentucky officials approved the settlement agreement. Louisville attorney Jennifer Moore also represented Nickolas.

Under the settlement, Kentucky officials agreed to no longer single out websites just because they are considered blogs. State officials reserve the right to block sites they consider inappropriate but agree to use a “viewpoint-neutral” standard that applies equally to all Web sites.

This announcement doesn’t carry the weight it normally would, since the governor and crew announced months ago that the ban would be lifted.

Cauley Story Picked Up By Mainstreamers

We told you on Friday that Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff Jim Cauley was moving on to allegedly head a 527.

Now the mainstream media has jumped on the story, getting a confirmation from the governor himself:

Cauley may be leaving Beshear administration

Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday that he has been talking to Jim Cauley, his chief of staff, “about his future and may have something to say about that in the next day or two.”

Beshear’s comment was in response to a question during a news conference in his Capitol office about whether Cauley soon will be leaving the administration.

We hear that a high-profile member of Beshear’s administration will replace Cauley. Somebody new to state government who has a great reputation for working well with everyone. Let’s just say he’s related to, well… his name starts with A and he works in homeland security.  But, this is all rumor…  so…  you know how it goes.  It could be anybody.

Weirdo Update: Republican Sex Pervert Going to Jail

Or the headline could have been: Expensive Blow Job!

You may remember the story last August. Glenn Murphy, Jr. was chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation, and he liked to party. At a July 28 event, he decided to perform oral sex on a fellow male party attendee while the recipient was asleep. As the story goes, the dude woke up and shooed him away.

Murphy apparently pleaded with the dude to keep quiet. But you know how “GOP Official Blows Sleeping Man at Party” stories are — word gets out. A blogger, who happened to be an Indiana Democratic Party spokesperson (Jennifer Wagner) got wind of the blown job and wrote about it.

That triggered his arrest, and the police got a confession on tape when Murphy asked the guy to keep it quiet two days later. Murphy was also president of the Clark County Republicans. He quickly resigned both titles.

Today Murphy pleaded guilty, and got SIX years, two of which he’ll likely have to serve. Murhpy is free on a $25,000 bond, which is way more expensive than that hooker addiction the former governor of New York has.

Moral of the story: You come up with it. Tell us in the comments. This is just too priceless to ignore. Wonderful and deliciously sick humor without any conjecture from us.  This is what happens when you live life in the closet, kids.

Photos from the Democratic Party Unity Rally

Diane Brumback has posted photos of KDP’s unity rally in May. Visit her site to view them all.

Here’s a bit to whet your appetite:

A unity rally at KDP? I wouldn’t exactly call it that but it was very revealing

The Kentucky Democratic Party held a “Unity Rally” a couple of weeks ago following Bruce Lunsford’s big win in the Primary election over his Democratic opponent Greg Fischer.

The Party Chair, Jennifer Moore, spoke to the small crowd of mainly media types. I’m still trying to figure out who is “pulling her strings” so to speak. I always get the feeling that Moore has so much to say but someone is holding her back.

Giving a less than dynamic speech was Governor Steve Beshear.

Go check out the rest.

ABBA: Hot Among Old Republican Dudes

It’s official. ABBA is the pick of fancy Republicans like former Governor Ernie Fletcher and super-old Senator John McCain.

In October 2007 we learned that Ernie’s favorite song was “Take a Chance On Me” by ABBA:

Q: What three songs do you play most often?
Fletcher: Stranger by the Shore, Staying Alive, Take a Chance on Me.
Beshear: My Way, Amazing Grace, Misty.

Now we learn via Wonkette that John McCain loves ABBA!

Is this some sort of fancy old man cult that we don’t know about? Someone needs to fill us in PRONTO! This is kind of horrifying and/or unsettling.