Trey Grayson Actually Did Renounce Frank Simon

Aww, we’ve got a cute, anonymous stalker at Mark Nickolas’ attack site who likes to call us “I heart Trey.” Never mind that Nickolas himself is an ardent supporter of Trey Grayson and had a tight working relationship with his office as early as 2006.

In a story on Bluegrass Report today, Walter Hawkins brings up the fact that Trey Grayson was endorsed by crazy nutbag Frank Simon in 2007 and demands that Grayson renounce Simon’s endorsement.

What neither Walter nor our stalker bothered to do was research. Because Grayson’s campaign told us back in October that Trey renounced Simon’s endorsement.

The folks who still haven’t renounced Simon’s endorsement? Current State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach and Bruce Hendrickson, Grayson’s opponent in 2007, who now has a sweet state job.

Sonny Landham Is a Racist Piece of Work

What was that about Sonny Landham not being a racist hack?

Landham was unapologetic Thursday for comments he made disparaging Arabs. He also said he would support blocking Arabs from entering this country to visit, attend school or to seek American citizenship. He accuses Arab countries of waging economic terrorism against the U.S. by allowing oil prices to reach record-high levels.

So much for just being a perverted hardcore pornographer. Now he’s put on his sheets!

Like Joe says, he’s definitely a racist hack.

Check out Landham’s latest fancy comments:

“I’m a pro-American all the way. The Arabs, the camel dung-shovelers, the camel jockeys, whichever you wanna call ‘em, are terrorists. And they are doing a terrorist act on this country with the high gas prices. They’re about to wreck this economy, not only our economy, but the world economy. Now, when you talk to people, you don’t talk in PC terms. PC does not get the attention of the people.”

Ken Moellman will start trying to spin this as a positive in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Update on the Ken Mullikin Story

By now everybody knows what’s going down with Ken Mullikin in northern Kentucky. So we thought we’d drop an update based on what we’re hearing from prominent Democrats in Campbell County.

Mullikin’s father apparently passed away a few weeks ago. Then the police raid/investigation drama began. Shortly after his wife is rumored to have bailed on him. And now Mullikin is allegedly hospitalized after some sort of breakdown.

Our calls to Mullikin have not been returned and those close to him only tell us they don’t wish to speak about him.

If (we’re saying if – because he hasn’t been arrested or charged with anything) Mullikin needs any help, we’re hopeful that he’s receiving it.

Associated Press Falling Apart at the Seams?

Seriously, AP? First you’re suing people who use more than five words at a time from your stories and now you’re quoting Brett Hall– who was fired for dropping the f-bomb at an Ernie Fletcher press conference– as a reliable Republican strategist in a story about Steve Beshear and ethics?

Beshear had taken three planeloads of high-ranking state officials with him to the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky last week for the first of the meetings, at a cost of more than $7,000.

“The symbolism of it shows him not to be very responsible with the public’s money,” said Brett Hall, a Republican Party strategist and one-time adviser to former Gov. Ernie Fletcher. “That’s just one of the things that sticks in people’s craws, especially when you hold yourself out to be Mr. Ethics and after accusing your predecessor of not being responsible with public funds.”

Couldn’t you speak to someone who doesn’t consistently lie and/or make shiz up, Roger Alford? Maybe one of the nutbags at the Bluegrass Institute who want to kill public education? At least they’re consistent.

Believe me, there are hundreds of Republicans out there with way more credibility. Can’t you just try a little bit as a member of the traditional media not to quote people like this? Jesus H.

Ronnie Ellis Rakes Gov. Beshear Over Hot Coals

Wow is all we have to say. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

From the Glasgow Daily Times:

Some call it an “image tour,” designed to portray Gov. Steve Beshear as a vigorous leader and increase his favorability ratings. Beshear calls it a “listening tour.”

He started Thursday in Pikeville, telling about 400 people he doesn’t think expanded gambling is dead. There are 12 more scheduled “Beshear About Kentucky Tour” stops. He will visit Somerset on Monday, Winchester (July 24), Ashland (July 28), Madisonville (July 31), Shepherdsville (Aug. 5), Bowling Green (Aug. 6), Owensboro (Aug. 11), Hazard (Aug. 12), Northern Kentucky (Aug. 13), Henderson (Aug. 18), Murray (Aug. 19) and Paducah (Aug. 20).


So, Governor, how do you propose to deal with Kentucky’s fiscal problems?


Governor, do you have a plan to stem the increase?


Governor, what grade do you give yourself for your first eight months in office?


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