ALERT: We Love UofL Provost Willihnganz

In the ongoing saga of David Edmunds spreading his self loathing brand of homophobia, University of Louisville Provost Shirley C. Willinhnganz stood up by graciously stealing an idea from us and we couldn’t be more excited.

Willinhganz wrote a letter that was published in the Courier-Journal over the weekend that used our “Alert!” fear tactic to scare everyone into submission with a dose of reality.

David Edmunds of the Family Foundation recently wrote a piece that attacked the University of Louisville for decisions made to help our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, faculty and staff. Edmunds seemed bent on alerting the community to what he considers horrific practices and developments at U of L. So let’s look at these “alerts.” (For the record, we got this idea from

Alert: U of L has gay people. Yes we do. And straight people. Black people. White people. People of all races and ethnicities. Our commitment to diversity means that all kinds of people engage in their quest for knowledge and a better life by coming here. This is a good thing. Just as we learn from facts and data, we learn from each other. That learning is more effective and more meaningful if it happens in an environment of trust and tolerance. As President James Ramsey says, the University of Louisville, as well as the Louisville community, values diversity.

Go read the rest of the letter.

Gosh, we’re in love. Not only taking on one of the strangest self-haters in the Commonwealth but giving us known homosexuals (not Rick) free publicity! Where do we send the gift basket?! Okay, so we can’t afford a gift basket. But maybe a fancy card that plays tacky music.

Huge kudos to UofL and Provost Willihnganz for standing up for every student.

Oh Snap Monday! Dems & Pubs Are Heated

Ryan Alessi has the skinny on the State Central Executive Committee. The article states that these are all Beshear supporters and that’s not true. 3/4ths of them have trashed the governor for months. It’s the same in every congressional district. We’re gonna have a lot to talk about for a long time. We hear the fan is just turning on and the poo-makers have just started to eat. [PolWatchers]

This is why Senate President David Williams is a powerful guy. Because he knows how to work a crowd and he knows what it takes to stand up. We just think that if David would let some bygones be bygones, he’d be able to take his leadership to the next level. Also, he needs to work within his supporters to position Trey Grayson as the next big thing. (Let’s have lunch, David.) [Bowling Green Daily News]

How do you feel about the Governor’s economic development trip to Japan during a time of all out terror on Kentucky’s economic front? We have mixed feelings about it but doubt the cost of the trip is even big enough to make anyone blink. What do you think? Note that the State Journal is still quoting Frank Simon friend Jim Waters. [State Journal]

Some Republicans can’t let go of the past and still can’t believe some of Ernie Fletcher’s retarded handlers got him all caught up in a hiring scandal. Now they’re claiming the special grand jury was tainted based on information they’re making up in their head. For real. They’re basing it on assumptions and without proof. Imagine that. Nothing wrong with digging for info to prove it was a witch hunt, but come on. Ernie’s a good guy who listened to the wrong people. [KPAC-2]

Read the rest of these eye-roll worthy bits & pieces after the jump…

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Kentucky Democratic Party Convention Update

I told you last night that Jeff Noble was being singled out and targeted by the powers that be. Whattya know? He was ousted from the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee. Read all about it HERE.

Here’s but an excerpt:

Jeff Noble // Jun 7, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Thanks for your entry.

I was defeated, but it took some work. The original ballot count for the 3rd District Committeeman was 79 Noble, 78 Longmeyer, and 74 Tandy. The ballots were tabulated and those results were entered on the official tally sheet and that tally was signed by John Sommers, the 46th LD Chair, who had been appointed as a teller. No other signatures appeared on the official tally sheet. The ballots were then sealed. Sommers reported the results as me having won. On the front of the folder in large letters was written Noble – Tim Longmeyer. Inside that folder was the tally sheet with Noble 79, Longmeyer 78, Tandy 74.

At some later point, Walker, who is an IT guy and young KDP staffer working in the tabulation room (and who is not really involved in this at all) was asked to turn the closed and sealed envelope of ballots and tally sheet over to Kerry Morgan, the KDP attorney appointed by KDP Chair Jennifer Moore, because it was believed the “scanner” had misread the results, which had showed me winning. Unbeknownst to me, attorney Morgan took the ballots to another room, opened them and “recounted” the ballots – three times according to her. No one to my knowledge other than attorney Morgan has any idea if the ballots she “recounted” were all of those originally reported or not. Sommers had already left knowing the results had been tabulated, ballots envelope and tally sheet sealed, and he had signed off on that tabulation and reported those sealed results, which again showed Tim Longmeyer and I as having the most votes, 78 and 79 respectively.

In attorney Morgan’s “recount” of the ballots, with no one there from my campaign or apparently anyone else’s to oversee or scrutinise the security of the ballots, the results – take a guess – changed dramatically. The new vote count showed 80 Tandy, 76 Longmeyer, and 74 Noble. At some point from the time John Sommers and Walker the IT guy sealed the ballots and the tally sheet showing my win and Longmeyer’s 2nd place finish to the point of Walker being told to turn the sealed ballots and tally sheet over to attorney Morgan, not only did I lose five votes, but Tandy picked up six, while Longmeyer lost 3.


Make sure you hit the link above to read Jeff’s full account of what took place.

And from another reader who was there for the embarrassing shenanigans:

The KDP conventioneers wrapped up the day with roll calls, affirmations, elections and sundry other tasks involved in making the political sausage. I am NOT saying it was a sausage festival….

Relatively unknown, but soon to be reckoned with, First Congressional District candidate Heather Ryan gave a passionate speech about her fight to unseat “Exxon” Eddie Whitfield (R-Florida) this November. She remarked that at a time of record gasoline prices, Whitfield’s half a million dollars in stock in Exxon and Chevron provide him with a handsome profit each time you fill your tank. She is definitely one to watch.

Bruce Lunsford followed Ryan to the podium, tripping up the stairs but preserving his dignity and laying out his case against Mitch McConnell. He took some of the air out of the room by telling Tales from the Crypt about a young woman who died of head trauma due to lack of health insurance and a couple who committed suicide after losing their home to foreclosure. New campaign slogan? “I see dead people?”

All in all, votes were cast, things were said, stuff was done and this spectator’s eyes glazed over at most of it.

Jennifer Moore needs to stand up on her own and distance herself from our corrupt governor ASAP. Every other Democrat in Kentucky needs offer Jennifer support and encourage her to do so. You should call the KDP in Frankfort at (502) 695-4828. While you’re on the phone, maybe you could ask the party’s executive director Jeremy Horton why he has a problem with Jeff Noble and the rest of us solid Democrats. (Also ask him why he’s had disparaging things to say about us, as well.)

Proud to be a Democrat yet? Who knew there would come a day when Kentucky would be wishing for Jerry Lundergan to once again be party chair while at the same time wishing for Ernie Fletcher to be governor again? (Interesting note: Lundergan once bailed the current governor’s political director out of personal bankruptcy only to have said political director turn on him not long after. The political director went on a witch hunt with the aid of Mark Nickolas and worked tirelessly to trash Lundergan. He succeeded. Scary when the truth comes out, eh?)

Wake up. We’ve got to save our Commonwealth from itself.

Update: We have spent (literally) the entire afternoon speaking to more than a dozen people involved in yesterday’s convention process and have determined that the ballots were never left alone with one singular person at any time and that Kerry Morgan was never alone with the ballots in question.

Those dozen or so people included folks involved in all aspects of the process. Many of them aren’t familiar with each other outside of convention and, well, aren’t friends. But they all gave us similar answers and responses that lead us to believe everything was sound and honest. (Trust me: We wanted to believe otherwise.)

In order to put this issue to rest, we think Jeff should quietly file an appeal. All ballots were initially scanned by computer (including ballots that have since been invalidated by hand recount) and may be reviewed. We’re not sure what the Party’s specific process is, but we’re confident Jeff Noble knows it by the book and will use his knowledge to help get answers.

Regardless of outcome, an appeal would resolve any concern anyone may have.

Yay politics!

Update Sunday Evening: Jeff just posted his take on things. Looks like he’ll appeal to settle things once and for all. Always a stickler for the process, he’s doing the right thing by saying he’ll be happy no matter the outcome. Good move on Jeff’s part.

Hillary’s Call to Arms: Support Barry Or Else!

From MSNBC, which isn’t as fancy as CNN but is way more fun to watch because of Keith Olbermann and crazy Pat Buchanan:

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton has ended her historic quest for the presidency and endorsed Democratic rival Barack Obama.

The former first lady told supporters packed into the ornate National Building Museum on Saturday that she was withdrawing from the race to become the first female U.S. president.

She urged her backers to take all their energy and passion and do everything they can to help elect Obama the next president.

If you missed it all, go read Jim Newell’s liveblog at Wonkette.

An Update on Our Beloved Tina Ward-Pugh

Tina Ward-Pugh told LEO’s Phillip Bailey that we mis-characterized what she had to say:

“It was taken out of context,” Ward-Pugh told me in an interview today at City Hall. She says her comments were mischaracterized by bloggers and that in the same interview she congratulated Sen. Obama and will not be supporting Sen. McCain. “I don’t think my comments that he has to earn my vote were controversial.”

Well, we’ve just gotta call bull when we see bull. We linked to a videotaped interview with Ward-Pugh so nothing was taken out of context. We stand by what we originally said (because we linked to the VIDEO) and still believe what she said about Barack Obama– after Hillary had already lost the election and after she’d already said she’d be endorsing Obama (which is happening in an hour at our most favorite place in D.C., the National Building Museum)– was wholly out of line for an elected Democratic leader.

We also agree that Tina is sucking on some sour grapes these days. Thanks to Phillip for summing our thoughts up exactly:

She feels it is unfair for the media to press supporters to walk away from Hillary before she officially concedes. But that seems like sour grapes considering a farewell letter written by Sen. Clinton and sent to her supporters…

Rick and I both have spoken with several prominent Democratic leaders who are Clinton supporters over the past couple days and all agree that saying:

“We’re gonna keep goin. She’s in it to win and I’m in it to win, too. “If you take both candidates and withdraw or remove all of the superdelegates from them, they’re almost in a virtial deadheat.

“There are lots of things that can happen between now and the convention. Things that don’t really have to be contentious. Things that just happen.

“He’s gonna have to do a lot to earn my vote. Um, and I’m just the tip of the iceberg.

“When you start uh pulling back the layers to try to find the substance underneath, um, those, uh, uh, um, that excitement and that energy, uh, I, I-I-I’m not convinced that that there’s enough there, that that it takes to lead this country.”

was DEFINITELY crossing the line and everyone we spoke with agreed that her words were a fancy pants way to say “emtpy suit,” just as Joe Arnold paraphrased. You can see exactly what she said above. It’s terribly damning and disappointing.

She also told Joe Arnold that she thinks Clinton will prevail at the Democratic National Convention– even though she’s already said she’s endorsing Obama. And told Joe that most superdelegates decided to back Obama before Clinton’s “big wins” and before he’s been vetted. That’s just plain vindictive and ignorant. So. She needs to stop backtracking, admit what she said, apologize and get the eff on with her career.

It’s interesting that Tina would tell a somewhat mainstream media outlet that we took her quote out of context but didn’t have the balls to say so when she responded directly to us.

How silly this whole thing has become. We understand Tina’s dedication to Hillary Clinton and also personally understand her disappointment in loss. But this is politics and the loser– especially in a primary– is supposed to move on and endorse their winning opponent without making disparaging and embarrassing remarks.