BREAKING: Chris Thieneman Running for Congress

That’s the word from Chris Thieneman, the on-again, off-again Republican candidate for the 3rd District seat in the U.S. Congress.

He says he’s got commitments for more than $100,000 from at least 50 political supporters. Thieneman told us Friday night that he’s committed to the race.

Thieneman said it will be a good, clean, honest campaign. “I was trained to step on the field and play by the rules,” he said.

There has been plenty of pressure, he said, from Republican Party officials to drop out of the race, but he told us that he made the decision to run long ago, but waited until now to make it official. He said a Courier-Journal deadline for providing biographical information prompted him to make his announcement now, rather than in early May.

He’ll face Anne Northup in the May 20 Republican primary. The winner will face incumbent Democrat John Yarmuth this fall.

FEAR! TERRA! Scary OHS Commercial

Remember it? Our Intrepid Reporter discussed it last October. It seems the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is still trying to scare the mortal crap out of everyone in the Bluegrass.

The Kentucky Kernel, UK’s student paper that usually leaves a lot to be desired, has some background on the ad itself.

Antonia Lindauer, a public information officer with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, said the commercial reflects the direction of the media campaign that was chosen by the previous administration. Since Gov. Steve Beshear was elected, the office is under new leadership and has plans to begin a new media campaign.
Christy Giles, director of the UK Office of Emergency Management, said the commercial is a reminder that disasters can happen in this area, and people need to be prepared and ready to take action accordingly.
John Stempel, a senior professor in the UK Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, said the commercial is a useful way to make people pay attention to important issues.

“If you’re not ready when terror hits, you’re often dead with no chance to learn,” Stempel said.

Aww. Beshear’s Gambling Bill is Dead.

Via PolWatchers:

A proposal to allow casino gambling in Kentucky is dead for the year, according to Gov. Steve Beshear and House Speaker Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green.

The announcement came after Beshear huddled with House leaders in his office to discuss the future of House Bill 550.

Say it with us, “Awwww. Bless his heart.”

We can’t believe it took the governor so long to admit his proposal was dead dead dead. Is anyone else shocked that he was able to drag things out for so long, effectively wasting an entire legislative session with crap he knew wouldn’t fly?

We knew that this wouldn’t pass the smell test with the legislature last year when we saw this hilarious editorial cartoon:


Obama Campaign Steals Lunsford Idea

What’s that? Oh, yes, Barack Obama has copied the Lunsford-Stumbo Blueprint for Change. Hahahaha.

For real.

How hilarious is this? After all of the controversy the plan caused (courtesy of paid hack Mark Nickolas) during last year’s gubernatorial primary, a presidential campaign has taken the ‘Blueprint for Change’ idea and run with it.

Here’s the original:

Could someone please read both of these and tell us what’s going on? We can’t stop laughing.

UK Student Government Snafu Still Fresh

This commentary courtesy Stephen Shepard, a student at the University in Kentucky. Stephen provides a view of the racist anti-Obama email sent by the school’s student body president and the following public apology which didn’t go as swimmingly as the mainstream press would have us believe.

For those of you who weren’t privileged enough to witness the famous UK Student Government meeting Wednesday (February 07, 2008) you missed quite a performance.

Our UK Student Government (SG) President Nick Phelps presented his “apology” to the students who were offended by the anti-Islamic, anti-atheist, anti-Obama email he sent out January 17th 2008 over our tax-funded UK listserv. Mr. Phelps spoke, giving an apology to those who were offended, and admitted the forwarded email was both untrue and wrong to pass along. And about a minute into his apology was when things began to go terrible wrong. Mr. Phelps quickly changed the topic from how deeply sorry he was, to all of the great things he was doing in Frankfort for UK students. I was stunned with disbelief. Being a McConnell protégé, he attempted to push the issue aside, running from it as if the 30 or so students who had shown up to the SG meeting had anything else on their mind, except the intolerance that our SG exhibited in passing the vile email along. Sadly that wasn’t even the beginning of the insult.

When it came time, I gave my speech, basically saying, this was the second discriminatory event UK had witnessed in less than 6 months and the world was watching. I didn’t call for a censure, and I didn’t call for Nick to resign.

SG Sen. Jesse Parish rose, attempted to give his resignation and urged Mr. Phelps to do so as well. However Mr. Phelps had no such plans. Mr. Phelps went on to say two things that will stick with me. The first was “when I’m on CNN and in public office I’ll look back on this moment fondly.”

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Mohler and his Media Powerhouse

If you think about it, no Louisville resident gets more national publicity, or generates more media himself, than Southern Baptist Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler. He was in the news again this week, after announcing he won’t be a candidate for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention due to a health issue — he’s got to have surgery for a precancerous tumor in his colon.

It’s been a decade since I wrote a profile of Mohler in Business First, which at the time was a pretty big deal. Then, he’d been in place over at Southern about five years, and had shaken things up quite a bit – initiating a near complete turnover of the Seminary faculty. He was the target of a lot of criticism, but what impressed me about him in our interview was his unwavering conviction in everything he said. Nothing I asked him brought about any pauses for contemplation. He was on a mission, and for those who opposed him, well, his message was not to let the door hit you on the way out.

There were always issues, he told me, on which “no diversity of opinions can be tolerated.”

In the decade since, Mohler has continued to be featured in our national press, and he’s been interviewed on a wide range of issues as the go-to guy for the Conservative Right. Just last March, Mohler found himself in the middle of a firestorm after writing that gays may be proven to be born gay, a position that goes against most conservative thinking.

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