Is Greg Stumbo Forgetful Or Just a Liar?

Remember when Greg Stumbo told everyone he was supporting Joni Jenkins in the Speaker Pro-Tem race in the State House?

Yeah? Turns out Greg Stumbo was lying his ass off.

Larry Clark endorsed Stumbo for Speaker and Greg Stumbo in turn endorsed Larry Clark for Pro-Tem.

From the Courier-Journal:

Clark is being opposed in his bid for re-election as speaker pro tem by Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Shively. Richards has endorsed Jenkins, the chairwoman of the Jefferson County legislative delegation.

Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, acknowledged endorsing Clark at the golf event, which he said was an annual fundraiser for Clark’s campaign fund. But Stumbo said he could not recall getting an endorsement from Clark for speaker.

“I told him (Clark) that I’m getting a lot of encouragement, and he was glad to hear that,” Stumbo said.


In response to the comments by Clark and Stumbo, Richards released a statement today that said, “I have not sought the endorsement of Larry Clark, and I have no comment.”

Meanwhile, Mary Karen Stumbo continues to avoid apologizing for attacking Diane Brumback and wonders why Greg is losing his once great reputation among Kentucky Democrats.

Court Order Released in Case Against Kentucky Farm Bureau For Violating Fairness Ordinance

Rev. Todd Eklof, minister of Clifton Unitarian Church in Louisville, was fired in 2004 by Kentucky Farm Bureau for speaking out in support of gay marriage. Eklof, a heterosexual, vowed to stop performing marriage and commitment ceremonies for all couples until the anti-gay marriage amendment of 2004 is overturned.

In September 2007 we published a deposition of former KFB president Sam Moore in which he admitted under oath that Eklof was fired for being supportive of gay marriage. Read all about that by clicking here.

As a result of our coverage, WHAS11’s Mark Hebert interviewed Todd Eklof about his case and the rest of the mainstream media sat on its hands.

That brings us to today…

In what could be considered one of the biggest stories ever about the historic Fairness Ordinance that protects individuals from discrimination on several fronts, the 8th District Circuit Court in Jefferson County has ruled that Todd Eklof can sue Kentucky Farm Bureau for violating the ordinance.

See the court opinion and read the rest after the jump…

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Some Facts For Your Wednesday Morning

Trey Grayson did renounce Frank Simon’s hateful endorsement. In October 2007. Publicly. On this website. It was not private. It was so public that we were writing about it. Grayson did not solicit Simon’s endorsement.

Todd Hollenbach, as we have reported here multiple times, did not publicly renounce Frank Simon’s endorsement. He refused to allow a prominent newspaper editor to publish his alleged letter to Simon. He refused to allow Joe Sonka to mention any renouncement. He refused to allow this website to release a message of renouncement. And Todd Hollenbach did solicit Frank Simon’s endorsement. He solicited it. And then he refused to distance himself publicly from the man for an entire year.

The most damning fact of all is that Todd Hollenbach has CONTRIBUTED to Frank Simon and his hateful organization in the past! That’s a fact conveniently ignored by the Kentucky Democratic Party and Bluegrass Report.

Governor Beshear Signs Electric Car Order

Remember those cute little three-wheeled electric cars?

Governor Steve Beshear just signed an executive order allowing them on Kentucky roads.

The press release:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (August 5, 2008) – Gov. Steve Beshear today signed an executive order directing the Transportation Cabinet to immediately develop and implement an emergency regulation authorizing the use of low-speed electric vehicles on Kentucky’s roadways.

“Kentuckians, like all Americans, are hard hit by record-high gas prices,” Gov. Beshear said at a news conference announcing the order. “These tough times call for creative solutions, and I believe allowing Kentuckians the option of using an electric vehicle is one of those solutions. Electric vehicles may help ease the burden on the pocketbooks of hard-working Kentucky families, as well as reduce their carbon footprint.”

“In addition, my administration will also aggressively pursue any economic development opportunities to recruit manufacturers and the jobs that come with this growing field,” the Governor added.

Read the rest of the release after the jump…

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Todd Hollenbach Finally Renounces Frank Simon

More than a YEAR has passed and Todd Hollenbach has finally renounced Frank Simon’s endorsement! This comes after more than a year of Joe Sonka and myself constantly pressuring Todd in person to do so. We told you about this letter last year. It’s wonderful that Todd finally grew some balls and did the right thing.

Here’s what Todd said:

“I cannot accept the support of Dr. Simon, now or in the future, for so long as his public support is considered to be an affirmative embrace of intolerance or exclusion.”

Note that Todd indicated he couldn’t accept Simon’s support as long as he’s considered to be intolerant. Meaning he would accept his support if he wasn’t considered intolerant.  Nice. Click here (PDF Link) to read the full letter.

For the record, a prominent newspaper editor in Kentucky asked Todd Hollenbach to release his letter to the public last October and Todd REFUSED. Here’s what the editor had to say to me in an email at that time:

I called Mr. Hollenbach and asked what he was going to do, if anything, about the endorsement he got from the Simon group. He said he had sent the group a letter disclaiming the endorsement as long as Dr. Simon’s presence in it signaled intolerance and exclusion. He read me the letter over the phone. I then asked whether I could have a copy. He FAXed me a copy, but insisted it be on a confidential basis.

Now, you tell me, why was Todd afraid to publicly renounce Frank Simon? Why did he wait nearly a year from the endorsement to make things public?

Oh, and Thom Karmik or the anonymous KDP staffer he blamed is back from vacation on Bluegrass Report. It seems Jennifer Moore condones the behavior of her staff members slandering and libeling fellow Democrats. Jennifer isn’t responding to telephone calls and emails to address concerns from State Central Executive Committee members– or us, so we hope she’s prepared to deal with everything we’re about to publish in the coming days. Details of scandal, blackmail, threats of reprisal… I’m gonna talk about it all.

P.S. Walter, no one was “hiding behind (the) unfair attacks against Todd Hollenbach” – we merely reported what Todd did and did not do. Unfortunately, he made it clear he wasn’t interested in renouncing Simon LAST YEAR when it counted. Despite what you and the KDP have pedaled, Todd hid out for a year. There was no “jig” to be up.

UPDATE: Click here to read Joe’s take on things.

Updating Yesterday’s Toby Keith Story

We mentioned Toby Keith yesterday when we examined his fancy public relations tour for his song (and movie) Beer For My Horses that is perceived to be pro-lynching.

Well, the irony of all ironies has struck. Turns out Keith has purchased a 50% interest in the Heartland Shopping Center development in Owensboro.

From the Messenger-Inquirer (subscription only):

Phil Riney, spokesman for 54 Property Management, which owns the rest of the 65-acre tract that borders the U.S. 60/U.S. 231 bypass, said Keith flew into Owensboro “under the radar” back in February to look at the property.

Keith, who spent the day in town, liked the project, Riney said, and decided to buy half of the development.

“He’s a very nice guy,” Riney said. “He talked about performing at the Executive Inn years ago. He likes Owensboro.”
He performed at the Executive Inn and signed autographs at the old Disc Jockey store in Towne Square Mall in July 1994. Keith returned to the Big E for performances in 1995 and 2001.

Keith’s investments include a chain of restaurants — Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill.

But Riney said there are no plans for one of the restaurants here.

“He’s not going to be involved with the project a whole lot,” Riney said. “But he might come in for the grand opening.”

What we find most interesting, though, is that Owensboro was home to the last public hanging or lynching in the United States:

The last public execution in America was that of Rainey Bethea in Owensboro, Kentucky, on August 14, 1936, because it was the last death sentence in the nation at which the general public was permitted to attend without any legally-imposed restrictions.
All of the executions which have taken place since the 1936 hanging of Bethea in Owensboro have been conducted within a wall or enclosure.
For these reasons, Owensboro was the site of the last public execution in America, and some 20,000 men, women, and children witnessed it without restriction– no enclosures, no walls, and no sheriffs’ passes. Any other conclusion would necessarily ignore the legal definition of “public execution.”

Additional links here, here and here.

Oh, the irony.

(We’ll wait patiently while everyone freaks out by commenting that they know a black person or someone who knows what real racism is. You’ll then promptly tell us how mean it is to bring this up. Especially the “compassionate” types who like asking whether or not Obama promotes “black power.” Just like always.)

Interesting State House Leadership Rumors

We hear through the grape vine that University of Louisville president Jim Ramsey is making telephone calls in support of Larry Clark in the Speaker Pro-Tem race against Joni Jenkins.

We’re pretty sure this is bad news for Larry Clark. Aside from the fact that Clark was probably the only person other than Tony Lindauer to support Steve Henry for governor after he found out he was under investigation, Larry just isn’t exactly a well-liked man in the State House. So this Ramsey thing could further tarnish his reputation.

Ramsey, you’ll recall, recently developed a less-than-stellar reputation for defending Robert Felner in super-awkward ways while in public. Praising a man who allegedly swindled potentially millions of dollars in grant money, allegedly sexually harassed people and caused all kinds of unrest at the College of Education for several years is hardly a good move on his part. Also not a good move to trash and belittle 30+ individual faculty members at UofL who filed grievances and complaints against Felner by calling them “crap.” You may read all about Ramsey here, here and here. Not exactly a smooth move on Larry Clark’s part to get Ramsey on board.

For more information about Larry Clark’s recent past, dig in after the jump…

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