Photos from the Democratic Party Unity Rally

Diane Brumback has posted photos of KDP’s unity rally in May. Visit her site to view them all.

Here’s a bit to whet your appetite:

A unity rally at KDP? I wouldn’t exactly call it that but it was very revealing

The Kentucky Democratic Party held a “Unity Rally” a couple of weeks ago following Bruce Lunsford’s big win in the Primary election over his Democratic opponent Greg Fischer.

The Party Chair, Jennifer Moore, spoke to the small crowd of mainly media types. I’m still trying to figure out who is “pulling her strings” so to speak. I always get the feeling that Moore has so much to say but someone is holding her back.

Giving a less than dynamic speech was Governor Steve Beshear.

Go check out the rest.

ABBA: Hot Among Old Republican Dudes

It’s official. ABBA is the pick of fancy Republicans like former Governor Ernie Fletcher and super-old Senator John McCain.

In October 2007 we learned that Ernie’s favorite song was “Take a Chance On Me” by ABBA:

Q: What three songs do you play most often?
Fletcher: Stranger by the Shore, Staying Alive, Take a Chance on Me.
Beshear: My Way, Amazing Grace, Misty.

Now we learn via Wonkette that John McCain loves ABBA!

Is this some sort of fancy old man cult that we don’t know about? Someone needs to fill us in PRONTO! This is kind of horrifying and/or unsettling.

Oh Noes! Drama in the Blogging World

Oh, did you know? An unknown and disconnected blogger (who hasn’t been in Kentucky for a year) was credentialed to go to the DNC this August. We’re not bitter, but entertained by his fear of criticizing Steve Beshear and his decision to oust his business partner Joe Sonka as a result of criticism and now he’s lying about it.

When we were initially told we would receive DNC credentials (which never materialized, for whatever reason, after complaints from a party official and Beshear official) we requested credentials for almost all bloggers in the state. Ben Carter didn’t even try to get them for his business partner after saying he would. How petty. And the dude is trying to build a “community” while trashing the guy who did the work.

Oh, and he’s trying to raise money after needlessly trashing the one person who made BlueGrassRoots worthy of reading. Smooth move. So if anyone wants our hotel room in Denver, let us know. It’s posh and free.

Here’s Joe’s Take on things.

More Transparency Drama in the Big City Today

We told you earlier that the Jefferson County GOP was jumping on Mayor Abramson for his lack of transparency in spending.

Low and behold, the Mayor’s office got all nervous and sniped back at GOP Chair Brad Cummings claiming partisanship (duh, he’s the GOP Chair) and all that jazz.

Carlton said his office is always seeking ways to improve its transparency, and has “hundreds of thousands” of financial records available online.

But Cummings says the city’s website is difficult to navigate and makes it impossible to learn, for example, how much money is going to particular vendors. He thinks Abramson should jump on board Grayson’s efforts.

“I’ll give you $100 if you can make sense of it,” he said. “No effort has been made to make it easy to use. It’s not a partisan issue. Steve Beshear gets it, I don’t know why Jerry Abramson doesn’t.”

But that’s not what takes the cake. The Mayor’s spokesman, in a rush to defend the Cheerleader for Life, got his facts mixed up. Chad Carlton sent Rick an email that claimed Governor Beshear had initiated the drive for transparency in state government. Readers of Page One know that’s not accurate since we broke Grayson’s news last week. But, well, take a look for yourself:

Carlton sent me information in an e-mail in which he disputes the genesis of the whole transparency mess, citing Gov. Beshear’s Friday news release on the topic. But as Jake pointed out over at Page One here and here, it was the Guv who followed Trey’s steps. Either way, while Cummings release is charged with partisan language meant to ignite criticism of the Mayor. It’s an attempt to get his attention.

Abramson needs to jump on the transparency bandwagon. Posting a few documents on the internets every once in a while just doesn’t cut it.

ALERT: We Love UofL Provost Willihnganz

In the ongoing saga of David Edmunds spreading his self loathing brand of homophobia, University of Louisville Provost Shirley C. Willinhnganz stood up by graciously stealing an idea from us and we couldn’t be more excited.

Willinhganz wrote a letter that was published in the Courier-Journal over the weekend that used our “Alert!” fear tactic to scare everyone into submission with a dose of reality.

David Edmunds of the Family Foundation recently wrote a piece that attacked the University of Louisville for decisions made to help our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, faculty and staff. Edmunds seemed bent on alerting the community to what he considers horrific practices and developments at U of L. So let’s look at these “alerts.” (For the record, we got this idea from

Alert: U of L has gay people. Yes we do. And straight people. Black people. White people. People of all races and ethnicities. Our commitment to diversity means that all kinds of people engage in their quest for knowledge and a better life by coming here. This is a good thing. Just as we learn from facts and data, we learn from each other. That learning is more effective and more meaningful if it happens in an environment of trust and tolerance. As President James Ramsey says, the University of Louisville, as well as the Louisville community, values diversity.

Go read the rest of the letter.

Gosh, we’re in love. Not only taking on one of the strangest self-haters in the Commonwealth but giving us known homosexuals (not Rick) free publicity! Where do we send the gift basket?! Okay, so we can’t afford a gift basket. But maybe a fancy card that plays tacky music.

Huge kudos to UofL and Provost Willihnganz for standing up for every student.

Oh Snap Monday! Dems & Pubs Are Heated

Ryan Alessi has the skinny on the State Central Executive Committee. The article states that these are all Beshear supporters and that’s not true. 3/4ths of them have trashed the governor for months. It’s the same in every congressional district. We’re gonna have a lot to talk about for a long time. We hear the fan is just turning on and the poo-makers have just started to eat. [PolWatchers]

This is why Senate President David Williams is a powerful guy. Because he knows how to work a crowd and he knows what it takes to stand up. We just think that if David would let some bygones be bygones, he’d be able to take his leadership to the next level. Also, he needs to work within his supporters to position Trey Grayson as the next big thing. (Let’s have lunch, David.) [Bowling Green Daily News]

How do you feel about the Governor’s economic development trip to Japan during a time of all out terror on Kentucky’s economic front? We have mixed feelings about it but doubt the cost of the trip is even big enough to make anyone blink. What do you think? Note that the State Journal is still quoting Frank Simon friend Jim Waters. [State Journal]

Some Republicans can’t let go of the past and still can’t believe some of Ernie Fletcher’s retarded handlers got him all caught up in a hiring scandal. Now they’re claiming the special grand jury was tainted based on information they’re making up in their head. For real. They’re basing it on assumptions and without proof. Imagine that. Nothing wrong with digging for info to prove it was a witch hunt, but come on. Ernie’s a good guy who listened to the wrong people. [KPAC-2]

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