Let’s Kill Journalism, Punish Those Who Report

What’s the deal with attacking reporters for, you know, REPORTING?

We find it absolutely laughable that long-time Louisville attorney Mike Lemke would continue to attack the Courier-Journal for reporting information it was given in the case of the woman who murdered her two children.

Seriously, what the hell is the deal? What’s with this rash of attorneys lately who want nothing more than to squash the freedom of the press and free speech? What is with people like Lemke who want to out sources and punish media outlets who are tasked with providing a service to the public as the fourth estate?

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

This is getting ridiculous.

Gay Hating Is Definitely Back In Style

Must be a full moon because the gay-haters are out in full force.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky is attacking six UK professors for ever having anything to do with the gays, abortion or anything not hateful.

A conservative political group has singled out six University of Kentucky professors in fliers because their teaching, research and outside activities deal with subjects such as same-sex couples, abortion and queer theory.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky issued the fliers, which question the need to spend state funds supporting the six individuals, to state lawmakers who were in Frankfort last week for a special session on pension reform.

Who is behind this current outcry? Why, none other than Kent Ostrander and the ever fancy Martin Cothran.

Kent Ostrander, the foundation’s executive director, said photos, short bios and salaries that appear on the fliers were taken from UK’s Web site and should not be construed as ammunition for ”personal attacks.“


Cothran said ”all of the politicization of the academy is coming from the left.“

UK and other universities might have achieved greater diversity in terms of color, gender and nationality, but the political left controls the prevailing campus ideology, and that control amounts to ”partisan political activity,“ Cothran said.

So if we’re reading this correctly… college professors are pinko commies and the librul left are the victims of the ho-mo-sexual agenda. Correct us if we’re mistaken, because we know we’re only moments away from the world ending.

Oh, and for the record gay haters: Telephone calls threatening rape or other violence get you no where with us.

PETA Bought Stock in Churchill Downs

Irony Meter Alert!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals just bought 80 shares of stock in Churchill Downs and they’re gonna attend the track’s annual meeting tomorrow.

According to a press release, PETA members will hold signs showing Eight Belles lying dead or whatever after breaking her legs during the Kentucky Derby. You’ll recall that the filly had to be put down right after the race.

Those fancy signs will read, “Eight Belles: Raced to Death.”

Wonder if Pamela Anderson (is that her name these days?) will be in attendance?

UPDATE: In other news, this is very important.

Breaking: Nickolas’ Censorship Suit Settled

Public Citizen just announced that the blog ban/censorship case against the Commonwealth has been settled:

WASHINGTON, DC – June 17 – The Commonwealth of Kentucky has settled a lawsuit with a political blogger whose critical comments of then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher resulted in the state “blacklisting” all blogs on state-owned computers.

Public Citizen’s client Mark Nickolas, author of the blog BluegrassReport.org, agreed Tuesday to dismiss the suit in the U.S. District Court in Frankfort, Ky. after Kentucky officials approved the settlement agreement. Louisville attorney Jennifer Moore also represented Nickolas.

Under the settlement, Kentucky officials agreed to no longer single out websites just because they are considered blogs. State officials reserve the right to block sites they consider inappropriate but agree to use a “viewpoint-neutral” standard that applies equally to all Web sites.

This announcement doesn’t carry the weight it normally would, since the governor and crew announced months ago that the ban would be lifted.

Put an End to State Vehicle Abuse – Speak Up

Thanks to a wonderful reader comment on a thread about state vehicle usage, we’ve got an idea.

I’ve read posts where people are complaining about state employees being parked at Wal-Mart or a restaurant during off hours or with speeding state vehicles flying down the interstate.

Could you create a post or link where people could send in photos or plate numbers of the offenders?

Maybe with the attention paid to this problem, this will lead to some solutions, just like everyone complaining about the office Senate office renovations has forced Williams to cave.

So… let’s do that very thing. Feel free to comment on this post with information, links to photos, etc. But don’t stretch the truth or play loose with the facts. We’ll find out if you do (and you’ll likely be outed if you’re douchey enough).

If you don’t want to leave a comment, you may contact me by using THIS LINK (click it) or by using this email address:

This level of transparency is exactly what’s needed across the Bluegrass and it’s time we all started taking responsibility.

Page One & ‘Ville Voice Comment Policy

We don’t have a posted or concrete comment policy at Page One or The ‘Ville Voice, really, as it’s not necessary. We only remove comments when they’re unwarranted personal attacks, spam or are just beyond ridiculous.

But we have to address something.

I have recently been deleting comments that refer to the perceived sexual orientation of a U.S. Senator and other elected officials and at least one person leaving the comments took deep personal offense with the deletion. Joke or not, it’s inappropriate and we’re within our rights to delete that sort of comment. This site isn’t the place to make jokes about someone’s sexual orientation unless you have evidence to back up your claims. And even if you do have evidence to back up those claims? We still get to decide whether or not it’s appropriate. And in this case it’s not.

I took time out of my day to send a message to the person leaving one of the comments (just to let him know why it was removed) and he advised me that the deletion was immature, that my points were moot, that it’s not healthy for political discussion to delete it and that I’d run the site into the ground with this sort of attitude. And to that I have to say: Come on. We’re not the comment police, otherwise we’d be deleting every nasty thing that’s said about our personal lives in the comments. And we’re not stifling political discussion and the free flow of thoughts. We just happen to own this site and if we don’t want to discuss something on the site– guess what? We get to avoid it. It’s nothing personal.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Unfortunately, making jokes (no matter how innocent) about someone’s sexual orientation (unless you’re making one about ME and it happens to be hilarious), making disparaging comments about someone who isn’t in the public eye or just plain hurting someone or their character isn’t welcome here. That’s not to say you can’t be mean, spiteful or downright disgusting. That’s welcome here. Just please don’t get all personal about you-know-who’s you-know-what. It’s not cool.

And to the commenter who got upset: Yes, we do receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each year. Millions, even. That’s why we get paid.

We love you all for commenting and reading the site. So keep it up. Just wanted to clarify a few things in case there was concern about censorship.

UPDATE on the following day:

So one of the people leaving the comments about Senator Mitch McConnell’s sexual orientation is really taking offense. Have a look:

I just removed Page One, as the site owner has been engaging in a lot of censorship, which shouldn’t be happening on a political discussion site. On top of that, the site has essentially become a politically disoriented “pot-stirrer for pay” site that really isn’t doing much to enhance discussion of Kentucky politics. It’s nice for them that they may be making money off their silliness, but it’s not getting LouHI’s moral support any longer.

While true that we deleted a comment alleging that Mitch McConnell is gay, let’s get real. Censorship? We stated our case. And pot-stirrer for pay? Who, exactly, is paying us to stir the pot? Bruce Lunsford? We haven’t seen one red cent from him or anyone else who has influence over what we say. This is a ridiculous and outlandish accusation. To suggest that it is immoral for us to delete the comment in question is crossing the line because–  guess what–  we own the site.

This site is indeed ad-supported but long-time readers are fully aware that advertisements do not influence editorial content. Chris Thieneman has advertised his business and we’ve been less than kind to him on many occasions. The Bluegrass Freedom Fund advertised with us and you’ll recall that we took that 527 organization to task when no one else was willing to do so– and it was operated by someone we consider a friend! CW Louisville advertises with us on a regular basis and low and behold we criticized the station for its potential campaign finance violations during the most recent primary election. But maybe the biggest example is WHAS11. We almost got into a legal battle with that station yet you still see their programming advertised right here on this very site by the CW.

There’s no skin off our back. But this is just silly.

Fischer-Crowley Story Update: From March

Back in March Greg Fischer’s campaign manager, A.J. Carrillo, lied to us/misled us about the departure of media consultant John Lapp. We reported, rightly so, that Pat Crowley had employed sloppy journalism in his story about the departure:

Dem U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer has been dumped by his Washington-based consultants, McMahon Squire Lapp and Associates. Rarely good news when a candidate and consultant split just as the campaign gets going.

Pat didn’t mention who his sources were, where he got his information– not even an unnamed source, didn’t offer any assurance that his version of the story could be believed in any way. After tons of criticism from us and dozens of other sites, Pat still didn’t bother to clarify his story. We stand by what wesaid in March: that’s sloppy journalism. Newspaper reporters aren’t usually the type to write a story so lacking in detail, you know.

Tons more after the jump. But ignore it if you hate ego trips.

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