Chinese Money Machine Taking on Water?

Mitch McConnell’s red Chinese money ship is sinking in the polls and we’re more than a year away from election day. 46% of people recently polled disapprove of McConnell. Only 45% approve. It’s time for Mitch to worry because he’s continually falling below 50%. That may be something his $8 trillion campaign coffers can’t resolve.

The Herald-Leader polled McConnell against four potential Democratic oppents: Andrew Horne, Greg Stumbo, Ben Chandler and Crit Luallen.

McConnell 45 – Horne 34
McConnell 46 – Stumbo 37
McConnell 46 – Chandler 41
McConnell 45 – Luallen 40

Let’s talk about fear here, kids. A virtual unknown (Andrew Horne) is within striking distance of the most powerful Republican in the U.S. and A. Mitch should be afraid when the unknowns can prove he’s beatable. Unknowns who could smoke anyone’s arse on Iraq, that is. Snap.

Hello, horse race.

Monday Morning Propaganda

Still on strike. Hundreds of nurses at Appalachian Regional Healthcare hospitals are still fighting for their voice. They’re heading for their third meeting with company officials in hopes of ending their strike. [H-L]

Using religion as a wedge issue. Ernie gets excited, freaks out over the Ten Commandments, tries to scare Henderson residents into believing Steve Beshear hates God, Jesus, babies. [Gleaner]

C-J calls spineless Democrats out for caving to Mitch McConnell and George W. Bush on health care for children. “If the House Democrats are who they claim to be, they won’t let George W. Bush push them, and needy children, around on this issue.” [C-J]

More gambling. Ernie just can’t get off his anti-gambling kick, runs through Ashland preaching the evils of casinos. And he’s still bitter over his merit hiring scandal– blaming Greg Stumbo every chance he gets. [Daily Independent]

Flip-flopping? Ernie changes his mind, now believes equine feed and supplies should be tax-free. Something Fletcher supporters used to attack Beshear. [WLEX18]

Mitch McConnell’s stance on SCHIP is pretty wide, isn’t it? He’s being criticized again. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. [PolWatchers]

Sen. Mongiardo is being praised for his experience in and passion for health care. The AP says he’s still engaged to Allison Patrick, though we hear that’s no longer the case. Speaking of Mongiardo: Where is he? Put him in a commercial or two! Bring him out of hiding. [AP via H-L]

Doing what’s right. John Yarmuth stands up for free speech and freedom of the press. Continuing to give us the right to protect your anonymity when you forward us private e-mails and dish the dirt about political happenings or office-paid vacations for an elected official’s mistress. [C-J]

Republicans for Beshear. Tons of Republicans showed up in Corbin this weekend to stand in support of Democrats Steve Beshear, Daniel Mongiardo and Bruce Hendrickson. Not good news for Fletcher in former Republican strong-holds. [H-L]

More endorsements. Kentucky Enquirer endorses Steve Beshear and pokes fun of his lack of a plan if gambling should fail. And the Kentucky Post endorses him. Doesn’t look like Northern Kentucky’s in the bag for Ernie anymore. [Enquirer, Post]

Friday: It’s Still Summer in October

Debate reading til election day. It’s day 3 of the CNHI 5-part series on gubernatorial candidates Beshear and Fletcher. Much better than the PolWatchers debate where neither candidate are adult enough to simply answer questions without getting into a pissing contest. [Daily Times, PolWatchers]

Fletcher has a supporter in Brandenburg. Did you know that Ernie “cut waste” and now we’re a “national model”? Yeah, and all the negativity surrounding Ernie is thanks to the “liberal media.” No matter how often the witch hunt terminology is repeated it doesn’t stick. [News-Enterprise]

Making Stuff Up Dept. Billy Reed goes to work for Greg Stumbo and Brett Hall freaks out. Never seen someone try as hard as Brett when it comes to spinning, defaming and filtering. [KY Politics, H-L]

Do it again. This story about Fletcher going negative is worth a read again. Especially the parts where Vicki Glass tells the truth and Fletcher folks won’t admit they’re feeling dumb for jumping on the anti-casino bandwagon. [C-J]

Sky is falling. The ethics report comes tomorrow and the H-L says it’ll be highly critical of Beshear’s law firm. The tens of remaining Fletcher supporters are foaming at the mouth, not realizing Beshear’s lead will barely fade (if at all). [H-L]

Confused? Remember that story about CATS scores being confusing? Yeah? Good. Because every newspaper in the state has a different story with a different angle. Not the least bit confusing, nah. [C-J]

Another plate? Kentucky is unveiling an Abraham Lincoln license plate in honor of his bicentennial birthday. How many plates do we have in Kentucky now? And what’s next on the plate menu? [News-Enterprise]

Beshear supporting gay marriage?

Get real. That’s not likely.

We’re not sure how attending a fundraiser hosted by non-heterosexual community leaders means Steve Beshear is out on the front lines fighting for gay marriage.

Ernie Fletcher’s chief spinmeister Brett Hall is attempting to demonize Beshear for not hating gay people enough and in the process is trying to trash openly gay elected officials. (Yes, Brett Hall is still in tight with Ernie)

Hall posted an invitation to a Beshear fundraiser hosted at the home of openly gay Jefferson County Judge-Executive Ken Herndon:


Without regard to the facts, Hall falsely claims, based on the invitation, that the event was in support of gay marriage and that hosts of the event claim to be married to each other. (He freaks his homophobic self out over the marriage of at least two hosts, Karen Stewart and Janice Conard. The two women were married in Canada– legally married in Canada– it’s not just a claim.)

Fact: The event was held to raise funds for Steve Beshear, not gay marriage. Sure, it was hosted by the big, scary gays. Gay people have money and we spend it just like non-gay people. Travesty, isn’t it?

Mr. Hall goes on to question Steve Beshear’s plans to undermine the “sanctity of marriage” by claiming Beshear has to have a motive for attending an event with gay people. There’s just no way on earth anyone in their right mind would be around some dirty gay folks unless they had a secret pro-gay agenda put in place to ruin marriage, right?

Maybe Beshear was just there to, you know, take their money? Hard to grasp, we know, but some politicians really like taking campaign contributions. What a shocker.

BIG GAY NEWSFLASH: It’s 2007. Gay people exist. We’re elected officials, we operate blogs, we’re in the news, we’re reporters, we host fundraisers, we’re preachers, we’re trusted campaign advisors, we’re police officers, we’re doctors, we’re lawyers, we have children, we’re political players. Heck, some of us are even *gasp* Republicans who work for people like Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell.

It’s time to get over this insane homophobia.

Warning: You’re the victim of Right-Wing Tripe

More on the Fletcher Ad in St. Louis

St. Louis is paying attention. The city is beginning to talk about Mark Andrews’ past as a social conservative who doesn’t let silly things like facts get in his way.

Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch chimes in on the matter and links St. Louis readers to Fletcher’s latest commercial.

Ever been to St. Louis? It’s hardly the bastion of criminality and corruption that Andrews and Fletcher try to blame on gambling. It’s always been a crime-ridden city. Casinos sure didn’t cause it– even if they’re not cleaning things up. And whose fault is that? Possibly that of legislators and government officials in Missouri and D.C. who cut law enforcement budgets left and right.

From a prominent St. Louis resident: “That building where the commercial was filmed, well, it’s about a block away from a thriving area of downtown St. Louis called Laclede’s Landing or just “The Landing.” For quite a while they’ve been expanding the restaurants, bars and stores there. It’s bustling and a far cry from the ghetto.”

In the commercial you’ll see a sign for Lewis Street. Where’s Lewis Street in proximity to the most happening part of Old St. Louis? Take a look for yourself.

Lewis Street in St. Louis

Here’s a satellite view of the riverboat and the area of The Landing nearest the river:

Literally a block away from The Landing. A block away from the ever-expanding hustle and bustle of St. Louis that’s devouring the rundown buildings in the former industrial neighborhood in order to turn them into the hottest spots of the Midwest.

Sound familiar? Much like the ongoing regeneration of downtown Louisville.

If the maps weren’t enough, let’s go a step further. We’re taking you on a video tour of the area Ernie visited. You’ll see our photographer drive from one end of Lewis Street to the other (which is just a couple blocks) and eventually get out of the vehicle to walk around. It’s a little choppy, we apologize. But it’s worth watching for proof that Ernie’s latest commercial is absolutely a joke.

Look like the ghetto to you? No? Maybe an up-and-coming vibrant area that’s alive even in the morning hours?

Welcome to the reality-based community.

Fletcher’s Fourth

Yes. Ad #4:

Features a guy named Mark Andrews from St. Louis. Here’s his alleged story:

Mark Andrews, a retired printing company executive, is chairman of an organization called Casino Watch. Their mission is “exposing the dark side of gambling” and they proudly display Ernie’s commercials on their front page. Joe Gerth seems to be the only person so far to mention Andrews’ ties to the anti-gambling side of things. Google is your friend.

Way to be objective, Ernest Lee! We think it’d be easier to scare people into voting for you if you trotted out some scary gay people. Maybe tell Kentuckians that gay tax dollars– gasp– may be paying for their children’s education right now. Oh noes!

UPDATE – 2:35 P.M.

St. Louis is paying attention. The city is about to start talking about Mark Andrews’s past as a social conservative who doesn’t let silly things like facts get in his way.