Frank Simon Scares Louisville’s West End

Rev. Jerry StephensonFrank Simon (you know him from equating libraries and gays with the anti-christ) and Rev. Jerry Stephenson (you may know him from his gay-hating radio show) of Midwest Church of Christ are the two men behind ads airing on WLLV and WGTK radio in Louisville’s west end. The ads include a dialog between two gentlemen discussing Steve Beshear’s terrifying support of the gays. The ad directs listeners to just as the misleading robocalls did yesterday.

Joe Gerth has the scoop.

The Rev. Jerry Stephenson, chairman of the Values Coalition U.S.A., said his organization was part of a group that aired a radio advertisement over the weekend and yesterday that pointed out C-FAIR’s endorsement of Beshear.

The group, African Americans for Morality & Justice, was airing the ad on urban-format radio stations in Louisville and a conservative talk radio station. According to Greg Kramer, an advertising manager at WGTK radio in Louisville, conservative activist Frank Simon’s name also appears on paperwork relating to the ad.

“We live in the United States of America, and a person has a right to practice homosexuality if that’s what they choose to do,” he said. “The problem is the homosexual community is attacking our faith community.”

This quote from Jimmy LaSalvia really sums things up quite nicely:

“It’s a foregone conclusion that Gov. Fletcher is going to lose decidedly tomorrow, and these anti-gay campaign tactics are not going to save his campaign,” said Jimmy Lasalvia, president of the Kentucky chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that favors gay rights. “It’s just pathetic,” he said of the attacks on Beshear.

We promise we won’t always be on a homophobia kick but Fletcher’s decision to castigate the gays and use us as a scary campaign wedge issue sealed the deal.

To update the robocall story from yesterday: We’re close to determining the source of the calls. And contrary to what Kentucky Registry of Election Finance has unfortunately told some people, it is illegal not to have a disclaimer on electronic advertisements. That includes telephone calls advocating the election or defeat of a candidate. Cite: KRS 121.190(1); 32 KAR 2:110. We remind the culprits that they’re required to file their independent expenditure with the KREF.

Steve Beshear Sells Out at the Last Minute

The Beshear-Mongiardo campaign has pulled an Ernie Fletcher. At the last minute Beshear has been sucked into a hate-filled Republican trap and has responded to negative robocalls like a sucker.

The response? This anti-gay rant from Rev. John Dunaway, former president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention:

I’m Rev. John Dunaway. The negative calls you’ve received about Steve Beshear are not true. Ernie Fletcher has been spreading lies to scare you. Don’t fall for those last minute dirty tricks.

Steve Beshear was raised in a family of preachers and [inaudible] values grounded in his faith. Steve believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and he believes we need a governor who will put the people of Kentucky first.

Please join me in voting tomorrow for Steve Beshear for governor.

Paid for by Beshear-Mongiardo for Governor. 502.607.8600.

Listen here:


How is this a necessary response?

This comes after Jonathan Miller and others told me via e-mail (about two weeks ago) that Steve Beshear was not homophobic and had no discriminatory bones in his body. If he’s not afraid of the gays– why produce this junk that legitimizes desperate activity and send it out to thousands of Kentuckians across the Commonwealth? Why give in to the Republican playbook of scare tactics?

This response is out of fear and is nothing more than homophobic behavior. Democratic politics could do without it. The call was unnecessary and there’s no excuse for it. It has no bearing on this election.

Ernest Lee & Pat Boone: Suspicious Homophobes

What is it with Ernie Fletcher? What on earth is with his fixation of openly hating gay people as often as possible? It’s too bad we have morals or we’d out his gay campaign staffers and gay cabinet members. Surely they’re ashamed of the giant idiot this guy has proven to be.

We thought the race for governor couldn’t get any more hilarious. Til now.

Pat Boone has produced two robo calls in support of Ernest Lee. They’re paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky, of course. Put your beverage down before proceeding. Don’t say you weren’t warned. (And make sure you don’t need to tinkle before hitting play.)

Here’s a gem from one of the calls:

“His opponent is so ultra-liberal he’s just been enthusiastically endorsed by C-FAIR, a prominent gay rights advocacy group. They’re convinced Beshear is their guy. Now you have to ask, ‘Do you really want Kentucky to become another San Francisco?’ Please re-elect Ernie Fletcher.”

The 30-second spot:


And a longer, more hate-filled 60-second spot:


These kooks can’t lose quickly enough with their anti-gay tripe.

Trick-or-Treating with Ernest Lee!

Have children? Oh man. Put on your Lary Craig mask and drive as quickly as you can to Frankfort. Glenna’s giving out candy at the governor’s mansion.

From the New York Times:

“We always get about 1,200 trick-or-treaters at the governor’s mansion; this year we are giving them gummy finger puppets, gum-ball eyeballs, candy corn and SweeTarts. And the cabinet secretaries all come and run their own trick-or-treat booths on the lawn.”

Glenna Fletcher, first lady of Kentucky

Okay. Candy corn and SweeTarts? Come on! That’s the best we can do?

Hate to be partisan here, but… Steve & Jane will be giving out much better candy at the mansion next year. When it comes to kids on Halloween– shock & awe is the way to go.

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