Richard Henderson & Ancel Smith: Terrified of the Gays

The two Democratic State Representatives pre-filed legislation yesterday to ban universities from offering domestic partner benefits. Two Democrats.

Ancel Smith & Richard Henderson

19 other WORTHLESS DEMOCRATS have signed on in support of the proposed legislation, which Steve Beshear has repeatedly said he’d veto. Peep their names and contact information after the jump.

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A Spade’s a Spade

Why is it no one officially involved with the Kentucky Democratic Party will criticize one of their own? Why are elected Democrats afraid to call a phobe a phobe? What’s the deal with being absolutely petrified of discussing Todd Hollenbach’s insane and public approval of bigot Frank Simon?

Who knows. But it cracks us up to watch those in the minority nervously change the subject when they’re asked to comment on something as serious as Hollenbach’s actions or lack thereof. While admirable that Sen. Ernesto Scorsone has overcome great adversity and stands proudly with his Party, it boggles the mind to think he’d be apologetic for the treasurer-elect’s decision to support ignorance.

I also asked him … why no one in the KDP criticized Todd Hollenbach for not publicly renouncing the endorsement of homophobe hate-monger Frank Simon. He gave the expected criticism of Simon, but unfortunately fell back on the same defense of Hollenbach and refusal to criticize him for not renouncing the endorsement. I’m just baffled by this response that I get from everyone in the KDP. If you’re not willing to criticize one of your own members for associating with Frank Simon, when on earth would you? Baffling.

And before anyone gets all up in a huff by e-mailing us, calling family and all-around freaking out? Todd was afraid to publicly denounce his endorsement from Frank Simon and sent letters to media big dogs making that quite clear.

Will we ever see the day when Democrats in Kentucky aren’t afraid to speak openly and honestly? Let’s hope so.

Creation Museum Nuts Foam at the Mouth

We could have predicted it. The Creation Museum nuts are out among us foaming at the mouth over yesterday’s op-ed in the Courier-Journal. Can’t let the truth get out that the “museum” is damaging to children.

In a letter to the editor today Mark Looy, the museum’s CCO, takes issue with everything. Apparently science is what spreads dogma. Evolution is the devil. Educators are just trying to censor the truth. Ha. It was a blast reading that one.

On Sunday, a former science instructor wrote a scathing commentary about our new Creation Museum near Cincinnati. Unlike a careful scientist, he made several mistakes and misrepresentations. Among them:

He misspells our president Ken Ham’s name, but that is the least of the column’s problems.

You’ve gotta read this one for all its glory. Not the least of which is about a man building a ship (out of wood, mind you) large enough to hold 32,000 animals or something.

The Gays Really Are Taking Over

Not only are the gays ruling the world from San Francisco and New York City (and Hollywood) but they’re flooding Kentucky. More than 10,000 couples identified themselves as the gay in Kentucky last year. That’s 12 times more than in 1990. RUN!!!

It’s really part of a national trend toward openness. More and more people feel safer in America and are beginning to let the government know via census data. Now that the heathen libruls have taken over almost 60% of Americans have the audacity to support such immorality. Totally ruining our valuable gay cards during election years.

Don’t worry, though, most of the gays in Kentucky have decided to empty out their closets in rainbow-colored Louisville. The city has experienced 151% increases in homo-satan couples since 2000. The gays have even taken over city government with as many as three holding elected office. The horrors!

If ever you’ve feared a major redecoration or intense scrutiny of your Ugg boots… or maybe your bad comb-over or that ugly double-breasted jacket? Now’s the time to hide. Protect yourself Betty Bowers-style because the end of morality is near! This guy is so taking over.

Geoff Davis on Iraq: Puppies & Rainbows

Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY4) recently appeared on Radio America’s Dateline: Washington for a discussion on Iraq.

Unfortunately for Davis we recorded the program so his constituency may listen. Engage your bullshiz filter before hitting play.


If you can’t stomach it (or are at work) here’s a long story short: Republican blast fax talking points – Petraeus good, Democrats bad, we can never leave Iraq. Everything is better in Iraq. The “librul” Democratic leadership don’t know the facts. Davis says the insurgence is working because he’s talked to people who’ve been there, librul Democrats still don’t know the facts because the troops say the war is just swell.

Radio America wouldn’t dare question Davis’ talking points or allow anyone to rebut with some facts. Spin, spin, spin. It’s always spin.

Frank Simon Scares Louisville’s West End

Rev. Jerry StephensonFrank Simon (you know him from equating libraries and gays with the anti-christ) and Rev. Jerry Stephenson (you may know him from his gay-hating radio show) of Midwest Church of Christ are the two men behind ads airing on WLLV and WGTK radio in Louisville’s west end. The ads include a dialog between two gentlemen discussing Steve Beshear’s terrifying support of the gays. The ad directs listeners to just as the misleading robocalls did yesterday.

Joe Gerth has the scoop.

The Rev. Jerry Stephenson, chairman of the Values Coalition U.S.A., said his organization was part of a group that aired a radio advertisement over the weekend and yesterday that pointed out C-FAIR’s endorsement of Beshear.

The group, African Americans for Morality & Justice, was airing the ad on urban-format radio stations in Louisville and a conservative talk radio station. According to Greg Kramer, an advertising manager at WGTK radio in Louisville, conservative activist Frank Simon’s name also appears on paperwork relating to the ad.

“We live in the United States of America, and a person has a right to practice homosexuality if that’s what they choose to do,” he said. “The problem is the homosexual community is attacking our faith community.”

This quote from Jimmy LaSalvia really sums things up quite nicely:

“It’s a foregone conclusion that Gov. Fletcher is going to lose decidedly tomorrow, and these anti-gay campaign tactics are not going to save his campaign,” said Jimmy Lasalvia, president of the Kentucky chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that favors gay rights. “It’s just pathetic,” he said of the attacks on Beshear.

We promise we won’t always be on a homophobia kick but Fletcher’s decision to castigate the gays and use us as a scary campaign wedge issue sealed the deal.

To update the robocall story from yesterday: We’re close to determining the source of the calls. And contrary to what Kentucky Registry of Election Finance has unfortunately told some people, it is illegal not to have a disclaimer on electronic advertisements. That includes telephone calls advocating the election or defeat of a candidate. Cite: KRS 121.190(1); 32 KAR 2:110. We remind the culprits that they’re required to file their independent expenditure with the KREF.