Ugh. It’s frigid. Don’t even look outside.

Steve Beshear appointed Eleanor Jordan Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission on Women. All right! Finally an appointment everyone can agree on and be happy about. Eleanor is one of the most solid people in the state. [The Arena]

Homophobic Dick Roeding (R) is out of the state senate. John Schickel (R), a U.S. Marshall for eastern Kentucky is running as his replacement. Hands down a 100% improvement for the 11th senate district of Kentucky. He’s highly popular among Republicans and Democrats alike and would serve the district well if the Democrats can’t field a quality candidate. Republican Charlie Walton also says he’s running. [PolWatchers, KY Women]

Mitch McConnell is absolutely terrified of “liberal” D.C. interest groups. He can’t deal with the fact that he, himself, knows he’s an obstructer and has said as much. I mean, the man calls himself the grim reaper. It’s unfortunate that the terribly scary liberals give him such pangs of fear that he has to trot it out as a scare tactic to avoid discussing the cold, hard facts presented by the Courier-Journal. [C-J]

The ‘Ville Voice got a nice mention by the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. [OS]

Fearmongers rejoice! The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky may be weakened in 2008 thanks to vacancies throughout the organization. Will be interesting to see who claims this as a major victory for humanity first. Any bets? [LEO]

And don’t forget the movie John Yarmuth’s spokesperson wrote & starred in. Sausages, drag queens, brunch, the works. It’s what some Republicans have wrongly tried to use against John. Those same Republicans forgot that half of Louisville is filled with the gays. [Page One]

Ben Chandler on Progress, Iraq, Mexicans

Ben Chandler wrote a glowing op-ed for the Georgetown News-Graphic today. A glowing op-ed about himself and all of his caving to Republicans throughout 2007. Lots of talk of “crucial bills”. Terra-ism and Eye-rack.

Yep, Iraq. He actually mentioned it publicly. But failed to mention the many times he’s given in to Republican pressures. Or the dozens of times he’s literally run away from reporters and constituents questioning his blind support of the failed war.

This was one of many attempts by Congress over the course of the year to force the president to change direction in Iraq. Unfortunately, the president’s allies in the Senate blocked this measure and have pledged to support any presidential veto of similar efforts. Despite these roadblocks, I feel it is our moral duty in 2008 to continue pushing Iraqis to take control of their own country so American troops can focus their efforts on fighting terrorism, not policing a civil war.

He also mentioned the scary Mexicans who are terrifying him in Lexington. But what really takes the cake is his use of the term “progress.”

Despite the frustrations caused by the lack of progress on some of these most critical issues, I imagine that most of you will be pleasantly surprised by how much we have accomplished.

So is it just us or does anyone else wonder what on earth kind of “progress” Chandler is talking about? The only progressive thing we can find (though we psyched ourselves up and told ourselves we’d definitely be able to find something else) that Chandler could possibly be talking about is his support of the FAA reauthorization bill. Surely you remember it. It’s the piece of non-partisan, non-controversial legislation he jumped on when the timing was right after a plane crash last year.

Crunch Time & Your Help is Needed

The special election for House District 72 is only 19 days away. The coming Christmas and New Year holidays cut into campaign time significantly, leaving less than two weeks to raise funds, spread a message and get out the vote. It’s crunch time and your help is needed.

As I’ve said previously, the 72nd House District (comprised of Bath, Nicholas and Bourbon Counties with several precincts in Fayette) is one of the most important areas of the state, agriculturally, historically and economically. The 72nd is Kentucky. And it’s important we elect the most qualified, skilled and honest person for the job: Sannie Overly. To be elected, she’s going to need your support. If you have a few dollars to spare this holiday season, please contribute to Sannie’s campaign.

It can’t be said enough: Sannie Overly may just be the most well put together Democratic candidate the 72nd has seen in decades. She’s the kind of person with the values this state needs to move effectively into the 21st century. She’s not in the game for personal gain or to further an agenda which obviously can’t be said about many other candidates. For her it’s about loving her community and truthfully representing the interests of her constituency.

Who is Overly up against? Learn more about her opponent after the jump.

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Imaginary conversations can be funny

And kind of scary.

Another LEO funny (they’re on a roll this week)… dun dun dun… imaginary conversations with Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao. Yeah.

Scene: A Saturday morning in late December, the first such morning that Kentucky’s busy power pair have spent together in some time — and likely one of the last, as Mitch prepares to fire up his re-election campaign in earnest. They have just awoken to the sound of breaking glass.

McConnell: Elaine! Wake up! Did you hear that?
Chao: Yes, Mitchell, I heard it. What was it?
M: Sounded like breaking glass. What time is it?
C: 6:30.
M: Jesus Christ, awfully early for those war protestors to be camped out.

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Richard Henderson & Ancel Smith: Terrified of the Gays

The two Democratic State Representatives pre-filed legislation yesterday to ban universities from offering domestic partner benefits. Two Democrats.

Ancel Smith & Richard Henderson

19 other WORTHLESS DEMOCRATS have signed on in support of the proposed legislation, which Steve Beshear has repeatedly said he’d veto. Peep their names and contact information after the jump.

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A Spade’s a Spade

Why is it no one officially involved with the Kentucky Democratic Party will criticize one of their own? Why are elected Democrats afraid to call a phobe a phobe? What’s the deal with being absolutely petrified of discussing Todd Hollenbach’s insane and public approval of bigot Frank Simon?

Who knows. But it cracks us up to watch those in the minority nervously change the subject when they’re asked to comment on something as serious as Hollenbach’s actions or lack thereof. While admirable that Sen. Ernesto Scorsone has overcome great adversity and stands proudly with his Party, it boggles the mind to think he’d be apologetic for the treasurer-elect’s decision to support ignorance.

I also asked him … why no one in the KDP criticized Todd Hollenbach for not publicly renouncing the endorsement of homophobe hate-monger Frank Simon. He gave the expected criticism of Simon, but unfortunately fell back on the same defense of Hollenbach and refusal to criticize him for not renouncing the endorsement. I’m just baffled by this response that I get from everyone in the KDP. If you’re not willing to criticize one of your own members for associating with Frank Simon, when on earth would you? Baffling.

And before anyone gets all up in a huff by e-mailing us, calling family and all-around freaking out? Todd was afraid to publicly denounce his endorsement from Frank Simon and sent letters to media big dogs making that quite clear.

Will we ever see the day when Democrats in Kentucky aren’t afraid to speak openly and honestly? Let’s hope so.

Creation Museum Nuts Foam at the Mouth

We could have predicted it. The Creation Museum nuts are out among us foaming at the mouth over yesterday’s op-ed in the Courier-Journal. Can’t let the truth get out that the “museum” is damaging to children.

In a letter to the editor today Mark Looy, the museum’s CCO, takes issue with everything. Apparently science is what spreads dogma. Evolution is the devil. Educators are just trying to censor the truth. Ha. It was a blast reading that one.

On Sunday, a former science instructor wrote a scathing commentary about our new Creation Museum near Cincinnati. Unlike a careful scientist, he made several mistakes and misrepresentations. Among them:

He misspells our president Ken Ham’s name, but that is the least of the column’s problems.

You’ve gotta read this one for all its glory. Not the least of which is about a man building a ship (out of wood, mind you) large enough to hold 32,000 animals or something.