Is the Gooch Idiocy Contagious?

Rep. Jim GoochWe hope not! Because Jimmyboy is proving he is uneducated and an embarrassment to every citizen in the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky’s elected officials have once again put their stupidity on display for the entire world to see. Rep. Jim Gooch brought in two hand-selected idiots to deny global warming. We fully expect this man to tell us the world is flat in the coming days.

What’s that, Jim Gooch? You’re a DINO? What? You want to publicly be called a fool?

Okay. Jim Gooch is a DINO fool and everyone in Kentucky should be ashamed that this idiot is a Democratically elected state representative.

Please put us out of our misery.

UPDATE: John Cheves has a detailed story on the idiot Gooch and his little circus.

FRANKFORT — Global warming is a myth concocted by former Vice President Al Gore, the United Nations, Hollywood and the news media, Kentucky lawmakers were told yesterday.

Chairman Jim Gooch, D-Providence, a longtime ally of the coal industry, said he purposefully did not invite anyone who believes in global warming to testify.

“You can only hear that the sky is falling so many times,” said Gooch, whose post makes him the House Democrats’ chief environmental strategist. “We hear it every day from the news media, from the colleges, from Hollywood.”

Neither of Gooch’s invited panelists was a scientist.

No scientists. Why? Gooch says Kentucky has none and there’s no way we’d be able to get a big, scary scientist to come to Kentucky. To think this man is a member of the Subcommittee on Economic Development and Tourism, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

What on earth! Is this the best Western Kentucky has to offer? Someone needs to run against this man as soon as humanly possible. COME ON!

We encourage you to call and e-mail Gooch HERE to let him know how much of an embarrassment he is. Maybe provide him with a fact or two.

News Propaganda Update Dept

What? You’ve gotta be kidding. Greg Stumbo considering a job in the Environmental Protection Cabinet? We seem to recall a little incident with LEO where Stumbo had some controversial things to say about mountaintop removal that certainly wouldn’t fly with anyone who cares about the environment. Not a chance that’d be easy for anyone to swallow. Also interesting that Stumbo and Luallen (who is quite reactive and wary-sounding) snap at each other constantly, isn’t it? Oh– the story is about Cassaro, not those two. [H-L]

Anti-GOP sentiment hurting financially? McConnell and the NRSC are worried about 2008 because their fundraising numbers are a nightmare. McConnell has a mountain of cash but the rest of the senate Republicans are suffering as they helplessly watch Democrats out raise them by tens of millions. [CBS]

Bush visits, causes traffic jam. George Dubya was in New Albany yesterday to discuss “serious problems” but really spent his time on stage attacking Democrats with every breath. A lot could be accomplished if this lame duck gave up the rhetoric to actually do something. Making sure his rich friends get richer is too high on his priority list for that to happen, though. [C-J]

Making nice? Boone county Republicans are reaching out the Beshear administration. County leaders have been tight with Ernie Fletcher and his appointees, allowing ready-made lines of communication and revenue. What’s positive, though, is that these same people are reaching out to Beshear and are speaking positively in the press about being able to forge strong working relationships. Boone Countians should be proud of their leaders for being able to put aside political differences. [Community Press]

McConnell lost touch with constituency? Of course. Is Michael Cassaro the man to take him on? Obviously not. Cassaro, while he may be a good guy, hasn’t made an effort to connect with Democratic Party leaders, hasn’t had hands-on experience with the political game and has recently contributed to people like Jack Wood and Ernie Fletcher. Doesn’t bode well for a candidacy. He’s a Gatewood in the making and that may be why he’s given money to Galbraith in the past. [C-J]

McConnell Votes Against Kentucky

Mitch McConnell, under the guise of fiscal responsibility (haha) voted to uphold Bush’s veto of the Water Resources Development Act.

Isn’t that nice? Kentucky’s own King of Pork votes against water while large portions of the United States are suffering disastrous shortages.

Just some of the Kentucky projects:

  • Completion of McAlpine Lock and Dam on the Ohio River in Louisville, $430 million (of that, almost $220 million already has been spent), requested by Sen. McConnell and Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District.
  • A flood control study for Louisville, no amount given, requested by Yarmuth.
  • An Ohio River Basin environmental study for Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia, $2.5 million, requested by Yarmuth.
  • Stabilization of the bluffs at Hickman, Ky., $250,000, requested by McConnell.
  • A feasibility study to add water supply to the project purposes for Dewey Lake, no amount given, requested by Rep. Hal Rogers, R-5th District.
  • A study to add recreation to the project purposes at Buckhorn Lake, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • A directive to provide protection to Prestonsburg against a 100-year flood, no amount given, requested by Rogers.
  • Water projects and resource protection and development in the counties of Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Powell, Scott and Woodford, $10 million, requested by Rep. Ben Chandler, D-6th District.
  • Wastewater infrastructure for Winchester, no amount given, requested by Chandler.
  • Renovations to the floodwall on the Ohio River at Paducah, $3 million, requested by Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-1st District.
  • Flood-control work, Licking River Basin, Cynthiana, $11.8 million, sponsor of request not determined.

Maybe Mitch should heed Larry Sabato’s warning?

“But if I were Mitch McConnell, I’d be very nervous. Because there’s a Democratic trend in his state, a new Democratic governor who’s going to try to get him, and he is the representative of George Bush and the Iraq war in Kentucky. Good luck!”

Speaking Out: Olmstead Honors McConnell

Special to Page One from Harold Trainer, USAF RET

Next Friday night at the Henry Clay Hotel the Olmstead Conservancy, a supposedly non-political organization, will honor Senator McConnell.

Senator McConnell is an avid supporter of the Iraq War which has directly contributed to the deaths of almost 4,000 American military and several hundred thousand Iraqis.

The Conservancy’s honoring of McConnell gives support to a war that was a huge mistake, executed incompetently and continues to kill our military and Iraq civilians with no end in sight.

The Conservancy’s support for McConnell is a quid pro quo for McConnell’s federal funding for the Olmstead’s park projects. His ability to provide this funding is closely related to his support for Bush’s unjust war. This clearly makes the conservancy willing to ignore this terrible war in exchange for McConnell’s monetary favors.

Environmental Insanity Featuring McConnell

Famed Olmstead Parks Conservancy will present Mitch McConnell with its top award on Friday, October 26 during the Roaring 20s Gala at the Henry Clay in Louisville. He’ll be receiving the Frederick Law Olmsted Award for Distinguished Leadership for his “contribution towards advancing our mission to restore, preserve and enhance Louisville’s Olmsted parks and parkways.”

Anyone else rolling their eyes at this laughable irony?

McConnell– the man who consistently receives a 0% rating from the League of Conservation Voters— is receiving an award from one of the most prominent parks and preservation organizations in the world.

Anti-McConnell groups have organized a demonstration to take place on Friday 10/26 from 5:00 – 8:30 P.M. at 3rd & Chestnut in Louisville.

Way to go Olmstead for drawing negative attention. We’re betting an entire bushel of apples that your membership could have come up with a much more deserving recipient of the award.