Oh Snap Monday: Educational Failure Dept

Rep. Harry Moberly keeps promise, researching damage by mountaintop removal, only Democrat standing up. Puts Jim Gooch to shame. Moberly, according to Stephenie Steitzer, will study the impact of coal mining on December 3 by traveling to Hazard. How long will it take the rest of the legislature to do something like this? Ten years? 15? [The Arena]

Ready to ride? Kentucky Equine Education Project/KEEP needs volunteer riders for Steve Beshear’s inaugural parade. Frankfort – 10:00 A.M. – December 11. If you’re interested in walking or riding, get in touch with KEEP’s field director Cara Stewart. KEEP is headed by Patrick Neely, a guy Republicans and Democrats alike appreciate and one of the brightest political minds in the state. Good opportunity to get involved. [KEEP]

Freedom calls? Is this what the GOP has to look forward to? If so, we’re sorry, GOP. Really sorry. This is quite possibly the most ignorant and racist tripe ever published as an op-ed in any Kentucky newspaper. W. Bryan Hubbard writes not to his fellow Republicans to but his fellow wingnuts. [H-L]

Beshear for the win. Seems governor-elect Steve Beshear is stepping up to finish what Ernie Fletcher stopped. Beshear promises to help finish construction of Kentucky’s Center for African American Heritage. Fletcher and his cronies at the Transportation Cabinet have ignorantly withheld funding to complete the project the past two years. You’d never see this sort of roadblock for something like the Creation Museum. [C-J]

New commissioner. As Mark Hebert reported, Jon Draud is the new Education Commissioner. He’s a Republican selected by a board of Republicans appointed by Ernie Fletcher. Both sides of the aisle have been distraught for weeks over the Board of Education’s apparent lack of common sense. Can we expect success with this continued corruption? Fat chance. [Mark Hebert]

Public corruption in Clay County. You think it’s interesting living in the golden triangle? Think again. The mayor of Manchester along with other public officials dealt drugs, profited from the illegal gun trade, bought votes and when a citizen didn’t want to sell their house to the city? They hired a hit man to torch the place. And people wonder why Eastern Kentucky is falling apart. It might just be because the Roger Benton legacy continues. Those involved were finally sentenced. [H-L here & here]

The Enquirer will never provide real journalism. In Pat Crowley’s latest piece he tells Democrats to be afraid because they’re essentially screwed up in Northern Kentucky. Primarily because Northern Kentucky Democrats have made fools of themselves the past several weeks. He turned what could have been a great 730-word column about the November 6 election into a weird warning for Democrats. Are his editors writing for him? We know Pat is a real journalist and is capable of much better. [The Enquirer]

Thanksgiving Update: Our Belts Aren’t Tight Yet Edition

Fair hiring practices on the way. Steve Beshear made public his plans to ensure fair hiring practices when unveiling a website created to accept applications for non-merit positions. The governor-elect said during a press conference that he’s prepping his staff to be well-acquainted with hiring laws and made it clear there won’t be any Fletcheresque scandals. He’s probably telling the truth unless he hires Heather French Henry. [H-L]

MACED! The Mountain Association of Community Economic Developers has responded to insane-o Rep. Jim Gooch. Gooch, you’ll recall, toted out some British kook with tired arguments denying global warming and then had the nerve to embarrass Kentucky on Good Morning America last weekend. Preach on, MACED, we’re with you. Responsibility is key and muddying the waters of reality like Gooch has attempted is, well, outrageous. [Cyberhillbilly]

Panhandlers are the devil and homeless people are scary. Rich white folks are afraid of downtown. Any downtown in the country. That’s especially true in Louisville where white flight is as apparent as it is in any other city. Some elected city hacks of Metro Louisville are suffering “cash-guilt” and have a serious problem with honesty. No surprises there. [LEO]

Guess who. It’s all about Crit. Never about people actually considering a run for office. Always about the woman who drags her feet. We’re not picking sides here but come on. We reported her desire to face McConnell months ago and she still hasn’t done anything. Time to piss or get off the pot. Playing games this late in the year is childish. We hear from our source in Schumerland that money for Crit is no longer guaranteed and no sides will be taken because there’s a serious candidate on the horizon. [CNN]

Open Records Whining. Mark Hebert has a great rant about state employee email and open records requests: “Now before you state employees start howling about privacy concerns, remember that you signed a legal form saying you would only do state business on your state computer and any other activity would be a violation of policy. In other words, if you’re sending nasty e-mails to a co-worker, or writing long letters to Aunt Betty on your state computer, you’re violating state policy.” P.S. We have a great photo of Hebert from his college days at Western. [Mark Hebert]

Jim Gooch: Embarrassment, Should be Ousted

Rep. Jim Gooch needs to resign immediately. If he doesn’t, we’ll spend our own money fielding a primary challenger for the Western Kentucky democrat. Gooch is an example of House Speaker Jody Richards’ failed leadership. He should never have been appointed.

He got his ass handed to him on Good Morning America this weekend. What an embarrassment.

Here are some highlights. Try not to laugh when the host makes him look like an absolute fool. We especially love when he’s called out for personally benefiting from his votes as a coal industry hack.

Don’t forget: You can call Gooch to express your outrage at his stupidity.Who wants to run against him in the primary? Anyone from Hopkins, McLean, Webster or Daviess counties want to step up to the plate? We’ll help you raise money. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.

Jim Gooch: The Nut that Keeps On Giving

Democratic Rep. Jim Gooch brought his weird in-denial-about-global-warming circus to Frankfort last week. And we’ve all thrown up a little in our mouths as a result. But who thought he was crazier than he seemed a few days ago?

We didn’t talk much about one of Gooch’s “experts” last week, Lord Christopher Monckton, a guy who calls himself a journalist. Monckton has an interesting past and an obscure world view on things like holding insane beliefs about HIV/AIDS. In John Cheves’ Herald-Leader story about Gooch (Nov 15th) we learn a bit about Monckton’s stance:

Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is a British journalist and onetime adviser to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Monckton generated controversy during the 1980s with his recommendation — which he repeated for lawmakers yesterday — that people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS be locked up for life.

“Twenty years ago we could have stopped this disease from spreading worldwide by treating it just like any other fatal, infectious disease, by making it notifiable, so people who got it were isolated — and in the kindest and nicest way — but isolated so they couldn’t spread it to everybody else,” he said.

Eyes bulging out of their sockets? How does one begin to break down the serious holes in that logic?

Read moreJim Gooch: The Nut that Keeps On Giving

Oh Snap Monday! 9udy 11uiliani Edition

Ernie Fletcher avoids Al Smith, KET, refuses final interview. Just when you think he’s going to leave office as a respectable and gracious man he pulls the most ridiculous stunt possible. Snubbing the state’s media is sure to leave as much of a mark on his legacy as governor as the hiring scandal. [Mark Hebert]

Do something about it. If you’re tired of the Democratic Party and its (in)effectiveness, here’s your chance. Be a part of things. Read and familiarize yourself with the state’s delegate selection plan for 2008. But don’t bother calling KDP with questions. Jeff Noble is the only man in the state who understands the process. [KDP PDF link]

Coming Out? Remember Ernie Fletcher’s primary commercials? The bully in those memorable spots, former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup of Louisville, is playing presidential politics. On Friday, she announced her support for 9udy 11uiliani for president, and that she’ll be the campaign’s Kentucky chairwoman. First order of business: shaking everyone down for money at December 5 fundraisers in both Louisville and Lexington. [PolWatchers]

Nuclear safety. Attorney General Greg Stumbo is standing up with five other attorneys general to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission get their crap in check on matters of safety. Crap, indeed. the NRC doesn’t plan for catastrophe, susceptibility to terrorist attack and doesn’t even consider the adequacy of emergency warning and evacuation plans in its license renewal procedures. Concerns about earthquakes? Please, they can’t be bothered. [ENS]

Not that Steve Henry. Former Louisville bookseller and Sierra Club chairman Steve Henry penned an op-ed for the Courier-Journal about a new environmental consciousness sweeping the country and Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas’ effort to save Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. This Steve Henry isn’t to be confused with the former Lt. Governor who operates the Future Fund– an alleged environmental organization which Henry uses for personal benefit. [C-J]

From the Dept of Crazy Old Men Who Live in Danville. 82-year-old Jack Caldwell Sr. is going to trial for shooting his 63-year-old neighbor five times as he used a riding lawn mower. The victim, Jim Trachsel, was a retired school principal. How did we miss this story when the murder occurred a few years ago? [H-L]

Rumors on the Internets: Cold Again Version

Light posting today. Chasing a story.

Doing the right thing can be inconvenient. Ashley Cecil (the Painting Activist) battles her conscience as she explores the implications of her actions in today’s world. From dining out on sushi that isn’t factory farmed to avoiding waste at the grocery store, it can be a tough mindset to adopt. But it’s a mindset worth considering and as we edge closer and closer to reality it’s nearly become a necessary fact of life. Check Ashley’s site out– it’s one of our favorite reads. [Ashley Cecil]

Strange bedfellows: egotist and governor-elect. Heather French Henry will serve as part of Steve Beshear’s Governor’s Office Transition Team. Excuse us, but, what on earth does she know about government and the governor’s office? Thought she was off somewhere making dresses and defrauding publishing companies while her husband breaks every law known to man. We predict lots of drama. What’s this appointment payback for? [PolWatchers]

McConnell plays disruptor on Iraq. Mitch, as usual, has to try to make the rules up as he goes along. Always offering his own versions of bills. Almost always uniquely pork-laden. Democrats cave and will continue to be ineffective. Eye-rack forever! [Guardian – UK]

End of an era. Tonight is the Al Smith’s final appearance as host of Comment on Kentucky. KET @ 8:00 P.M. Eastern. 1 hour. Watch it. Al Smith knows everything about everything. We’ll miss this hilarious old codger and look forward to his memoirs. [H-L]

Ashland: chock full o’ nuts. First it was the duct tape bandit. Now it’s the dude who robbed an ice cream parlor with a stapler. For real. A chrome-plated stapler. Hoo boy. Can’t get any better than that. [Daily Independent]

Hebert has the tape. The Sam Beverage tape. Highlights include alleged Stumbo road work scandals, Ernie ordered all highway dollars to be spent in counties of his supporters, discretionary funds are like candy and there’s corruption in government. Surprised? Of course not. [Mark Hebert]

Governors Take the Lead on Climate Change

As a refreshing contrast to the lunacy of Democratic Rep. Jim Gooch, take a look at this ad featuring three prominent governors:

Arnold Schwarzenegger- California – Republican
Brian Schweitzer – Montana – Democrat
Joe Huntsman, Jr. – Utah – Republican

That’s right. Two Republican governors speaking out about global warming and greenhouse gases. Literally urging Congress to curb pollution. While here in Kentucky we have ignorant tools parading around like it’s the year 1950.

Leaves you wondering what cave Gooch has been hiding in.

Here’s the spot:

(thanks to Jim Welp)