Rainy Thursday Updates. Obama NOT Coming to Kentucky Tomorrow Night Edition?

Despite the fact that the Secret Service briefed several key business leaders on Fourth Street and at the Convention Center that both Clinton and Obama would be at tomorrow night’s KDP fundraiser, the Obama campaign insists that the senator will be in Oregon instead of in Kentucky. [Telephone Call]

The RPK is mad at the mean and elitist Barack Obama for wanting to tax the unfortunate rich folks of Kentucky! They put out a press release last evening attacking him for hating tax cuts for the rich and for running a television ad in the Bluegrass saying as much. Take a look at the ad. [Obama Ad]

Rather than develop a functioning Federal Election Committee made up of members selected for their personal abilities and qualifications, Mitch McConnell still thinks it’s a good idea to obstruct like crazy. He still wants to force a vote on all nominees– together– because he knows his right-wing hack favorite can’t withstand an individual vote. Of course, McConnell supporters (staffers?) spin this as Democratic obstruction because Democrats want individual votes. So much for Democracy. [CBS/Politico, EITB]

The Clinton campaign is touting Hillary’s “big win” in Indiana (what was it again? a percent? two?) in pushing for a visibility rally at tomorrow’s KDP event in Louisville. Starts at 5:30 at 4th & Market. Will it just be Olivia? Will the demonstrators/protestors be able to understand that it’s mathematically impossible for Clinton to win? [Clinton Campaign]

Did you know? There are Republicans who STILL spin that the economy is all puppies and rainbows. And they blame Al Gore for high gas prices. [KY Progress]

Basically everyone is telling Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race. Mainly because she doesn’t have enough money or time to prove herself. Or, you know, any possible way to get the votes needed to win. Note that Jennifer Moore wants Clinton to stay in the race because Kentucky deserves to vote. Even though those votes won’t matter. (We think she should stay in, too, just so everyone sees that she’s done.) [C-J]

FINALLY! It’s admitted. Steve Beshear and “very important people” in the U.S. Senate recruited Bruce Lunsford. How many months were we preaching that while the establishment told us to piss off, that we were absolutely full of it? Looks like big labor was involved, too. We know several thousand people who won’t be forgetting this when Mitch McConnell walks back into his office next year. [H-L]

Bunning Agrees with Obama, Kinda

Sen. Jim Bunning opposes the Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday for the summer. Rightfully so. It’s retarded, as we’ve repeatedly told you.

From the AP:

The Kentucky Republican senator said Tuesday that a summertime gas tax holiday wouldn’t relieve pressure at the pump for consumers facing sky-high gas prices.

Bunning said the way to reduce oil prices is to increase domestic energy production.
Bunning said a suspension of the federal 18.4-cents per gallon federal tax on gasoline would take several billion dollars out of the federal road fund. He said general tax dollars would replace the lost gas tax revenue, adding to the nation’s debt.

Unfortunately, Bunning seems to oppose the gas tax break for the wrong reason: He wants to allow drilling in the Alaska refuge.

Bunning is co-sponsoring legislation to allow drilling in the Alaska refuge and to develop coal-to-liquid fuels.

All right for killing the environment. Because that will solve all of our problems.

Godfather of Green? Godfather of Greenbacks, Maybe

This morning we had the opportunity to sit down with the League of Conservation Voters to discuss Sen. Mitch McConnell’s #4 position on the organization’s list of the nation’s “Dirty Dozen.”

Check your watches. It’ll be less than 24 hours until the Senator sends out an urgent fundraising plea because he is under attack from the tree-hugging left.

Since people in the real world recognize that saving our environment makes good economic sense, we’re, well, we’re all left wondering what on earth McConnell thinks he’s doing by serving as the Senator in Washington with the absolute worst LCV rating score. Supporting renewable energy and the environment is hardly a Democratic or Republican issue– it’s an American issue. The dear Senator needs to realize this sooner rather than later because we get the extreme sense that the League will be spending mega bucks in Kentucky this general election cycle.

Some information from the LCV after the jump…

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Jim Gooch says Renewable Energy a False Hope

You thought you’d seen the last of Jim Gooch, didn’t you?


He’s back. This time he’s showing his absolute stupidity (not ignorance– there’s a big difference) in a discussion about renewable energy and the prospect of Kentucky lifting the ban on nuclear power plants.

We’re all for open discussion and difference of opinion but it’s a sad day when an elected Democrat pulls crap like this out of his giiiiant hat:

Committee Chairman Jim Gooch, D-Providence, said he likes the bill and considers coal and nuclear to be America’s energy future, while wind and solar power offer “false hopes.”

It’s obvious that there are both positives and negatives when it comes to coal and nuclear power, but let’s get real for a minute. Since when are wind and solar power offering FALSE HOPES? I don’t see the giant wind and solar farms being used by the Tennessee Valley Authority as offering false hope.

Jim “Walrus” Gooch– whose family has benefited financially from the coal industry– should seriously attempt to learn a bit about renewable energy like solar power and Deep Cycle Solar Batteries before spouting off. He could start by watching the film Kilowatt Ours.

And a little message to Gooch: folks at the KDP (who shall remain nameless, but there are witnesses who can back us up) have hinted that they’d like to get you out of office. Don’t think for a second that they won’t have help if they decide to do something behind the scenes.

King Coal Corruption? Surely Not!

What happens when a coal miner videotapes serious safety issues inside a mine and shares the footage with federal mine safety officials? He gets punished by his employer, of course, and then has to file a lawsuit seeking cash.

Yay King Coal and the lovely labor practices this great country employs. Overlooking incidents like this is a great way for the Mine Safety and Health Administration to further improve its lovely image among everyone who pays attention to the world around them.

From the Herald-Leader:

On April 27 last year, Howard, a veteran miner, took video footage of seven mine seals at Cumberland River’s Band Mill No. 2 mine. The seals, constructed to close off abandoned sections of underground coal mines, are supposed to be impenetrable so that explosive methane gas can’t seep into working areas.

These seals were so cracked that water gushed through them, the lawsuit says.

Before videotaping the cracked and leaking seals, Howard had documented the problems in writing in a Cumberland River preshift examination book and had told company officials, including the mine superintendent, two mine foremen, and two section foremen, about the unsafe conditions, the lawsuit says.

After nothing was done, Howard testified at a public hearing held by the Mine Safety and Health Administration in July 2007 and showed those in attendance the video he had taken of the mine seals.

MSHA later cited Cumberland River for multiple seal violations.

After the company was cited, Cumberland River officials gave Howard “a written warning of disciplinary action” for “taking a non-permissible video camera underground.”

Regardless of whether Cumberland River had a company policy about videotaping underground, Oppegard said Thursday, Howard had the right under state law to document and report to MSHA unsafe conditions at the mine.

What’s Larry Clark Got to Hide?

A whole flipping lot, that’s for sure. Note to readers: If you have stories, hit us up. We’re like vaults and love the gossip.

And this week he’s proved yet again that his word is worth jack shit.

According to Barefoot & Progressive (by way of KFTC), Rep. Larry Clark is a first-rate hypocrite who deserves quite a bit of blame for the Stream Saver bill that failed to make its way out of committee by just 2 votes.

Larry made it a point to tell dozens and dozens of constituents that he supported the bill. Dozens. Then flip-flopped by voting against it because he said it was in the “wrong committee.”

We’re in total agreement with B&P. Call Larry up and let ole boy know how disgusted and ashamed you are to have him as a state representative. Tell him what a coward he is.

(502) 968-3546

And don’t forget to thank him for the stink he caused last week.

Pillheads Rush to Move to Louisville

Did you know? Millions and millions of tons of scary, nasty, poisonous prescription drugs are in the Louisville water supply and we’re all going to die!

For real (kinda):

Trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are lurking in Louisville’s drinking water, including one used to treat people with bipolar disorder and alcohol withdrawal, and another prescribed to combat seizures.

The findings came as no surprise to Judy Petersen, executive director of the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, a group that lobbies for cleaner rivers and lakes.

“There is a drug cocktail, if you will, in our nation’s waters,” Petersen said, adding that there’s little known about how those drugs might be affecting people or the environment. “We’re kind of flying in the dark.”

Louisville Water Co. officials acknowledged an increased concern of the potential health effects of trace amounts of drugs in drinking water, even as they noted there are no national standards for pharmaceutical chemicals in the water supply.

And this part should make you even happier:

How do the drugs get into the water?

People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down toilets.