Tuesday Update Dept of It’s iTunes Freebie Day

The Rural Democrat’s William Shackleford is calling it quits. [TRD]

Steve Beshear says his entire cabinet will continue making appearances with him across the state. The H-L can suck it, says the gubnuh. [PolWatchers]

Bill Nighbert resigned from his senate leadership job a couple weeks ago. He’s moved on to work for a company in eastern Kentucky. [C-J]

Why won’t anyone run for office in Kentucky? What’s with the apathy? No wonder our state is a failure in the eyes of most. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says Bruce Lunsford should have to answer hypothetical questions. So why can’t McConnell answer hypotheticals himself? Hypocrite. [Politico]

Rocky “King Coal” Adkins is keynoting the Kentucky Conservation Committee’s annual meeting this September. He’ll be giving a talk called “Energy Efficiency, Energy Independence and Kentucky’s Environment.” Interesting, isn’t it? It’s almost like inviting Jim Gooch to keynote an event for KFTC. [KCC]

That Bunning challenger we teased yesterday? It’s customs agent Darlene Fitzgerad Price. So now we can all go back to wondering who will actually be challenging Jim Bunning. [Rothenberg Report]

Tornadic Activity in Northern Kentucky?

A friend of Page One is at the Cincinnati airport in Northern Kentucky and just went through some nasty weather. Airport officials rushed hundreds of people out of the terminals and into protective areas when things started to eff up outside.

Here’s a shot, while blurry, that looks pretty scary. Was taken while being herded to safety.

Thursday Is Almost Friday Updates & Junk

Going to Denver for the convention? Don’t worry about running into any homeless folks. They’re all being bused out. [Rocky Mountain News]

Mountaintop removal? Nuclear power? Steve Beshear hearts them both. He has demanded a “comprehensive energy plan” by September. [PolWatchers]

The World Affairs Council and the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville will host 12 governmental leaders from Iraq for a discussion on the current state of affairs in the middle eastern country we invaded. [Business First]

Former Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Tom Bennett is still in critical condition, but stable. That’s all the info his family will release at this time. Hebert says the plasma drive in Tom’s name was super-successful. [Hebert’s Blog]

The Courier-Journal editorial board loves Steve Beshear’s idea to create “In God We Trust” license plates for free. The paper suggests those who don’t want want the plates can spend an extra $10.00 dollars (on top of Kentucky’s crazy vehicle registration and insurance costs) to get a plate of their choice. [C-J]

A rabid bat was found near downtown Lexington last week. Some dude’s dog killed it when it went crazy and then the health department confirmed it had rabies. Could this be what’s wrong with the Webb brothers? Did a rabid bat bite them? [H-L]

Oh Snap Monday! We’re All Gonna Go Broke

George W. Bush has something wrong with him. Is the man retarded? Republicans, please teach him how to save face. [Ditch Mitch]

The Executive Branch Ethics Commission is proceeding with the investigation of four Fletcher administration folks. Jim Adams, Basil Turbyfill, Dan Druen and Darrell Brock. [C-J]

It’s always interesting to read AP stories about things like the Felner investigation. Especially when the stories are hacked together with information that sometimes isn’t even fit for publication on a blog. [The Journal Times]

A Wisconsin paper really gets it. Most of a grant has been spent on Felner’s friends, $70K+ for himself and travel. All kinds of other money. Yadda yadda. It’s everything you’ve already read. But it’s better than the AP piece. [Journal Sentinel]

While Mitch McConnell raises all kinds of skrilla from special interests, Bruce Lunsford is walking a day in your shoes. I mean, for real. [Pat Crowley]

Was a mountaintop removal trip sabotaged? Ben Chandler and Norm Dicks were scheduled to tour eastern Kentucky on Saturday but never made it out of Washington. [News & Tribune]

Former White House Press Secretary and Fox Noise personality Tony Snow died at age 53. [WaPo]

TGIF. Everyone Pray for a Slow News Day.

Mitch McConnell raised $3 million in special interest funds during the second quarter and Bruce Lunsford can write a $300 million billion trillion check. [PolWatchers]

Poor Ed Whitfield’s wife got axed from the Equine Drug Research Council and was replaced with Dr. Jerry Yon of Lexington. [Business First]

Sonny Landham thinks he’s a climate scientist! He says global warming is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the world. Funny, we thought that title was held by the Holocaust? Cause, you know, people like Sonny are usually Holocaust deniers. Or they’re wife beaters. Oh, wait. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Was the anti-gay Alabama Attorney General caught being a huge homosexual with another huge homosexual– in his bed– by his wife? Probably. [Wonkette]

This is easily the saddest story we have read in weeks. Ugh. Don’t read it if you’re PMSing, prone to bouts of loud crying or are an unemotional, you know, poopy pants. [C-J]

Thursday Update Dept of Getting Caffeinated

Robert Felner round-up of the day:

And the rest:

All right, can anyone tell me where Bruce Lunsford said he was for higher taxes, no drilling for oil and heavier restrictions on coal? What? You can’t? Didn’t think so. [KY Politics]

OMG. The Cincinnati City Beat just said: “Landham says his experience on such action films as Predator and porn films as Slippery When Wet have given him the necessary experience to attack foreign nations with the ferocity of 1980s stereotypes while simultaneously jerking off Washington insiders.” and we are forever in love with that publication! [City Beat]

Boone County has a new Republican Party Executive Committee. [Pat Crowley]

Oh, and Northern Kentucky is about to eat itself alive over a proposed smoking ban that the general public supports. [More Crowley]

Partial Fancy Farm lineup. Includes Rocky Adkins, Steve Beshear, Dan Mongiardo, Jim Bunning, Bruce Lunsford, Ed Whitfield, Heather Ryan, Crit Luallen, Ken Winters, Carroll Hubbard, Fred Nesler, Trey Grayson. Not yet confirmed list includes: Mitch McConnell, Todd “Frank Simon Jr” Hollenbach, Steven Rudy, Mike Lawrence. Jack Conway and Richie Farmer won’t be there. Okay– should we bother going this year? Yes? No? [Larry Dale Keeling]

Fundie Wingnut Roundup! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Trey Pollard, an up and coming journalist for Politicker, has the story of Bruce Lunsford pumping a million bucks into his campaign on the day the SCOTUS struck down the Millionaires’ Amendment. [PolitickerKY]

Tuesday. Candidates Gone Wild Dept of Crazy.

OMG. You’ve gotta watch this. Jefferson County judicial candidate (District Judge) Katie King went crazy on her ex-boyfriend and he called 911. OMG. You’ve gotta watch this story. OMG OMG OMG. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF! FRANCENE! You’ve gotta talk about this! It’s so amazing! OMG! Hands down, this is the best story to hit the teevee in weeks. [WATCH IT!]

Don McNay was named treasurer of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Hooray Don! Also, if you win a bazillion dollars, Don is the guy to talk to. Everyone congratulate him! [Don McNay]

Now the Democrats are all up on three-wheel electric cars. We’re a little confused, really, since it was Republicans who were all up on them first. What’s going on, here, kids? Is this bipartisanship? [PolWatchers]

Jim Bunning and Robert Byrd– the two oldest dudes on earth or whatever– are going to fight each other like that dancing woman on Steel Magnolias. Two pigs fighting under a blanket. You know how it is. [C-J]

Speaking of old people. Mitch McConnell wants all medicare-aged old people to die of the starvation, the poverty and the sickness of whatever. He just wants them to die and will vote against them no matter what. [The Hill]