Tuesday Morning Dept. of Dubya Can’t Speak

Seriously, does anyone understand this President we have? Can’t he hold a press conference after EIGHT YEARS without mumbling and sounding like a bumbling idiot? Something about the FDIC now insuring every transaction. But I can’t be sure. Because he’s mumbling.

KET could have killed every bit of credibility it once had. All over airing that stupid campaign video from Ed Whitfield (R-Florida). Every journalist on earth thinks the move was ridiculous. How embarrassing for KET, a state agency. [PolWatchers]

Conspiracy theories are nice and all. But KET didn’t conspire to turn the audio down during Heather Ryan’s appearance last night. It’s television. And this happens on a regular basis with KET. Often on Comment on Kentucky. So everyone take off your tinfoil hats and calm down. Also, people, [DMKY]

John Yarmuth has scheduled a press conference with the League of Conservation Voters today at 10:30 A.M. His campaign says it’s for a “major campaign announcement.” But something tells us it’s not that major if it’s just the LCV’s deputy legislative director. [Press Release]

Anyone following the Steve Henry debacle knows he and his wife have struggled with the IRS over non-profit status for their Rosemary Clooney Museum. The IRS says you can’t, you know, use a place as a residence if it’s a non-profit. In an interesting development, Henry is now telling newspapers that he and his wife “co-own” the museum. Meanwhile, there’s been no movement on the prosecutorial front with the Henry case. The OAG is sitting on its hands. [Ledger Independent]

Longest story ever about a road. U.S. 119 was dedicated for the Pattons this past weekend. Because Paul Patton is the Jesus of everything in eastern Kentucky. [Appalachian News-Express]

More on that possibly scandalous trip Ben Chandler took. Five members of Congress, three of their spouses and one of their daughters. THAT’S necessary in the name of science? Going to the Galapagos should never be considered a luxury trip. This is ridiculous. This may have been a fact finding trip. But it wasn’t necessary to wine and dine on taxpayer dollars. [The Oregonian]

The Creation Museum is still busily making Ken Ham a wealthy man. 550,000 visitors at $20 a pop. All for some fancy dinosaur rides and a chance to see Adam and Eve. Adam… who is modeled after a gay porn star. Which makes it even better. [H-L]

This ad terrified us. Literally terrified us. [Wonkette]

Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Does Damage Control

God. These bitches are insufferable self-haters. Living in the wealthy east end of Louisville apparently makes it okay to self-hate and make shit up. It’s hilarious to watch then spin out of control about how cervical cancer “is not a woman’s issue.” The scary women! The scary trial lawyers! Oh my! [EITB]

Wondering how that Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll was conducted? The C-J published an FAQ of sorts. Pay close attention to the hilarious last sentence, Republishing or broadcasting the poll’s results without credit to The Courier-Journal is prohibited. Like the C-J would EVER credit any other publication for any reason. Haha. [C-J]

The Wall Street bailout helps Jim Bunning but hurts Mitch McConnell. And as a result all McConnell and his henchmen can do is complain about how terrible and awful and mean and awful and mean and terrible Bruce Lunsford is. Did you know he eats babies? And old people. [H-L]

“Dr” Ted is still as crazy as ever. Don’t you love how he perpetuates the Bruce Lunsford memes? He probably can’t even tell you what happened with Vencor. Nothing was Bruce’s fault, which is why McConnell hasn’t run ads about it (despite his wife sitting on the board). It’s laughable that anyone would be pushing such drivel. [The Bridge]

What was that about clean coal the other day? You folks were telling me how awesome it is and how it’s already changing the world. Never mind that it doesn’t exist. And. Oh. How clean coal is like healthy cigarettes. What Al Gore says. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Like Hebert says, JAMAKAIN!!!!’s lead over Barry O is shrinking. Slowly but surely. He’ll still win but it won’t be a super-tight race. McCain led Obama by 19 not long ago. Now he’s only leading by 12, according to the latest Bluegrass poll. [Mark Hebert]

In case you’ve forgotten or missed it: University of Louisville’s administration is retaliating against individuals perceived to be critical of anything happening at the University. Students, faculty and staff are being threatened with their jobs ad their education because they’re merely suspected of having spoken with us or reporters. Not exactly a great way to handle the problem, Ramsey & Willihnganz! [The Latest UofL Scandal]

Oh Snap Monday! The Weather Is Effing Great

In case you missed it, Jennifer Moore forced Jeff Noble to apologize for telling his story about what she and her friends did to him. In exchange, he got a seat on the Kentucky Democratic Party’s State Central Executive Committee. Don’t forget it. [Page One]

HAHAHAHAHA. “First, we heard from State Senate candidate Carroll Hubbard, former First District Congressman, and a true Southern Gentleman. He congratulated Dan Boaz for being chosen the best County Attorney in the Commonwealth, and thanked Jennifer Moore for being a great KDP Chair. I agree. He also noted that she was the youngest and prettiest KDP chair ever.” [BlueGrassRoots]

Interesting note: Mitch McConnell took part in the Fairdale Parade this past weekend in Louisville. Quite possibly the only time the man has ever stepped foot inside that area of the River City. Could this mean McConnell only takes certain areas seriously during campaign years? [Eye Witnesses]

What is Al Cross even saying? Is that English? Does he realize that Democrats are also likely to go down with Leonard Lawson? Republicans like Mitch McConnell are obviously corrupt. But let’s be honest.  We may just be too sleepy to understand what he’s going on about. [C-J]

Larry Dale Keeling now says Bruce Lunsford has a chance to unseat Mitch McConnell in this year’s general election. Because Mitch’s unfavorables are going up and his approval rating has dropped to 44% from 57% over the last two months. [H-L]

Tom Loftus has an interesting look at how Leonard Lawson developed his massive wealth and control over the highway industry in Kentucky. Definitely worth a read. Money definitely talks in this state. [C-J]

A bulldog with lipstick? OH MY GOD! It’s Sarah Palin! [ihasahotdog]

Is it weird that Steve Beshear replaced Trey Grayson’s wife, Nancy, with Carl Breeding on the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission? It’s allegedly a non-partisan commission. And Breeding is no more qualified than Grayson. So what’s the dilly? [PolWatchers]

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry. Grampa John McCain gets RickRolled. FEAR! [America Blog]

Saturday Update. There’s a Lot Going On Today.

The Rake calls Mitch McConnell the “Moleman” – haha. [Rake Magazine]

Mitch says people who care about the environment are nutty. And he credits Rush “Pills” Limbaugh with changing media for the better. Fox News? Objective? Jesus Christ, all right for amazing judgment on McConnell’s part. [Business & Media]

Mitch conveniently neglects to mention that HE, filibuster-in-chief, is primarily responsible for the do-nothing United States Congress and Senate. [KYPost]

Sorry, Mitt! He already made his selection! [Hilarity]

Michael Moore has a new movie coming out September 23 that documents the role young people played in the 2004 election. He’s releasing it for free on these fancy internets. [Slacker Uprising]

Did Scott Jennings get ignored by a newsie while at the RNC? A stocky man in a Hawaiian shirt walks up to a strapping young TV news producer who’s milling around with his camera crew. The stocky man says, “Hi, I’m a delegate from Kentucky. Which station you guys from?” … “We’re from New York,” replies the producer, turning his back on the man. [Salon]

Open Left is still trashing Bruce Lunsford. So much for actually getting to know anything about Kentucky before commenting, outsiders. Thanks. [Open Left]

In case you missed it, here’s that sickening 9/11 video played at the RNC last Thursday. They tried to tie Iran to everything. Using these images for political gain is one of the lowest things Republicans have done in years. [YouTube]

The Herald-Leader, in its latest story about Bill Nighbert, tells the interesting story of his legacy: controversy. David Williams finally says the right thing, all kinds of other details are revealed, and for all you haters? The story is actually fair and honest. [H-L]

Happy/Sad Labor Day/Gustav Hits Land Day

Hope you’re enjoying your three-day weekend, folks. Unless you’re on the Gulf coast. In that case, hope you’re somewhere safe and dry.

So much for our plan to take an entire day off.

The Arctic hasn’t become an island because of global warming. That’s just a myth! It’s now an island because of Jim Gooch’s fat, bigoted rear end.  (We hear he’s been making some pretty homophobic remarks lately.) [Telegraph]

Mark Hebert says Republicans appreciate Kentuckians more than Democrats by comparing the two national conventions. What he fails to mention is that the head of the RNC is Kentuckian Mike Duncan. Call us crazy, but that MIGHT have something to do with it. [Hebert’s Blog, H-L]

Can’t believe we’re linking to the Moonie Times. Is this what Karl Rove said at that fundraiser in Louisville last week for Mitch McConnell? Give all your money to organizations he pretends Republicans aren’t coordinating with? Riiight. [Moonie Times]

What’s the latest Republican spin that won’t stick? That Palin was against the infamous bridge to nowhere? Turns out she was for it before she was against it. [AP, Barefoot & Progressive]

Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party until she was elected mayor of her small town. AIP’s main goal is to secede from the United States in order to become a territory or sovereign nation. This race keeps getting more and more fun. [DailyKos]

And it turns out Palin is not in control of the Alaska National Guard during national defense activities. She’s not even briefed on situations. Oh, the beautifully sickening spin. [Huffington Post]

Oh, P.S. She thought the Pledge of Allegiance was written by the Founding Fathers. [DailyKos]

The Courier-Journal seriously reprinted an article from USA Today about fist bumping. Seriously. Fist bumping. A long-ass article about how fist bumping is bad for business professionals. [C-J]

League of Conservation Voters Endorses Yarmuth

The League of Conservation Voters just endorsed Rep. John Yarmuth:

WASHINGTON, DC – Today the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, endorsed Congressman John Yarmuth in his run for reelection in Kentucky’s third Congressional District.

“Congressman Yarmuth’s tireless leadership on energy and environmental leadership puts him at the top of his class,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said. “Earning a 100% score in his first year, John Yarmuth will help bring clean energy jobs to Kentucky while protecting our nation’s natural resources.”

In 2007, Yarmuth supported increased investments in renewable fuels, helping to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He helped create a Strategic Energy Efficiency and Renewables Reserve to invest in alternative energy, and has recently cosponsored a bill directing the EPA to conduct research on how biofuels and ultra low sulphur diesel can be made more compatible with existing systems.

Peep the rest of the release after the jump…

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