Oh Snap Monday! Everybody’s Broke & On Meth

Did you know that sagging pants promotes a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, crime and violence? Yeah, that’s the ticket, crazy Judy Green. Get kids to pull up their sagging pants and everything bad will just disappear! This is one of the most absurd things we’ve read in a few days. When will someone with common sense run against this woman so the West End of Louisville can truly see some progress? [C-J]

Wow. Former LEO editor Cary Stemle’s being quoted all over the place. [Clarion Ledger]

Why is Joe Gerth now writing about Christmas shopping? We’re not even kidding. Are budget cuts this severe? This is what happens when you kill off half your staff at a major paper. The political guy ends up writing about shopping. [C-J]

OH MY GOD. The cover of Today’s Woman? REALLY? Hahahahaha. Can’t breathe. Laughter. Ouch. [Today’s Woman]

Betty Butterfield on Election 2008. [YouTube]

Louisville and Lexington are broke. Broke like Gary Coleman broke. So what should they cut? Chime in. [The ‘Ville Voice & Bluegrass Politics]

All right for a ridiculous catfight over “clean coal.” Don’t you love how some people have to make it about “God” and whether or not someone loves Kentucky enough? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Friday Night Dept of Slow News Crap

Yeah, what a slow news day. Right? Right.

So. Read this really fast-like and then go watch Comment at 8:00, because you have nothing better to do.

Really, who is writing this tripe? “The governor garnered tons of media attention this week working to save the auto industry and the state’s economy.” Really? [Politicker]

Mitch McConnell went into debt for his U.S. Senate win. $1.2million loan from BB&T and a $600,000 loan at 4% interest. Guess that’s what happens when you spend $19.2 million on a campaign.  Oh, and he got sweet financial deals at a time when, like, no one else could get a loan for something as cheap as a candy bar. [Politico]

Latest budget cut woes? Eliminating garbage can liners/trash bags. Effective December 10th, Public Works and Assets Facilities Management in Louisville will be discontinuing the use of garbage can liners in idividual offices. All employees are being asked to dispose of food waste in specially designated receptacles. According to an email blast sent to Louisville Metro Government employees, this is being done as an effort to “green” Metro Government while only saving a tiny bit of money. [Email Blast]

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has invited the Prevention Partnership of the Warrenn County Sheriff’s Office to perform in the 56th inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. Members of the groups will join representatives from across the country and our armed forces in the historic Pennsylvania Avenue parade after Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. [Press Release]

Something about this advertisement from the “Possibility City” advertising campaign just doesn’t sit well with us. It’s titled “Louisville Celebrates 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition.” Not sure what it is. Does anyone else feel awkward about it? Surely we haven’t become prudes in our old age. [YouTube]

Going to Frankfort tomorrow? You won’t want to miss Governor Steve Beshear (D-Needs A Better PR Team Or Something) and First Lady Jane Beshear (D-Fine Just The Way She Is) in the 60th annual Jaycees Christmas Parade and tree lighting ceremony. Parade begins at 5:30 P.M. at Broadway and Ann Streets in Frankfort. The tree lighting begins at 6:45 P.M. at the State Capitol. There will be collection bins along the parade route for anyone who brings non-perishable canned goos to donate to need families, so, DO IT OR ELSE. Even if you’re starving and broke? You can afford to give away that $0.50 can of beans from the back of your pantry. [Press Release]

Hey Ladies! It’s Thursday Afternoon & Boring!

We know you have nothing better to do than read this fancy website while you listen to Ray LaMontagne croon out a song about Meg White. We know how it is. So don’t even act like you’re doing anything important.

Hot! Our childhood favorite, Fort Boonsborough State Park, now has an online store! All of our friends are going to hate us because you know we’re going to buy them all kinds of crap. [18th Century Store]

Mayor for Life and Steve Beshear are Captains Obvious. The two released a joint statement this afternoon saying that the automotive industry is vital to the economies of both Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. “We cannot let the automotive industry fail,” Beshear said. “It would be devastating to Kentucky’s economy – and to Louisville’s vitality.” … “Ford has a plan for its future, both nationally and in Louisville,” Abramson said. “It’s about making smaller, more fuel efficient cars – and it’s about making them in our hometown.” We’re not sure a press release was necessary? We already knew that the two of them were supporting the disastrous auto “bailout.” Yay for shooting blanks. [Press Release]

How does the Pickens Plan affect Kentucky? [Clicky Clicky]

Are you watching this hot mess of a fight going down between Jerry Abramson and Louisville’s Metro Council? Crooked Jim King is cooking up backroom deals while giving council Republicans the upper hand. Nice. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We love this fight between money bags Leonard Lawson and the feds. Cold cash on the cod? Give a man a fish? WHAT! We love this and think it should be a reality television series on KET. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Remember the Ann Gotlib case from 1983? Po-leece are gonna announce new developments this afternoon. [C-J]

Your Afternoon Dept of Faux MTR Experts

Jesus. In a guitar. What a miracle. [CNN Video]

Send holiday mail to soldiers abroad! Must be postmarked by December 10th. [Red Cross]

How sweet! Mitch McConnell and Steve Beshear had a fancy meeting today in Warshington. [Trey Pollard]

Al Franken is now ahead in Homosota. [TPM]

Now-disgraced chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party Jennifer Moore is better than Matt Stoller. What! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Must be a super-slow news day. Mainstreamers are jumping on the story of the Courier-Journal’s demise literally months after Rick jumped on it. [Joe Arnold]

Isn’t it great how idiots like Keith Hall think you can’t comment on something unless you live it 24/7? Interesting, since people like him always have something to say about how terrible the gays or or how terrible us big city folk are. [More Trey Pollard]

Millions of years later, General Romeo Dallaire is being taken seriously at the United Nations. 14 years too late. It’s almost as if UN Members finally read Dallaire’s book or something. We’ve spent time in Rwanda and are pleased that the world is finally talking about the genocide there. Watch Christiane Amanpour’s “Scream Bloody Murder” tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. on the CNN teevee. [CNN & More CNN]

Mountaintop Removal Wins, Streams Lose

It’s official. Mountaintop removal wins.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday approved a last-minute rule change by the Bush administration that environmentalists fear will lead to coal companies burying more Appalachian streams with excess rock and dirt from surface mining.

The change rewrites a 1983 rule that prohibited dumping the fill from mountaintop mining within 100 feet of streams. Environmentalists argue that regulators have not properly enforced the rule, and there were some exceptions that allowed mine debris in stream areas. Government figures show that 535 miles of streams were buried or diverted between 2001 and 2005, more than half of them in the mountains of Appalachia.

The 11th-hour change before President Bush leaves office would eliminate a tool that citizens groups have used in lawsuits to keep mining waste out of streams. Mining companies had been pushing for the change for years, and Kentucky elected officials had weighed in on both sides of the debate in recent weeks.

Looks like eastern Kentucky is going to get a lot less mountainous.

It’s Kind Of Like Friday Update Dept

He’s back! Dr. Tinycat returns! And don’t forget the original. (It’s Thanksgiving and, yes, this is what we do on the holidays… and every other day. It’s called wasting time. [Dr. Tinycat Returns & The Original]

This is quite possibly the best story we’ve read all week. Every line is comedy gold. [Best Story Ever]

The bid rigging case isn’t going anywhere. Keep on hoping and praying that it’ll just disappear. [H-L]

Who opposes mining in more healthy ways? Who opposes at least attempting to be decent environmental stewards? How is livestock runoff, urban sprawl and construction worse than, oh, not doing anything remotely responsible with mountaintop removal waste? Jody Richards and Rocky Adkins are two of those legislators. [C-J]

Crit Luallen’s office has completed its 2008 audit of the Kentucky Lottery. Its fiscal year ended in June. Some of the highlights: 2008 operating expenses were a record $778.2 million compared to $744.2 million in 2007. Scratch-off sales increased $31.3 million. Gross profit was $225.8 compared to $232 in 2007, decrease due to increase in prize payouts. Operating expenses declined $900K to $37.3 million. Payments to the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship programs were $192.1 million compared to $196.3 million in 2007. [Auditor]

Despite what the Governor’s office says publicly, it’s not her choice to leave. And having input on her successor? HAHA. She’s now telling people she’s sticking around long enough to attend inaugural balls. And running for higher office? We’d love to see that. Because there’s not a member of the press who disbelieves us and/or believes what the Beshear administration is feeding them. [Politicker]

This CPE leadership search is turning into a nightmare. We hear Michael F. Adams, former Centre College President, is now in the lead amongst members of the Council. [H-L]

Wait for it. Remember that kid at the University of the Cumberlands who attempted to extort other students after breaking in to their email accounts? Now he’s facing child pornography charges. Creepy. You’ve just gotta read the story. [C-J]