Two Things This Hot Monday Evening

Bruce Lunsford said he wouldn’t have voted for the climate bill unless it included more federal funding for clean coal technology. He also suggested that Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell should box outside senate chambers. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Bruce to set himself apart from Mitch.


Rep. John Yarmuth leads former Rep. Anne Northup by 17 points. According to SurveyUSA, Yarmuth leads Northup at 57-40. 39% of Northup’s supporters say their mind is made up but 60% of Yarmuth’s supporters say their mind is made up. Only 3% of those surveyed were undecided. We’d call that pretty strong. So much for trying to tie Yarmuth to high gas prices.

Mid-Afternoon Fancy Pants Blogging Updates Because We’re Too Lazy To Break Everything Down Into Multiple Posts And All That

We have new interns in the Page One-‘Ville Voice world! Zak Owens, our fancy new guy, attended an event with the Brookings Institution and scored a one-on-one interview with Louisville’s mayor. Go read all about it and tell Zak how awesome he is. He’ll be writing on a regular basis over the coming months so let’s give him a warm welcome. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We’re not sure what Marc Carey is trying to accomplish with his latest post, but it reeks of racism and we couldn’t be more offended. Just go look at it for yourself and try not to vomit. We have respect for Marc, but let’s get effing real. This is ridiculous. Joe Sonka is right to call this race baiting. [Bluegrass Bulletin, Barefoot & Progressive]

What’s this? what? Oh, yeah, more proof that Trey Grayson was on this whole transparency kick way before the governor’s office. Beshear’s folks are claiming they contacted Grayson’s office on May 15. But. Uh. Grayson’s folks were working on this several weeks earlier. Imagine that. [KY Progress]

Ralph Long has an interesting take on the whole transparency shenanigans. He wonders what government procurement cards (credit cards) are used for these days. And then Ralph wonders why Finance Cabinet Secretary Jonathan Miller doesn’t make a ton of documents available to the public. Go read all about it. [Ralph Long 1, 2]

Looks like Mitch McConnell is not only ticking Democrats off, but fellow Republicans. Apparently, Senate Republicans think their leadership made a tactical mistake by needlessly complicating the debate on global warming with an unrelated fight over judicial nominations. [Matt Gunterman]

Lookit. Irv Maze is finally retiring as Jefferson County Attorney to take a seat on the bench. The governor is expected to appoint the Mayor’s favorite as a replacement in the coming weeks and we hear Lt. Col. Andrew Horne may be in the mix. Though, Tina Heavrin is the widely expected pick to replace Irv. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Mitch McConnell and his crew still think Bruce Lunsford has to answer to him on matters of various import. Reality is, though, that Lunsford only has to answer to the voters. Just as McConnell will have to do for his past 24 years of obstruction, pork and all-around shenanigans that are slowly but surely coming to light. [Team Mitch]

Thursday Updates. It’s 94 Degrees and that Sucks.

Greg Stumbo may be yet again stepping into muddy waters on the topic of race in the presidential race. We’re not suggesting he’s racist by any means, but comparing the discrimination people in Appalachia are victim of is hardly the same as racial discrimination and prejudice. Tricky territory. [WLEX18]

Mitch McConnell was on his friend Rush Limbaugh’s hate show yesterday talking about killing the environment and the entire world. Limbaugh discussed his retarded-ass “Operation Chaos” plan and then begged his ditto-head listeners to urge Hillary Clinton to stay in the presidential race. Pill heads never disappear, do they? [Here, Here and Here]

Woops. Looks like members of the Hollywood-controlled librul media want to know when someone is abusing their state vehicle. Hell must have frozen over because the media wants to stop corruption in government. Everybody run for cover! [Mark Hebert]

And more from Hebert. How afraid is Mike Duncan of the RNC? Go read his latest fundraising message and you’ll get a sense that he’s terrified of Barack Obama. [Hebert]

The Fairness Campaign wrote a letter to the Courier-Journal in response to probably homosexual Davd Edmund’s insecure op-ed from a couple days ago. The writer brings up some nasty mailings that affected a Louisville Metro Council candidate and we can’t wait to tell you more about that story. So stay tuned for it. [C-J]

Ryan Alessi has the break down of David Williams’ decision to stop the wasteful Annex renovation in Frankfort. Interesting time lines. And State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach just appeared in a news story for the first time, maybe! But it was only about him not commenting on the of some of his office space. Being a friend of Frank Simon has damaged him politically. [H-L]

See? It’s way too hot. [C-J]

McConnell Afraid to Discuss Global Warming

The League of Conservation Voters is calling Mitch McConnell out for his refusal to deal with global warming:

Too bad Senator Mitch McConnell is too afraid to even talk about solutions. No wonder he was named one of LCV’s 2008 Dirty Dozen.

Yesterday, McConnell voted against even debating the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which marks an important step toward achieving necessary comprehensive global warming pollution reductions and energy independence. What is he afraid of?

“While 74 Senators have the courage to debate the issues surrounding a bill that will create millions of green jobs and a new energy economy,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said, “McConnell and his cronies cower behind President Bush, Big Oil, and the outdated policies of the past. He was one of only 14 Senators who are so far outside the mainstream that they think that no action is needed on global warming and that our current dependence on dirty fossil fuels is working for Americans.”

At a time when the oil industry is getting fat on $120+ per barrel oil and record profits, McConnell sought to block debate on a bill that is good for jobs, good for the economy, good for national security and good for the planet. His vote against cloture signifies his acceptance of the worst effects of global warming – crippling droughts, oppressive heat waves, destruction of threatened species and more – that we face if we fail to pass a strong climate bill.

Mark Hebert Interviews Hillary Clinton

WHAS11’s Mark Hebert got a one-on-one interview with Hillary Clinton in Louisville on the morning of Election Day.

Click here for the story on Hebert’s blog or CLICK HERE to watch raw video of Hebert’s entire interview with the Senator from New York.

From Hebert:

You’ll most likely be interested in her answers to questions about being on a ticket with Barack Obama (sounds like she’d do it, if asked), federal subsidies for ethanol production and whether she believes there’s any such thing as clean coal technology.

Just an FYI: Hillz says we don’t know if clean coal technology is realistic.

We’d embed the video, but that’s still not possible with WHAS. So go take a look.

Friday Afternoon Roundup. Shoot Yer Guns in Honor of the NRA Convention Edition.

John McCain is speaking to the National Rifle Association Convention at about 4:00 P.M. this afternoon. If you live in Louisville, head on down to the gun show or whatever to get your fancy guns for killing some bear and neighbors and such. [C-J Photos]

An AOL blogger says Greg Fischer will win the Senate primary because he has an ActBlue page. Don’t you love it when people who have no idea what’s going on in Kentucky politics write about it on a national level? [AOL Bloggers]

Hillary’s visiting Maysville on Monday. [Ledger Independent]

Candidate for the 4th District Congressional seat, Dr. Michael Kelley, will ride his bicycle across the 4th District over Memorial Day weekend to put the spotlight on physical fitness’ impact on healthcare costs. Kelley also plans to meet with voters to hear their ideas and concerns. [Press Release]

The Republican Party of Kentucky attacked Barack Obama by scaring the bejeezus out of gun owners. Obama’s gonna take yer guns! HIDE! But the RPK neglected to note that John McCain told the NRA to get out of the Republican Party. [Press Release, Cliff Schecter, B&P]

Steve Beshear won’t be cutting the $400,000 he gives away to the coal industry for self-promotion in order to save costs during our budgetary crisis. Should be noted that it was one of the first things Ernie Fletcher nixed when trying to get things under control. WTF. Also, we feel sorry for Ryan Alessi having to sit through the NRA shindig today. [PolWatchers]

Senate President David Williams is suing Governor Steve Beshear for vetoing his road projects. Hrm. [Hebert]

Thursday. Presidential Update Dept. Almost Over.

Bill Clinton is in Louisville (Butler High School @3:30), Bardstown and John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown today. [Press Release]

Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, State Rep. Dennis Keene and unknown Owen County Administrator Bill O’Bannon will hold a conference call to discuss Barack Obama’s rural leadership plan for Kentucky. [Press Release]

And in Bowling Green, Admiral John B. Nathan and Brigadier General James Smith will hold a discussion with veterans and military families at the Shake Rag Restaurant at 12:30 Central Time. [Press Release]

From the Captain Obvious Department of Duh we learn that Kentuckians favor higher cigarette taxes. Actually, 55% favor taxes of $0.70 to $1.00 per pack. Only 34% oppose. Imagine that. Both the governor and the retarded ass legislature out-of-touch. Can you imagine? [PolWatchers]

Mitch McConnell caused a Senate meltdown yesterday by dumping the Republican version of a G.I. bill into an unrelated floor debate on union rights of firefighters and police officers. Thankfully, the Senate voted 55-42 to table the Republican amendment and the Democratic bill will be attached to the Iraq bill next week. [Politico]

Speaking of McConnell, he has an opponent in the Republican primary named Daniel Essek, a Whitley County truck driver who couldn’t get off work in order to attend the KET debate on Monday. He’d only spent $824 in the first month of his campaign. Is anyone holding their breath on this? Not even sarcastically? [C-J]

In case you were wondering why Kentucky has been flushed down the toilet for, like, ever? The state spends over $400,000 (OF TAX DOLLARS!) a year to promote the coal industry. We just give coal companies this cash to promote their industry. Choice quote, “The environmentalists throw out a lot of negative stuff, like kids who are suffering from asthma because they breathe particulate matter from living near a coal-fired power plant, or deaths caused on the roads by big coal trucks,” Caylor said. “We’re trying to counteract that.” [H-L]