Al Gore Has $$$$$$$$$

Did you know?

Former Vice President Al Gore got woah loaded after the presidency was stolen from him in 2000. Basically, I want to grow up to be just like Al Gore: disgustingly wealthy with all kinds of free Apple products.

If any friendly Republicans would like to help us (okay, just Jake, forget Rick– he’s on his own) get sickeningly rich by talking about the melting polar icecaps, well, that’d be just fine.

Email me here. Get rich quick schemes welcome. So are anonymous cash donations and free Apple products. (Hint: MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram, 15″ glossy, please.)

Check it:

Gore Invests $35 Million for Hedge Funds With EBay Billionaire

By Miles Weiss

March 6 (Bloomberg) — Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore left the White House seven years ago with less than $2 million in assets, including a Virginia home and the family farm in Tennessee. Now he’s making enough to put $35 million in hedge funds and other private partnerships.

Gore invested the money with Capricorn Investment Group LLC, a Palo Alto, California, firm that selects the private funds for clients and invests in makers of environmentally friendly products, according to a Feb. 1 securities filing. Capricorn was founded by billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, former president of EBay Inc. and an executive producer of Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary film on global warming.

One-Day Tropical Weather Is Gone Update Edition

Study: Kentucky government’s service of public is average and has received an overall grade of B- from the Pew Center on the States in its latest “Grading the States” report. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief– we didn’t fail! [Business First]

The downfall of Kentucky’s marijuana kingpins? We’ve read the same story over and over for 20 years. Fat chance. [H-L]

Ralph Long lets it rip on all of the walking dead in Kentucky these days. Budget, casinos, Bruce, Jennifer. Ralph dishes the dirt, kids. We love him because he never holds back and is way classier than us. [Ralph Long]

Did you know? Rep. Darryl Owens admits Steve Beshear has made zero effort to push a constitutional amendment limiting a governor’s pardoning power. This is after promising in January to lead the fight for ethics reform. Don’t let your eyes roll back in your head. [PolWatchers]

Rep. Kathy Stein has joined Operation Gooch. Apparently, Kathy knows how to think for herself and realizes it’s effing heinous that Gooch chairs the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. [BlueGrassRoots]

And the gubnuh may finally be realizing that we need to raise the cigarette tax. The reality in Frankfort must be hard-hitting these days. [Hebert]

It’s Leap Friday!!!! Updates & Such

Humana raised the base salaries of its top officers one billion dollars. CEO Mike McCallister got $50K (now $1,025,000), SVP/CFO/treasurer Jim Bloem got $35K ($545,000), COO Jim Murray got $40K ($670,000), SVP/CIO got $18K ($520,000) and SVP/CSIO Bruce Goodman got $17K ($492,000). [Business First]

We have absolutely no idea what he’s saying but this is why you should never allow your children to watch Barney. Barney is the devil. Here’s proof. Thanks to Joe @ BGR for scaring the bejeezus out of us with this clip. [Soulja Boy Barney]

Governor Steve Beshear arguing against global warming and cuts in Kentucky that could help stop the coming apocalypse or whatever? Apparently happened during his trip to the White House. All from Bob Novak. WTF. We love us some first-rate hypocrisy. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell’s approval rating is now above 50%. Highest it’s been since the evil librul nutroots started telling the truth about Red Chinese Money Mitch – and stopped once the DSCC/KDP/Beshear forced the best man out of the race. The man Republicans admit they fear. So, good luck, KDP, thanks for tossing us aside. We’ll make sure this race is easy for you. [BGR, SUSA]

Don’t tase me, bro! An unruly teenager was tased at a Jefferson County high school because he went batshit crazy while resisting arrest. Yay. We love America’s youth and the crazy crap their parents let them get away with. [C-J]

Mountaintop Removal, Gooch, House Leadership

Stephen George once again knocks his weekly feature out of the ballpark. He’s the only journalist in the state to give face time to the issue of mountaintop removal and the massive KFTC demonstration that took place in Frankfort last Thursday. He lends emotions and a face to serious issues before us in the Commonwealth and is one of the few who attempt to hold Reps. Jody Richards and Jim Gooch responsible for their actions.

If you aren’t reading Stephen every Wednesday you aren’t paying attention.

High on the mountaintop

By Stephen George

Advocates descend on Frankfort to persuade lawmakers to help stop mountaintop removal mining in Eastern Kentucky. Is anyone listening?

We’re standing outside the home of Todd and Barbara Bailey, a sprawling one-story perched on a slight hill just off Kentucky Route 7 in Hueysville, on a bitter-cold February afternoon. Todd is showing me a crack in the red brick; it snakes from the house’s concrete foundation up to a bay window about six feet off the ground. He says it’s from blasting on a nearby job, permit no. 836-0335, an expansive mountaintop removal mining operation that has taken a handful of peaks across the road, behind the modest homes of his neighbors, too high to really notice from ground level.

A tan, late model Toyota Tacoma 4×4 pulls into his driveway, and out come two young men, one probably in his early 20s, the other a little more worldly. They smile politely. The worldly one announces they’re from Miller Bros. Coal, that they’ve come to deliver notices to landowners within a half-mile of this and another job, no. 836-0338, just over the hill behind the Bailey residence. Before the jobs can expand, the company is required by law to notify residents that they may request pre-blasting home surveys at no charge. I ask for copies of the notices as well; it’s clear they smell my city stink, so we posture at each other for a couple seconds before the younger one goes back to the truck for the copies.

Click here to read the rest…

Operation Dumbo Dro… er… Gooch!

The ever embarrassing Rep. Jim Gooch (D-Tool) is blocking Stream Saver legislation which would put an end to the destructive practice of dumping mine waste from mountaintop removal into Kentucky’s headwater streams.

In response to the insanity, BlueGrassRoots has launched Operation Gooch.

Is this the kind of party you want? And will anyone stand up and demand his removal from this seat?

Well, let’s find out. Today, I’m unveiling Operation Gooch. We are going to call every single one of these Democrats and ask them- “Do you support or oppose Jim Gooch chairing the Natural Resources and Environment Committee?”

Get involved.

Jim Gooch: More Embarrassing Than Before

Thanks to Heffalumps for the link.

This takes the cake.

Just when you think it can’t get worse? Jim Gooch garners national attention for his stupidity. First it was spewing his global warming denial on Good Morning America. Now it’s continuing to foam about how mean and terrible editorial writers and cartoonists are– for making fun of his giant, stupid ass.

The Moonie Times printed an editorial yesterday about Mr. Gooch and his silliness and went pretty far in calling for his retirement. Just what we need, right?

Here’s a peek:

Not that Mr. Gooch thinks that opinion writers and editors are just another interest group seeking favor. That regrettable viewpoint would be merely wrongheaded and unconstitutional. No — Mr. Gooch’s attack on the First Amendment is much more frontal. He calls the actions of editorial writers and cartoonists who lampoon him “beyond lobbying. [It’s] almost extortion.”

“It’s almost as if they want to silence you,” Mr. Gooch complained of his opinion-page critics, seemingly unaware of the irony. “They want to hurt your credibility. They do it by either trying to make you look stupid or corrupt.”

This bill does far more damage to its author’s credibility than any political cartoon could. It suggests a new depth of unsuitability for public office. Indeed, a lawmaker who reaches to deny press freedoms to opinion writers merely because the opinions are inconvenient and perhaps contrary to his official acts is a lawmaker who richly deserves retirement.

Go read the rest. Gooch – a serious embarrassment for Kentuckians everywhere.

It’s Friday! Day After Black Thursday Update

More than 1,000 showed up to love mountains in Frankfort yesterday. Persona non grata: Jim Gooch. Mr. Walrus was no where to be seen. We hear he was locked away somewhere rolling around in a pile of global warming denial cash. Take a look at the photographs and then tell me mountaintop removal isn’t hated. And don’t forget to watch Jim’s video of the event. [BGR, Hillbilly Report]

Beshear down 10 points from 62 to 52, not good. Get ready for the spin machine to kick up like woah. Because his disapproval rating is shooting through the Democratic Disapproval Ceiling at 38% (!!). That’s up 14 points and the dude’s only been an office a month. Support among independents is really taking a beating. The man needs to hire someone who knows public relations and someone who actually gives a flip about bettering Kentucky with the political process. [SUSA]

David Williams on casinos, Greg Stumbo and mountain folks loving education, hypocrisy over Gov. Paul Patton. All after the jump…

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