Oh Snap Monday! Fancy Farm Is Recent History

Some dude tried to give Mitch McConnell a banana and a State Trooper wrestled him to the ground. [Ronnie Ellis]

Fancy Farm was boring and the speeches sucked. Young Republicans are brainwashed into believing something McConnell made up. Young Democrats were unimpressive– like the person in the Dalmatian costume (wearing a McConnell mask) who pretended to fellate a “Texas Oil Man.” Totally unclassy. [H-L]

Even Larry Dale Keeling made everything sound kind of boring.  Because it obviously was.  Maybe next year when nothing is going on it’ll be more exciting? [KY Kurmudgeon]

Dirty blogger Ben Ray got into a story about Fancy Farm in the State Journal and DIDN’T EVEN MENTION HIS WEBSITE! What! Why on earth would you talk about something serious when you have a website to promote? [State Journal]

Goodness! How many stories are going to be written about Wes and his Trey Grayson t-shirt? Is this all somebody has to do to get free press? [Daily Independent]

Jack Brammer has a decent round-up of the best parts of Fancy Farm. [H-L]

Jefferson Poole has some great photos from the event. Mostly of Republicans. [BGRS]

Mark Hebert’s details of this year’s picnic are pretty interesting. McConnell didn’t impress, Steve Beshear gave a fancy speech, McConnell campaign video guy outsmarted, old dude with a banana, most boring Fancy Farm ever. [Hebert]

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Daniel Mongiardo Touts Mountaintop Removal

And he doesn’t mention any sort of “clean” coal extraction that doesn’t kill the environment.

Take a look:

The Appalachian News-Express reported on Thursday that Mongiardo told a group at a local hotel that mountaintop removal creates flat land that could be used for building businesses, hospitals and airports.

“A lot of people look at mountaintop removal as a negative, but I see it as a positive,” Mongiardo said.

The lieutenant governor went on to say that he wants to promote mountaintop removal.

Thoughts on Mongiardo’s absolutely embarrassing comments?

Need a Job and Love the Environment?

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hiring 14 electoral organizers to work (for folks who want to work 20 to 40 hours per week) for 11 weeks across the commonwealth building long-term power and relationships leading up to election day.

Organizers will recruit and train volunteers, manage canvassing programs and develop phone banks throughout the fall.

KFTC is seeking applicants to work in the following locations: Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Madison County, Pike County, Perry County, Floyd County, Letcher County, Knott County, Harlan and Warren Counties.

For more information or to apply, please visit KFTC’s website. Great compensation for those struggling with the current jobs market.

Chandler & Others Explore Mountaintop Removal

It’s a slow news day for sure, but this is an important read.

HAZARD — Two congressmen flew over dozens of mountaintop mining sites Friday and spoke with residents living deep in the central Appalachian coalfields, in what community activists said was a first for Eastern Kentucky

U.S. representatives Ben Chandler of Kentucky and Norm Dicks, of Washington, flew from Washington, D.C. to the Wendell H. Ford Airport in Hazard. They flew over several mining sites in West Virginia and Kentucky before landing at the airport about 10:30 a.m.

After a brief meeting with Appalachian residents and members of the media who had gathered at the airport, the congressmen boarded the plane at about 11:20 a.m. to fly over about a dozen more mining sites in Eastern Kentucky.

On board with them were representatives from the Office of Surface Mining, as well as from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a group that opposes mountaintop removal.

Bruce Lunsford Unveils 8-Point Energy Plan

Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford held a press conference this afternoon to unveil his eight-point energy independence plan. Lunsford says the plan will provide both short-term relief and long-term solutions.

Here’s Lunsford’s plan from his press release. Let’s discuss.

Opening Up the Strategic Reserve. The Lunsford Plan would take a two-fold approach to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It would continue the moratorium on putting new oil into the Reserve, as well as releasing barrels from the Reserve into the marketplace to lower gas prices. This could put up to 50 million barrels of oil back into supply, which would have an impact on prices. In the past, America has tapped the SPR which resulted in a dramatic decrease in price. [Energy Information Administration; New York Times, 9/23/00; Center For American Progress, “Sell Oil From The Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Lower Prices,” 6/13/08]

Fully Closing The “Enron Loophole.” The “Enron loophole” allows hedge funds, investment banks, and other Wall Street speculators to secretly buy and sell oil contracts. It is named after Enron, the notorious energy trading company, which pushed for a provision that kept energy trading off of regulated exchanges, evading speculation limits and accountability. Experts, including oil executives and economists, say that speculation trading has potentially increased oil prices by as much $40 per barrel, or $1 per gallon of gas. The Lunsford Plan would fully clamp down on Wall Street traders who are driving up oil prices in search of paper profits and bring more accountability to energy trading. [Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 4/12/08; Business Week Online, 5/14/08; Detroit Free Press, 10/31/07; Dr. Mark Cooper, Testimony Before Senate Commerce, Science, And Transportation Committee, 6/3/08]

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Tuesday Update Dept of It’s iTunes Freebie Day

The Rural Democrat’s William Shackleford is calling it quits. [TRD]

Steve Beshear says his entire cabinet will continue making appearances with him across the state. The H-L can suck it, says the gubnuh. [PolWatchers]

Bill Nighbert resigned from his senate leadership job a couple weeks ago. He’s moved on to work for a company in eastern Kentucky. [C-J]

Why won’t anyone run for office in Kentucky? What’s with the apathy? No wonder our state is a failure in the eyes of most. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says Bruce Lunsford should have to answer hypothetical questions. So why can’t McConnell answer hypotheticals himself? Hypocrite. [Politico]

Rocky “King Coal” Adkins is keynoting the Kentucky Conservation Committee’s annual meeting this September. He’ll be giving a talk called “Energy Efficiency, Energy Independence and Kentucky’s Environment.” Interesting, isn’t it? It’s almost like inviting Jim Gooch to keynote an event for KFTC. [KCC]

That Bunning challenger we teased yesterday? It’s customs agent Darlene Fitzgerad Price. So now we can all go back to wondering who will actually be challenging Jim Bunning. [Rothenberg Report]

Tornadic Activity in Northern Kentucky?

A friend of Page One is at the Cincinnati airport in Northern Kentucky and just went through some nasty weather. Airport officials rushed hundreds of people out of the terminals and into protective areas when things started to eff up outside.

Here’s a shot, while blurry, that looks pretty scary. Was taken while being herded to safety.