Thursday Dept of Jim Bunning Hypocrisy

What is it with Young Republicans? First that Murphy guy in Indiana who accidentally blew some other guy in his sleep and now widespread voter fraud? Nice. [Politico]

Exciting! The U.S. Mint has unveiled four new Abe Lincoln pennies! [LA Times]

Tom Eblen has video of Ashley Judd at I Love Mountains Day. [Bluegrass Politics]

Could high-speed rail be coming to Louisville? Haha, yeah, right. Not in this lifetime. It’s a nice dream, but please stop spamming us with links about how our Governor or legislature would ever be progressive enough to promote such a major infrastructure move. Not. Going. To. Happen. In. Kentucky. [Huffington Post]

Major Hypocrisy Alert: Jim Bunning is refusing to answer questions about back taxes. Does Jim Bunning owe back taxes? Why does he refuse to address the matter? If anybody knows anything (hint hint to Bunning staffers who are keen on sending me negative stories about him), send it my way. [Politico]

Two days ago the Commonwealth celebrated Black History Month at an event hosted by the Personnel Cabinet’s Office of Diversity and Equality. The event featured speaker Alvin Herring of Side by Side and recognized Eleanor Jordan and Timothy Findley as recipients of the Louis H. Coleman, Jr. Torch Award. [Press Release]

Jim Gooch has no backbone and is terrified of the press. He refuses to give comment about mountaintop removal and he’s the flipping chair of the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. [James Bruggers]

Our fancy foodie website, ‘Ville Voice Eats, is now a featured publication with popular Wehere The Locals Eat. Check it out. Congratulations to us and to David, our foods writer. [Where The Locals Eat]

The Paulick Report, which really seems to be driving discussion in the Thoroughbred world these days, has released the Paulick Derby Index. You definitely need to check this out, ASAP. [Paulick’s Derby Index]

The Stop SB68 Facebook group now has nearly 2,400 members. The end of hatred and discrimination is nigh. Maybe not in Kentucky, but it is elsewhere. [Stop Senate Hate Bill 68]

The Beshear Administration allegedly leads the nation in public building energy efficiency standards. Beshear announced the “greening” public buildings today. First initiative: require new facilities or renovations to be built with 50% or more state funds to be designated according to energy efficiency standards outlined in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. Second initiative: require certain existing state-owned facilities to “set back” use of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on nights and weekends to reduce energy costs and consumption. Nice, eh? We’ll believe it when we see it. [Press Release]

Abortion is effectively now illegal in North Dakota. Will it happen in Kentucky? [KXMC]

Billy Reed has a you-know-what for Ashley Judd. Kicking off her political career? Something like that. We didn’t read his story because it’s way too long. [Billy Reed Says]

The Baby Daddy Bill passed out of committee yesterday. Marty Cothran is shaking his first at Jeebus as we speak! House Bill 28 will go to the floor for a vote. [HB 28]

Does anyone else find it funny that Heather French Henry claims to have “Heather French Henry, LLC” months and months after we pointed out it does not exist? Now KET links to her designer gown collection which claims the LLC is legit. Also interesting that KET can’t do a teensy bit of research to determine that there’s no evidence Heather has ever helped veterans with her foundation. Weird. Ugh, we hate knowing things that we’re not allowed to discuss. [KET & HFH Collection]

Can we toss Roland Burris from the Senate yet? What a worthless and corrupt hack. [Chicago Tribune]

Tuesday Dept of Us Hearting Mountains

The Public Service Commission has extended telecommunications surcharges to wireless phones. Two cents per line, per month, for the Telecommunications Access Program. [Business First]

Allow? Are you effing kidding me? Terri is fired up over Jack Westwood’s abortion bill. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Like we told you yesterday, the cigarette tax wasn’t raised to a level that would curb smoking because the tobacco lobby has a stranglehold on Frankfort. [C-J]

Show opponents this graph and ask them to explain it. [Huffington Post]

Probable latent homosexual David Edmunds is all upset over the gays adopting children. He and Martin Cothran are gay homo married, forever, the end. [Mark Hebert]

Jon Draud’s car. Remember it? We just lost $6,500 on it. $6,500! And that old coot, who resigned because of a “stroke”… is now saying he wants to run for Judge-Executive. What a hack. [C-J]

Today is I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort. Congressman John Yarmuth has been added to the agenda as a speaker. So go rally in Frankfort in support of Senate Bill 100 and House Bill 104 to stop the dumping of toxic mining wastes into Kentucky streams and to end mountaintop removal. [Page One]

Who really expects Mitch McConnell to keep his eye out for constituents? The Herald-Leader editorial board is daydreaming. [H-L]

Monday Afternoon Dept of Failures & Such

Has Jim Ramsey’s Post-Felner PR Campaign resorted to lies? Haha, yup. Like we said. This is a good round-up of stories we’ve written about the snafu over the past year. [The Principal]

Stand up against Senate Hate Bill 68. Making it illegal to foster or adopt children if you’re gay? Really? Is that what we’re going to waste our time on? Thanks to Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp for bringing homophobia to the front of the discussion. [Page One]

Louisville Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson’s approval rating has hit an all-time low. According to the latest Survey USA/WHAS11 poll, Abramson’s approval rating is at 54% while 43% of Jefferson Countians disapprove of him. 13% down from the last time SUSA polled in March 2006. The Mayor’s spokescritters blame the economy. But we think common sense is prevailing. Young people don’t like Abramson. Even the folks who support the same issues that Abramson supports are pulling away from him. It’s time for the guy to wake up and smell the poopy Cordish Companies roses that are gagging everyone to death. [Mark Hebert]

Why did we and everyone else in Kentucky think J. Marshall Hughes would come out on top of Mike Reynolds in the Special Election last week? Maybe because an internal Democratic poll found that Hughes had double the name I.D. and 75% of people had a favorable view of him. Fancy how Mark Riddle, an ally of the people he’s speaking out against, admits that the Kentucky Democratic Party and Governor stayed far, far away from the race. [Joe Gerth]

Daniel Solzman has done stand-up. Again. We are not kidding. Awwwwwkkkk-waaaard. [Solzy]

See this, also. [Kentucky Sports Radio]

What’s your take on Joey Pendleton’s Senate Bill 131, a law that would require hemp farmers to register with the Department of Agriculture? It’d give farmers the replacement crop they’ve been desperately seeking. And you could smoke an entire acre of it and never get high. We think it’s a good move. [SB 131]

If you missed it on Friday and still haven’t gotten a chance to see Diane Sawyer’s introductory piece on Appalachian poverty, check it out. It’ll slay you. [Page One]

Haha. John “Sexy Panties” Ziegler is at it again with Sarah Palin. Absolute hilarity. [OC Register]

I Love Mountains Day is tomorrow in Frankfort. Show up. Do your part. Shame Jim “Coconut Cake” Gooch. [Page One]

Are you a college-aged individual who loves to work with children? The Fresh Air Fund is now accepting applications for counselors for this coming summer. They hire staff members with a wide range in some pretty amazing fields. [Fresh Air Fund]

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Updates N Such

Tomorrow is the most commercial of faux “holidays,” so, enjoy! Eat lots of bad candy, get drunk, have all kinds of babies. It’s the American way.

And on that note, we’re over and out for a couple days.

Here’s some stuff:

The University of Kentucky is doing a great job at poorly educating this mining engineering major. [KY Kernel]

The Herald-Leader editorial board’s piece calling Greg Stumbo out for his pure stupidity about pregnancy has gone national. Greg doesn’t realize that pregnancy is not a disability. [H-L]

Chris Cillizza now ranks the 2010 U.S. Senate race against Jim Bunning as #4 for the second week in a row. It is, indeed, a golden opportunity for Democrats. [Washington Post – The Fix]

Two great pieces of hilarity that are neither political nor appropriate for work. [Toothpaste For Dinner & Natalie Dee]

Oh, that $15,000 credit for homebuyers? Yeah, AXED from the “stimulus” bill. Thank you, Mitch McConnell, for screwing America again. [Consumer Reports]

In honor of next Tuesday, a federal appeals court overturned new mountaintop mining rules. [MSN’s Money Central]

Looks like Binack Ruhbama made a joke about Judd Gregg:

We’re pretty much stoked that Barry is cool with making fun of himself.

I Love Mountains Day is Tuesday 02/17

That’s right, ladies and Jim Gooch haters, I Love Mountains day is Tuesday, February 17th.

Here’s the schedule for the day as it’s currently planned:

11:00 A.M. – Kentuckians For The Commonwealth members and supporters gather at the Kentucky River in Frankfort where Capitol Avenue crosses the the river and intersects with Route 60.

  • 11:15 A.M. – Speaking begins at the Kentucky River
  • 11:30 A.M. – March begins up Capitol Avenue
  • 12:00 Noon – 1:00 P.M. – Gathering on the front steps of the Capitol for the rally

Speakers include:

  • Coalfield residents Randy Wilson, Willa Johnson and Silas House
  • Ashley Judd
  • Student Representative Emily Gillespie
  • Music provided by the Reel World String Band, Public Outcry, Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee

So, if you’re a citizen who stands against mountaintop removal or a member of the media looking for a hot story? Head to Frankfort early Tuesday morning. The legislature won’t be in session but that won’t stop an amazing demonstration.

TGIF! Frankfort Wasting Time & Money, As Usual

What we’re hearing: ABC News is picking up a story about a Louisville-area trucker who hauled damaged product to Peanut Corporation of America back in the summer when the salmonella outbreak began. The shipment originated in Mexico and was rejected by the company where it was supposed to be shipped because peanut paste had leaked all over the trailer. Peanut Corporation of America ended up taking that load. Can you imagine? Definitely fits well with the safety practices Congress is hearing about, doesn’t it? Keep your eyes peeled for the Louisville connection on the national news beginning today.

81,411 Kentuckians are still without power due to the wind storm. Ice storm restoration is now being slowed by our fancy weather from Wednesday. Let’s all scream and yell in frustration. [Press Release]

Thanks to Jim Gooch’s latest idiocy, OPERATION GOOCH is yet again in full swing. Bloviating on the “false promise” of alternative energy, Gooch is just asking for another national media appearance with which to embarrass the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Stephenie Steitzer is liveblogging the State Senate debate on taxes. 16 senators say they plan to vote yes, 10 are firm no votes. 10 decline to say how they lean. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Isn’t it frustrating to watch this gambling legislation clear committees and such even though it’s on the “back burner”? It’s also a travesty that the gambling bill cleared the Licensing & Occupations committee despite most of the members never having seen a final version of the actual bill. [Bluegrass Politics here & here]

Former RNC Chair Mike Duncan has been chosen to serve as the new chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority. [H-L]

The mother of a PRP football player who died after practicing on a hot day last summer supports Rep. Joni Jenkins’ sports safety bill. This bill’s chances of passing with a mere three weeks remaining in session are slim, but if if our legislature had any sense at all it’d be working overtime to get something so important pushed through the ranks. Instead, we’ll waste time bickering about gambling, smoking and drinking. [C-J]

Governor Steve Beshear is still wasting our time and tax dollars trying to take over domain names of illegal gambling websites. Our out-of-date Governor’s administration continually reminds us just how back water and ignorant they wish to be perceived every second they waste time and money on this ridiculous effort. We have thousands without jobs, losing their homes, starving. And this is what they waste OUR time and OUR money on. [The ‘Ville Voice]

And because this is Kentucky and we love keeping ourselves poor and uneducated, we’re making giant cuts to education because a couple hundred obese jacks in Frankfort can’t get their butts in gear to solve a problem without fluffing their personal feathers first. [Mark Hebert]

Don’t forget to check out our pictures of Jennifer Moore and others from Wednesday night. Some of the photos are too priceless for words. Like Jennifer falling asleep during the meeting. [Page One]