Oh Snap Monday! Lawson Story Is Hot Potaters

OMG! The last line in this story is priceless. And, honestly, so is the entire flipping story. Those former beauty queens sure are jacked up pieces of work. And they’re apparently not just limited to Kentucky. [NY Times]

Here’s a fancy video of Bill Nighbert testifying before the legislature with Tim Hazlette on his left. It’s only 15 seconds so we have no idea what the context is, but if you have other footage, folks, please edit it in a manner that would make us feel comfortable drawing a conclusion. [The YouTube]

Al Cross claims that Mitch McConnell is winning the “air war” against Bruce Lunsford. Nevermind that McConnell has spent millions of dollars and he hasn’t moved at all in the polls. And he didn’t mention that McConnell’s negatives keep going up. Does Al Cross have whatever Jim Bunning suffers from or is he really this disconnected from reality? Sure, Bruce needs to define himself and needs to do a better job communicating to voting populace, but let’s get real. [C-J]

Can David Boswell pull this off? Ben Chandler says Boswell has called him but hasn’t asked him for help raising funds. And we’re left wondering if Boswell is lazy, crazy or something else. WTF. [H-L]

George Dubya has got to be the biggest embarrassment of an American. Ever. Just check out this photo of him “inspecting” some female athletes in China. [Deadspin]

Anyone else think it’s screwed up that the Public Service Commission is now part of the Energy and Environment Cabinet? Attaching the regulators to the regulated. Woo, sign us everyday Kentuckians up for more! We love crap like this, don’t we? [H-L]

Federal investigators are trying to determine whether Leonard Lawson used a company called Utility Management Group to reward former transportation cabinet secretary Bill Nighbert. [C-J]

Here’s a great deal more info on the Nighbert-Lawson scandal with juicy bits and pieces the larger papers aren’t publishing. [Times Tribune]

And John Cheves has a four-million-page profile of Leonard Lawson that should be required reading for anyone following this story. [H-L]

Since it’s Monday? You probably need a pick-me-up. So this is for you. We found it. On the internets. And it is fun to look at on a Monday morning. [You Can Has]

LEO: Daniel Mongiardo Is Intellectually Lazy

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo’s ridiculous comments last week about the horrific practice of mountaintop removal caused Kentucky Democrats to shake in their boots with disgust. All of Frankfort has been in an uproar over his ignorance.

And LEO’s Stephen George isn’t about to let you forget about it:

We’re at a real holy-shit moment in American history, and it seems singular, if only because we can no longer comprehend the future in a coherent — let alone optimistic — way.


Just last week, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo was in Pikeville, which calls itself “a city that moves mountains,” an Orwellian reference to the machine-driven operation called mountaintop removal that has helped take jobs, water, unique ecosystems and a certain quality of life out of the Appalachian mountains while lining the pockets of Big Coal, an industry that then lines the pockets of public officeholders — to the tune of $20.2 million in federal elections since 1990.


Mongiardo, holder of the second-highest office in Kentucky, ignores data suggesting that his rhetoric is utterly untrue, and that’s likely because he perceives his constituency to be adopters of the same company-line myths about coal that he clearly is. And while it should be his job to cut through that and try to provide truth to Kentuckians, he’s instead intellectually lazy and unrepentantly positive about one of the most crippling industries in our state.

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Governor Beshear Signs Electric Car Order

Remember those cute little three-wheeled electric cars?

Governor Steve Beshear just signed an executive order allowing them on Kentucky roads.

The press release:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (August 5, 2008) – Gov. Steve Beshear today signed an executive order directing the Transportation Cabinet to immediately develop and implement an emergency regulation authorizing the use of low-speed electric vehicles on Kentucky’s roadways.

“Kentuckians, like all Americans, are hard hit by record-high gas prices,” Gov. Beshear said at a news conference announcing the order. “These tough times call for creative solutions, and I believe allowing Kentuckians the option of using an electric vehicle is one of those solutions. Electric vehicles may help ease the burden on the pocketbooks of hard-working Kentucky families, as well as reduce their carbon footprint.”

“In addition, my administration will also aggressively pursue any economic development opportunities to recruit manufacturers and the jobs that come with this growing field,” the Governor added.

Read the rest of the release after the jump…

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A Few Things For Your Monday Afternoon

Are you a woman in Kentucky? You’ll want to pay attention to this. Because nothing positive has happened for women and their families in Kentucky since Mitch McConnell took office in 1984. [KY Women]

Newsweek chimes in on Mitch McConnell’s ridiculous gas tax ads in which he wrongly blames Bruce Lunsford for high gas prices. You know, the ads which have brainwashed dozens of young Republicans across the Bluegrass. [Newsweek]

Do you love mountains? Or are you the kind of person who believes Daniel Mongiardo’s ridiculous spin that mountaintop removal is great solely because it can create flat land in Appalachia? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Watch this video of Heather Ryan speaking at Fancy Farm:

Oh Snap Monday! Fancy Farm Is Recent History

Some dude tried to give Mitch McConnell a banana and a State Trooper wrestled him to the ground. [Ronnie Ellis]

Fancy Farm was boring and the speeches sucked. Young Republicans are brainwashed into believing something McConnell made up. Young Democrats were unimpressive– like the person in the Dalmatian costume (wearing a McConnell mask) who pretended to fellate a “Texas Oil Man.” Totally unclassy. [H-L]

Even Larry Dale Keeling made everything sound kind of boring.  Because it obviously was.  Maybe next year when nothing is going on it’ll be more exciting? [KY Kurmudgeon]

Dirty blogger Ben Ray got into a story about Fancy Farm in the State Journal and DIDN’T EVEN MENTION HIS WEBSITE! What! Why on earth would you talk about something serious when you have a website to promote? [State Journal]

Goodness! How many stories are going to be written about Wes and his Trey Grayson t-shirt? Is this all somebody has to do to get free press? [Daily Independent]

Jack Brammer has a decent round-up of the best parts of Fancy Farm. [H-L]

Jefferson Poole has some great photos from the event. Mostly of Republicans. [BGRS]

Mark Hebert’s details of this year’s picnic are pretty interesting. McConnell didn’t impress, Steve Beshear gave a fancy speech, McConnell campaign video guy outsmarted, old dude with a banana, most boring Fancy Farm ever. [Hebert]

Read the juicy non-Fancy Farm updates after the jump…

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Daniel Mongiardo Touts Mountaintop Removal

And he doesn’t mention any sort of “clean” coal extraction that doesn’t kill the environment.

Take a look:

The Appalachian News-Express reported on Thursday that Mongiardo told a group at a local hotel that mountaintop removal creates flat land that could be used for building businesses, hospitals and airports.

“A lot of people look at mountaintop removal as a negative, but I see it as a positive,” Mongiardo said.

The lieutenant governor went on to say that he wants to promote mountaintop removal.

Thoughts on Mongiardo’s absolutely embarrassing comments?

Need a Job and Love the Environment?

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hiring 14 electoral organizers to work (for folks who want to work 20 to 40 hours per week) for 11 weeks across the commonwealth building long-term power and relationships leading up to election day.

Organizers will recruit and train volunteers, manage canvassing programs and develop phone banks throughout the fall.

KFTC is seeking applicants to work in the following locations: Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Madison County, Pike County, Perry County, Floyd County, Letcher County, Knott County, Harlan and Warren Counties.

For more information or to apply, please visit KFTC’s website. Great compensation for those struggling with the current jobs market.