Monday Afternoon Dept of More UofL Messes

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence analyzes Senate Bill 1. [Bluegrass Politics]

Speaking of education… check out the latest hypocrisy from the University of Louisville. It is high time for State Auditor Crit Luallen’s office to step in. Please. Now. Just do it. This time it involves glaring oversights in an audit just conducted of the College of Education and Human Development. When a lowly blogger can pick apart an audit and find major omissions and oversights, you know they’ve got a problem on their hands. [Page One]

Today is the national call-in day for the Clean Water Protection Act. Help stop mountaintop removal by calling now. [Time To Act]

Will Ben Chandler pull the U.S. Senate trigger? [Swing State Project]

No, he won’t. He’s posturing like he always does. But Ben Chandler certainly is trying to dry up Daniel Mongiardo’s fundraising. [Mark Hebert]

What’s Mayor Jerry Abramson doing with $14.7 million of federal dollars in Louisville? Check the latest list of projects. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Legislation approved by the State Senate last week paves the way for the Breeders’ Cup to make an emergency return to Churchill Downs this year in the event of complications with a bankruptcy that could prevent the Oak Tree Racing Association from hosting the two-day championships this fall in Santa Anita. [Paulick Report]

Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s board of regents approved a 3.3% tuition hike on Friday. [Business First]

Want to ask corrupt Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry why nothing is happening on the CentrePointe front? Maybe ask why he tried to block an independent investigation of the airport scandal? He’ll be holding a “Mayor’s Night Out” event from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. tonight at the Northside Branch of the Lexington Public Library, 1730 Russell Cave Road. [Email Blast]

Secretary of State Trey Grayson taught Civics 101 to over one thousand elementary and middle school students today at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg. [Twitter]

Quick, Jim Gooch! Read this! Global warming is expected to cause the sea level along the northeastern coast to rise almost twice as fast as global sea levels during this century, putting New York City at greater risk for damage from hurricanes and winter storm surge, according to a new study led by a Floriday State University researcher. [e! Science News]

Thank Jeebus for Joe Biden dropping the f-bomb! [Huffington Post]

Put your money where your mouth is on mountaintop removal. [Page One]

You Can Do More to Stop Mountaintop Removal

Today the New York Times published an editorial on abolishing mountaintop removal, a practice we all know is killing eastern Kentucky:

A bipartisan group of 119 members of the House recently reintroduced legislation that would redefine mining waste as a pollutant. In so doing, Congress would reassert the original intent of the Clean Water Act and end the practice of dumping waste in valleys and streams. Until that bill becomes law — if, indeed, it ever does — a great deal more damage could occur in Appalachia. Two companies that have been awaiting the court’s go-ahead have now said that they will resume mining operations.

The Obama White House can prevent that damage. Under the law, the Corps of Engineers can suspend the mining permits in the public interest. This in turn would give the administration time to review the rules and issue new ones that would be more protective of the environment. But the Corps of Engineers, always reluctant to reverse itself and historically friendly to industry, will not act without orders from on high.

Mr. Obama promised to find better ways of mining coal “than simply blowing the tops off mountains.” The time to do so is now.

Click here to read the rest…

So what can you do to stop mountaintop removal? In addition to considering solar power in your home or business, you can learn to “green” your life little by little. And a great way to do that is with Sustain in Louisville. We’ve written about and partnered with the store over the past few months but want to bring it to your attention yet again. It’s really a one-stop shop for sustainable living products and free education for how to change your life. They don’t just sell compost bins, they offer information and education on composting, provide newspaper shredding as a base for the compost and sell books on vermiculture, worm farms and provide sources for red wigglers.

Tons of stuff for water and energy conservation, kitchenware, bed and bath, children, pets, home decor, cosmetics, electronics, clothing, furniture. Everything.

This Saturday, March 21, Sustain will host its grand (re)opening. The entire day will be filled with seminars and presentations, activities for the kids, a happy hour (by Jarfi’s! win!) and some fancy and expensive give-aways. So stop in from 10:00 to 6:00 at The Vogue Shopping Center, 3724 Frankfort Avenue, 40207.

Read the rest and peep the schedule after the jump…

Read moreYou Can Do More to Stop Mountaintop Removal

Thursday Afternoon Dept of Loving Kentucky

We are going to throw up if Daniel Mongiardo sends another press release out today letting us know that he’s taking a leak or breathing or whatever. GOOD GOD FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY/UNHOLY! What a waste of state resources.

In other news, I’m struggling to remain afloat with my schedule today and have to put off a couple stories for tomorrow. You wouldn’t believe how many legislators want to meet to complain about Frankfort.

Heads-up: We’ll be hosting another screening of Mountaintop Removal in Louisville in the coming months and would like your feedback on interest in attending. It’ll be free and all that.

Beginning to review resumes this weekend. Daunting task. Interested in being a full-time Assistant Editor/Investigator Reporter? We’ll be accepting applicants for the next week or two. [Click here for details]

Like we told you a couple weeks ago, Ellis Park will close by the summer. [Bluegrass Politics]

President Barack Obama today announced $123,446,750 million in weatherization funding and energy efficiency grants for Kentucky. $70million will go toward weatherization, which will allow an average investment of up to $6,500 per home in energy efficiency upgrades and will be available for families making up to 200% of the federal poverty level, roughly $44,000 per year for a family of four. $52million will go toward the State Energy Program to fund rebates for consumers for home energy audits or other energy saving improvements, development of renewable energy projects, promotion of Energy Star products, efficiency upgrades for state & local government buildings and other state efforts to help allegedly save families money on their energy bills. But don’t worry, you won’t ever see the help. [Press Release]

What the heck is up with Knott County’s finances? That county spends more money in more questionable ways than an airport employee. Goodness. When will it end? [H-L]

You mean Politico and Fox News are advancing Mitch McConnell’s fuzzy math on the cost of the omnibus/stimulus bills? Surely not. $1 billion an hour? Hardly. That money will be doled out over the course of 18 months. So fancy. [Media Matters]

Drilling in Kentucky’s State Parks and nature preserves? Not happening anytime soon. But don’t hold your breath– people like Greg Stumbo will fight to ruin Kentucky’s natural beauty so they can personally benefit. It’s only a matter of time. [Forbes/AP]

Pee Alert: Greg Stumbo put up four of the most ineffective speakers, ever, against David Williams on the conference committee on Senate Bill 1, the legislation to kill CATS. Kelly Flood, Linda Belcher, Kent Stevens and John Carney. We’re blown away. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Joe Sonka scored 338 on the dirty liberal quiz. We scored 360. We’re more conservative than he is so he must’ve screwed his answers up. What’s your score? [American Progress]

Are you old, retired, bored, an east end lady of leisure or just cold want something to do? Volunteer as a docent with the Kentucky Historical Society! The Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort needs you. It’s part of the Historical Society’s campus which includes the Old State Capitol and the Kentucky Military History Museum. For more information on the docent program or to schedule an interview, please contact Linda Grabon at 502-564-1792, ext. 4422 or [Press Release]

Speaking of KHS, its immigration website won a fancy award. Our New Kentucky Home: Immigrant Experience recently received a gold ADDY at the 2009 Lexington ADDY Awards ceremony. It’s an online exhibition that shares stories of immigrants who came to Kentucky to build a better life. Check it out. [Immigration]

Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) is spreading disinformation about card check legislation. HR1409 and S560. GLI alleges that card check allows coercion by eliminating the private ballot. Unfortunately, they neglect to mention that private are but an OPTION with the legislation, not a requirement. We we waste our time being involved with this “chamber of commerce,” I’ll never know. There’s no way I’ll join again– even if it’s free. [Email Blast]

Do Something to Stop Mountaintop Removal

Long story short: We’re tired of people always complaining about mountaintop removal but never doing anything about it. Never changing their ways and habits. Never taking a step in the direction toward reducing their own environmental footprint and impact.

So we’re gonna push some things down your throat over the next couple weeks.

Here’s the first thing you can do: implement solar panels at home and at work. We’ve done it (Jake) and it works. It’s not crazy expensive. It’ll change your life. And you won’t be burdened with using coal for energy.

There’s a great new company in Louisville we desperately want to promote called RegenEn Solar. The company provides state of the art renewable energy systems for consumers and installs solar panel systems for both residential and commercial buildings.

Solar prices are falling all over the place and with the recent announcement of both state and federal tax incentives (click here for a great example of the state & federal tax credits), you’d be ignorant not to jump on the bandwagon. What once cost me more than $20,000 (adding something like $70,000 in value) is now attainable for like $4,000. So before you drop $50K on a new kitchen or bathroom, consider a rooftop solar system that will not only lower your electricity bill and insulate you from the crazy energy market but will add tons of value to your home. Here’s a motivator: for every dollar saved annually because of an improvement, you gain $10-$20 in property value. If you’re like me and go from paying $150/month to LG&E to paying $15-$20, just imagine the value I’ve added over time.

I encourage you to check RegenEn out. They’re doing the right thing for our community, as well, by developing a philanthropic arm to give 2% of gross revenue to charity– helping the disadvantaged go solar. And you couldn’t work with nicer people.

I’ll be talking about RegenEn and its owner, Dan, over the next several weeks. So stay tuned. And if you have questions about going solar, hit me up or get in touch with the RegenEn Solar folks.

Wednesday Morning Dept of Tropical Weather Ends

Did you know and love WHAS11’s Chuck Olmstead? Then give to the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky in his honor. [BIAK]

Jim Gooch got a fancy airport runway for Webster County in House Bill 433, otherwise known as the Leadership Vote Payback Bill. [HB 433]

The Lexington Urban County Council thinks creating an “oath” for boards and commission members to sign when they take office will keep them on the up and up. Will someone clue them in that they need to stop wasting their time? Just going after the crooks is the only way to stop their problem. Puppies and rainbows won’t make it go away. [Bluegrass Politics]

Hopefully this Miss America won’t end up like her idol? [Kokomo Tribune]

The University of Kentucky has implemented a 75-cent-per-semester Environmental Stewardship fee. The $35K raised each year will be administered by a Student Sustainability Council. Taylor Shelton can be thanked for this great progress. [UK News via Joe Sonka]

What? Bigoted Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp attempted to blackmail State Rep. Reginald Meeks over the seance with your fetus bill? [Mark Hebert]

State revenue is still sliding in the black abyss of hell. General Fund receipts fell 9.3% in February, a decrease of about $54.3 million. [H-L]

Tom Burch is a terrible, terrible social terra-ist for siding with the known ho-mo-sexuals. [C-J]

Oh Snap Monday! Tropical 70 Degree Weather Fun

Thanks to the Comment on Kentucky crew for the shout-out on Friday. We love the show even when you’re boring and don’t mention us. But much appreciated!

Sorry, David Adams, it’s just not true that it’s a “liberal” or “left” thing to ignorantly raise taxes. Stop with the spin. [Kentucky Regression]

What, NOW Mitch McConnell cares about the environment? Only when his precious big oil buddies are a little threatened? [NY Times]

Probable Latent homosexual Martin Cothran (sue me for calling you a homo, Marty) is obsessed with us. OBSESSED. His entire life revolves around fighting the gays. [You know how he likes it]

Remember when JCPS Supe Sheldon Berman denied anything juicy with one of Robert Felner’s former gals? Now his PR spin is dead-up like Jim Ramsey’s excuses for the Felner Scandal over the past year. Birds of a feather, folks. Birds of a feather. Neither should be at the helm of educational institutions if this is the way they’re going to act. [C-J]

Yes, indeed, Greg Stumbo is the hold-up on Owens’ baby daddy legislation. [Mark Hebert]

Make sure you read about one man’s battle to see his son. [Let Me See My Son]

Frank Simon’s last email blast was all about baby killing. “The Ultrasound Bill – Senate Bill 79 – will save the lives of unborn children AND protect many women from years of emotional agony. Since the abortionist already does an ultrasound to determine the cost, why not let the woman see the truth?” Maybe someone should clue Dr. Frank that it takes more than an ultrasound to stop an abortion? Stuff like, oh, education, hope, viable alternatives that people can afford. You know, common sense. [Dr. Frank Strikes Again]

HAHA! Best line of the weekend, “Mitch McConnell, a man with the natural charisma of an oyster.” Hahahaha. NY Times

The number of road projects planned for central Kentucky alone blow our minds. [H-L]

House Bill 537 flew through the House with very little consideration. It’s not before the Senate and will be quickly passed and sent along to the Governor. It contains all kinds of odd subsidies for coal-to-liquid and grain-based ethanol production but doesn’t offer any sort of consideration for the high environmental impacts. Will we ever examine truly sustainable energy solutions in Kentucky or will we continue down this path of ridiculousness that coal insiders like Rocky Adkins promote? [HB 537]

What is it with Kentucky’s Washington legislators speaking out of both sides of their mouths? Wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t wasting our money at the same time? [C-J]

Why Senate Republicans Want to Bench Jim Bunning. This is just the first act of the coming circus. [Time]

Just a reminder: Our state’s public defenders are running out of money. [Bluegrass Politics]

Is this what State Auditor Crit Luallen was addressing in her report when she mentioned weak controls within state gubmint over the vehicle fleet? It took three-and-a-half years to catch a person stealing $12,000 in diesel fuel. All right for the complete and total breakdown in management. [State Journal]

Do you love Louisville? Then check out this site that seems to focus on everything we absolutely adore. The site’s author has a keen eye for what makes the city a place the rest of Kentucky can be proud of. [A Pretty Pickle]