Cassaro Takes Advantage of Louisville’s West End

Michael Cassaro, apparently at turncoat Ted Shlechter’s (he supported Andrew Horne until he couldn’t get paid, then supported Greg Fischer until he couldn’t get paid – woops) urging, took unknowing advantage of a health care summit in Louisville’s poor West End. Literally turned the event sponsored by the West Chestnut Street Baptist Church and Norton Cancer Institute into a campaign event.

Here’s what he had to say after giving Lt. Gov. Dr. Daniel Mongiardo some sort of award (no idea what it was for, someone doesn’t know that press releases should, you know, contain info):

“Most of us are not getting our money’s worth from our health care system,” observed Dr. Cassaro. “As your U.S Senator, I will propose real health care reform and not the band-aid approach supported by the major presidential candidates.”

Seriously. At a health care summit. He had the gall to talk about how awesome he’ll be as a senator and then put out a press release about it.

Dr. Cassaro is a good guy. Surely he can find someone to help prevent embarrassing situations like this in the future.

Breaking: Richardson’s Sour Grapes Group

Jack Richardson IV is stepping down as the head of the Louisville/Jefferson County Republican Party. It comes as no surprise after what has been a contentious couple of weeks in what is now his ninth and final year. Are we surprised that Richardson is saying that his recent “Thieneman/Francene fiasco” has nothing to do with his decision to “retire?” Are we surprised that Richardson has written another letter, this one at the BlueGrass RedState blog, asserting that all the feedback he’s gotten for his whirlwind in the news is positive feedback?

The letter is a long one, asserting everything from misuse of staples to mistreatment of gays, and Richardson puts the blame for everything bad that’s ever happened in the lap of what he calls a “Sour Grapes Group.” And they didn’t even pay their dues!

Richardson gave the C-J a gem of a quote: “The hardest thing about leaving is telling my supporters.”

You buying that one? It’s not like the Dems are getting along any better, but all this airing of grievances is getting pretty entertaining.

Dissension in the Ranks of KDP

We have learned from a leader at the Kentucky Democratic Party of serious unrest and disagreement among Party leaders over the KDP’s three nominees to the State Board of Elections.

Tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee will hold a conference call organized by Chair Jennifer Moore in which there are plans to discuss the three nominees. However– big however– several SCEC members are unhappy and feeling pressured because they’re unable to get information about the nominees prior to the call in order to be prepared, as they should.

See what one SCEC member had to say in a confidential email to KDP officials along with our reaction after the jump…

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Andrew Horne Forced Out – A Round-Up

Burned that the Democratic establishment pushed Andrew Horne out of the U.S. Senate race in favor of Bruce Lunsford? Ticked that Steve Beshear & Crew, Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith, the rest of the KDP, Chuck Schumer , J.B. Poersch, Martha McKenna, Matthew Miller and the rest of the DSCC including Harry Reid, Ben Chandler (to an extent/he played both sides of the fence), et al forced Andrew to leave a race he was steadfast in saying he wouldn’t leave? Pissed that John Yarmuth didn’t have the cajones to publicly admit he was supporting Andrew? Incensed that what happened in the 30th Senate District is happening on a statewide level?

The power brokers of Kentucky and Washington, D.C. just made a decision for you, Kentucky, and that decision is one which says you’re too stupid to select your own candidate.

Read up. Get fired up. Don’t settle for strongarming.

Tons more after the jump from the Mainstream media, Democrats, Republicans. Shiz hits the fan, boys & girls. Juicy, juicy…

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Beshear’s Political Capital Account Resembles State Budget

Monday is definitely Be Mean to Steve Beshear Day. Apparently we weren’t kidding earlier. So we’ll play along.

The weird political moves of Beshear & crew over the past several weeks have nearly bankrupted the new governor’s political capital and Ryan Alessi lays out the reality that the new administration has a hard row to hoe. Prominent Democrats like Rep. Joni Jenkins and Sen. Ed Worley are taking their pot shots, as well.

It all starts with members of the Kentucky County Judge-Executive Association almost refusing to clap for the governor as he makes his appearance at their annual conference.

His major campaign plank of a plan to allow casinos in Kentucky is “on life support.” as Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Louisville put it, even before it has been unveiled.

The party’s execution behind candidate Scott Alexander, however, was a different story. Sen. Ed Worley, D-Richmond, called it a “train wreck from top to bottom.”

Ruh ro.

Jack Fights Back – in Print – UPDATED W/ AUDIO

Nothing like a good old public fight between politicians. This morning local Republican Party chair Jack Richardson IV, under fire for his handling of insider party politics and a botched appearance on the Francene radio show (Remember, Jack, don’t insult the host), wrote a lengthy letter to the C-J criticizing Chris Thieneman and Francene herself.

Jack’s pissed that the whole episode got so much free air time, and blames a friendship between his targets for all the criticism denouncing him. Using terms like “spew his venom,” he provides a version of the facts about Thieneman’s past, some of which may be true.

Waaaay more catfight after the jump…

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Nick Phelps Apologizes

Nick Phelps, student body president and young republican at the University of Kentucky, has finally apologized for his stupid move to forward a racist e-mail about Barack Obama to other members of student government.

If traffic at Page One over the past two days and social bookmarking activity around the country are any indication, Phelps’ story has been one of the hottest among college students. Yesterday saw our largest amount of traffic to date outside of national press-driven frenzies we’ve caused here and there. A few hundred thousand people stopped by to read up on the debacle.

For background:

BGR has the skinny:

UK Student Government President Nick Phelps apologized at a meeting last night for forwarding his idiotic “Obama as mujahadeen candidate” email, but has refused to resign. An this appears to be an actual apology, not the smart-assed one he gave the following day in the Kernel.

Phelps took some major heat and faces serious obstacles as a result of his actions. But it’s nice to know he has apologized with the following: “I want to fully and unequivocally apologize to anyone I might have offended by my recent actions, but also I want to extend my apologies to the entire student body of the University of Kentucky. My actions were wrong.”