Jack Fights Back – in Print – UPDATED W/ AUDIO

Nothing like a good old public fight between politicians. This morning local Republican Party chair Jack Richardson IV, under fire for his handling of insider party politics and a botched appearance on the Francene radio show (Remember, Jack, don’t insult the host), wrote a lengthy letter to the C-J criticizing Chris Thieneman and Francene herself.

Jack’s pissed that the whole episode got so much free air time, and blames a friendship between his targets for all the criticism denouncing him. Using terms like “spew his venom,” he provides a version of the facts about Thieneman’s past, some of which may be true.

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Nick Phelps Apologizes

Nick Phelps, student body president and young republican at the University of Kentucky, has finally apologized for his stupid move to forward a racist e-mail about Barack Obama to other members of student government.

If traffic at Page One over the past two days and social bookmarking activity around the country are any indication, Phelps’ story has been one of the hottest among college students. Yesterday saw our largest amount of traffic to date outside of national press-driven frenzies we’ve caused here and there. A few hundred thousand people stopped by to read up on the debacle.

For background:

BGR has the skinny:

UK Student Government President Nick Phelps apologized at a meeting last night for forwarding his idiotic “Obama as mujahadeen candidate” email, but has refused to resign. An this appears to be an actual apology, not the smart-assed one he gave the following day in the Kernel.

Phelps took some major heat and faces serious obstacles as a result of his actions. But it’s nice to know he has apologized with the following: “I want to fully and unequivocally apologize to anyone I might have offended by my recent actions, but also I want to extend my apologies to the entire student body of the University of Kentucky. My actions were wrong.”

Jim Gooch Wants to Tax His Critics

You read it correctly, kids.

From David Adams:

Rep. Jim Gooch has filed a bill requiring editorial writers and cartoonists for “a news organization which engages for profit” to register with the state as lobbyists.

Perpetual tool Rep. Jim Gooch (Democrat who should be ousted)– one of Kentucky’s largest (literally) embarrassments– wants to tax and penalize the very people who criticize him. Seriously, requiring editorial writers (us) and cartoonists to register as lobbyists? Are you kidding?

More on Gooch, the man who appeared on Good Morning America proclaiming global warming a myth: here, here, here and here.

Is he hands-down the stupidest man (we mean that) in Frankfort? Is he dumber than Vernie McGaha? Jesus. To think Speaker of the House Jody Richards approves of this idiot.

Message to little boys like Gooch and booger eater Charlie Hoffman: grow a set of balls. If you can’t take the heat after becoming an elected official, it’s time to leave Frankfort.

Like the legislature doesn’t have anything better to do. Don’t we have, you know, 500 crises to resolve?

Here’s betting dollars to donuts that Gooch still thinks global warming is a myth even after the 70-degree February weather that produced killer tornadoes all over the midwest.


UPDATE @ 4:10 P.M.: The Associated Press has a great story about Mr. Walrus himself. Further illustrating just how stupid and incapable Jim Gooch truly is.

UK’s College Democrats Speak Out

In response to University of Kentucky student body president Nick Phelps’ controversial racist email about Barack Obama, UK’s College Dems have written a letter to him.

We’ve obtained a copy of that letter:

Dear President Phelps,

It has come to our attention that you recently forwarded a defamatory e-mail that was anti-Muslim, anti-Atheist, racist, and overtly partisan, the subject of which was Sen. Barack Obama. We write to you to express our extreme disappointment and also to ask you to resign. We understand that the e-mail was not supposed to reach as far as it did; however, the fact of the matter remains that you put yourself in the position for this email to reach into campus.

The office of Student Body President is a publicly funded position which carries with it considerable responsibility. The main responsibility in our opinion is to represent all UK students at all times. This includes all students, regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual preference, or political affiliation. We feel that you have failed in this responsibility.

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State House Dragging Its Feet? What?

Surely not!

From David Adams at Kentucky Progress:

Kentucky’s House of Representatives is in disarray. The Democratic caucus hasn’t even met once since the first week of the General Assembly. While they wait for Greg Stumbo to come and tell them what to do, some enterprising lawmakers need to start filing discharge petitions to get bills moving around the stagnant leaders.

Woopsie daisy! Speaker of the House Jody Richards isn’t leading. Again. Imagine that.

Anyone else waiting with baited breath for Jody & Crew to get involved in another House race so the self-hating gays of the bunch can run homophobic television advertisements again? We can’t wait! Maybe it’ll be Mike Weaver’s race for State House.

Unrest at the University of Kentucky

Note to our new readers from Fark and AlterNet: please visit our front page for the latest on Phelps.

We hear through the grapevine that University of Kentucky’s student body president Nick Phelps (a Republican and McConnell protégé, if it matters to you) sent out a nasty email from his official address spreading falsehoods and all-around racist garbage about presidential hopeful Barack Obama. You know the email. Extremist Muslim this, extremist Muslim that.

Causing quite the uproar on UK’s campus these days. Lots of unrest. Not looking pretty for Phelps or the rest of student government until the matter is dealt with.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE @ Noon:

Turns out the email was sent from a personal address to an official list serv that is paid for by a combination of student fees and taxpayer dollars. Your money at work, Kentuckians.

Reporters from the Herald-Leader are meeting with Phelps at 1:00 this afternoon. He’s saying his nasty falsehood of an email was merely a joke. So it’s not like the guy can claim the excuse that he was snowed into believing such ignorant tripe– he knew it was untrue and used his position in student government to spread hateful falsehoods.

We have obtained a copy of the original email sent by Phelps. It’s completely silly and unbecoming of anyone in a position of leadership to spread around.

UPDATE @ 3:00:

Via BGR, a College Democrat from UK has the following to add:

We are planning a sit-in tomorrow (we, meaning a bunch of the College Democrats) in the Student Government office. I don’t know how well it will go over, since the group that we discussed a course of action with last night seemed more worried about not offending anyone than actually doing anything. The most hateful thing is this: that we as a group of young progressives are too afraid of offending bigots and racists to demand that we all be treated with fairness and justice. And that is my University experience’s biggest failure of all.

UPDATE @ 8:00 P.M.:

Yet another update. UK’s student paper, The Kentucky Kernel, has a story about the situation with an interesting headline: SG president’s anti-Muslim e-mail draws fire: Phelps forwarded message blasting Barack Obama, Muslims to colleagues in SG office. Bunch of interesting comments from University officials and students.

Word also has it that dozens of students will be protesting tomorrow evening’s Student Government meeting at which Phelps will be present.

Peep the email after the jump…

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