“Bevin” Isn’t Tough To Spell, Kids

We’ve talked around mentioning his name for weeks but good grief, it’s been long enough.

From State Rep. Reggie Meeks’ latest email blast to his constituency:


Making the commitment to comply with legal requirements for making appointments to Boards and Commissions, Gov. Bevins has taken steps to resolve an ongoing lawsuit involving the matter. There is a suit challenging the makeup of U of L’s Board of Trustees which, prior to leaving office, former Governor Beshear sought to dismiss. Governor Bevins, however, agrees there is a problem and has moved to withdraw that Motion to Dismiss. Even President Ramsey agrees there is a problem; one that he says “has been out of balance for far too long.” To support this stated intent ‘to comply with the requirements set by law in making appointments’ by Gov. Bevins, I encourage anyone interested in seeing a listing of state Boards and Commissions to check

It’s Bevin. B-E-V-I-N. Not Bevins. There’s no S.

It’s one thing to crack jokes or misspel a politician’s name in an attempt to stick it to them. It’s another when you’re a longtime elected official communicating from your state government email account.

Enough time has passed. He’s been in the news for three years. We can spell the hateful man’s name correctly.

This Guy Is Gonna Run Against Rand

This poor guy. He either doesn’t realize people are going to roll their eyes back in their head or he’s in on the joke.

From a press release:

Grant Short, a 33 year old pilot from Owensboro, Kentucky is today declaring himself a Democratic candidate for United States Senate, against Senator Rand Paul. Grant is a Christian, husband, and father of 4. Openly stating that he is not a politician, nor the son of one. Growing up in poverty, as the son of a single mom in east Kentucky, he’s seen our country from many perspectives. Now, he is a small business owner and family man. As a kid his family owned a SCUBA store in west KY, so he knows small business and the struggle they face in a country of billion dollar handouts for multi-national companies, while “mom and pop” shops are left out in the cold. He feels American small business’s are the true capitalists, doing it on their own with out corporate welfare. More importantly, he has founded a non-profit and worked for many, as community service has been his passion since his mid 20’s. There, he’s done a lot of lobbying for working class and grass roots causes, where he learned the in and out’s of Government and Public Policy, now running the ‘Bluegrass Lobbying & Government Relations’ firm out of Owensboro, KY. A lifelong hunter and sport shooter, he believes in protecting the 2nd Amendment with common sense laws. A fervent believer in equality for all, he has fought for minorities and LGBT rights because, “My grandma raised me as a Christian. She taught me God’s love is universal and unlimited. It’s time we show Kim Davis only represents a minority, most Kentuckians are not hateful.” Raised in part by his Grandfather, a WWII Navy Pilot, he believes that Public Office is a public service, like being a firefighter, and that’s how you approach the job. Not like the politicians we have now that only serve themselves and seem to have no work ethic, nor the good of the public in mind. “Yes, Government can be good for nothing, when it’s run by people who are just that”, Grant believes. “If we are truly a Christian nation, it’s time to put our money where our mouths are and actually put the last, first. The opposite of what we’ve done as a country, throughout my life.”


Yeah, all one block of text.

Here he is:


Why do these people waste $500 on the filing fee?

Seems like a nice guy but goodness gracious.

Told ya the Kentucky Democratic Party was dying years before it was acceptable to discuss in polite company.

P.S. Yes, he really is a nice guy. Click here (Warning: PDF LINK) to review the three-page document he included with his release. He apparently raised his filing fee via GoFundMe, so here’s hoping he understands the campaign finance implications.

Jennings & Co Cheering On Notorious Bigot, Global Warming Denier

Remember Jim Gooch? Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

People like Scott Jennings are wetting themselves in excitement today, as he’s joined the Republican ranks.

Yep, another Democratic bigot – notorious for denying science on national television – has joined the Republican Party. The Party he’s voted with consistently since forever.

The fun part isn’t watching the Kentucky Democratic Party fall apart. The fun is watching people like Jennings furiously jacking off over all these bigots they’ve claimed to abhor for years and years.

Now we can see it’s never been about doing what’s best for Kentucky. It’s always been about consolidating good old boy control in a single political party.

And people wonder why I fled the political parties all those years ago…

Bonus Gooch flashback:

Most Democrats we’ve spoken with are relieved he’s finally jumped ship.


Oh. My. God. From the State-Journal:

Gooch said he emailed his decision to both Stumbo and Hoover citing that Obama is waging a war on both coal and U.S. citizens’ gun rights.

Additionally, in his release Gooch said Obama’s “lectures will continue as he belittles us for not understanding the ‘true science’ behind climate change,” and that Americans “will be told that ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat to our nation and our planet, and he will never utter the words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists.’”

Among his list of complaints with the president, Gooch said Obama’s policies of “class warfare will continue as he punishes those who dare to work hard and be successful,” and the president will take no steps to make the country energy independent but, according to Gooch, Americans will “be told that we as a nation must accept more Middle Eastern Immigrants even though we know that some “ISIS” members could be among them.”

Dead. Straight up dead over here. Dead from laughter.

Jim Gooch isn’t just a coal-backed buffon denying science. He’s not just a homophobe. Now he’s also a racist, Islamophobic bigot.

Way to go, Republican Party! You’ve scored with this guy.

Dennis Horlander Is Once Again The Highest-Paid Do-Nothing State Legislator From Louisville

Remember Democratic State Rep. Dennis Horlander of Louisville?


He’s the guy we write about every year for making like a million bucks for doing nothing.

Like last year when he made $26,350 for his… whatever brand of nothing he does. That was more than Rocky Adkins, Larry Clark and Tommy Thompson combined. That was just for an interim year and for the months of June through December. In fact, Horlander raked in $12,422 in just 66 days.

It’s worse this year.

Dennis Horlander got paid $45,172 for 240 days of work in 2015. $45,172! To Dennis Horlander! Who does less than your racist uncle who rides around town all day in an old golf cart.

Gotta sweeten that pension pot.

Just to give you an idea of how much money Horlander raked in, Gerald Watkins only made $11,112.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.

Bevin To Embarrass KY More Than Usual

A western Kentucky power plant is being honored with working more than 2 million hours without a lost-time accident. [H-L]

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson reiterated his opposition to admitting Syrian refugees to the United States — despite visiting people living in refugee camps in Jordan over the weekend. [HuffPo]

As a driver and cyclist, Sara Ceresa of St. Matthews initially was excited about the prospect of having new traffic circles at two intersections on Nanz Avenue in Louisville and St. Matthews near Seneca Park. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin, who takes office Dec. 8, plans to dismantle the state’s successful health insurance exchange and shift consumers to the federal one. It’s a campaign promise that has sparked controversy in the state. [NPR]

Ongoing efforts by the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP) and its public and private sector partners to build a new technology ecosystem in the region were lauded during the White House’s TechHire Gathering and Community Summit held in Baltimore, Md. [Hazard Herald]

Attempts to keep global warming to 2 degrees will be wildly off course if all planned coal fire plants are built. [BBC]

From 2007 to 2014, investments by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF) have had a “significant positive impact” in Kentucky agriculture and agribusiness with projects generating an estimated $2.03 in farm income for every dollar invested. [Richmond Register]

Thirteen years after President George W. Bush and Congress embarked on the country’s biggest-ever education experiment to help the poorest and most vulnerable students — casting the federal government as enforcer — lawmakers are poised to step it back. [Politico]

Republicans across the state are preparing for changes in how the party will cast votes in the 2016 election. [Ashland Independent]

A California city is experiencing a tactic Walmart has become known for: threats over a minimum wage hike. [ThinkProgress]

As they discussed health care and the needs of area residents, it didn’t take Jim Brandenburg and Janet Kegley long to realize that their organizations should be working together. [The Morehead News]

Human Rights Watch called on the Obama administration on Tuesday to investigate 21 former U.S. officials, including former President George W. Bush, for potential criminal misconduct for their roles in the CIA’s torture of terrorism suspects in detention. [Reuters]

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says it has awarded contracts so that emergency repairs can be done on two central Kentucky bridges. [H-L & Press Release]

After Robert Lewis Dear was arrested for opening fire inside a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday, he reportedly made a remark about “no more baby parts,” according to a law enforcement official. The revelation prompted a heated debate about what motivated Dear to allegedly target a reproductive health provider that has been under near-constant assault from Republicans in recent months. [HuffPo]

KDP’s Arms Flailing, Sinking, Lost Again

The American Civil Liberties Union says a Kentucky county clerk’s office should reissue altered marriage licenses even though the governor has promised to recognize them as valid. [H-L]

In the lead-up to Thursday’s House vote for tightening restrictions on Syrian refugees seeking entry into the United States, senior Democrats warned fellow members that they faced a massive backlash next fall if they didn’t support the bill. [HuffPo]

Dawn has barely broken, and Melanie Lowe is already in a hurry. She’s on her way to court. A familiar route, timed to the minute. Jericho Road to avoid the train. Burks Branch to skip the lights. She scarfs a protein bar and dials a colleague. No, she can’t cover for another public defender in juvenile court. Too many cases. [C-J/AKN]

Basically, Democrats don’t have a chance now that Matt Jones has realized it’d be dumb to run for congress. [Roll Call]

Guess he learned from weed in Ohio and maybe from the last dozen times he’s tried gambling bills. Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo pre-filed legislation that, if passed, would ensure that no business could acquire more than one horse-racing license except under special circumstances in Kentucky. [WMKY]

First-hand accounts like this won’t deter pandering bigots like Rand Paul and Matt Bevin. Until last year, I was one of 4.3 million people at the mercy of the legal immigration system, waiting for the chance to stay in the U.S. for good. [BuzzFeed]

Republican Gov.-elect Matt Bevin told a statewide gathering of county officials the crisis in state pension systems requires immediate attention and the solution will have to come from the general fund at the expense of other spending needs. [Ronnie Ellis]

Donald Trump tweeted a series of inaccurate murder statistics from the “Crime Statistics Bureau — San Francisco.” The bureau doesn’t exist and the statistics were fabricated. [ThinkProgress]

Steve Riley, one of two Republicans who have voiced their intent to be candidates for the 23rd District Kentucky House of Representatives seat, said he’s been interested in politics for a long time, but it wasn’t “the right thing” for him to be part of it before now. [Glasgow Daily Times]

When it comes to terrorism, more Americans trust Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton than the top Republican candidates in the field, according to the latest results of an ABC News/Washington Post survey released Monday. But among those who worry most about terrorism, Donald Trump is the preferred candidate. [Politico]

It took six tries but Rowan Fiscal Court on Tuesday finally passed a longevity pay scale for full-time county employees. [The Morehead News]

This Turtleman charade is certainly embarrassing for Kentucky. But it’s not as dumb as the handful of New Yorkers that constantly scream about it every chance they get in an attempt to shame Kentuckians in some bitter, vengeful rage. A Kentucky farmer has accused Animal Planet of setting a fire, damming a creek, chopping down trees, and illegally trespassing and building structures on his property during the production of the reality TV show Call of the Wildman. [Mother Jones]

Terrorist attacks like the one in Paris make me fear for America’s future. I don’t fear the terrorists so much as the reaction they prompt among America’s fearmongers and the people who listen to them. Their actions are capable of doing far more damage to this country than jihadists could ever accomplish. [Tom Eblen]

Weather-related disasters such as floods and heatwaves have occurred almost daily in the past decade, almost twice as often as two decades ago, with Asia being the hardest hit region, a U.N. report said on Monday. [HuffPo]

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