Jamie Comer Tried To Do Some Damage Control

But it won’t help.

Jamie Comer sent this email out to his core group of supporters the day the Bluegrass Poll hit:

Today the Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald published a Bluegrass Poll that showed us down. There were 3 polls conducted over the last 3 weeks. Every poll (including the McConnell Poll conducted by Scott Jennings’ firm) (NOT TRUE) showed us up anywhere between 7 and 4 points. Nothing happened over the weekend to change a poll by more than a couple of points. I want to assure everyone that we are in a strong position at this point. The Bluegrass Poll is the same poll that showed Allison Grimes up on McConnell by 2 with 9 days to go…McConnell won by 16 1/2 points! There are good, credible polls, and there are worthless polls. (I’M SURE THE COURIER WOULD LOVE THAT) We have the best pollster in Rob Blizzard (who is used by Rand, Massie, Barr and the Senate Republicans.) We have not spent hardly any money. We will own the TV airwaves the last 55 days. We have not even begun advertising on TV in the Louisville or Eastern KY TV markets yet. We will be in every TV market in the state in 2 weeks.

Also, yesterday I had 3 small fundraising events. We raised $95,000 combined at all 3 events!!! So fundraising is going extremely well and we are in the process of activating the ground game. We will win this election!

I’m off to spend the day campaigning in Adair and Taylor Counties. Thanks for your support and have a great day!


The Bluegrass Poll changed its methodology a bit, something Comer wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

And unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have the cash to be at saturation for 55 days regardless of what his lobbyists tell him.

The polling data was accurate. It’s a result of Heiner being on air for ages, Bevin having tons of U.S. Senate race name ID and Comer suffering by running random ads in markets that don’t matter while Holly isn’t running the show.

But the whole trash talking the Harris Family? Probably not helping him, as they’re the people who made him. Edwin King trash talking folks when he calls them up to beg for cash isn’t helping him. The reality that the big whisper campaign in Frankfort is heating up over secret LRC files has to sting a little.

Comer’s lost his main team. Harrises raised him nearly $600,000 in two weeks. That’s a significant blow this late in the campaign to have them not just walk but run away.

The McConnell team is backing away.

Republican leaders in Frankfort and Lexington are chattering, miffed.

All the potty trained Republicans who were beginning to join his team are quietly backing away. Most of them reaching out to say they can’t believe everything went to shiz so quickly.

Meanwhile, Leonard Lawson’s crew is working harder than I’ve ever seen them function, helping both Heiner and Conway.

Becoming clearer by the day that if he manages to squeak out of the primary, Conway (ugh) will clean his clock. Because all these folks aren’t going to kiss and make up. They’re just going to sit on their hands.

Craziness to watch it all play out.

Wondering what he’s been up to? Doing things like letting people tied to his opponents blackmail him into trash talking the people who kept him in check.

Here are some samples of emails sent to his running mate:




He started melting down after messages like those were received. I’ve got probably a hundred others from different people just waiting to be released. A couple of his existing campaign people are so pissed at him that they fill my inbox up with messages like those on a daily basis.

He hired an investigator, called law enforcement, ultimately got embarrassed and used the whole thing as a reason to be nasty toward the very people who made him. Instead of getting to the bottom of it and revealing that it all allegedly leads back to Hal Heiner’s folks, he let his lobbyists talk him into becoming Ernie Fletcher 2.0.

That’s how nasty it got with Jamie Comer. His funders got so fed up that they jumped ship to Hal Heiner’s team knowing what Heiner had allowed to occur. That’s how far up in the clouds the man is. Believing his own hype, believing he’s done everything himself with the help of no one, believing all that money fell from heaven, believing his network came into existence because he’s just so great. His ego got so big that he couldn’t handle being brought back down to earth (reality). He wanted his staffers to fawn all over him like a bunch of young LRC staffers in his legislative days.

In order to create his ideal world, he had to frustrate Holly Harris to the point of leaving. I can’t get her to comment on anything (you’ll see in the screenshots posted after the jump that she didn’t inform me of this new development, that I approached her about it… as well as another person on Team Comer) but everyone else tells us that after Harris quit, his behavior grew more erratic and he started surrounding himself with underpaid college kids who have no experience. Young, enamored followers.

Turning his campaign into an intern party seems to have served him poorly, to say the least.

For those wondering just how much of a flustercuck the Comer world has become the past two months? Get a load of what his state office sends out as his schedule:


That sort of thing comes out about an hour before he’s supposed to appear.

His opponents? Particularly Conway? They all release highly detailed schedules so the media actually know what’s up.

It’s all just dumb. A big, dumb implosion.

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Did Grimes Conceal 2011 Payments To Her Father?

Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes barely spent anything on travel and events during her 2011 campaign for Secretary of State. But she definitely paid her father a hugely discounted rent.

Is there something fishy there? Maybe hidden payments to her father, Jerry Lundergan, via others?

Here’s a look at some of those expenditures:

  • 2/22/11 — Lexmark International — $296.06 — Office Supplies
  • 2/28/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 3/12/11 — Signature Engines, Inc. — $250.00 — Transportation
  • 3/31/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 4/14/11 — Emmons & Co. Inc. — $25.00 — Event Expense
  • 4/14/11 — Emmons & Co. Inc. — $75.00 — Event Expense
  • 4/14/11 — Emmons & Co. Inc. — $95.00 — Event Expense
  • 4/14/11 — Emmons & Co. Inc. — $75.00 — Event Expense
  • 4/30/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 5/31/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 6/30/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 7/30/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 8/30/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 10/8/11 — Jerry Lundergan — $500.00 — Rent
  • 10/14/11 — Lexmark International — $150.62 — Office Supplies

We questioned the information way back when:

$316,364.73 on staff. Of that $316K, $105,614.73 went to Jonathan Hurst (whom I know made very little) and $200,000 to Dale Emmons (typically only keeps $20-30K) – funds used to pay campaign walkers and other expenses, which should totally be illegal. It’s the worst of the worst of good old boy politicking and Mrs. Grimes should – if she wants to be taken seriously – IMMEDIATELY produce documentation detailing how every cent of those funds were spent. Absolutely shady and irresponsible. If she wants to beat the teabagger, she needs to act like she gives a flip about transparency. UPDATE: $56K of the Hurst amount was for printing, $33K postage.

One of those big expenditures:


Questions remain all these years later.

Geveden's Just The Fall Guy For Beshear Mess

A southeastern Kentucky mayor ousted after an audit found questionable financial practices is appealing the City Council’s vote to remove him from office. [H-L]

Vice President Joe Biden called on Congress Saturday to pass a measure to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays, saying it’s outrageous that the country is even debating the subject. [HuffPo]

Two former high-ranking state officials — former Deputy Justice Secretary Charles Geveden Sr. and former Fish and Wildlife Commissioner — admitted Friday to multiple violations of state government’s code of ethics. [C-J/AKN]

The story of Tamesha Means and her miscarriage three years ago, if it happened the way her lawyers claim it did, is truly awful: Means was 18 weeks pregnant when her water broke and she was rushed to a hospital in Muskegon, Mich. The fetus wasn’t viable, and the pregnancy — Means’ third — was doomed. [ProPublica]

A much-watched bill to limit the use of eminent domain by pipeline companies easily passed the House Friday while some other controversial bills remained in a holding pattern. [Ronnie Ellis]

In Kentucky, only 32 percent of residents approve of the Affordable Care Act, but the state has also been a successful model for how to educate residents about their insurance options and get people to sign-up. [WaPo]

A Grimes-Democrats misinformation campaign began last week claimed Mitch McConnell was pro-choice in the late 1970s. That couldn’t be further from the truth on the abortion front. We dug into our massive McConnell research file and produced the first document dump of the season. [Page One]

As the planet warms, the temperatures that trigger spring arrive earlier. But not everything’s adjusting on the same schedule. [Popular Science]

You can’t even go to the Waffle House in Lexington these days without all kinds of gunshots. [WLEX18]

After 58 years in a couple, a spouse fights for benefits. This is something you should read if you give a flip about equality. [NY Times]

Wondering how Mitch McConnell is misleading people in Eastern Kentucky? Here you go. [Hazard Herald]

How much does the non-existent “war on coal” really cost? Spoiler alert: it’s all b.s., innuendo and borderline fraud. Because the “war on coal” is not a real thing. [The Hill]

Wondering why Frankfort is often a mountain of poop? Legislators, on behalf of their campaign donors, do things like attempt to name Kentucky the houseboat capital of the world. [H-L]

Here’s a shameful statistic: up to a third of the world’s food is wasted. In the developing world, that’s 400 to 500 calories per person per day. But in the developed world, it’s as much as 1,500 calories per person. [HuffPo]

Richie Farmer 2011 Momentary Candy Flashback

This morning we linked to the story from Tom Loftus about Richie Farmer’s sentencing.

But we’ve gotta bring it up again because of this:

Farmer will have one more court appearance. On Friday he is scheduled to be sentenced in Franklin Circuit Court on a state charge that he took thousands of dollars in funds left over from his 2007 election campaign by filing false expenses with the campaign. Under his agreements with prosecutors, Farmer’s sentence on this state charge will run concurrent with the time he serves in federal prison.

That’s of interest because throughout the 2011 campaign Richie would routinely try to convince Williams-Farmer Campaign staffers to reimburse him for candy and junk food purchases. To the tune of hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

Mentioned here:

Richie Farmer: This man is literally an adult baby. All he does is eat candy all day, complain about not having the right candy when on the campaign trail (you know, the 5% of the time he’s bothered to show up) and the rest of the time he’s just cold wandering around lost. The only people who do less than Richie in a day are the folks Jerry Abramson has given jobs to.

And here:

At some point, we’ll all need to start talking about how Richie lived out of his SUV for a while, hauling all of his clothing around (he loved telling people that he had all of his clothing with him all the time). And maybe talk about what an asshole he was to campaign staffers the two or three times he decided to show up. During one of those appearances… he had a meltdown because the campaign refused to reimburse him for hundreds of dollars worth of candy. And that’s why I call him an adult baby. [Richie’s Many Failures]

One can only hope Richie finally grows up while in prison.

Beshear-Lundergan Feud Harming Alison Grimes

The folks in D.C. (translation: people afraid to actually step foot in Kentucky) have written about the Beshear-Lundergan feud.

Here’s a taste:

In 1975 and 1977, he faced a challenge in the Democratic primary from Lundergan. Beshear won both showdowns, and went on to be elected attorney general in 1979. That same year, Lundergan was elected to Beshear’s seat.

Years later, the two Democrats clashed again. Beshear, then lieutenant governor, ran for governor in 1987. Lundergan backed one of Beshear’s opponents, Wallace Wilkinson, who went on to win the governorship.

In 2011, Beshear appointed Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker to fill an open secretary of state seat, instead of appointing Grimes, then an attorney, a move which would have been seen as an effort to mend ties between the two sides. Grimes decided to run against Walker and defeated her later that year.

It’s nothing political observers in Kentucky aren’t familiar with.

But the piece goes on:

“We had a family feud and Alison won the family feud,” said veteran Democratic strategist Dale Emmons, a close friend of the Lundergan family who worked on Grimes’s 2011 campaign.


Emmons said he thinks the tension between the two sides has been overstated. But he acknowledged that the rift has been real and likened the dynamic to a college sports rivalry.

“I would equate it to basketball,” he said. “In Kentucky we have two competitive basketball programs. We have some Louisville fans and some University of Kentucky fans, but we all are Kentucky teams.”

Which is interesting. There’s no way you can compare the Beshear bitterness to some silly basketball rivalry that has literally zero importance in the real world.

When Beshear killed Lundergan’s horse park contract out of spite, it resembled nothing in a basketball game. When Beshear fired Walker Mattox because he supported Alison Grimes, it had a real impact. When that crew launched a defamation campaign against Jake for telling the truth about Elaine Walker, in effect benefiting Alison Grimes, there was a real impact and people lost their jobs. When Ruth Ann Palumbo trash-talked Alison in the general election, it wasn’t just because of her bitterness toward the Lundergans but because the Beshear bunch allegedly promised to make her voter registration fraud go away.

Guess we were wrong when we thought Dale Emmons had learned when to stop talking. And everyone else was wrong in assuming Grimes was intelligent enough to stop these good old boy jackasses from sinking her chances.

Pro-tip to Alison: stop letting people like Emmons speak on your behalf. Now. Because it’s not going unnoticed by the McConnell camp.

Chickens Are The Big News In Berea Right Now

A Kentucky coal mine targeted by federal and state safety inspections and under pressure to pay years of overdue fines has closed. [C-J/AKN]

Are these really the worst eyesores in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky? You be the judge. [WKYT]

No Child Left Behind waivers have been granted to more than half of the states in this country. Kentucky happens to be one of them. [HuffPo]

Breathitt County is really good at ruining everything – just like Laurel and Clay Counties. The former administrator of an agricultural program in Breathitt County stole $211,000, a federal grand jury charged on Thursday. [H-L]

Papaw Beshear’s inauguration fund still has more than $280,000 in it. Whatever he and his yes boys at KDRP decide to waste it on is sure to upset most people. [C-J/AKN]

Berea residents can now apply to keep chickens without having to worry that dissenting neighbors can prevent their being granted a permit. [Richmond Register]

The mental lightweight teabaggers in Kentucky screaming about their fake christian health insurance sound just like these whites-only christians in Alabama. Because it’s all about religions freedom because Jesus amen. [Wonkette]

Don’t worry, mouth-breathers, you’re going to get your Casey Anthony fix soon with a new book. [HuffPo]

Jim Gray is following in Greg Fischer’s footsteps by starting all kinds of commissions in Lexington. Maybe his commissions will actually DO something, though. [H-L]

U.S. employers likely quickened the pace of hiring last month but not enough to allay worries that Europe’s debt crisis is shifting the economy into low gear. [Reuters]

Kentucky coal operators told some folks in California not to expect mine safety fine payments anytime soon. [WFPL]

Mitch McConnell continues to pretend that it’s “free speech” to be able to donate as much cash as you want to a political candidate anonymously. [USA Today]

RPK & KDRP Year-End Campaign Finance Reports

It’s time to examine the Federal Election Commission year-end reports from the Republican Party of Kentucky and the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party.

Rather than examine contributions this time, it’s best just to look at how much cash each party has on-hand in its federal account and how much it spent.

RPK’s year-end report covers the period July 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011

  • $320,035.30 Cash On-Hand

Notable Disbursements

  • $353,390.48 on staff
  • $82,672.37 on telephone & internet
  • $1,082.03 on travel
  • $60,863.42 on equipment, supplies, rent
  • $6,979.79 on food & events
  • $111,323.39 on printing
  • $18,152.27 on postage
  • $18,000 on polling
  • $9,500 on video production
  • $17,500 on direct mail for Jamie Comer
  • $12,500 on direct mail for KC Crosbie
  • $5,000 to KC Crosbie
  • $266,975.85 to Todd P’Pool
  • $30,000 to Williams-Farmer

KDP’s year-end report covers the period 12/01/2011 through 12/31/2011

  • $575,220.08 Cash On-Hand

Notable Disbursements

  • $64,745.21 on staff
  • $3,707.41 on telephone & internet
  • $1,129.14 on travel
  • $7,927.19 on equipment, supplies, rent
  • $7,272.69 on food & events
  • $3,486.81 on printing
  • $5,885.69 on postage
  • $50,000 transfer to non-federal account