Election Fraud Hotline Results Are Not Exciting

No excitement on yesterday’s election fraud hotline.

“I appreciate all of the voters who served as our eyes and ears on the ground yesterday to report any voting irregularities,” General Conway said. “Be assured, each complaint will be thoroughly reviewed and the appropriate enforcement action will be taken for any that appear to be criminal in nature.”

22 calls were received yesterday, generating 25 complaints from 16 counties.

Here’s the summary:

  • Bath: 1 call- Voting Machine
  • Bourbon: 1 call–Procedural Question
  • Boyle: 1 call-Voting Machine
  • Fayette: 2 calls-Procedural Question, Voter Identification
  • Greenup: 1 call generating two complaints-Election Official, Voting Machine
  • Hopkins: 1 call-Electioneering within 300’ of polls
  • Jefferson: 5 calls- Procedural Question, Special or Absentee Ballot, General Election Fraud-2 calls, Voting Machine
  • Kenton: 1 call-Election Official
  • Madison: 1 call generating two different complaints-Election Official, Electioneering within 300’ of Polls
  • Magoffin: 2 calls generating three different complaints-General Election Fraud, Request for Assistance-Monitoring, Residency
  • Marshall: 1 call-Election Official
  • Mason: 1 call- Procedural Question
  • McCracken: 1 call –Electioneering within 300’ of Polls
  • Nicholas: 1 call-Residency
  • Pike: 1 call, Election Official
  • Whitley: 1 call –Special or Absentee Ballot

No allegations of vote-buyin?! We’re shocked. For real.

Note that during the November 2007 general election, 38 calls were received from 14 counties.

Flashback to 2007: Democrats Did The Same Thing

Remember when the Republican Party of Kentucky filed a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (like this) begging them to take Bluegrass Freedom Fund ads off the air because they weren’t revealing their donors (remember Bill Yung and his $1 million contribution?)??? Remember that? They were alleging collusion because donors of the group and the Beshear Campaign were identical.

Bill Yung allegedly dropped his million bucks and then ran around the state telling every reporter who would listen to him how he was working hard for the campaign. Maybe that’ll refresh your memory.

KREF dismissed the RPK complaint, which effectively held that having identical donors is insufficient when proving coordination between a campaign and an outside group. They basically said that only the content of the ads could get them pulled from the airwaves – not their source of funding.

Yeah? You remember now? Funny how that works. Because the mainstream media certainly forgot.

As did Jennifer Moore, who was miraculously able to get Judge Wingate to sign an order (Wingate said that without disclosure of donors, coordination/collusion is impossible to prove. But KREF says coordination/collusion isn’t possible even if the donors are identical.) getting them pulled from the air just 30 minutes after they went live. Really – the Wingate order came down at 9:00 A.M. on an undocketed petition with ZERO notice to the opposing side. Some emergency that was because women and children were clearly at stake.

Which means he’s a flipping genius and can hammer those things out in seconds or Jennifer pre-wrote it and pushed him to sign it – as she tried to do with Scott Jennings last year. Rather, she called me begging me to file some complaint against him that ended up being one of the dumbest things KREF ever received. And then promptly started attacking me when I refused to play some partisan game (hello? I write about this shit, I don’t play the game). I’d bet a significant sum of money that she called Wingate with the weight of the governor’s office behind her.

Rambling done, back to my point: Wingate and the Democrats are Jack Conway-calibre hypocrites.

NOTE: Relevant excerpts from the KREF response in Republican Party of Kentucky v. Bluegrass Freedom Fund and Beshear/Mongiardo campaign can be seen after the jump…

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We Told You The Feds Were Coming To The KRS

Yes, we treated yesterday as a holiday that was established in honor of a genocidal maniac as an actual holiday. Why do you ask? We got all kinds of work done.

Many (read: most) of Steve Beshear’s 2007 campaign pledges remain undone. He didn’t balance the budget as he loves to bullshit, didn’t pass gambling, hasn’t solved the tax crisis, has pat-a-caked on education (save the spin, he’s done jack shit), nearly killed elder abuse legislation, hasn’t created jobs and continues to ignore the real problems of this state. [John Cheves]

Alison Grimes released some sort of thing about jobs. But let’s get real. The Secretary of State is a paper pusher and does not create jobs. She just needs to quit with the silliness and actually campaign. And maybe get a press handler who doesn’t constantly flake out on reporters who want their questions answered. [2011 Is Bad For Kentucky]

Way to go, rural America. Thanks for standing up to douche hats calling you inbred. [WFPL]

It’s official! Clay County is the armpit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We thought it was Covington for a long time. Now there’s no disputing it. [H-L]

The next time you’re trying to claim someone suppresses the student voice, that of labor and Wall Street protesters… maybe you should make sure that someone hasn’t written about all three ad nauseam, hasn’t written about sending people to prison for taking advantage of students, doesn’t have a giant section of their website dedicated to organized labor, doesn’t publish op-eds from actual protesters. Just a thought. [We Get Crazy Ass Comments & Threats]

Your life has to be pretty horrible to steal flags from a memorial honoring service members. [WKYT]

Maybe someone should clue Al Cross in to the fact that the gubernatorial race has been a letdown primarily because people like him have refused to hold Steve Beshear or anyone else accountable. [C-J/AKN]

Really, Republicans, this is what you have to offer? An embarrassing teabagger cut from the same cloth as David Adams and Mica Sims? A guy who is in bankruptcy while running for auditor? You know my thoughts on Adam Edelen, as I’ve shared them for years, but he’s light years more competent than that guy. [More John Cheves]

Last night Adam Edelen pointed out what a hypocrite teabagger John Kemper is. Two bankruptcies, lying, hypocrisy. And he hadn’t even paid his taxes. [Page One]

At least one mainstream media outlet recognizes that Jack Conway’s flip-flop on the mortgage corruption is just that – a flip-flop. That’s how irrelevant Kentucky has become. [Fox Business]

Papaw says better financial days are ahead. But we all know that couldn’t be further from reality. At least for Kentucky. [CN|2]

We told you so! The feds have subpoenaed current and former Kentucky Retirement Systems executives. So much for you hateful hacks accusing me of fabricating reality. You had it coming. [STILL MORE John Cheves]

Papaw Beshear’s Boots Were Made For Walkin

Four years and a few days ago we took a look at the zillions of checks then-Governor Ernie Fletcher had doled out around the state in an attempt to garner votes:

Thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at all the crap Steve Beshear’s done in an attempt to get votes, primarily doling out checks and claiming credit for jobs the media proved he hasn’t created:

Yep, there were way more but we decided to limit it to 200 instances. Yep, we spent way too much time getting the transitions just right – tried hard to make you want to puke.

How bout that?

Steve Beshear In 2007 Versus Himself In 2011

Woah. Watch this video of Steve Beshear debating Ernie Fletcher in Paducah from 2007:

Isn’t it nearly mind-blowing to hear Beshear say all of those things about ethics and corruption? Only to know that he’s single-handedly done everything he accused Ernie of doing?

Political firings, illegal campaign contributions, questionable special interest funding, wasting state tax dollars, allowing staff to get away with illegal and corrupt behavior, running around the state trying to explain things away.

Just mind-boggling.

My, How Time Flies For Papaw’s Empty Promises

Here’s what Steve Beshear promised four years ago:

What was that, again, about politicians only doing what’s best for them?

Unfortunately, David Williams is incapable of taking political advice and direction and he continues to make misstep after misstep. His top campaign brass have departed and only his longtime friends remain. We like David a lot, personally, but he’s his own worst enemy. He refuses to manage his reputation and doesn’t realize that Steve Beshear has decades of crap that can be used against him. So Kentuckians will never realize what a hypocritical, ridiculous four years of zero progress they’ve just lived through.