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Elaine Chao says, “Nothing to See Here, Move Along.” Then she rattled on and on for like a year in front of an audience at Greater Louisville Inc yesterday. The American economy is so fancy and perfect! Everyone is rich! Everyone can afford $5million homes in Northwestern Washington, D.C. We’re just experiencing “short-term challenges.” Yeah. [C-J]

Also, did you know? John Yarmuth is a HUUUUUUGE pussy for caving on FISA. Huge pussy. It’s gonna take a lot to make up for that. If he doesn’t try to remedy the situation, then, well, I hope Anne Northup comes from behind with her rusty GOP booze hoopty to overtake him. How can you possibly pull that shiz when you’re up SEVENTEEN POINTS? What a cowardly pussy. Is that sexist and insensitive enough for ya, ladeeez? We’re pissy today. Shoo. Don’t even bother trying to apologize for him. [John’s Pussy Vote on FISA]

Trouble in Homotopia! Don’t forget! The gays are having a party at a church in downtown Louisville tonight. 7:00 P.M. at Central Presbyterian. 318 W Kentucky St, Louisville, KY 40203. They plan on bitching and moaning because they got caught red-handed being affiliated with some asshats who produced a homophobic mailer against their opponent. Every unfortunate queen in the Commonwealth wants to knife us for outing their drama. [Page One]

Remember how David Williams sued Steve Beshear for being mean about transportation projects? Yeah. So. Now Steve Beshear is suing David Williams for being mean. God, we’d pay to see that cat fight. PAY. Big money. Tens of dollars. Please make it happen. Please. [PolWatchers]

Lobbyist spending during the 2008 legislative session was $7.4million. For Kentucky. 670 corporations lobbying and controlling everything going down in Frankfort. Casinos, tobacco interests, hospitals, insurance companies, bankers. Not all lobbyists are bad, but Jesus. No wonder nothing ever happens in Frankfort. No wonder we taking five days to barely address the pension situation in Kentucky. [C-J]

Poor Mitch McConnell. In his latest fundraising email, the senator complains that Bruce Lunsford will “vote in lockstep with the Democrat majority.” How sad. Not the horrible grammar. But the rank hypocrisy on voting. Like McConnell ever votes against George W. Bush. He also claims Democrats will cut domestic energy production and will raise taxes on poor people. Those scary Democrats! [McConnell Propaganda Machine]

Mitch’s Elaine Refusing Letters of Protest?

(H/T to Hillbilly)

Of course she is.

Never in a million years could you expect the Elaine Chao— the U.S. Secretary of Labor and wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell— to handle the concerns of 25,000 people with openness, honesty and respect. That would require a shred of decency that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in the current Bush Administration.

We’d love to be able to report that the actions of Chao’s agency and the staff of that agency weren’t constantly embarrassing the United States across the world.

We have some big news following yesterday’s attempted delivery of 25,000 letters to Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. After holding our photo-op on the front steps of the Department of Labor, we gave the box full of signatures to Elaine’s employees to bring into the Department of Labor.

But they were met by the head of DOL security, who said he monitored our website and would not allow the letters to be delivered to Elaine Chao. From the employees’ union press release:

Attorney Alex Bastani, the President of Local 12, tried to bring the petition signed by 25,000 Americans into the Department of Labor main building. Mr. Bastani was about to place the petition through the x-ray machine at the Department entrance when he was stopped by the Head of Department of Labor Security, Mr. J. Thomas Holman II. The petition, a stack of paper, was approximately the size of a phone book. Mr. Holman stated he had been monitoring the Shame on Elaine website, and that he would not allow the letters to be delivered to Secretary Chao.

Is it the weekend yet? Updates & Such.

Frankfort is playing all kinds of games with our $1,000,000,000,000,000 budget or whatever. Way too boring to write about. But if you have the intestinal fortitude to read about it? Then. Please let us know what you learn. [PolWatchers]

Ben Chandler tried to offer his 14-year-old daughter to Bill Gates. Creeeeeeeepy joke. Won’t be able to sleep after reading about it all. [Politico]

Lookit how leader-y Greg Stumbo is becoming in the State House: State Representative Greg Stumbo, (D) Prestonsburg, a former Attorney General, supports Kelly’s concept. “It’s not being soft on crime,” said Stumbo, “it’s being smart on crime.” Old orange hair’s days are numbered! [WTVQ]

Some folks (American Rights at Work) are woah fired up over Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s alleged on-the-clock campaigning for her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell. While we definitely believe Mitch & Elaine would totally whore out their marriage for zillions of dollars (hell, we’d do that! let’s get real, here), we just aren’t sure what to make of this. Go make up your own minds and tell us what you think. [Shame on Elaine]

This professor from Georgetown is a great photographer. Not sure how we found his site but we’ve been visiting every day for a while. Check it out. [Georgetown Professor]

Imaginary conversations can be funny

And kind of scary.

Another LEO funny (they’re on a roll this week)… dun dun dun… imaginary conversations with Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao. Yeah.

Scene: A Saturday morning in late December, the first such morning that Kentucky’s busy power pair have spent together in some time — and likely one of the last, as Mitch prepares to fire up his re-election campaign in earnest. They have just awoken to the sound of breaking glass.

McConnell: Elaine! Wake up! Did you hear that?
Chao: Yes, Mitchell, I heard it. What was it?
M: Sounded like breaking glass. What time is it?
C: 6:30.
M: Jesus Christ, awfully early for those war protestors to be camped out.

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Absolute Power?

CBS affiliate KXMC in North Dakota begins to talk about John Cheves’ in-depth analysis of McConnell and his Labor Secretary wife.

The tragedy at the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah, where six men are currently trapped underground, has brought to light the partnership between Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and how they are aligned against the interests of working people.

Speaking of the couple, they were both at today’s national meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police held in Louisville (along with Rep. John Yarmuth). Watch the video below to hear what they had to say.

You’ll remember that Democrats caved in a vote on August 4 approving the “Protect America Act”, thereby authorizing warrantless wiretapping. No more FISA court requirement. No more privacy. If you need a refresher or want a more complete understanding of the wiretap situation, check out Robert Parry’s latest.

Senator McConnell spoke about this very issue today. (See video) Did he get it wrong by incorrectly characterizing the wiretapping issue? He said, “To me, the idea that we were supposed to extend the Bill of Rights to a bunch of non-citizens overseas, let alone terrorists, wasn’t only dangerous, it was the height of stupidity.”

[flv:/video/McConnell-FOP-08132007.flv 320 240]
Note that there was no mention of rights as they relate to U.S. citizens. No mention that your communication with a friend in Chile will be tapped without a court order, either. Bruce Schreiner has more on today’s events.