David James Shouldn’t Get A Free Pass For His Hypocritical, Dumb, Self-Hating Homophobia But Everyone’s Afraid To Call Him Out

The city of Lexington spent more than $21,000 to pay the legal bills of a horse farm owner, raising questions from some Lexington council members and the chairman of the board that oversees Fayette County’s farmland preservation program. [H-L]

White women have always played a role in propping up white supremacy and toxic masculinity. But we’re not allowed to talk about that with Louisville liberals because everyone immediately melts down into some rant about sexism. [HuffPo]

Wondering why Kentucky’s education system is so backward and things always go the wrong way – like in Montgomery County? Here’s a look. [C-J/AKN]

A group of Democrats implored the Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee to reverse course and authorize an investigation into whether any of the hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from Deutsche Bank to President Trump were connected to Russia. [WaPo]

Why is no one talking about how David James (essed any downlow dee lately, David, you Julian Carroll-style self-hating bigot? Or chased any “big gals” on AOL message boards?) is dumb enough to think this could help him in a bid for mayor? Poop rolls down hill and it starts with Greg Fischer, not the chief. [WFPL]

In a sign that the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election will remain a continuing distraction for the White House, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is in talks with the West Wing about interviewing current and former senior administration officials, including the recently ousted White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, according to three people briefed on the discussions. [NY Times]

New information broke Friday in a three-year-old Richmond cold case — the murder of Karen Rollins Simpson and Avery “Boochie” Evans in their Valley Street home. Richmond Police are now asking for the public’s help in locating a young man who was seen the morning before the bodies were found. [Richmond Register]

Federal prosecutors have lots of ways to intensify pressure on the people they’re investigating, from early morning FBI raids to leaning on relatives of those under government scrutiny. But even by those measures, the special counsel investigating Russian interference in last year’s presidential election is moving with unusual speed and assertiveness, according to half a dozen legal experts following the probe. [NPR]

Infrastructure, customer service, capital and long-term strategic plans. Each of these topics are on the agenda for new City Manager Michael Graese, 51, who is now approaching his second full week on the job. The Daily Independent sat down with the former Army colonel this week and talked about his first impressions and what is already on the agenda. [Ashland Independent]

Did anyone really think this woman had the guts to stand up for anything? It’s all about money for her. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is unlikely to resign over President Trump’s public criticism of her husband Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Grandmother), say allies, GOP strategists and former Cabinet members. [The Hill]

People who live in Appalachia are dying sooner than two decades ago, and the region has a higher infant death rate compared to the rest of the nation. A new study blames both largely on the region’s high smoking rate, as well as its other bad health habits. [The Morehead News]

State police and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters. [ProPublica]

A doctor accused of improperly prescribing pain pills at an Eastern Kentucky clinic won’t have to serve additional time in jail. [H-L]

Months before Donald Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” before North Korea claimed to be planning a mid-August attack on Guam and well before Trump tweeted that the U.S. military was “locked and loaded” to strike, officials in Hawaii began organizing guidelines for civilians in case of a nuclear attack on the islands. [HuffPo]

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Breathitt County Is Basically A Giant, Hot Mess

Fascinating to see WKYT finally get interested in the Joshua Powell mess. Unfortunately, the station continues a string of lazy, unoriginal reporting in Lexington by not only using our footage (hello? you can see our logo on screen for a moment) but not bothering to provide proper attribution. That’s effectively plagiarism and the station has spent the entire day making excuses instead of correcting the problem. What we told the station manager was probably just an honest mistake now seems like questionable integrity. Reporters in Louisville have been fired for less. [WKYT]

UPDATE TIME! WKYT’s head honchos are apparently unfamiliar with what a PR nightmare this can be. Miranda Combs apologized via email at 10:16 A.M. and then her bosses, Robert Thomas and Chris Mossman, spent all day making excuses. Even after their reporter admitted fault. Rather than issue a correction or properly attribute content that I own (and they effectively stole), they’re just playing stupid. Fascinating how that works. WKYT is caught plagiarizing and they fail to see why that’s problematic.

In their efforts to take over the state House this year, Republicans have lost a candidate. [H-L & Press Releases]

Despite federal and state attempts to intervene during the two months since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed, the Ferguson Police Department continued — and even accelerated — efforts to suppress peaceful protests using arbitrary and inconsistently applied arrest policies, according to Justice Department officials who are investigating the department and county police officials who have since taken over for the city. [WaPo]

The newspaper had no problem running nonsense about me pushed by Democratic Party folks in 2011. No problem running claims that Chris Hightower was the antichrist or whatever. And no problem publishing information editors know to be false about Metro Animal Services provided by Greg Fischer’s staff. But suddenly has all kinds of problems running a video featuring Crit Luallen just because it was produced by some corrupt wingnut? Okay, sure. [C-J/AKN]

The co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Wednesday called for the Federal Communications Commission to regulate broadband Internet service as a public utility. [The Hill]

Two Richmond men, one of them armed with a pistol, broke into a northern Madison County home early Tuesday morning, but they ended up in a Lexington hospital after being overtaken by residents. [Richmond Register]

Auditor Adam Edelen yesterday released a special examination of the Shelby County School District, finding that a former payroll manager accused of stealing nearly $600,000 appeared to have too much access to the payroll system and too little oversight. [Press Release]

Boyd County Judge-Executive candidates Kenny Parker and Steve Towler have enjoyed a fairly clean race thus far, as is evident in their photo together at the Fairview High School Homecoming Parade posted to Parker’s Facebook account with the caption, “It’s all good. It’s all friendly.” [Ashland Independent]

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao will visit Bellarmine University to discuss her perspectives on business and politics on Wednesday, October 22, at 7 p.m. [Press Release]

The Edmonton City Council approved on second reading Monday two ordinances setting tax rates. [Glasgow Daily Times]

This may be one of the funniest Alison Grimes-related stories we’ve ever read. But it wasn’t until they got to Kentucky that canvassers remembered to be careful not to connect Democratic candidates there with Obama. [GW Hatchet]

With the current school year in full swing, the Perry County Board of Education held the first of two special called board meetings last Tuesday to approve a final budget for 2014-15. [Hazard Herald]

Two years ago, the people of Lexington, KY, became Time Warner Cable customers when the company acquired Insight Communications. Now TWC is being bought by Comcast, meaning Lexington residents would be switched again. [Consumerist]

In Breathitt County, one of Kentucky’s poorest places, property owners are suing the school superintendent to force the repeal and refund of a tax increase that’s expected to raise $76,938 this fiscal year for the cash-strapped county schools. [John Cheves]

That sound you hear? It was a bunch of LRC folks being nominated for a Teamwork Award: Cassaundra Cooper, Yolanda Costner, Nicole Cusic, Judy Fritz, Jamie Griffin, and Gloria Morgan. [Emails & Press Releases]

Alison Says She Has A Map But Clearly Doesn’t

Did you pee a little bit when Alison Grimes pretended she’s a regular gun shooter? Because we did. And most of us are gigantic gays who shoot guns way more often than anyone reading this. Lois Combs Weinberg tried the same thing at Fancy Farm in 2002. You McConnell folks save the lip service, as well. That old grandmother doesn’t shoot, either. Who the hell is running Alison’s campaign?!?! [Sam Youngman]

In our nation’s capitol, calls for cutting Social Security benefits and shifting the ever-rising costs of health care from Medicare onto the backs of American seniors are ubiquitous. But context matters, and these ideas are nothing short of perverse given the depths of the massively painful retirement crisis that working America faces today. [Bill Moyers]

As more than a decade of war winds down in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Kentucky National Guard is initiating a new effort to treat combat trauma among returning veterans who often have to wait for help. [C-J/AKN]

Deep in the heart of Kentucky’s rugged Eastern Mountain region there lives a woman who has fascinated and inspired me for two decades. She is known locally these days as “Mayor Nan” — the octogenarian chief executive of Hazard and advocate for its 5,467 residents. [Elaine Chao]

Ever wondered just how jacked up Kentuckians can be when it comes to hating others in the name of religion? Get a load of the comments section on this story about Illinois and gay marriage. [WKYT]

In other words, the Kentucky senators – who both voted to deny cloture and let companies keep firing queers – are urging ENDA better tackle “discrimination” by weakening unions, which will remain the main bulwark against anti-gay firings after House Republicans strangle the bill. The technical term for this is chutzpah. [Salon]

Mitch McConnell loves to scream at the EPA because he gets so much campaign cash from the coal industry. But he also, as part of his elected duty, needs to take concerns of people who oppose mountaintop removal seriously. He’s yet to do so. [Mitch McConnell]

Alison Grimes bowed to criticism and has finally started talking to the press. Unfortunately for her – and for Kentuckians – she’s only been giving interviews to Hollywood outlets that focus on no political issues. It’s all makeup and appearance and the crap you’ve come to expect from her. [Magazine for Rich White Ladies]

Every time we mention Damon Thayer, he gets a little more bitter. Especially when we talk about his dream of becoming Lieutenant Governor. And how he’s one of the people directly responsible for Kentucky’s pension disaster. He even freaks out so badly that he gets angry with folks who advertise with us. [Page One]

The number of homeless students in the United States reached a record high last year, according to new data from the Education Department showing that 1.2 million children had no place to call home. 35,658 of those students are in Kentucky. [PBS]

Included in the legislation to reopen the federal government was a provision that curbs at least one instance of runaway public spending. A group of lawmakers that includes Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, delayed construction of the controversial, expensive design proposed for the presidential memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower. [H-L]

The White House is backing a proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to at least $10 an hour. [NY Times]

Mitch McConnell’s Wife Learned A Lot From Him

Fox News contributor Elaine Chao has recently appeared on Fox Business to criticize Obama over the economy and push the falsehood that he stripped the work requirement from welfare. During these appearances, Fox didn’t disclose that Chao is a national chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Fox News has made it a regular practice to not disclose some of its frequent guests’ ties to the Romney campaign. [Media Matters]

Yet another reason for people to distrust the Associated Press. First it was Republicans, now it’s Democrats. [HuffPo]

A slowdown in Kentucky’s mining industry is causing financial problems. Diminished severance tax revenue could force some planned construction projects in the coalfields to be postponed. [WFPL]

President Obama’s chances of winning the election have risen in the past week, according to poll-guru Nate Silver of the New York Times and the gamblers on Intrade. [Business Insider]

Kentucky will likely elect this man again because Democrats can’t get their act together without eating their own alive. “I haven’t been watching the Democratic National Convention speeches because I don’t need to; I already know what they’re all going to say,” McConnell said. “They’re going to say, ‘It’s not our fault,’ and we need to tell them we’ve given them four years; we’re not giving them another four.” [Jessamine Journal]

The Kentucky Humane Society has received a sizable grant to spay and neuter certain dogs and cats in parts of Louisville for free, but the program isn’t going as planned. [WDRB]

HAHAHA! With the savage roar of the heathen Democratic horde rising all around him, President Barack Obama delivered an incendiary speech to close his party’s national convention Thursday night, commanding the ultraprogressive minions in attendance to help him “destroy Jesus and usher in a new age of liberal darkness that shall reign o’er the earth for a thousand years.” [The Onion]

A Kentucky middle school student is in police custody and faces dozens of felony charges after police say he made a hit list. [WKYT]

Sandra Fluke makes professional conservatives go insane every time she opens her mouth. At 31, she has become the youngest visible general fighting against what Democrats call “the war against women.” [WaPo]

Mouth-breather alert! Anti-Muslim organizer Pamela Geller has joined forces with Justice Department attorney and author, J. Christian Adams, in a scathing critique of a National Geographic Museum exhibit on the contributions of Muslim scientists. [HuffPo]

The Berea City Council plans to serve as Berea College’s bond issuing authority to finance a “Deep Green” residence hall to be built near Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant. [Richmond Register]

KC Crosbie’s “Women For Crosbie” Non-Starter

Look, I really like KC Crosbie and think she’d be a solid treasurer – way better than Little Todd.

I just think she’s got an inability to you-know-what in the pot.

Take a look at her list of “Women For Crosbie” folks:

Chair: Elaine Chao

Honorary Chair: Kelley Paul

Honorable Cathy Bailey,Honorable Kelly Knight, Honorable Ellen Williams, Former First Lady Glenna Fletcher, Honorable Robyn Williams, Senate Pro Tem Katie Stine, Senator Julie Denton, Senator Alice Forgy Kerr, Representative Julie Raque Adams, Representative Alecia Webb-Edgington, Representative Sarah Beth Gregory, Representative Kim King, Representative Donna Mayfield, Representative Addia Wuchner, Representative Jill York, Barren County Judge Executive Davie Greer, Susan Baker, Nelda Barton-Collings, Carol Barr, Jennifer Bates, Cathy Bell, Mikki Harris Bland, Mary Lou Blount, Wilma Brandes, DeAnna Brangers, Linda Brown, Caroline Cash, Joanie Cox, Renee Craddock, Sherri Craig, Brenda Craig, Regina Crawford, Donna Davidson, Jennifer Decker, Brittany Dowell, Barb Ellerbrook, Bobbie Floyd, Nancy Grayson, Beverly Griffith, Adrienne Grizzell, Meredith Haney, Heather Harris, Rose Harris, Paula Harshaw, Julie Hinson, Judi Hughes, Valerie Kane, Angela Leet, Hilda Legg, Alicia Lewis, Christy Lewis, Gale Lively, Cynthia Matthews, Shellie May, Cindy McCarthy, Sandra McLaughlin, Ann Melton, Robin Mercer, Faith Mercke, Laura Miller, Libby Milligan, Nan Milliman, Betty Moberly, Cara Morris, Karen Mundy, Monteia Mundy, Bonnie Ogle, Lori Osborne, Laura Owens, Shannon P’Pool, April Preece, Tula Prewitt, Shannon Rickett, Carol Rogers, Cathy Rupp, Gail Russell, Afsi Siahkoohi, Mary Singleton, Maria Smith, Kathy Stocks, Judith Taylor, Susan Tucker, Holly Harris VonLuehrte, Kristin Webb, Kim Wells, Amy Wickliffe, Martie Wiles, Nelle Williams, Tami Wilson

Note the serious lack of, you know, Democrats? That’s hardly showing leadership in a general election. It’s showing extreme partisanship – teabagger partisanship, no less. And it’s why her political career will be ruined if she loses to Todd Hollenbach.

Don't Let Your Kids Out Of The Basement Cage

Two Kentuckians have been named Fall 2010 White House interns: Julie Crocker of Franklin (attending Centre College) and Brian Highsmith of Louisville (attending Furman University). Their internships run September 7 through December 17. [Press Release]

Maybe it’s me, but I think it’s hilarious watching Trey Grayson pretend to support Rand Paul. [Ronnie Ellis]

Looks like Gatewood is gonna represent Mike Lewis in court next week. [Marion County Line]

A couple was shot to death at a Pike County grocery story. Sad news for Eastern Kentucky. [H-L]

This may be America’s education moment. But will Kentucky realize it? Louisville? Will we just ignore it and try to sugar coat everything? [HuffPo]

Alice Forgy Kerr is losing to Don Blevins. That’s what this CN|2 poll says. [Ryan Alessi]

Does my stance on gay marriage hurt your precious christian ears or whatever? Eff your feelings. Really. [Dan Savage]

Former Labor Secretary and lady wife of Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, is gonna speak at some luncheon held by Louisville Republicans on October 11 at noon. Crowne Plaza. $100. [Email Blast]

Not all the teabagger/Paulbots hate the gays. See for yourself. [Click the Clicky]

You know, some people shouldn’t let their children out of the cage in the basement. And if they do, they need to use those kiddie leashes. [B&P]

Ray Dowd, an assistant dean in the University of Kentucky College of Social Work, was charged with criminal trespassing. [H-L]

If you’re not following the Louisville mayoral race, you should be. There’s a Republican pulling progressive support (but he’s borderline afraid of the gays), an independent who rides bikes and talks about how bad the other candidates are and a Democrat named Greg Fischer who is repeating his 2008 U.S. Senate primary campaign on a local level. Like this “transparency” schtick, it’s all a hot mess. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jim Newberry Declared State's Biggest Disaster

Is this what some Republicans think of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race? [That Mommy Lady]

A carpetbagger counterpoint on health care? Yes, please. [MCL]

Alert! Jennifer Moore said “Democratic Party” instead of “Democrat Party.” [Beth Musgrave]

Todd Hollenbach is lying about being unaware of the office politics leading to the firing of Mary John Celletti. I know he is. Both he and Mo McDaniel are behind it 100%. MJC may not talk about it or answer questions, but my sources in that office are deep. Big mistake for Todd “I Love Frank Simon Because My Father-In-Law Is His Best Friend” Hollenbach. [Ryan Alessi]

Earth to Rand Paul: calling Jack Conway a career politician won’t prevent Kentuckians from realizing you’re a hypocrite when it comes to Medicare. And it most certainly won’t stop people from paying attention to your crazy ways. [Joe Arnold]

The Kentucky Society of Washington gave Elaine Chao the Henry Clay Distinguished Kentuckian Award at its biennial dinner on the 15th. The event took place at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. A funny: Helen Thomas won the award in 2000.  Maybe Chao won because of the awesome work she did to set all kinds of labor disasters in place? [Press Release]

I keep hearing that Daniel Logsdon is a super-nice guy. But also hear serious doubt from nearly every Democrat I talk to. This should get interesting. [Joe Gerth]

Suicide among gay teens? Who cares, right? String them up and kick them out of our country. Don’t these people know there’s a black man in the White House? AMERICA!!1!  The gays are just insignificant.  Don’t let them in our military! [H-L]

Mitch McConnell allegedly honored slaves who built the U.S. Capitol. Something about that is unbelievably awkward. [WBKO]

Fayette County was added to Kentucky’s disaster declaration because Failure/Mayor Jim Newberry is such a disaster. [H-L]