Breaking: Felner and Schroeder More Than Friends? And Other Updates On the Scandal

Were Robert Felner and Tom Schroeder in a relationship? Email obtained by WHAS11’s Adam Walser seems to suggest so. And those emails suggest Felner and Schroeder were in collusion to swindle the University of Louisville out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Felner told Schroeder in an email that he was “terrified and nuts” about an IRS investigation. Some choice quotes from Felner: “the situation is getting real dicey,” “could lose my house and you too as your payments will be stopping.” According to what Felner said in emails to Schroeder, it appears that he knew his time was up at UofL.

Take a look at these excerpts from the WHAS11 piece at 5:30:

We’ll link you to the full story once it’s live on WHAS11’s website. In the meantime, here’s the print story. Update: Here’s the full story from WHAS11 – you’ll want to check it out.

Oh yeah– we told you Felner owned all kinds of expensive homes around the country. Who needs TWO houses in Florida? Who can afford them on a mere $250K/year salary from UofL? Does this mean Felner is a self-hating homosexual? Oh man, the questions this raises!

And I bet Anne Northup and Jim Ramsey wish to high heaven they hadn’t stepped into this stinky mess.

See the scandalous email exchanges between Robert Felner and Tom Schroeder after the jump… You won’t believe your eyes…

Read moreBreaking: Felner and Schroeder More Than Friends? And Other Updates On the Scandal

Monday Afternoon Update Slow Zzzz….

We have ebola of the head or whatever and are couch-ridden for the next million hours. Our hooker must not have been honest last night. Someone call us if there’s breaking news.

Don’t you love how the Kentucky Democratic Party behaves when it is caught red-handed slandering a Democrat? Full-on denial has begun. [Page One]

Is Scott Jennings a liability for Mitch McConnell? Jennings is “mentioned” in a report by the DOJ in the Karl Rove-U.S. Attorney Firings scandal. [The Arena]

Speaking of Mitch McConnell, he’s excited for Fancy Farm and wants everyone to cheer him on. Should be exciting, right? [Pat Crowley]

There’s going to be an interesting story on WLKY in Louisville tonight about a couple million dollars that have gone missing or something. Anne Northup scored the skrilla for a Louisville church and it looks like it’s all been squandered. We’ll all have the skinny tonight. [WLKY]

And WHAS11 News at 5:30 will reveal its investigation into former University of Louisville Dean Robert Felner’s email. Discussion among Felner and Schroeder up until the investigation broke. We hear it is absolutely scandalous! We’ll have highlights later. [WHAS11]

In other news, this probably made us sick. [FEAR]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Is Uptight Today

Which state lawmakers are the most greedy and decide to switch jobs so they can rape the state over and over again? Glad you asked. Jon Draud, Steve Nunn, Dan Mongiardo, J.R. Gray, Greg Stumbo, Frank Rasche, Carolyn Belcher, Tim Feeley, Fred Cowan, Kelsey Friend, Jr., Martin Sheehan. [H-L]

The Courier-Journal did its best to rehash the Robert Felner story but doesn’t bother mentioning its information is from a paper in Wisconsin. Nor did the C-J bother to mention that its story only scratches the surface in the juicy details we already know department. [C-J]

Haha, so, funny story. Racist hack Sonny Landham is in trouble for his sickening comments about Arabs last week. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Libtard Party chairman Ken Moellman is afraid to axe Landham from the Libertarian ballot. If they’re not ready to take action now, when will they be? We’re basically going to assume their all racist bigots for the rest of time. End of story. Yay. Also, remember when Ken Moellman said on this very website that Landham would be on the ballot? Ha. [H-L]

Democrats in Allen County nominated Wilson Stone to run for Rob Wilkey’s seat. Stone is apparenly a farmer (what does that even mean anymore?) who lives in the 22nd District. He lost an election for judge-executive in 2006. [PolWatchers]

Joe Gerth quoted Harry Johnson, a West End Louisville Clarence Yancy wannabe, in a story about the U.S. Senate race. Johnson campaigned against Lunsford in the primary because Greg Fischer bought him out. He’s the kind of guy who can “sell” you the black vote. Asking that dude for his political opinion is like asking Jake about sex with women. [C-J]

Lexington weatherman Brad James is retiring from television. If you’re from central or eastern Kentucky, James has been a part of your life for decades and decades. And he’s probaby the guy you most remember for pulling all kinds of hilarious pranks. He’ll definitely be missed. [H-L]

If you missed it yesterday, David Hawpe chapped Jim Ramsey’s rear end over his mishandling of the Robert Felner scandal. We watched Ramsey’s remarks again and can see the giant globs of egg dripping off his face. [C-J]

Huge Robert Felner Update – Holy Crap

We all know that Tom Schroeder in Rock Island, IL got a visit from the feds to talk about Robert Felner. And by now we all know that Robert Felner probably isn’t innocent of wrongdoing. But we’ve just scratched the surface.

Til now.

This is getting juicy:

Mr. Schroeder said that in 2007 the center received a contract for the project, which he signed and returned to Mr. Felner. It later received two payments, one for $200,000 and another for $50,000. Both checks were returned uncashed, he said, at Mr. Felner’s direction.

He said he is unaware of any other payments, specifically $200,000, made to the center.

His organization performed no work in connection with the project, and that was the last he heard about the project until two Secret Service agents knocked on his door last month, he said.

“I found out this was being investigated when two federal agents came to my home. There were some forged addendum to this contract and forged signatures of mine. This had been going on all along. Where the money is and what was done with the money we had nothing to do with,” Mr. Schroeder said.
Mr. Felner even named the nonprofit, Mr. Schroeder said. “It all sounds a little funny now, but he didn’t want his name as a member of the board or staff member,” he said.
Mr. Schroeder became the executive director and fiscal manager. His job was to sign contracts, receive checks, take care of legal issues, get paid and send the rest of the money to Mr. Felner.
In late 2006 or early 2007, Mr. Felner told Mr. Schroeder about a contract with the University of Louisville to do work with Louisville schools on a No Child Left Behind project.

Mr. Schroeder signed the contract and returned it to Mr. Felner.

“Shortly after that, a check arrived in Rock Island for $200,000. I called Dr. Felner at the university and asked, ‘What is this? What are we to do with this? He said the check was a mistake, it shouldn’t have been written and to send it back,” Mr. Schroeder said.

Mr. Schroeder said Mr. Felner seemed livid that the check had been sent. It was sent back to Mr. Felner.

Then about Christmas 2007, a $50,000 check arrived in Rock Island. Mr. Schroeder said he called Mr. Felner, who again said to send the check back. It was a mistake.

To recap, Robert Felner is alleged to have used Schroeder and the now-dissolved organization in IL as a front to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Maybe this sort of behavior explains why Robert Felner owns so many expensive homes around the country?

Wonder when Jim Ramsey will eat crow?

Stay tuned.

TGIF! John McCain’s Gonna Make It Rain!

Yesterday Bruce Lunsford released his eight-point energy plan, which we told you about here. But he also said that Mitch McConnell thinks Kentucky voters are stupid– which is probably true. And then Mitch’s crew wet their pants and had to respond. [Mark Hebert]

Governor Steve Beshear went on another one of his fancy town hall meetings in Winchester. Ryan Alessi was there and has the skinny on what went down. Sales tax holidays, light rail in central Kentucky (HAHA) and more. [H-L]

Remember Jon Draud? The new education commissioner who spent a hundred million dollars of state money on a fancy car so he would feel safe or whatever? It’s now for sale on eBay! And Draud told Kentucky Public Radio that he plans to buy the $31,000 car himself. And we thought he needed all those vacation days and perks because he was in the poor house. [Pat Crowley]

What did senile John McCain do while Barack Obama was busy living it up with a fancy speech in Germany? Why, he went to a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio to complain about Obama’s trip. How embarrassing is that? [The Page]

Greg Stumbo told reporters that Democratic House leadership under Jody Richards failed to help Steve Beshear enough. Oh snap, it’s on. Jody Richards denied everything. And then Greg started talking about running for a leadership spot. Who wants to take bets that Larry Clark is crying on the phone to Steve Henry as we speak (type)? [C-J]

It’s a Slow News Day, Right?

So we’re gonna waste some time with another update. We’re also stuck in meetings, preventing us from paying attention to what’s going on.

The Felner story? Yeah, the C-J’s put a new guy on it. And, despite what we saw as promising last week, are wholly disappointed. Come on, C-J. Get it together. Stop printing crap just because UofL freaks its shiz out over a story. [C-J]

It’s not about John McCain being old. It’s about him being senile. [Politico]

Bruce Lunsford appeared on Leland Conway’s show in Lexington today. [Leland Conway]

That dern librul media is lyin’ to you again! The libruls will lie to you about Mitch McConnell’s hypocrisy! Don’t believe it! [EITB]

75% of Americans say known homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the military, up from 62% in 2001 and 44% in 1993. Somebody should ask Anne Northup how she feels about it. Basically, it’s the end of the world and the institution of marriage will crumble. Also, we lost Eye-rack because of the gays. I saw it on HBO. I know. [WaPo]