21 Former Faculty Send Letter to Board of Trustees

In what could only be considered an explosive development, twenty-one former University of Louisville faculty members who served under infamous Dean Robert Felner have penned a letter to the UofL Board of Trustees. The letter, which is in response to perceived inaction and mismanagement by President Jim Ramsey and Provost Shirley Willihnganz, addresses a number of issues that have not been appropriately addressed by the University.

If anyone had any doubt at all about the validity of claims made by commentators on this website, read the letter. Your eyes will be opened and you’ll quickly come to recognize the severity of complaints raised within.

For your convenience, we’re providing the text of the letter in its entirety below.

August 22, 2008

To: University of Louisville Board of Trustees

From: Twenty-one former UofL faculty members who served under Robert Felner

Re: “The Felner Affair” in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)

We write this letter to the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville in response to what is being referred to in newspaper, TV, and blogosphere reports in Kentucky and elsewhere as “The Felner Affair.” We are former UofL CEHD faculty members who served under Dean Robert Felner. Some of us left UofL in part because of Dean Felner’s abusive and unethical behavior.

We take issue with President Ramsey’s assertion in news reports about the “Felner Affair” that input from faculty to the higher administration was nothing more than “anonymous crap.” We would like to set the record straight by presenting the facts.

Setting aside alleged misconduct currently under federal investigation, Robert Felner’s actions included the following: He –-

  • brushed aside repeated queries by faculty about his excessive and questionable expenditures;
  • created a hostile workplace, which included influencing voting;
  • publicly humiliated people, screamed at them, spread falsehoods about them;
  • professionally undermined those who dared to oppose him;
  • made inappropriate personal advances;
  • made a mockery of accepted collegial governance policies;
  • violated principles governing the hiring of new faculty and the promotion of other faculty;
  • showered resources on those who supported him;
  • denied resources to those who stood up and questioned him, and threatened them with dire consequences;
  • hired an excessively large number of administrators, many of whom inflicted cruel and unfair sanctions on faculty not in Felner’s favor; and
  • cultivated inappropriate relationships with female employees, giving some questionably qualified persons extreme salaries.

Read the rest of the letter after the jump…

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Whattya know… Nancy Rodriguez does a story about the various emails exchanged between Robert Felner, Shirley Willihnganz and Jim Ramsey. Interesting. We hope she really filed open records requests for those emails and didn’t just yank them from this site without attribution. [C-J]

A Look at the Mainstream Behind the Scenes

Many have written in to ask us what goes on behind the scenes with the Courier-Journal and other news outlets in the open records request process. And even more want to know what exactly the former paper of record has done so far in the research process/what they plan to do in the future with the Robert Felner story.

So we thought it’d be interesting to take a look at a few of the ORRs filed by the C-J in the recent past. It sheds light on previous coverage and may give you a glimpse of what the paper plans to do in the future on the Felner story.

07/23/2008 – Chris Kenning requested a copy of the federal search warrant –

“I am seeking a copy of the original search warrant used by the feds to search the CEHD.”

07/29/2008 – Andrew Wolfson requests copies of the Felner emails –

“I was trying to see if you could send me copies of the most recent emails released in the Felner matter. (WHAS last night mentioned there were 15 of them, but only put eight on it’s Web site.)

Never mind that we published them minutes after the WHAS story aired.

Read the rest after the jump…

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Jim Ramsey Tries In Vain to Cover His Rear

Get a load of this:

“While we can’t talk about personnel actions, we did take steps to improve the situation,” Ramsey said in the letter dated last Friday. “Rightfully so, we have faculty who are hurt and disappointed by events of the recent years.”

Meawhile, I have already published evidence that Ramsey did nothing to try to improve the situation. The evidence suggests he did the exact opposite.

Felner’s “references were very good,” Ramsey said. When Felner was hired, “our mandate to him was to turn things around and do it quickly. He became a change agent — a role all of our new Deans have played.”

Recall that officials in Rhode Island said no one ever bothered to check Robert Felner’s references and history.

In 2006, faculty at the college took a no-confidence vote against Felner, but Ramsey downplayed it in his letter. He said only half of the college’s 100 faculty members were present for the vote “and a large number visited the Provost afterward to say that they supported the Dean.”

But as time went on, Ramsey said the administration “realized there was an issue” with Felner’s leadership.

HAHAHA. We can’t even muster a comment. But we’ll publish a copy of the letter a bit later.

Priceless, Jim.

Juicy tidbit: We hear the State House plans to haul University of Louisville officials to Frankfort for a very public hearing as soon as the session starts.

UPDATE: As promised, here’s a copy (PDF Link) of Ramsey’s CYA letter. Read it and let us know what you think.

C-J Editorial Board Takes UofL Leaders to Task

This is one of those rare occasions where we’re alomst solidly with the editorial board of the Courier-Journal. Rare, we know.

The paper, in what we’ll call baby steps, did its best to hold University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey and Provost Shirley Willihnganz– along with Board of Trustees Chairman J. Chester Porter– accountable for their abysmal failure during the Robert Felner fiasco.

Have a look:

What’s shocking is the failure of top university administrators to look seriously enough, and early enough, at evidence that Education Dean Robert Felner was leaving academic wreckage behind…


President James Ramsey and Provost Shirley Willihnganz should have admitted much, much sooner that Felner’s tenure was collapsing into an organizational and managerial debacle. And they should have reacted accordingly.

Instead, even in the backwash of a federal investigation into the way Mr. Felner handled a $694,000 federal grant, Dr. Ramsey was still dismissing some faculty complaints and grievances as “anonymous crap.” And, just this week, board chairman J. Chester Porter pronounced himself “satisfied” with the way the administration handled faculty criticism and charges. He did this without serious investigation of the letter’s specifics and before a proposed Faculty Senate review produced any findings. All of which calls into question the university’s good faith in dealing with allegations that people and careers were being abused.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.