Confirmed: Chelsea Clinton at UK on Tuesday

Chelsea Clinton will be at the University of Kentucky on Tuesday.

Everyone get excited. Your favorite presidential daughter will be in the Bluegrass. Unless you’re like us and prefer Jenna Bush because she hates her daddy’s politics and volunteers 99% of her time helping people less fortunate than us.

Wait. Can you imagine dating either of them? Meeting the parents would be way more nerve-wracking/racking than normal.

All tangents aside, we’ll have more details as they’re made available.

Speaking of the Clintons, LEO’s Cary Stemle suffered through Hillary’s visit to Louisville on Saturday. As did the Herald-Leader’s Bill Estep, the Courier-Journal’s Dan Klepal and Ben Ray, who provided the photo.

No one could figure out what color Hill’s blazer was. Orange? Pink? Salmon? Coral? All we know is that it was ugly. She needs a gay stylist pronto so she can impress all of us fancy bloggers.

Reminder: UofL Student Walk Out Wednesday

This is a reminder for the media executives who don’t want their reporters covering anything other than the weather, march madness or George Clooney coming to Maysville.

As we reported weeks ago, students at the University of Louisville will protest Governor Steve Beshear’s lovely handling of higher education cost increases in Kentucky this Wednesday by walking out. At 1:11 P.M. this Wednesday, March 26, 2008, students will gather in front of the UofL President’s Office at Grawemeyer Hall (near the intersection of 3rd St & Eastern Pkwy).

From a Facebook group set up for the event:

The University of Louisville consistently places the burden of our state’s budget crises on US – the STUDENTS. This is completely unacceptable, and we are calling on the university administration to explore every option available as to ensure tuition rates DO NOT increase above the rate of inflation for the 2008-2009 school year.

All UofL students are urged to walk out of their classes on Wednesday, March 26th, at 1:11 pm, and attend a rally in front of Grawemeyer Hall near the The Thinker in protest of our university administration’s constant refusal to include OUR VOICE in matters that affect OUR lives.

The skinny:

  • What: Students to walk out at UofL
  • When: Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M.
  • Where: Rally in front of The Thinker / President’s office @ Grawemeyer Hall

So, media, show up. Give the everyday student in Kentucky a voice.

David Williams Beats Harry Moberly Up

David Williams and Harry Moberly are fighting like two little girls at a Barbie birthday party. Instead of actually doing anything substantive in Frankfort, Senator Williams is accusing Rep. Moberly of being a first-rate hack who is abusing his position of power in the state House to benefit Eastern Kentucky University, at which Moberly is Vice President.

Imagine that– a legislator abusing their power! What on earth!

And Moberly is fighting back by saying he’s never done anything wrong– ever– and would never, ever take advantage of our already bankrupt state. Like anyone believes him or anyone else in Frankfort. Just saying.

Check it:

A bare-knuckle battle of words between two of the state’s most powerful lawmakers threatens to cripple upcoming negotiations over the state’s two-year spending plan.

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, said Thursday evening in a news conference that Democratic Rep. Harry Moberly of Richmond, the key architect of the House’s version of the state budget, may be unintentionally violating state ethics laws by virtue of his job at Eastern Kentucky University.

David_williams “I believe if anyone filed an ethics complaint against Harry Moberly now, that he would be in violation,” of opinions issued by the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, Williams said.
“I’ve been at the conference table in the conference many times when he has stood up to have things added for Eastern Kentucky University in the budget,” Williams said. “That’s just the way it is, and if he doesn’t get what he wants in the budget, nobody else is going to get what they want in the budget.”

We love this. LOVE it.

Keep fighting, ladies, we don’t have a whole g-d state to save or anything.

TGIF Update Dept. Great Flood Edition.

From mayor of Lexington to substitute teacher: Teresa Isaac whips the kiddies into shape in various Fayette County schools. That’s gotta be more fun than listening to a bunch of old codgers fight over crap 24/7. [H-L]

George Clooney’s new movie – Leatherheads – is premiering at the Washington Opera House in Maysville. (Yeah, we know.) Those expected to be in attendance include Gubnuh Steve & Jane along with Heather French Henry and her husband, disgraced former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry. No mention of whether or not Steve will be paying for his ticket with illegal senate campaign fund dollars or misused non-profit funds. [Maysville Ledger Independent]

Giant idiot Jim Gooch is dicking around with his position in the legislature, queening out over the fact that his stupid corruption doesn’t get a leg-up from every committee under the sun. Apparently the committee system is broken because everyone hates his fat ass. Also, Greg Stumbo is gonna pounce on his big, fat ass like ASAP. He’s all fired up. Ugh. When is the mainstream media gonna tear that idiot to bits? What an embarrassment for Kentuckians everywhere. [PolWatchers]

Gay hating, Barack Obama is black! OMG!, scary internets, and David Williams gets scared of some children after the jump…

Read moreTGIF Update Dept. Great Flood Edition.

Separation of Church & State – UPDATED

Is alive and well in the Bluegrass State.

Live it. Breathe it. SEPARATE. Keep it that way.

Judge: State funding for University of the Cumberlands unconstitutional

FRANKFORT — The Kentucky General Assembly violated the state Constitution when it appropriated $10 million to the University of the Cumberlands for a pharmacy building and $2 million for a pharmacy scholarship program at the Southern Baptist school in Williamsburg in 2006, a judge ruled Thursday.

UPDATE @ 3:09:

Jennifer responds:

“Once again, a court has determined that actions by Senator Williams violate the Kentucky Constitution. From the beginning, Democrats fought against this outrageous and blatantly self-serving appropriation by Senator Williams because it is unconstitutional.

“This is just another example of Senator Williams behaving as if he is not subject to the laws that every other citizen of the Commonwealth is subject to. Kentuckians deserve better.”

We’re not being flippant here, but, could someone please fill us in on which Democrats fought against the homo-hating and illegal handout for a church school? Was it anyone other than the usual four or five people in Frankfort who know how to think for themselves?

Sucky Rumors on the Internets Update Dept

Does David Hawpe make sense anymore? Steve Beshear and basketball? What? [C-J]

State officials asked the Executive Branch Ethics Commission to investigate Crystal Murray Ducker, former Deputy Secretary of the Transportation Cabinet under Ernie Fletcher, for being (allegedly) improperly employed with a lobbying firm that does business with the state within six months of leaving office. [PolWatchers]

The KDP sucks at communicating with, you know, actual Democrats. So some dirty liberals have created their own little way of getting the word out about the Party’s reorganization in April. (For the record, though, both Jeff Noble and Amanda Flannery have worked their fingers to the bone trying to do the work the rest of the party elite won’t even consider.) [BGR]

The Council on Postsecondary Education asked gubnuh Steve and our fancy lawmakers in Frankfort to stop cutting higher education spending. Translation: The council told the gubnuh to suck it and will fight like cats in a sack if he pisses them off. [Crowley]

Stephen George turned us on to the site ‘Stuff White People Like’ and we almost pee on ourselves every time we visit it. We actually can’t breathe right now because some hilarious shiz from said site just raped our eyes. [Stuff White People Like]