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Does David Hawpe make sense anymore? Steve Beshear and basketball? What? [C-J]

State officials asked the Executive Branch Ethics Commission to investigate Crystal Murray Ducker, former Deputy Secretary of the Transportation Cabinet under Ernie Fletcher, for being (allegedly) improperly employed with a lobbying firm that does business with the state within six months of leaving office. [PolWatchers]

The KDP sucks at communicating with, you know, actual Democrats. So some dirty liberals have created their own little way of getting the word out about the Party’s reorganization in April. (For the record, though, both Jeff Noble and Amanda Flannery have worked their fingers to the bone trying to do the work the rest of the party elite won’t even consider.) [BGR]

The Council on Postsecondary Education asked gubnuh Steve and our fancy lawmakers in Frankfort to stop cutting higher education spending. Translation: The council told the gubnuh to suck it and will fight like cats in a sack if he pisses them off. [Crowley]

Stephen George turned us on to the site ‘Stuff White People Like’ and we almost pee on ourselves every time we visit it. We actually can’t breathe right now because some hilarious shiz from said site just raped our eyes. [Stuff White People Like]

Hot Topic: UofL Students Fired Up

In response to Governor Steve Beshear’s wonderful educational leadership, students everywhere are standing up and fighting back.

Students at the University of Louisville, as we reported a few weeks ago, will most likely be the first to stand up and speak out. On Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M., students will walk out of classes and make their way to the circle in front of President Jim Ramsey’s office.

So, media, this is your warning. Make plans to be at UofL in March.

  • What: Students to walk out at UofL
  • When: Wednesday, March 26 at 1:11 P.M.
  • Where: Rally in front of The Thinker / President’s office

UK Student Government Snafu Still Fresh

This commentary courtesy Stephen Shepard, a student at the University in Kentucky. Stephen provides a view of the racist anti-Obama email sent by the school’s student body president and the following public apology which didn’t go as swimmingly as the mainstream press would have us believe.

For those of you who weren’t privileged enough to witness the famous UK Student Government meeting Wednesday (February 07, 2008) you missed quite a performance.

Our UK Student Government (SG) President Nick Phelps presented his “apology” to the students who were offended by the anti-Islamic, anti-atheist, anti-Obama email he sent out January 17th 2008 over our tax-funded UK listserv. Mr. Phelps spoke, giving an apology to those who were offended, and admitted the forwarded email was both untrue and wrong to pass along. And about a minute into his apology was when things began to go terrible wrong. Mr. Phelps quickly changed the topic from how deeply sorry he was, to all of the great things he was doing in Frankfort for UK students. I was stunned with disbelief. Being a McConnell protégé, he attempted to push the issue aside, running from it as if the 30 or so students who had shown up to the SG meeting had anything else on their mind, except the intolerance that our SG exhibited in passing the vile email along. Sadly that wasn’t even the beginning of the insult.

When it came time, I gave my speech, basically saying, this was the second discriminatory event UK had witnessed in less than 6 months and the world was watching. I didn’t call for a censure, and I didn’t call for Nick to resign.

SG Sen. Jesse Parish rose, attempted to give his resignation and urged Mr. Phelps to do so as well. However Mr. Phelps had no such plans. Mr. Phelps went on to say two things that will stick with me. The first was “when I’m on CNN and in public office I’ll look back on this moment fondly.”

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Import everything from China. Learn to further screw the economy and small business everywhere. China is the answer. So is India. Outsource, outsource, outsource. [Business First]

Louisville’s smoking ban has improved air quality 97% since it went into effect. Imagine that. No smoke to choke you and give you cancer means the air is cleaner. Wow. [C-J]

See? Barack really is the president of everywhere. Or at least Wisconsin. And every other state. [BGR]

Gov. Steve Beshear’s budget recommends a 58 percent cut for school safety programs, and the news couldn’t have come at a worse time. Ouch. [C-J]

Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff Jim Cauley is taking heat from hardcore Beshear supporters these days. Talk of kingmaking, student newspapers in Connecticut, Democratic Party anarchy, third party emergence. Ruh ro. [The Rural Democrat]

The scary gays are taking over our schools! All the more reason for school vouchers, religious proselytization in public schools, killing public schools, bankrupting teachers, teaching creationism as fact, killing teachers, making it impossible to further education by slashing educational budgets, etc. [C-J]

Uncle Steve’s casino legislation got an overhaul and a cut to nine locations, down from twelve. Woops. Joni stuck it to the man. [H-L]

527 groups/Beshear slush funds now have stricter reporting guidelines in Kentucky. The runoff is dead. And Kentucky will probably vote for pretzeldent on Super Tuesday in a few years. [C-J]

Mohler and his Media Powerhouse

If you think about it, no Louisville resident gets more national publicity, or generates more media himself, than Southern Baptist Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler. He was in the news again this week, after announcing he won’t be a candidate for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention due to a health issue — he’s got to have surgery for a precancerous tumor in his colon.

It’s been a decade since I wrote a profile of Mohler in Business First, which at the time was a pretty big deal. Then, he’d been in place over at Southern about five years, and had shaken things up quite a bit – initiating a near complete turnover of the Seminary faculty. He was the target of a lot of criticism, but what impressed me about him in our interview was his unwavering conviction in everything he said. Nothing I asked him brought about any pauses for contemplation. He was on a mission, and for those who opposed him, well, his message was not to let the door hit you on the way out.

There were always issues, he told me, on which “no diversity of opinions can be tolerated.”

In the decade since, Mohler has continued to be featured in our national press, and he’s been interviewed on a wide range of issues as the go-to guy for the Conservative Right. Just last March, Mohler found himself in the middle of a firestorm after writing that gays may be proven to be born gay, a position that goes against most conservative thinking.

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It’s Friday! Day After Black Thursday Update

More than 1,000 showed up to love mountains in Frankfort yesterday. Persona non grata: Jim Gooch. Mr. Walrus was no where to be seen. We hear he was locked away somewhere rolling around in a pile of global warming denial cash. Take a look at the photographs and then tell me mountaintop removal isn’t hated. And don’t forget to watch Jim’s video of the event. [BGR, Hillbilly Report]

Beshear down 10 points from 62 to 52, not good. Get ready for the spin machine to kick up like woah. Because his disapproval rating is shooting through the Democratic Disapproval Ceiling at 38% (!!). That’s up 14 points and the dude’s only been an office a month. Support among independents is really taking a beating. The man needs to hire someone who knows public relations and someone who actually gives a flip about bettering Kentucky with the political process. [SUSA]

David Williams on casinos, Greg Stumbo and mountain folks loving education, hypocrisy over Gov. Paul Patton. All after the jump…

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UK’s College Democrats Speak Out

In response to University of Kentucky student body president Nick Phelps’ controversial racist email about Barack Obama, UK’s College Dems have written a letter to him.

We’ve obtained a copy of that letter:

Dear President Phelps,

It has come to our attention that you recently forwarded a defamatory e-mail that was anti-Muslim, anti-Atheist, racist, and overtly partisan, the subject of which was Sen. Barack Obama. We write to you to express our extreme disappointment and also to ask you to resign. We understand that the e-mail was not supposed to reach as far as it did; however, the fact of the matter remains that you put yourself in the position for this email to reach into campus.

The office of Student Body President is a publicly funded position which carries with it considerable responsibility. The main responsibility in our opinion is to represent all UK students at all times. This includes all students, regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual preference, or political affiliation. We feel that you have failed in this responsibility.

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