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The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is launching a program at Morehead State University as part of its mission to train and retain physicians in rural Kentucky. Ten students will be selected for the program and will work in partnershiph with St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead for hands-on training. [Business First]

OMG. The right wing gay-haters are foaming at the mouth over Steve Beshear’s decision to prevent gay hate from persisting throughout state government. They’re screaming, “SPECIAL RIGHTS! SPECIAL RIGHTS!” instead of, you know, equality. Equal isn’t special, closet cases. We’re especially excited by the fact that these nutbags think “Christians” are being persecuted by the gays. Love it. [Nut Cases]

Louisville’s Metro Government has failed to spend about $20 million in federal grants that could have been used to aid people who are seriously suffering during this budget crunch and economic crisis. Everybody and their mom is outraged and metro gubmint is doing jack to reassure that they have any clue how to sail the ship. Gags all around. [C-J]

An Eastern Kentucky veterans cemetery has been announced. It’ll be located in Greenup County near I-64 on property owned by Addington Land Company. The first phase of development is set to include 25,000 grave sites for veterans and their eligible family members. [Heber]

Mitch McConnell suggests that Bruce Lunsford should race ostriches instead of horses in more retarded and hypocritical campaign material. The McConnell camp continues to pretend that Lunsford is already an elected U.S. Senator by claiming he should have to answer for the damages for which Mitch McConnell is responsible. We aren’t sure where the campaign gets that Bruce Lunsford refuses to support expanded oil production in the U.S. but we’re pretty sure they’re making shit up as they go along, pretending to be the savior of Kentuckians. [Team Mitch]

The American Family Fauxsociation says the gays are coming to get you! This time they’re so serious that they’ve produced a DVD to scare the bejeezus out of every yokel with a DVD player. Ho-mo-sexual-controlled city councils all over the country are going to ruin your lives by allowing homo gift registries and by offering up ways to hate Jesus. Our former homophobic Foods Editor at ‘Ville Voice Eats is probably cowering in fear as we speak. Someone PLEASE give us a copy. [AFA Online]

Oh Snap Monday! Gas Ruins Everything Edition

Bruce Lunsford will be the featured speaker at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on June 30 in Murray. And likely every other Democratic dinner on earth. [Ledger & Times]

Is Senate President David Williams an obstructionist like Mitch McConnell or is he just doing his job by making sure everything in Kentucky stays screwed up and backwater? Mark Hebert wants to know. [Hebert]

Are all Republicans like Mitch McConnell running the same campaign this year? The one about bringing home the bacon and avoiding a connection to George W. Bush 24/7? Because this story really leaves us to believe nothing else. Oh, and the WaPo seems to think Tom Daschle will be Obama’s VP. [Washington Post]

Kentucky’s fancy state budget has forced 100 students to be cut from the Governor’s Scholar program. Trey Grayson says it’s the first cut in 25 years. And even Billy Harper is complaining. Yay, the economy! We love how there’s no recession and everything is perfect. [H-L ]

Don’t forget to watch Kentucky Tonight tonight. Guests on the program will discuss ethanol. [Page One]

Kentucky Retirement Systems and Kentucky Teachers Retirement Systems have underperformed by $2.9 billion. And it turns out the folks managing those funds are totally incompetent liars. First, lying about being unable to invest internationally. Second, lying about cash flows influencing pension investment return. [Ralph Long]

Jon Draud & the Arrogance of Mr. Hot Wheels

“Hot Wheels” is the nickname radio host Francene has assigned to arrogant Board of Education chief Jon Draud.

While Draud got plenty of media attention yesterday at the state Board of Education meeting, today he granted a one-on-one to WHAS Radio’s Al Mayo.

We asked Mayo about Draud’s general mood — which you’d think might be contrite or even remorseful given the publicity given Draud’s decision to try to charge the state for a bunch of extras on his car. Draud told him that he didn’t do anything wrong, but that he was going to pay the difference in costs anyway.

What’s more, Draud said there “was no way anyone could force him to do it under state law,” and that his only regret was the way the story “blew up” in the media.

This wasn’t some ambush interview. Draud agreed to it, and had time to think about what he was going to say.

Let’s remind Mr. Hot Wheels that he’s a public servant, and let’s keep after him until we actually see him write a check for the $13,000 or so he says he’s going to pay for the GPS system and phone. Let’s remind him that regular folks, even public officials, found their way to their destinations before GPS systems were commonplace, and that they’re not a “safety” device.Mayo told us that when he asked Draud if the personal expenses were a bit extreme given the state’s budget deficit, arrogant Mr. Draud replied that the state’s budget problem wasn’t relevant to him.

Draud represents the worst example of conduct by a public official. Every time he opens his mouth, he digs a deeper ditch.

Draud Controversy Update & Other Outrage

Kentucky Education Comissioner Jon Draud let public scrutiny get the better of him and he has decided to reimburse the Commonwealth for the $13,000 in extras he willingly ordered for his fancy new Chrysler 300:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky Education Commissioner Jon Draud promised today to reimburse the state for $13,000 in extras he requested for his new state car.

After apologizing to the state board of education members this morning for the “rather controversial” situation involving his 2008 Chrysler 300, Draud approached them after noon and said he would work with officials to figure out how he could pay back the state.

Now for the outrage.

The interim president of the Council on Postsecondary Education – Dr. Richard Crofts – will make $25,416 per month.

$25,000 PER MONTH!

ALERT: We Love UofL Provost Willihnganz

In the ongoing saga of David Edmunds spreading his self loathing brand of homophobia, University of Louisville Provost Shirley C. Willinhnganz stood up by graciously stealing an idea from us and we couldn’t be more excited.

Willinhganz wrote a letter that was published in the Courier-Journal over the weekend that used our “Alert!” fear tactic to scare everyone into submission with a dose of reality.

David Edmunds of the Family Foundation recently wrote a piece that attacked the University of Louisville for decisions made to help our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, faculty and staff. Edmunds seemed bent on alerting the community to what he considers horrific practices and developments at U of L. So let’s look at these “alerts.” (For the record, we got this idea from

Alert: U of L has gay people. Yes we do. And straight people. Black people. White people. People of all races and ethnicities. Our commitment to diversity means that all kinds of people engage in their quest for knowledge and a better life by coming here. This is a good thing. Just as we learn from facts and data, we learn from each other. That learning is more effective and more meaningful if it happens in an environment of trust and tolerance. As President James Ramsey says, the University of Louisville, as well as the Louisville community, values diversity.

Go read the rest of the letter.

Gosh, we’re in love. Not only taking on one of the strangest self-haters in the Commonwealth but giving us known homosexuals (not Rick) free publicity! Where do we send the gift basket?! Okay, so we can’t afford a gift basket. But maybe a fancy card that plays tacky music.

Huge kudos to UofL and Provost Willihnganz for standing up for every student.

Mid-Afternoon Reminder & Caption Contest-y Thing

We have all kinds of important stuff to do for an hour or whatever. AKA our primary laptop is officially dead and we have to go refi our condo or something so we can get a new MacBook Pro. Since none of you richfolk will permanently “loan” us the $3K. (No, we can’t do a fund drive because we felt dirty enough begging for cash to go to the DNC– which we couldn’t even end up doing in good conscious. Plus there are starving kids all over.)

So we’d like to remind you of what’s wrong with Kentucky:

And what would an empty post be without a reminder of this:

And a funny caption contest to accompany everything?

Back in a bit.

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Hot Outside. Too Hot.

A tribute to David Edmunds. Not suitable for John McCain, the vapors brigade, Jody Richards, children or people who are awful prudes. Probably not entirely safe for work. You’ll love this junk, though. Yes, David and I are getting married in gay New York this weekend. [YouTube]

The reaction to probably homosexual David Edmunds is getting heated and entertaining. The Chair of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville makes him sound quite ignorant and the co-chair of the Lambda Law Caucus at UofL says he’s trying to send us back into the Stone Age. Poor David. [C-J, C-J]

Ruh ro. Reaction to John McCain last night wasn’t the greatest. His handlers didn’t plan very well. Go watch the video at some other dirty liberal website. [DMKY]

Wait for this. It’s a good one. Jon Draud knew about the extra cost of his state vehicle and declined the opportunity to cut costs when he was given that option. We find all this out after his lying ass said he didn’t know anything about the cost of his huge, gas hog of a vehicle (Chrysler 300). What a tired, old hack. [C-J]

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