Kentuckians more racist than sexist?

Who knows. But let’s look at the latest Survey USA results for POTUS.

More people would vote for Hillary Clinton over a Republican (except McCain) than Barack Obama:

Giuliani vs. Clinton – Clinton 47%, Giuliani 45%, Undecided 8%
Romney vs. Clinton – Clinton 48%, Romney 44%, Undecided 8%
Huckabee vs. Clinton – Clinton 47%, Huckabee 46%, Undecided 7%
McCain vs. Clinton – Clinton 44%, McCain 50%, Undecided 6%

Giuliani vs. Obama – Obama 40%, Giuliani 50%, Undecided 11%
Romney vs. Obama – Obama 40%, Romney 46%, Undecided 14%
Huckabee vs. Obama – Obama 38%, Huckabee 51%, Undecided 11%
McCain vs. Obama – Obama 35%, McCain 53%, Undecided 12%

Margin of Error – 4.3%

Interesting that John Edwards has all but disappeared in the media.

Oh. And McConnell’s approval ratings are up and apparently money (or having none of it) is more important than the war.

Crunch Time & Your Help is Needed

The special election for House District 72 is only 19 days away. The coming Christmas and New Year holidays cut into campaign time significantly, leaving less than two weeks to raise funds, spread a message and get out the vote. It’s crunch time and your help is needed.

As I’ve said previously, the 72nd House District (comprised of Bath, Nicholas and Bourbon Counties with several precincts in Fayette) is one of the most important areas of the state, agriculturally, historically and economically. The 72nd is Kentucky. And it’s important we elect the most qualified, skilled and honest person for the job: Sannie Overly. To be elected, she’s going to need your support. If you have a few dollars to spare this holiday season, please contribute to Sannie’s campaign.

It can’t be said enough: Sannie Overly may just be the most well put together Democratic candidate the 72nd has seen in decades. She’s the kind of person with the values this state needs to move effectively into the 21st century. She’s not in the game for personal gain or to further an agenda which obviously can’t be said about many other candidates. For her it’s about loving her community and truthfully representing the interests of her constituency.

Who is Overly up against? Learn more about her opponent after the jump.

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Transportation Cabinet Screwed by Fletcher

Ernie Fletcher has effectively killed the Transportation Cabinet. The failed governor, reported by the Herald-Leader’s Ryan Alessi, emptied the cabinet’s coffers by spending more than $2 billion on road contracts in just two short years. $1.7 billion was spent in the year 2007 alone.

On top of that $2 billion? The $350 million remaining in the state’s road fund is already promised for projects ending this fiscal year. And the meager funds projected to be available for 2009 and 2010 are already spent. Surprised? Looks like Joe Prather has his work cut out for him.

Ernest Lee used the road fund as a tool for re-election. No one is surprised.

Partial Update Dept.

Jake spent the evening in the ER so there’ll be light posting for a day or so. Medically necessary “vacation” time.

It’s the economy, stupid. Personal bankruptcy filings for the first three quarters of 2007 totaled more than all bankruptcy filings in 2006. A 40.2% increase. Business filings are up 40.5%. Great economy, isn’t it? All this after more stringent filing rules. [Business First]

Blah. Is it even worth wasting our breath anymore? David Adams rails on our failure of a Board of Education and their new Commissioner. Dear Leader was anointed by King Ernest Lee. We can only hope he’s nothing like Barbara Erwin. [KY Progress]

Hebert has the juice on political appointments. Most notable is Dana Mayton who will take the helm as Jack Conway’s Chief Deputy. Mayton, a UofL lobbyist, has a reputation for bringing home the university bacon. The funny part is in Hebert’s first graph, “Mayton takes the post currently held, and ably administered by, Pierce Whites, who has seemingly run the A.G.’s office the past four years because Greg Stumbo has rarely been seen in Frankfort. Hoo boy. [Mark Hebert]