Hollenbach Launches Financial Football Game

I swear we’re not joking. This day of political humor couldn’t get much better. Thanks to Jennifer Moore & Nathan Smith for their KDP email blast making this announcement. And for those visiting for the first time today, don’t forget to check the Cassaro Girls.

State Treasurer and Frank Simon supporter Todd Hollenbach has launched a video game called Financial Football (along with former UK quarterback Andre Woodson) that he plans to use to educate school kids across the Commonwealth. It’ll be available in schools and public libraries.

For real. Not trying to educate the millions of adults currently suffering through our economic situation, but children. Who will no doubt be rushing to play a video game about football and money. (Please, stifle your laughter) Kind of a nice gesture, we guess.

How much does this costs the state?

The bright side of this announcement: it’s not another press release about MySpace perverts on Dateline or whatever that another well-known constitutional officer likes to send out 24/7.

Spending the Day at Churchill Downs

Being the fancy high society/elitist homosexual types that we are, we spent Sunday afternoon at Churchill Downs. Yes, we drank all kinds of free devil water as we wagered millions and millions of dollars on some horsies. We ate all kinds of pro-gambling food. And we won all kinds of money (we left with an additional *cough* $12 *cough*).

Our Jockey Club Suite may not have been, you know, right on the finish line… but it was close. As were the restrooms and the funny old ladies with big hair working the betting windows. (We couldn’t figure out that fancy betting computer in the suite after a bunch of booze.) And no, Bruce didn’t call to drop any tips our way. Otherwise we wouldn’t be writing this today.

We snapped a few cellphone pics for you to check out/use for developing envy:

And take a peek at the mega bets we made (see? as high as $6! though, as a group, we bet $48 on one ticket and failed miserably.):

So. You know you wanna. If you can’t make it during the Kentucky Derby, plan on making a trip to Louisville to visit Churchill Downs sometime during the spring meet. We’d be happy to join you.

Late Tuesday Afternoon Dept of Newsy Stuff

We participated in a conference call with Congressman John Yarmuth earlier but are too disinterested to write about it. Suffice to say: Yarmuth, who is apparently one of the only actual Democrats in Kentucky, said John McCain is ill-equipped to, you know, do anything. We wish more people had the guts to say what they think and believe like John Yarmuth seems to always do. [PolWatchers]

Beshear named Bob Gable and George Russell to the Kentucky Board of Elections at the last minute. Thank goodness someone finally got the nod? Who cares that it took months and months to just pick someone? [The Arena]

Joe, one of Kentucky’s best bloggers, explains things in plain English for Greg Fischer and Crazy Shark Lady: Right attack + wrong time = gift for Mitch. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The mainstream press points out how silly it was of Greg Fischer to only mention his name once in his latest campaign ad. So much for developing name I.D. and all that jazz. [PolWatchers]

Uncle Steve is scaling back on his Kentucky Derby party this year. Only 250 guests and coctails at the governor’s mansion. Gone are the days of pageantry and such thanks to our lovely economy. [C-J]

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education may reject some state college requests for tuition rate hikes, according to Mark Hebert. Music to your ears, students? [Hebert]

Should Louisville Secede from Kentucky?

Really. Should it?

Jim Welp, whether he pisses you off or makes you laugh with his story, seems to have tapped into an issue that has people from all walks of life fired up. We’re reserving comment (because we can) but think you should give his piece a read.

The time has come for Louisville to secede from Kentucky. The two have been at philosophical odds ever since our forefathers chose Frankfort as the state’s bucolic capital in 1792, ensuring a salt-of-the-earth-if-mildly-retarded state-worker pool forevermore.

Because Louisville is a vibrant, progressive city (not counting Dan Seum) in a dirt-poor, third-world state*, it’s only natural that our tax dollars whisk to Frankfort each year, while only a small percentage hobble back in the form of evolution-agnostic textbooks and posh dormitories for college athletes.

Sure, it’s awesome knowing our tax dollars are going to help coax the worms out of some Appalachian kid’s toenails because his people can’t provide shoes. It’s the same sort of glow that comes from writing a check to the Red Cross for Darfur. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I don’t mind buying school lunches for children in Monkey’s Unibrow because I think it’s important to give them something to look forward to besides listening to their daddys’ Bocephus records while making out with their siblings.

Click Here to read the rest.

What do you think?

Thunder Blunder in the River City

If you’re really planning to brave the chills downtown Louisville for Thunder, you’ll be pleased to know that the same state government officials who are slashing budgets in education and social services will be warm and cozy inside the Ali Center, noshing on top-of-the-line food and drink bought and paid for by lobbyists. You know, the folks who pressure politicians to make unpopular moves, like blocking cigarette taxes and a gaming proposal, despite overwhelming public support.

Members of the State Senate, led by President David Williams, are all lining up to get in for the expensive party as guests of lobbying firms, who will bend their ears over shrimp and martinis, peering out the Ali Center’s giant windows at the poor suckers fighting for a patch of damp grass on the Great Lawn, all the while watching the action on big-screen TVs.

It’s hard to find anything in local (Louisville) media not related to the big Thunder show Saturday — TV news this week has become little more than A) speculation about the weather on Saturday, B) advice on how to have a good time, given the expected bad weather, and C) interviews with Wayne Hettinger about the effect of the weather on the fireworks.

But through all the Thunder news, we caught a significant political story by WLKY’s Andy Alcock, in which he questioned the idea of lawmakers, fresh on the heels of a dismal performance in Frankfort, hobnobbing with lobbyists in the posh indoor climate of the Ali Center.

Bunches more after the jump…

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Late Rainy Wednesday Update Dept.

The news sucks when we don’t have the legislature to complain about.

Greg Fischer’s campaign sent an email blast today once again proclaiming his desire to get us out of Iraq. At the same time, he passively attempted to attack Bruce Lunsford (we’re not sure how or why) proving once again his campaign has no direction and zero balls. From the email:

Bruce Lunsford says: “I pray for the safe return home of our troops.”

I too pray for our troops’ safety but I also offer a real plan to safely and responsibly end America’s participation in this war and bring our troops home swiftly, safely and responsibly.

Jim Bunning blames former fed chair Alan Greenspan for the lovely situation the U.S. economy is currently in. Makes a ton of sense, doesn’t it? Because, we all know Greenspan is the only person to blame. From the article: Mr. Bunning admits he didn’t tell Mr. Greenspan at the time it was holding rates too low. “I probably should have. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the bubble and what that easy money and those sophisticated mortgages were doing to the market.” [WSJ Economics Blog]

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY03) will deliver the Democratic response to President Dubya this Saturday. It’s Yarmuth’s first national bit of playtime since appearing on The Colbert Report. [The Arena]

Our beloved governor who got casino gambling and all that amazing economy-saving goodness passed into law (heh) told the press today that he’s still looking at the budget, trying to decide if he’ll veto everything or almost everything. [PolWatchers]

Short Update Dept. It’s Tuesday. Weather is Awesome Edition.

We’ll be sporadic for a few hours. Everyone decided to schedule every appointment on earth today.

Fischer gets an embarrassing mention in The Hill, as the publication names Lunsford the pick of national Democrats. Or maybe it’s not embarrassing because being the ‘pick’ is a little embarrassing. [The Hill]

Looks like 400 attended the Obama opening in Lexington last evening. And the RNC’s Mike Duncan was kind of in the mix. Not bad for central Kentucky. [PolWatchers]

Scott Alexander, while apparently a loving father, really is a giant tool when it comes to being a state representative. He went to Costa Rica for a week DURING THE SESSION after being told not to by Jody Richards and Rocky Adkins. Imagine that. [H-L]

Really, who is king of Frankfort? Harry Moberly? David Williams? They have both been known to embarrass us as Kentuckians. And lately, the craziest one seems to be more bi-partisan and honest than the calm and collected guy. So who is it? [C-J]

Proof the Kentucky Democratic Party is turning Republican-lite? Dunno. But definitely not because Thom Karmik, the KDP’s new spokesperson, once worked for a Republican and criticized Dick Durbin for being worthless. The KDP has sorely needed new blood who could be critical of their own party for decades. Anyone who disagrees has never stepped foot in Frankfort. [Brett Hall]

Teacher layoffs on the horizon? Yay, Steve Beshear! The education governor! [PolWatchers]