Oh Snap Monday! How Was Your Weekend?

Does Jim Bunning already have a challenger for the upcoming U.S. Senate race in 2010? [Roll Call]

You like crazy? You like trying to figure out what crazy is trying to say? Crazy once accused us of being apologists for the Kentucky Democratic Party. Crazy now accuses us of having anger and self-esteem issues. OMG. Can’t breathe. Hilarity. All we asked him to do was elaborate on a rant, provide some facts and such. Goodness. [Hilarity]

More detail on Steve Beshear’s visit to Virgie in Pike County last week. Way more detail. [News-Express]

We’re not apologizing for the governor here, but, has anyone bothered to do the math to find out what it would have cost to reimburse all the cabinet members who made the 400 mile roundtrip to Pike County for fuel and such? That’s on top of the lost hours of work time needed to make the trip. Is it possible that it’s more efficient to use three planes than to use a dozen cars? We’re honestly wondering. [H-L]

It’s tons of fun watching Mitch McConnell’s campaign spin in the mud as they try to refute everything from every direction. [McConnell’s Website]

Charlie Cook has changed his rating of the Kentucky U.S. Senate race from “solid Republican” to “likely Republican.” Thanks to campaign finance and all that jazz. So now the entire country thinks this is a real race, not just us yokels in Kentucky. [C-J]

Tom Eblen takes a great walk down memory lane in his story about the closing of Dawahare’s. It’s something nearly every single one of us can appreciate. [H-L]

$350,000 in affordable-housing grant money in Louisville has been taken back by the federal government because it wasn’t put to use. It could have been used to help the homeless, mentally ill and everything else under the sun. The mayor’s office says it’s not unusual for money to be reclaimed. Housing and Urban Development folks say it is unusual. [C-J]

Friday Friday Friday Week Is Over Yay

Fayette County Democrats selected Kathy Stein to run as Ernesto Scorsone’s replacement in the senate. Shocking, right? Also, Repubs say they’re working to field a candidate to face Stein. [PolWatchers]

God. Larry Craig is gayer than me. Way gayer. Jerk us around by the gas nozzle? I may throw up. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Holy Crap. Via Hebert, we learn that 400 people showed up to Steve Beshear’s Town Hall meeting in Pike County last night. 400! [Hebert, H-L]

Remember when John Yarmuth scored millions for a new VA hospital in Louisville? Mitch McConnell just did the same thing. Why isn’t Anne Northup yelling about these earmarks? Also, who said Yarmuth wasn’t a good representative? What was that about him not being bi-partisan? He praised McConnell, saying, “I thank the Senator for working with me to make sure that the veterans in our community get the care and treatment they deserve.” [C-J & Press Release]

We’re all going to hell in a handbasket! We’re all gonna die of the poverty! Seriously. [What’s Required]

Two Quick Things This Afternoon

OH NOES! You’re Gonna Die of the Poverty. Because even Wachovia is about to go belly-up or whatever. [Washington Post]

And… we hear that Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel in Louisville will be “looking into” the hate mail piece against Ken Herndon. More Here and Here and Here and Here and Here.

It’s not a formal investigation or manhunt, so to speak, but Stengel plans to have his staff do some research.

We’ll bring you more info as soon as we have it.

Is Jim Bunning Right or Wrong on the Fed?

You tell us if he’s right or wrong.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning is vowing to do everything in his power to block a proposal to give the Federal Reserve sweeping new powers aimed at protecting the nation’s wobbly financial system.

The Kentucky Republican said Tuesday the Fed can’t be trusted with the considerable power it already wields.

Bunning says the Fed’s policies in recent years have contributed to a myriad of economic woes – including surging inflation, a declining dollar and the housing bust.

Bruce Lunsford Connects While McConnell Whines

While Mitch McConnell is busy making up stories about Bruce Lunsford flying off to Chicago on the 4th of July, Bruce Lunsford is busy attacking Mitch McConnell where it really hurts: with honesty and with the people.

Lunsford spent yesterday in Grayson (Carter County in northeastern Kentucky) pumping gas at Randy’s Roadside Market and talking to everyday people.

“He has been in there 24 years and on the government payroll for 40 years. He is not in touch with the men and women of this state,” he said. “Because I’ve been a job producer, I think I understand what it takes to get people re-employed.”

Lunsford said he sees several avenues for improving the state’s economic situation and scolded that McConnell “has not done a lot for the transportation system of eastern Kentucky.” He also criticized McConnell for serving the interests of oil companies when he should have been touting coal as a “savior” for the nation’s energy needs.

It would probably do Mitch McConnell well to stop complaining about Bruce Lunsford owning real estate in major metropolitan areas. Because there are easily a hundred (okay, we’re being kind with that estimate) issues Mitch McConnell would be terrified to discuss. The least of which would be his support of racist hatemonger Jesse Helms.