Some Stuff On Your Tuesday Afternoon

We’ll be back in a bit with fancy stories and such. But this Felner thing is driving us crazy. Too many records to read and all that. Plus we have meetings and grown-up stuff to do, ugh. Which will be awesome with our impressive ability not to lose focus… while reading Cheezburger during a meeting.

In the meantime, enjoy some stuff:

The Courier-Journal editorial board not only admits the Felner investigation is deeper than the No Child Left Behind grant but the board suggests the University of Louisville should do MORE to resolve this sticky Robert Felner/Big Hot Mess scenario! Hell has frozen over, ladies. [C-J]

Also, Grampa John McCain magically grew hair for a Republican mail piece! YAY! [Wonkette]

Stephen George is a beardy media monster who will stand atop newspaper vending machines. He also eats babies and will scare young children! He is mean and awful and you should go read all about how awesome of a Louisvillian he is. Also, he wore a tie. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Senator Jim Bunning lost his shiz over the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac government bail-out. Hell must have frozen over because we totally agree with Bunning. Jesus. This is bad news. Wow. [PolWatchers]

Here’s John Yarmuth’s latest ad, Listening, in which he continues to totally ignore Anne Northup:

It’s Tuesday. Lotsa Stuff Going Down Today.

We have fancy new glasses and are slowly adjusting. This means we are slightly cross-eyed and squinty for the time being and our nose is kind sore but we are way less hateful.

Senator Neal showed how fancy he was on Kentucky Tonight last evening and Senator Williams wasn’t mean. This means we’re happy with Senator Neal and are loosely disappointed that Senator Williams wasn’t meaner.

The AFL-CIO has sent out 32,000 anti-Mitch McConnell mailers. The mailers remind voters that McConnell stands with lobbyists, that he takes millions from special interests and that he makes all the wrong choices when it comes to Kentucky families. [Trey Pollard]

Mitch McConnell still thinks he’s the Jesus of lower gas prices. Because we all know that’s the most important thing on earth in his mind. [The Hill]

Sarah Palin vetoed your school bus. Sarah Palin kicked your puppy. Sarah Palin thinks Target is putting on airs. Sarah Palin vetoed your National Guard Unit’s rope course. Sarah Palin reminded everyone at the party that evolution is just a theory. [Sarah Palin Vetoed Your School Bus]

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Happy Wednesday Morning! Palin Speaks Tonight

Corruption in Corbin? Turns out the folks put in charge of Corbin’s first Native American Pow Wow may have blown the event and squandered $15,000. Those folks recently lost a suit in circuit court for more than $50,000. All kinds of drama. You’ve gotta check it out. [The Rural Democrat]

Mitch McConnell, the Jesus of everything, joined his peeps in Minneapolis for a fancy lunch yesterday. We hear, but have not confirmed, that our lady friends who love the KitKats were there. No word on whether or not the Senator provided attendees with KitKats or other forms of lady treats. [Trey Pollard]

100% of foreigners think Grampa John McCain selected GILF Sarah Palin too quickly. 100%. You read that correctly. The foreigners. [Guardian]

From the land of fancy Democratic deals, economic development secretary John Hindman resigned. He’ll still make his $250,000 salary for a year as a consultant. And Larry Hays, a man in the governor’s office whom is as hated as Jim Cauley and Joe Meyer, will serve as acting secretary. [H-L]

Mark Hebert wants to know if John Hindman was pressured to quit his job as Secretary of the Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet. Because ousting a Fletcher appointee only to install a Beshear political hand makes so much sense, you know. [Mark Hebert]

Two University of Kentucky student journalists and their advisor were arrested at the RNC. For taking pictures and documenting protesters. Check the images of them being blasted with pepper spray by police. [Kentucky Kernel]

Fancy Polling Data For Your Tuesday

54% of Kentuckians believe we’re in a recession. 35% believe we’re heading for one. Only 11% believe we’re thriving.

And job approval data is in:

Mitch McConnell
47% Disapprove
44% Approve
9% Not Sure

Jim Bunning
45% Disapprove
40% Approve
15% Not Sure

MOE 4.1%

Take a look at the story from WLEX:

UPDATE: Here are the crosstabs.

McConnell: 60% who disapprove consider themselves Moderate, say Social Security, Iraq and Health Care are major issues.

Jobless Rate up in 112 Counties From 07/07-07/08

The rate of unemployment rose in 112 counties in Kentucky from July 2007 to July 2008. The rate only fell or stayed the same in eight counties.

Woodford had the lowest jobless rate at 5.3%, with Fayette, Boone, Bourbon and Oldham not far behind.

The worst? Magoffin had the highest unemployment rate at 11.5%. Get a load of the other bad seeds: Jackson 11.2%, Wolfe 10.8%, Grayson 10.6%, Clay 10.5%, Elliott, Harlan and Morgan 10.1%. And yes, it sucks seeing our home neck of the woods rank so terribly.

The sad thing: these statistics don’t account for unemployed Kentuckians who haven’t actively sought work within the past four weeks.

See July’s preliminary and June’s revised county unemployment rate chart by clicking here. (PDF Link)

Economic Development Presser This Morning

That 10:30 A.M. press conference with Governor Steve Beshear is all about the Zap! Car manufacturing deal recently struck, according to our sources.

The $84 million dollar plant will be built in Franklin, Kentucky and the Commonwealth has approved up to $48 million in tax incentives for Inegrity Manufacturing.

Quite a good move for Kentucky because anything that doesn’t go to RED CHINA = gooood.

UPDATE @ 10:50: What was that about this being a boondoggle that will end the world and kill little babies?

From the Beshear press conference earlier:

The incentives are also based on the company’s commitment to create 4,000 new full-time jobs for Kentucky residents within the first four years of the project’s completion. The average hourly wage plus benefits for the new jobs is approximately $20 per hour, exclusive of benefits. The new plant will be situated on more than 225 acres in the Franklin industrial park.

“These are good, high-paying jobs, the kind that have been so important to this state over many years and are even more important in this tough economic period,” Gov. Beshear said.

4,000 jobs that don’t already exist is hardly what I’d call a boondoggle.

TGIF! KDP Is Still Corrupt & Embarrassing

CQ Politics shows real disconnect, says the Yarmuth-Northup race is competitive. HA! [CQ Politics]

What was that about oil speculators not jacking the price of oil? Wha? Dead silence now? Yeah. [WaPo]

The Kentucky Supreme Court just ruled that the University of Louisville must reveal the names of individuals who donate to the UofL Foundation. The Courier-Journal sued UofL in 2001 because the school refused to release names of those who had given to the McConnell Center. [C-J]

The American Future Fund has released a one-minute radio ad in support of Mitch McConnell. This is because he is the Jesus of low gas prices. Just like Anne Northup. [Listen]

How you durrin? Have you seen Bruce Lunsford’s latest campaign commercial? It stars Eddie Murphy. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Looking for more information on why the DNC complaint against the corrupt Kentucky Democratic Party was dismissed? Good luck, because the DNC isn’t saying shiz and the KDP will keep pulling the curtain so everyday Democrats remain in the dark. [PolWatchers]