Governor Beshear Eighty-Sixes East End Bridge

According to a press release from 8664, Governor Steve Beshear has shifted funding away from an East End Louisville bridge. From 62% of 2008-2010 road funds to 27%. So much for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The governor’s road plan reduced the state’s commitment to the ORBP by $236 million. Of that $236 million, $231 million (98%!) was nixed from the East End Bridge.

Tyler Allen had a lot to say in the release: “It’s shocking to me that the one bridge this community fully supports and has been trying to build for over four decades isn’t the clear funding priority. The citizens of this region need to speak up before our elected leaders make a monumental mistake.”

This isn’t going to go over so well.  Both John Yarmuth and Anne Northup are going to flip their lids.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE (PDF) for a copy of the 8664 press release.

8664 was referring to the initial January plan, which you can read by clicking here.

McConnell Capitalizes on Gas Prices to Fundraise

Mitch McConnell is using his appearance on Fox News (haha. news. hahaha.) to scare the bejeezus out of us local yokels. Oh, and to raise money for his campaign that now faces that mean Democrat, Bruce Lunsford. Here’s a link to the goods. Fair warning: it’s to a fundraising page.

Did you know that mean Washington Democrats are responsible for high gas prices? Did you know they have the audacity to talk about what’s really going on rather than act like everything is peachy keen?

Blame the Democrats! Because we all know the fact that they don’t have a veto-proof majority or the opportunity to stop McConnell-style obstruction doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Democrats can’t do anything.

Nancy Pelosi at Ford in Louisville Saturday

We reported a couple days ago that Speaker of the U.S. House Nancy Pelosi would be in Louisville this weekend with Rep. John Yarmuth for several events.

Finally, we’ve confirmed that Pelosi will join Yarmuth at one of the Ford plant locations in Louisville for a closed door tour and roundtable discussion with Ford and labor leaders.

If you’re a member of the media? We hear media avail will follow the shindig at about 5:15.

Bruce Lunsford Will Pump Your Gas Again

In a continuation of his “On the Job” tour, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Lunsford will be in Mayfield tomorrow at Highway Oil pumping your gas. He’s using the event as a tool to raise awareness about the impact of outrageous fuel prices on (western) Kentucky families.

Lunsford held a similar event about a week ago in Richmond at College Food Mart which made a pretty big splash in the media. (Hey, any press is good press in our minds.)

All local media are invited to attend, beginning at 10 a.m. local time.

Wouldn’t you love to see Mitch McConnell pumping gas or working alongside commonfolk?

More on Mitch McConnell’s Money

We forgot to mention this in our original story about McConnell’s personal financial disclosure, but Senator Mitch McConnell’s assets grew by at least 40% while almost everyone else on earth got poor and starved to death. Oh, and Harry Reid is also in the same richie rich boat.

From The Hill:

Reid’s assets may have increased as much as $1.2 million. He has invested his wealth in an array of public and non-public assets, such as a Dow Jones Energy Index Fund and a healthcare sector index fund. His other assets include several mining claims and properties.

McConnell’s publicly traded investments grew by at least $600,000, or 40 percent. He reported public assets worth $1.5 million-$3.5 million in 2006. Those swelled to between $2.1 million and $7.8 million in 2007. He also reported a Washington property worth between $1 million and $5 million that stayed at the same value.

Despite their rising financial fortunes, Senate leaders say they still appreciate the economic struggles of the middle class. “American families are earning less today than five years ago and paying more for everyday necessities like a gallon of gas, heat for the home, and, of course, groceries,” Reid said on the Senate floor Monday. “And they’re paying more than ever for long-term needs like the goals of healthcare, college and retirement.

Saturday Update for Fancy Elitist Weekend Readers

Louisville ranks 48th when it comes to ability to weather an oil crisis. The ranking– which is calculated based on public transportation use, telecommuniting, bike and walk rates– puts the largest city in Kentucky behind Virginia Beach, Nashville, Indianapolis and Memphis. If it’s bad in the city, imagine how it will be out in the state. Yeah, excitement. We can’t contain ourselves. Wonder when the mainstream media will start talking about the real effects of a fuel crisis instead of just the price it costs to fill up the tank? [CNN]

Basically, Morgan Wilkins wants to piss everyone on earth off. She’s encouraging Kentuckians to fly the confederate flag. Basically, just, yeah. [Morgan Wilkins]

Life is awesome. Logging begins in Robinson Forest. Everyone is outraged. [H-L]

The Fayette County Jail. Federal whistleblower. Ruh ro. Cover-ups, lies, firings, indictments, white washings. This is going to be the biggest story to rock Lexington in a decade. Mainstream media: wake up because it’s about to get crazy. [KY Progress]

NBC’s Tim Russert died while taping voice-overs for his program yesterday. Read everyone’s statement about Russert, if that’s something you care to do. And read his story on MSNBC about how vigilance is needed on campaign claims so we can deal with big issues and not smears. [The Arena, MSBNC]